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Cliche 7: I'm going to NTR all the couples with my cash items


A note from Sinpathyy

Uhm. I'm so sorry. This novel has no actual plot.

Ah, I'd forgotten!

Today was the reopening of "Re: Class Transfer Betrayal VR Online RPG"!! A new server was opening!! It's been 10 years!

I did not have time for thots

Without hesitation, I channeled my inner Flying Dingus Cloud Super Cultivation, allowing the dragon veins within me to settle down.

I suddenly became invisible, like the invisible dragon.

Of course, it came as a shock to the girls near me. Tomo and Charlotte were girls from Earth after all. I had hidden my tragic past from them, so we could spend a fluffy time together for a few years.

Now that the two had met, it seems like it's time to leave them. If the two are together, they create a dangerous substance in between their thighs, just like Krypton*te.

I'm sorry girls. I'm a sinful man.

[Tomo] "Uhm, you know we can hear you right..."

[Charlotte] "Don't destroy the setting with a straight face, oiiiii!!!! I can't see you, but I know you still have that stupid grin on your faceeeee!!! Let me step on your face at least!!! One time at least!!!"

Ignoring the two with a stupid grin on my face, I flew back to my house.

As expected, my cultivation progress had lowered, my strength was not how it used to.

I need to return to the game. I thought.

I returned back to my house. Without hesitation, I moved swiftly to my room and locked the door behind me.

I missed this so much. I thought as I held the bulky headset in front of me.

Yes, I'm going to linkstart the hell out of the reopening of the server. I'm going to use my old avatar and become the very best!!! Using the old avatar, I'm going to NTR all the couples with my cash items!!!

My fingers trembled, I couldn't wait.


A note from Sinpathyy

Sorry I just wrote this on the train

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