by munxy

Original HIATUS Action Horror Psychological Tragedy Grimdark LitRPG Magic Male Lead Strategy Strong Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Scientists discover that a massive gas cloud in space will cover the solar system in one year. They assure the populace that they recognize the gas and confirm that it is harmless. A year passes, and the fateful day arrives.

Eric and Michael go to school like normal, but the world begins to change.

System Initiating... Standby...

Modification is being chosen.... Standby...

Undead System has been chosen... Standby...

System starting in 3...



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Noyemi K.
  • Overall Score

Interesting premise but a boring execution

I've read quite a ways into this, and it was something that turned out to be unusually difficult to do. The characters are really bland, and the actual integration of the RPG system is pretty off-the-shelf and not very personal. I'm still pretty new to reading litRPG, granted, but what I see here just breaks the flow of a story that barely has one to begin with.

To expand on what I mean by bland characters—they all have the same voice. If you changed the speech tags on Michael, Eric, and the Principal for instance, I wouldn't be able to tell you which piece of dialogue belonged to who. This appears to be a symptom of a greater problem, which is just the whole style of the story. It's so dry it really just reads like a recipe book. I do get a clear picture of the action, but it's not enough to just describe action! It needs weight, it needs tension, it needs emotion.

That being said, I understand how hard it can be to learn how to impart those kinds of things onto writing, especially in this genre. I have seen it done, though, so I hope the author will stand among those giants someday and maybe rewrite this story.

  • Overall Score

I like the genre but the chapters feel short, or like there's not much going on and I need to read several to feel like I've read a single one. Sorry but it's not for me 😫

  • Overall Score

I don't consider myself a highly sceptical or discriminating reader. A good plot, a likeable protagonist, and I'm good to go. Still, I need something to hang my suspension of disbelief on, and I can't quite find it in this fic.

It doesn't take a lot to get me to buy into the premise of a litrpg. If you're going to insist on anything resembling realism, this is clearly the wrong genre to be reading. Still, believieng that a cloud of 'space gas' is a viable cause is a big ask, and having no one even remark on that was a bridge too far even for SoD as sturdy as mine.

I don't require highly nuanced character development. Frankly, I don't want to read chapter after chapter of angst, so going light on teh feels in a post apocalyptic setting is good. Even by my standards, though, the interactions here need work. Eric is worried about his family in the big battle, great, except that he seems to forget about them immediately afterward. We don't even find out whether they survive until his sister gets an off hand mention a few chapters later. And don't even get me started on poor Courtney, last seen taking a quest, then apparently completely forgotten by the author. 

I don't need a super complex game system in a litrpg. The opposite is more commonly a problem in this sort of fic, actually. That said, the system here feels very flat and generic, without anything that makes it stand out or interesting to follow.

Basically, while the core of this work is fine, it desperately needs more. More world-building, more character development, more meat to the system. As it stands this a readable but very shallow experience.

I rarely leave long reviews, but I read The Fabled Islands and liked it. It was a bit shallow as well, but still unique and well enough done to enjoy. This feels like a step backwards from that, a perfunctory and ultimately not very interesting take on a common genre by an author I know can do better.

  • Overall Score

This story is really light on realistic reactions from any of the characters. The planning of the MC's is juvenile and selfish.

What is the point in having a territory when there is no realistic way for the MC to repair or manage it?

I normally love zombie litrpg,but this one needs to be rethought.

  • Overall Score

 Kinda confused... Read first couple chapters to get a feel and waited for 2 months for some chapters to pile up and I come back to it, and I can no longer read "book one" from where I left off, only "book two" is available. I guess he's selling "book one" as an ebook now? It's been two months since he started to release and the entry chapters for his, series if you will, is now pay walled. 

  • Overall Score

So far really liking this one;

Grammar's good and I haven't noticed too many plot holes.

MC started a little bit less human than I expected, but the author is making good on humanizing him, so that's what I get for judging early.

Only sticking point for me is that the updates are not continuous as of yet, as between ch.9 and ch.10 there was a 20-day lapse - of course, if the author does mass-releases it's fine, but solw releases end up killing off the interest of the more casual readers and leave the story with only the small hardcore crowd in the end, so I'd reccomend the author to sit down and try to plan a release schedule which would benefit both them and their readers (I worte this 4 days after ch.11 came out, will edit if corrected)

Quality should come before quantity, but the previous cannot completely replace the latter.

Would reccomend as a good read to anyone as of ch.11, rated 4.0/5.0.

Lee Williams
  • Overall Score

Really really liking this so far looking forward to more

  • Overall Score

Please dont give up it has a great base and could be polished but it was still good plz dont stop.

Hydra swarm
  • Overall Score

Loving it so fare do you have a set release date for the chapters yet ?

Apurba Sharma
  • Overall Score

This novel is incredibly good. I hope the author will continue and publish it as a book someday. Thank you munxy for this wonderful novel.