It has been 1 year since I can think clearly and understand what the adults are talking about. At first I was bewildered, but as I got used to it, I realise that I was the so called genius.

My name is Lili Veron K Zaranex, I am the second daughter of King Xivel Veron K Zaranex. I have always been told that I was quite mature for a child, but today, I finally understand what is going on.

It seems that I have been using my Mana, to enhance my brain unconsciously since the moment I was born. I don't know about it until a Great Sage came to examine me at the request of my father.
It happened two hours ago, when I awakened my Magic and Potential. The sage said that I was blessed with a limitless Mana reserve and was loved by Mana. I call that bullshit however, i of course didn't let it out of my mind.

My body is filled with Mana and almost look like my body is Mana itself, or so the sage said.

However, my father's and mother's expression was filled with gloominess, I don't know what they're thinking but I know that they are not happy about my condition.

Even though today is my 5 years old birthday where everyone should be happy, they have a gloomy and grave expression.

Today is supposed to be my first time introduced to the society, and it should be the day I get to know others.

But my feeling right know is as dark and bleak like a dead fish. I don't know what a dead fish looks like, but I read in a book once that my current situation is like that of a dead fish.

That being the chase, I was brought to the changing room by the maid while father, mother and the sage go somewhere else leaving me behind.

Seeing that it was rather awkward, i decide that it was best to start a conversation with her.

"Hey, do you think mother and father going to hate me now?"

"Ah… Umm.. O-of course not princess, they will never hate you."


The maid gave an awkward and stiff smile as she replied to me. My current expression is that of a calm and expressionless one, I don't know what is going to happen to me from now on, but I have a feeling that it's going to be bad for me.

In just this short time of one year, I could understand human nature quite well that it scares me. Thinking that I'm still 5 years old kid that should know nothing about the world, my circumstance is too scary for me to think further than this!

This is not my choice to be like this you know! I don't even know that I have this kind of curse of a body!

Although I was screaming and feeling down thinking about my future from now on. I did not let out a single ripple on my expressionless face.

I keep standing still as I was guided by the maid to change my dress for the party.

When I was in a daze thinking about my future, the door was opened by someone. So I turned my head to see who it was that opened it, seeing that it was mother, i let out a small smile on my cute lips to reassure her.

"Ah Mother, you are here!? What happened to father and the sage?"

"Lili, you don't need to force yourself to smile like that. I already know what you're thinking on your head right now…"

It looks like my fake smile has been seen through by her, but her expression was very gentle as she stared at my eyes without blinking.

After the maid's done changing my dress for the party, she then bowed and then quietly left the room. i did not move my gaze and keep staring at mother with a downcast expression.

"…. Mother…. What should I do?"


Hearing my question, she did not replay to me but moved her body closer and hugged me really tightly. My expression right now must be really sad and gloomy for her to hug me like this.

"Don't worry Lili, mother will not let you be used by others. And I'm sure that your father will not permit it either! So don't worry, okay?!"


No matter how you say it mother, the thing that has been heard by the maids and that sage will be spread outside!

Even if you and father try to hide it, with me being like this, they will notice there is something strange about me…

But if I said it then I'm sure that mother will be very sad and very distressed! When I tried to hug mother back, I heard a heavy and hurried footstep from outside.

The footstep seems to be coming toward this room, so I'm sure that it was father. Before long, the door was opened with a strong force and father came in with a grave expression.


"…. I am sorry Lili… Your father is incompetent… But don't worry, next month is the birthday of Emperor Julius first son, we can ask the Emperor to protect you!"

"… Will the Emperor help us, Xivel?"

While father was looking frantic and disappointed, mother asked him with a worried tone and sad expression.

"To tell you the truth… I don't know. But I will make sure that he protect Lili. So don't worry Iralia, I will do everything I can!"

At father's reply mother looked at him with a distressed look, while he is looking at me with a very serious expression that it scared me a little.

Speaking about the Emperor, i suddenly remember about his first child, the first Prince of the Empire, Alexius Merga Zaxvius, I have not heard anything about him except from his name though.

It would be a lie if I say that I'm not curios about this mysterious prince.
Usually for every big empires and kingdoms, it was very hard to hide the existence of the prince in such secret like that!

Even for me who has never gone outside of my room, however, all of my information has been spread outside and I was left with no privacy at all....

It was the same for every Kingdoms and Empires, the life of the Princes and princesses were known by every factions.

So it was a bit strange that there is no leak about this kid! I was a bit frustrated… No… I am frustrated! It's not fair at all!

While thinking about that mysterious prince, mother carried me into her embrace while kissing me on the cheek…

Mother please stop doing this kind of stuff, I am not a child anymore you know! I'm now 5 years old already!

I forgot that 5 is still nothing but a child.... curse this extra knowledge in my brain!!

"Don't worry Lili, mother will always be by your side during this party!"

"That's right Iralia, don't leave her side no matter what! However, I really hope that the Emperor or the Empress could attend the party…"

I know that I shouldn't say this but… Mother you are too close!! And father, can you not look like a despaired wretched old man… It's disgusting…


Meanwhile, inside a castle in the spacious and luxurious hall, there is a man with a scar on his face that is looking at the person bellow him with a sneer on his face. He was sitting in a scary looking chair that looks like a throne and there is a dragon head on both of the armrests.

The throne looked quite intimidating with its black and red color, especially the black dragon head on the armrests.

He looked like a 50 or so years man, but with his fit and muscular body, he looked like he is still in his 40.

"Is what you said true?! That wimp's child the second princess is actually such a treasure!?" The scarred old man said with a deep and hoarse voice. He glared at the man kneeling below him while tightening his grip on the armrests.

The man kneeling on the ground trembled a little when he heard the scarred old man's deep and hoarse voice. Without raising his head, the kneeling man then said with a firm tone. "I did not dare to lie, Master."

"Heh… Hahahaha… What are you waiting for?! Hurry and get that little brat here!" The scarred old man shouted with anger at the kneeling man.

"…. It would not be possible…." Said the kneeling man with a firm tone. No one know how his expression looked as of right now.

After saying that the kneeling man then disappeared like a smoke, leaving the scarred old man alone in the spacious and luxurious hall by himself.

Seeing that the man who is kneeling disappeared, the old man was at first stunned, then his face turned green, and from green to red, it was like his head was about to explode from anger. He then stood up and then the scarred old man shouted while letting out a frightening blue aura around his body. "YOU LITTLE BASTARD!!!"

His angry shout however was not heard by anyone but himself.


"Hey, hey, hey. Do you know that today is little Xiv second princess birthday right, Theresa? Wanna go there and have a look? I heard that the child is quite interesting."

"Sure, I'll go take a look. Oh, and I want to take Alex with me, is that okay?"

I have been used to seeing this bastard loose expression, he was cool if he stayed silent, but when he opened his mouth… He is like a shit playboy wanting to flirt!

But I cannot deny that I fell for this bastard's charm… I wonder what kind of magic did he use to make me madly in love with him.

"…. I don't mind, but I will have to go with you too. If my prediction is correct then that old man will be there too. It's fine if you go alone, but it would be quite problematic if Alex came with you."

"Hoho~ It was rare to see you look so serious like this~~ But I was a bit hurt, why I would be fine if I go alone? Don't you feel worried about me at all?!"

It was indeed rare to see him look serious like this and I was really happy to see it… But his words displeased me, so I gave him a pout while narrowing my eyes.

"Hmm~~ Whaatt is thiisss~~ My lovely Theresa is pouting! You should do this often, you look so damn cute right now!! Hahaha."

"... You really love to get beaten huh, Julius! You should have said it if you want to be trashed by me. I would gladly accompany you no matter how long it is you know~~"


Oohh, his stiff smile is really interesting to see no matter how many times I see it. I gave him a sweet and lovely smile in return.


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