(ON HIATUS) Immortal Mage

by edwardcastle

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy LitRPG Magic Male Lead Martial Arts Reincarnation Secret Identity Strategy Strong Lead Wuxia




Formerly an Origin Immortal, Aaron Ironblood went to a foreign universe, conquered a world in it, and went for the next challenge.

Now reborn in a place where magic reigns supreme, he must once again rise to the peak to save first the world and then, the universe itself.

Follow Aaron as he employs eons of experience to master magic, crush all opposition, and conquer all in his path.

- The main character has some morals
- Wuxia/Xianxia elements (including flashy martial arts later in the story)
- LitRPG/GameLit world with game-like windows and game-like skills (e.g. Check Level skill)

This fiction will never be removed from Royal Road.
Even if I decide to sell it as a book or something, all chapters shall remain available here for free, and keep being released until the story is complete.
Pauses might happen if needed, but I will finish the story.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 - Departure ago
Chapter 2 - Brave New World ago
Chapter 3 - Mana Pool ago
Chapter 4 - Spells ago
Chapter 5 – Firestar ago
Chapter 6 - Meeting the Competition ago
Chapter 7 – Magic Studies ago
Chapter 8 - On Artificing ago
Chapter 9 - Seeds ago
Chapter 10 - The Immortal Crusade ago
Chapter 11 - The Old Days ago
Chapter 12 - Ambush ago
Chapter 13 - The Truth ago
Chapter 14 - Looting ago
Chapter 15 - Covering the Tracks ago
Chapter 16 - Night at the Unleaving Forest ago
Chapter 17 - Demonic Energy ago
Chapter 18 - Angry Duke ago
Chapter 19 - Leaving the Unleaving Forest ago
Chapter 20 - Lamia ago
Chapter 21 - Shopping District ago
Chapter 22 - Interesting ago
Chapter 23 - Shopping Spree ago
Chapter 24 - City Lord's Men ago
Chapter 25 - Battle ago
Chapter 26 - Phantom Realm ago
Chapter 27 - A Moment of Respite ago
Chapter 28 - Night Visit ago
Chapter 29 - Planning ago
Chapter 30 - Onward to the White Sea City ago
Chapter 31 - First Training Sessions ago
Chapter 32 - Wyvern Pass Fort ago
Chapter 33 – Colonel Eminence Deadfire ago
Chapter 34 - The Wyvern Pass ago
Chapter 35 - On Energies and the Universe ago
Chapter 36 - Death's Shadow Mountains ago
Chapter 37 - On Prophecies ago
Chapter 38 - Asserting Dominance ago
Chapter 39 - A Test ago
Chapter 40 - Fly, You Fools ago
Chapter 41 - Chase ago
Chapter 42 - The Ancient ago
Chapter 43 - Supreme Dragon Slaying Formation? ago
Chapter 44 - Formation, Activate! ago
Chapter 45 - Flying Continent ago

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  • Overall Score

Story has a ton of things that are expected and quite a few that are not. I really loved the first chapter as it started with him being this super badass who was an even bigger badass before. So it fully explains his OPness. Wanting more.

  • Overall Score

Goofy tale of an infant who remembers and retains most of his magical abilities. There is no true growth of the protagonist and you just get to relive his amazing powers being reawakened. Might not be a good fit for me as I need some form of struggle to stay interested.

  • Overall Score

Basic work, untrustworthy author

If you have some time to throw away, like watching a canceled TV serie, go right ahead. 

Otherwise, avoid. Nothing special here, and author is very, VERY prone to get bored and throw hiatus left and right.

And now a rewrite. Delightful. 

  • Overall Score

I read up to chapter 20.

Mc is supposed to be an ageless wise immortal but behaves like a child that has never stepped out of the house.