After freshening myself and going to the dining room, I noticed that Isabel got herself a new helper in the kitchen.

Emma was emotionless while following her instructions, but when doing certain chores a could see a light in her eyes from time to time as if a specific actions reminded her of something. G arrived a little later and was also surprised to see Emma, I noticed a short spear on his hand and wondered if it was the one that I asked for, it would have been better if he gave it to me before the training but since the spar was weaponless it wouldn’t have been that helpful anyway.

“Hey G, is that my spear?”

He seemed to come back from his stupor… there was a point where I thought that I act a little stupid in Rose presence from time to time… but that is nothing compared to this.


“The spear is the one I requested?”

He seemed a little lost until he saw the spear on his hand.

“Oh, the spear yeah… I finish it today I brought it home and wanted to give it to you before the training, but I forgot about it.”

I bet he was busy looking at Emma.

“By any chance did you see Emma when you arrived home?”

“She and the goons were with me in the armory, so we came back home together. Why?”

“Nothing, just asking.”

I should be grateful that he brought it back at all.

He passed me the spear. I could identify that they were most likely bones and horns from a defensive type beast. The change in the composition of the bone gave the shaft a grey color while the spearhead was almost black. I could also see a little aura coming from it, the spearhead was from a different beast the different colors and auras gave it off, as I looked at it, G started to describe what it was made of.

“… so I decided to call it Tusk!”

He said proudly after describing me in detail every step he took to build it including the time when he painted something. I had to admit the red pattern looked nice even if it was useless. Reinforced with some metal parts it gave the spear a nice dark look.

After looking at it for a while, there was just one doubt in my mind…

What is wrong with this family naming sense? How can you be so lazy to just name it after the part you used for the spearhead?

I was thinking about how badly I would hurt G’s feelings if I change the name of the spear. Now that I think about it it’s just a spear does it really need a name?

Hope arrived followed by Hayley a little later. The dinner was ready, but Rose hasn’t come yet, so I went to the room to see if she was in there.

When I got into the room, I noticed two things. Rose was floating slightly above the floor and seemed a little agitated and that her body wasn’t in bed. I rushed towards her astral form and tried to touch her, but it didn’t work.

After seeing this scene, there was no need to be a genius to understand what had happened. She was able to use paws ability and get into the Astral Realm with her body.

I could do nothing but stay near her until she recovers and comes back. She noticed me and gifted me a weak smile.

‘I did it!’

Unlike her tired appearance, she seemed to be happy with achieving this. The speed of her advancement was huge, it’s hasn’t been that much time since she got Paws, so I thought that It would take a lot more time for her to achieve this point.

I wanted to hug her, but in this mode, it wasn’t possible. I could only acknowledge her accomplishment with a smile.

‘I can see that. How are you feeling?’

‘It’s a lot more tiring than our daily training I want to rest a little and then go back to the material world.’

I have no idea how astral beings recover their strength, but she seems to only need some time.

‘Lay down for a while, and I will bring you some food later ok?’

‘Thank you.’

She floated to the bed and was able to drop on top of it, I started to wonder how it works. Probably she is just floating at that level, the bed presence helps her feel like she is resting more, probably is more a psychological thing.

I went back to the dining room. There was no need to be worried and if something happens Dante is always keeping an eye on all of us.

As I came back, G and Hope looked behind me to see if Rose was there.

“Where is Rose?”

Hope was the most curious about it since Rose usually never misses a chance to eat with all of us.

“The new technique that she is training is quite taxing on her body, so she is resting now… I’ll take some food for her later.”

They all nodded and started eating, Emma and the other two guys for some reason were dining with us. We had to move some furniture, bring a table from another apartment, and put them together for us to fit.

Is not that I didn’t agree with them eating with us, it’s just that there were two of them that didn’t talk at all and Emma only talks when she is asked about something, added with the fact that Rose wasn’t there the table was quieter than usual. Luckily for us, Hayley was in a great mood and has been more talkative than before and told us everything about the beasts she hunted today.

After that Dana took charge and with Dante’s helps started to play around with the goons under the watch of the rest. I left the dining room with a plate for Rose and went to the room.

This time she was on the bed in the physical world. I had to confirm it by myself and caressed her hair. Wavy and soft as always.

She seemed to be in a better state than when I saw her in astral form.

“Hi sweetie how do you feel?”

She lazily opened her eye to look at me and smiled.

“Tired… feed me.”

She could move perfectly, but she wanted to be spoiled and was glad to help her with that. After eating and resting she was more or less back to normal.

“How is it? to go with your body to the astral realm.”

“Actually, it’s not that different than what I normally do, the feeling of freedom is better because I’m not bound to a certain area and my body is not left behind.”

“How much does it takes for you to recover?”

“Not that much I have been going in and out half the day already. The reason I’m so tired know is that I tried something different the last time.”

 “Can you tell me about it?”

“Of course I can, but I want it to be a surprise.”

“Well, that’s enough for today now you are resting till tomorrow.”

She cuddled with me and closed her eyes. I didn’t press the issue because if I did, I would ruin the surprise.

I looked at the notification that I have been getting all day too.

[Congratulation for killing an F-Rank Beast, 5 system points rewarded]

[Congratulation for killing an E-Rank Beast, 15 system points rewarded]

[Congratulation for killing an F-Rank Beast, 5 system points rewarded]


I didn’t want to do the math, so I used a shortcut


[Name: Spencer Davies

Age: 20 yrs.


Attribute points:1

Str: 25(+5) End:25(+30) Agi: 25(+5) Dex: 25(+5) Int:25(+5) Wis: 25(+5) Cha: 25(+5)

Perks: Cold mind (+), Good Leader (+), Efficient body(+), Aura view(+), Insight(+), Accelerated Processing(+), Tough Skin(+), Low Self-Sustaining(+), Great Impact(+), Perfect Body(+), Perfect Mind(+), Astral Anchor(0)(Bound to Rose Hunter).


Skill points: 4

Battle skills: Krav Maga LV. 3, Firearms Lv. 2, Dodge Lv.2, Short Blades Lv.2, Axe Lv.1, Weapon Throw Lv. 1, Chakram Lv.1, Spear Lv. 0.

Resistance skills: Pain Resistance Lv.2, Damage Resistance Lv. 2, Soul Resistance Lv. 1, Poison Resistance Lv. 2, Acid Resistance Lv.0.

Knowledge: Medicine Lv. 2, Physics Lv2, Math Lv.2, Anatomy Lv.2, Weapon Knowledge Lv.2, Zoology Lv.1, Herbalism Lv.1, Basic sciences Lv. 5.

Utility Skills: Stealth Lv. 2, Survival Lv. 2, Swimming Lv. 2, Tracking LV.1, Driving Lv.1, Trapping Lv.1, Mentor Lv. 1, Ambush Lv.1.

Production Skills: Cooking Lv.1, Mechanics Lv.1.

Esper-Related: Link Affinity Lv.2[(Share Thoughts)(Empathy)], Enhanced Time Bubble (Slow motion)(Lv.2), Chronokinetic Combat Lv. 3 (Accelerated Thoughts, Slow, Time infuse, Accelerate)).

Esper abilities:

E-Rank: Astral Link (Bound to Rose Hunter), Detoxification, Enhanced Endurance, Enhanced Senses (Hearing, Psychometry, Sight, Sixth sense, Smell, Taste, Touch), Fear Inducement, Time Distortion, Time Heal.

F-Rank: Enhanced Reflexes, Adrenaline Rush, Courage Inducement, Lust Inducement, Mind read.


System Points: 80]

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