Next morning made me recall the first day of school, everyone was up early and in high spirits ready to start the new day. I don’t know if it’s a good or a bad thing to get some normality back into our lives, but for the time being, I’ll just let it be.

We ate together as usual, and after finishing our breakfast, we all went in different ways. Isabella and Dana went to the school, besides dropping Dana there was a wing in the school that was working as a clinic. Rose wanted to go to the library to read, she probably will join me later, so she left with Hayley and Mr. Ryan, they were going in the same direction.

Hope didn’t have a to work until past noon, so she came with G and me to the armory. I took the handgun and the knife with me, just in case I don’t found anything suitable.

The place where the armory was located used to be a mechanical garage. There was one guy that checking the contents of a box since we didn’t see anyone else we waited for him to finish when he noticed us he wrote something and got closer.

“Hi! How can I help you?”

“Hi, he will work here, and I came to get hunter equipment.” I handed him both letters, he took them and read both, He gave back one to G.

“Gerhard right? Go through that door and look for Russel, give him the letter and he will assign you to a workstation or a team.”

“Okay thanks, see ya, Spence.”

“Bye G, create some nice weapons for me.”

“Sure, tell me if you have any crazy idea.”

He left through the door, Hope was looking around with interest, thanks to the book we read she knew almost all the weapons she saw.

“A new hunter, do you have any idea about what weapons are you looking for??”

“A couple, I want a light gun like an SMG o machine pistol.”

“That’s new, almost everyone wants sniper rifles, DMR or assault rifles, the farther they are from the beasts, the better. Let me see what we have.”

He started to check a couple of boxes, and after a while, he came back with three handguns bigger than the one I had.

“These are an H&K MP7A45, KRISS Vector SDP1, and an FN Five-seveN MK3A1.”

As I said they were a little bigger than a normal a pistol, but you can still hold them with just one hand without problems.

The MP7 was well rounded. The Vector’s recoil was less than the other two, and the fire rate was higher too, but they didn’t have an extended magazine for it, so probably the bullets are going to be used too fast. Finally, the Five-seveN uses a different caliber and does more damage, but the fire rate is lower than the other two, and probably the recoil is the hardest to control. There were also more accessories for the MP7, but if I add all of them would end like an assault rifle, so it wasn’t something that I wanted.

What I needed was damage, and the Five-seveN had a higher penetration power because of the bullets. Also, my suppressor luckily was compatible with it, so I choose that one, I took a reflex sight for it and 2 extended magazines. I filled the magazines with bullets. He gave me a couple of bullet boxes, and I also kept the standard magazine for emergencies.

While we were there, we took bullets and a recoil pad for both the Railfle and the rifle. After finishing looking at the guns, I started to browse through melee weapons.

Since I had the skill, the first thing was to get a new dagger. I looked at a one that was a little shorter than half a meter and broader at the end, the blade was curbed with the edge on the inside, on the weapons encyclopedia they called it kukri, a type of machete, I took that one together with a couple of push knives.

I browsed other weapons while moving my new blade around to get used to the weight and size. Thanks to my skills it felt natural in my hands, it was probably at the border of what could be considered a short blade.

While browsing around, I saw a bunch of oversized axes spears and sword, there also were some more exotic weapons around, but none of them convince me. The spears they had were all taller than me, so it was difficult to pick one of those.

“Can I request for a weapon?”

“Sure what do you need?”

“I want a short spear, around 1 meter long, the shaft should be sturdier than the ones here.”

“No problem I’m going to leave the request at the workshop later, do you need anything else?”

“I’m not sure I feel like I want another weapon.”

“mmmm what about one of these?”

He took a box that was at the side, from the looks of it no one gave too much attention, and when I saw inside, I understood why.

Most of them were made with beasts materials for close quarter fighting, and the reach was the same as a normal dagger, this coupled with the weird shapes that most of them had made them difficult to use. I noticed that unlike most weapons until now, the ones made of beasts materials had a similar aura to an ordinary living being.

There were a couple that picked my interest, I understood that no one wanted the chakram or the katar, but what is wrong with a tomahawk? The shape was a little weird, but it wasn’t that bad.

I took it, and I got a weird feeling from it. It was a little heavier than I thought it would.

“What is special about these weapons?”

“We are not sure, but I think that some of the properties from the beast we used were transferred. For example, that tomahawk is made with a beast that was extremely resilient, we used a complete section of bone that we couldn’t cut, we managed to make an edge on it, but we broke a lot of tool doing it.”

I nodded and took the tomahawk with me and looked at the chakram.

“Be careful with that one, it was made from a snake that spat poison, so no one wants to even try it, the guy that made it got sick for a couple of days when he made it.”

I thought a second, but I decided to not take it with me, someone could get hurt by it including me, but that gave me an idea.

“Can the spearhead be made with monster materials?”

“Sure, I can’t tell if it works the way I think, but at least in some cases, it will be a lot stronger than a normal spear.”

“Thanks, I’ leaving then.”

“Wait!” He took a backpack and gave it to me. “I almost forget. These are reinforced clothes and some accessories, made with beast hide, they are not going to save you from a direct hit, but it’s better than nothing.”

I took the backpack and was about to leave when I got an idea…

“Can you pack the chakram too? I don’t plan to use it yet, but I want to try it later anyway.”

He was surprised and looked for a green leather bag, without touching the chakram he put it inside and gave it to me. We said our farewell and went back to the house.

I changed clothes fast, together with them there were weapon holsters, a utility belt, and other basic stuff. I took the weapons with me and hide the chakram on an unoccupied room. I told hope to not get it because it was poisonous and left. I communicate with Dante for him to keep an eye on it too.

I was already late, but it was to be expected since I had to go to the armory first. When I arrived 3 people were waiting for me, I recognized two of them, Leon and the guy that was using the Railfle last time… I hope he got better at shooting. The other one didn’t have any long range weapon it was taller than me and looked strong, he had a spear about 2 and a half meter long crossed on his back.

“Sorry for the time, I had to go to the armory to get my equipment.”

“Don’t worry, you should be Spencer Right? I’m Zak, the leader of the team, this is Leon, and the one with the Railfle is Gabriel. Dr. Harting told me that you will have more people joining us from time to time, no one else coming today?”

“No today it’s just me.”

“K, let’s move I want to kill a beast before noon.”

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