The New Journey of an Old Soul

by Vihyungrang

Original COMPLETED Action Drama Fantasy Romance Female Lead Gender Bender Reincarnation Strong Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

The story of a soul seeking new adventure in a new life. A secret wish to find some things he never really found in his old life. Will the universe have other ideas for him again? Warning: 18+ due to violence, language and sexual content Note: The story is complete. A/N: Since people seem to be skittish with the gender bender tag, I should probably mention that it does not play a particularily important part in the story. More in the beginning, less as the story goes on.

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A good story with excellent characters

"The New Journey of an Old Soul" depicts the life of an elf girl called Neleh, a reincarnated soul, and her adventure.  Neleh has retained her memories after her reincarnation and we follow her as she travels around the world, meeting both new and old friends/foes.



The style of the story is, for the most part, very nice. The author unfortunately has a bad habit of switching between view points. They switch between characters, which mostly benefits the story, but somtimes makes it more confusing and they switch between first person to third person. The switching of view points makes the story hard to follow at times and creates problems for the author as he really needs to know his grammar to be able to do this, which comes back to bite him later. This is however only present in the earlier chapters as the author mentions and if you pay close attention, it will not confuse you.



The story is one of the fiction's good points. It is for the most part well paced, and I really enjoy how the author describes the environment. 
The are however times where I wish the author would make the reader himself discover the environment, instead of using most, or the entirety of a chapter explaining races and whatnot. 



The grammar of the story is nice. It is not praiseworthy as such, as it contains the occasional fault, but it is not bad. I feel that the story is written in such a way that it is lighthearted, which is a double-edged sword.
The lighthearted feel works excellently in a lot of the earlier chapters, but the story begins to suffer later on as it gets more serious. 
I feel that the grammar (somtimes) takes away the serious tone the story is trying to convey. 



Oh the characters! 
This is by far the best part of the entire fiction. Neleh is a cheeky, but wise girl who always seems to be in control. She is not afraid of showing the powers she retained from her previous life and this gives her confidence. 
minor spoilers

When Neleh got the bond with her mother, I was afraid that it was going to limit her as a characters, but oh was I wrong. The bond made for interesting dialogue and gave the mother some needed attention and character building.

minor spoilers END

The only thing that keeps the characters from receiving 5 stars from me is that the adults feel childish at times. There are certain parts where I imagine the story to be quite serious and it gets ruined by an adult acting in a way that doesn't make sense. There are also some times when I feel that Neleh gets a bit too cheeky. She gives a smile or a grin where the story otherwise would have been very serious, and it breaks the immersion for me. 

In spite of some flaws "The New Journey of an Old Soul" is a good read. The story is great, the characters are excellent, the grammar could be better, but is otherwise very good. 

If you're looking for an overpowered cheeky female protagonist with some witty dialogue and a nice story, this is the read for you. 

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Wow, I just baffled by this story.

The writing style; how you keep throwing clues for future chapter and making changes for every few chapter, where you just throw my deductions off into the trashbin.

The story, that epic story about the unification of the world as a preparation to fight against MC's biggest enemy. And the character, the main reason why I'm so hooked with this story. The character development, the wishes of the MC, her joy and happiness, along with her griefs and anguish.

The grammar.... well, tbh I can't be bothered with it. Skipped.

In conclusion... let's just say I spent three days reading from the first chapter, spending the majority of my free times to indulge myself in reading this story. Definitely recommended. My five stars for you, author.

...oh, and those sex scenes? priceless.

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My fear of Women have been Realized Because of this Novel

Thanks to this story, (And other stories from "Andur") I now have a certain distaste for the female gender.

Probably not gonna get married. Ever.


...Never said I don't like this story though. Nice work!


Just advisable to you guys who think they have a phobia of women.

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All is well that ends well.

I actually wanted to wait till tomorrow to write my review/give a rating but mah, I'll do it now. Be warned of some spoilers though since this is not a review for other readers but one for the Author. I'll try to keep them as minor as possible though.


Style: 4.5/5

I quite like your style of writing. I had an easy time to let my imagination take over and show me the world that you created and the story you wanted to tell. Objectively I have nothing to criticise, subjectively there is only one thing; I would have loved a few Sidestories telling me of some happenings, most of all the meeting of the gods prior to our MC's reincarnation where it got decieded who'll end up with her (Which race will birth her.).


Story: 5/5

Can't say much here, I just love your story. The only thing that kind of felt somewhat "halfassed" here would be when Shiori entered the cast. It felt overall a little bit rushed to me and because of that Shiori never felt important for me, even though she certainly was vital in more than one aspect in your story.


Grammar: 4.5/5

Take my oppinion here with a grain of salt, since english is not my native language and being around in the internet for as long as I have and you get so used to bad grammar and such, until you not even realise anymore whether you read proper english or some good written engrish.

With that said, I have little complaints here. Some typos here and there. The most glaring thing I saw semi-regularly were sentences that you wrote and seemingly restructured withing your head, on the fly, without editing the sentence in its entirety. But this didn't happened all that often and I was still able to get what it was that you wanted to tell me as the reader.


Character: 4.5/5

Now here lies my crux, the one thing where I have something major that bugged me, especially at the end. But first things first. The MC has a good buildup, the character is interesting and feels fresh, especially her background (Which in turn made the whole story alot more fun for me to read.). The other characters are good, they are properly intruduced and all of them, including the MC, grow and develop as the story progresses. Well, aside from Shiori. Again her whole introduction and integration into the maincast feels too fast to me.

With that out of the way, the one, major thing I want you to know. I would have wished to see some more interaction between characters, or to be more precise their every interaction seemed too dependant on the MC. Naturally the MC is, as it says the MC=Main Character, but it felt to me that there was little to no interaction between characters without the MC having some role in the conversation. Which made things somewhat bland and unnatural, in some cases I even frowned a little that certain conversations were not told about, aside from the conclusions.

For an example; I would have expected an conversation between Asheara, after she got her memories back, and Shiori. After all, I doubt that Shiori would have let her anywhere near Neleh without good reason, aside from training. And I doubt just as much that it was easy to get Shiori's approval for that.


Overall Score: 4.5/5

Now I can just say that your story was epic and I enjoyed the whole ride. It is nice to see a finished story, especially one that is a joy to read such as this. Style, story, grammar and character blended together leave little to criticise. Aside from the lack of Sidestories that may be useless as far as storyprogression is concerned, but would have lend more live and diversety to the characters (Aside from the MC.) who, at times, felt like useless bystanders at an caraccident site.

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This review was made after the ending of the story and shows my impressions of the entirety of the fiction (and has spoilers). I would describe this fiction as a true reincarnation story. Most reincarnation stories are chance happenings where the MC 'somehow' becomes reincarnated or in order to do something really vague and don't even address the issue. This fiction, however, stars a very important and very powerful soul who was bored so he/she decided to reincarnate—not knowing that she would end up falling in love with this new world and its people and work to save it from a foreboding future with the help of many characters (who are this story's highlight) including elves, naga, faries, demons, celestials, beastmen, humans, dragons, and gods.


The beginning of the story is great, and sets the tone for most of the story. Neleh and her family are given motivation by unfortunate circumstance but she always has a plan to get through her difficulties. 


After she grows up a bit we get to see her interacting with the world and her childhood-teenage years are my favorite part of the story. We learn more about Neleh and see her personality and powers develop.


Her adulthood years are the low point of the story (but it's not by any means bad) even though they are filled with the most action. We stop seeing Neleh as an OP hero and more of an OP leader, meaning her relationships and interactions with other people lose their shine. Most people treat her like a goddess and I feel like the author wants us to realize the immense responsibility that she is put under so there is no time for the fun atmosphere of her younger years. Though the fun atmosphere is lost, it is replaced with a foreboding atmosphere that makes you need to find out how it ends.


The one true flaw that I saw with this fiction is the 'enemy' as well as the final battle. He hardly does this story justice. In fact, I believe that the true antagonist of this story is Fate. The only thing that makes the enemy strong, in my opinion, is his huge power supply.... and that's basically it. Fate however, is the driving force behind the story. All of Neleh's suffering was decided at or even before her birth, and she never escapes his grasp.


So I will Rate this fiction as a 5 though i will take off half a star on story because I was left unsatisfied with the main antagonist—though I will keep character score at 5 stars because the rest of the characters are all very believable.

  • Overall Score

Gender Bender at its best

Interesting plot;won’t get you bored at all. The grammar is good, and the MCs’ characteristics  don’t change overtime.( like in some FFs, at one moment the MC will be all OP,and intelligent,and shit…and the next moment they’ll go full retard.)

  • Overall Score

Very nice,it worth of time to read!!!

  • I’m glad that this story don’t have a tragedy and because of that it’s fun to read !!!
  • Well because I hate tragedy tag because it ruin the story
  • Overall Score

One of the refreshing ones in this site

I just found this story and wasted *cough* enjoyed *cough* my entire afternoon. I strongly recommend ya'll to read it!

John Kash
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One of the best i have read.

Love the story, I think it deserves to be in the top 3 of the list, iv read about 60 to 70% of the story’s with over 20 chapters on this sight and this is one that i cant wait to read every time i see a new chapter out.

  • Overall Score

Its written excellently and I can say that its one of the best story I read.