The New Journey of an Old Soul

by Vihyungrang

Original COMPLETED Action Drama Fantasy Romance Female Lead Gender Bender Reincarnation Strong Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

The story of a soul seeking new adventure in a new life. A secret wish to find some things he never really found in his old life. Will the universe have other ideas for him again? Warning: 18+ due to violence, language and sexual content Note: The story is complete. A/N: Since people seem to be skittish with the gender bender tag, I should probably mention that it does not play a particularily important part in the story. More in the beginning, less as the story goes on.

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Luv the story but not everything (many ppl will luv it 100% though)

First I’l go with the POSITIVES

I absolutely love the story! 5 stars for that

Writing style is great and so is the grammar… The MC is fantastic!




The ONLY FLAW is mostly the weird relationship everyone has with the MC… I’l explain it clearly:

(Not cuz of the lesbianism but due to the incestuous notes in the story)

1. Ppl get weirdly obsessed with Neleh… Its fine in most cases, even fun. But the family (mostly the mom) being obsessed is too much. It gets annoying in many many parts!

I mean seriously? Even though nothing happens nor will happen, she “wants” her daughter :/ I think the whole keeping that bond b/w the two was a baad choice. Should have simply severed it.

On top of the normal obsession she had with Neleh since the whole kidnapping as a baby, the bond made it worse.

I really dislike the mom character, especially since ur story with her getting the sword and power shows that she will be a major supporting character…


Also the lack of any recurring & significant (key words) male character is kinda weird… The MC has no association with any male, especially close to her age! Its become a world where every strong and righteous person is female? Its not a major problem but is still a flaw.

(I’m not counting the angels and random classmates cuz they are not her constant companions)




But 4 the story, its still awesome…I still recommend reading it cuz its still one of the best there is.

  • Overall Score

My current favorite on RRL

This story is quite intricate, yet easy to follow. The author has a good sense of his fictional world, people stay true to their character, or evolve based on their circumstances, there are no unexplained fluctuations in things like speech or powerlevel. Dialogue is often witty and the world seems quite complex where every action a character takes has some influence on the world, whether it be miniscule or major.

I can highly recommend this fiction.

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I'm not sure how anyone could read this.

I'm not gonna lie I only read the first few chapters and honestly I'm not sure how anyone can take this seriously. The dialogue consisting of having the characters names in parenthesis so you can see who is talking is so bad I only seen that in the shittiest of translated light novels. I can't believe more people aren't talking about that in the reviews. Besides that there was so much info dump in the first few chapters and so much hinting on what a badass the mc is that I just can't see any hope for this story.

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9/10. Amazing, but you have potential for more.

I wrote this review after completing chapter 54, but I will probably update it once I complete the remaining chapters.


Note: I write 9/10 but give 5 stars. Why? It’s because this is an amateur fiction site. I am 100% certain you will enjoy reading this story (unless the situation the MC is in is too hard for you to deal with).


*Plot Spoiler Warning.*

Now, this can’t really be called a review per say since unfortunately I’m not going to be of much help to you Vihyungrang. However, I just want to throw my opinion out there in the hopes that it just might actually help. Said opinion being that there’s something missing and I just can’t put my finger on it. No matter how hard I think, it just makes it harder for me to think of it. Maybe you have even greater potential with a different kind of story with different kinds of characters. Maybe I’m overestimating since the scale of the plot is so grand and so far it’s been written so well.

Maybe this review is too early and once you’ve reached completion of your story I’ll have found that unnameable thing I’m looking for. In fact, it might be that the death of Neleh’s sister (her name is already forgotten, along with the tens of thousands of other main and side characters that I’ll probably never remember the names of unless I go back and reread/watch the story/anime/movie/TV show/VN/LN) did not make me cry, and when confronted with a sad situation in a story – I want to cry, and if that death can cause a destroyer to lose all control of themselves, then I want to cry very very hard!

Although I’m heavily sensitized to sad events due to all the content I go through, I believe that a very important point is to make your reader heavily emphasize with your MC, to the point where you’re angry when they’re furious, you’re scared when they’re frightened, you’re sad when they’re devastated, and you’re happy when they’re joyous (visual and audio media are suppose to enhance the empathy – one of the reasons that the Steins;Gate VN made me cry so hard so often, even when relatively heavily desensitized). I feel that if you put your mind (and heart) to it, with your writing (or an improvement of it) then it would bring me these feelings, although I reckon that an OP MCs like Neleh happens to be pretty hard to frighten or make rage compared to more normal characters, so you sorta made it hard for yourself. Not that that’s a bad thing.

Reckon you have the persuasive textual power to make a desensitized reader cry from emphasizing with feelings felt by a being that is powerful enough to destroy multiple worlds and treat the average human as an insect? Push your imagination past your limits – I want to see the results!


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The story is really well planned and organized, and you just don’t know what will happen next. The MC is great I love how she interacts with the world and how op she is.  this FF also one of the best in terms of world building. 

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So much untapped potential.

So she did something because "x" or "y" , granted it couldn't have been "a" because then mister supposedly important character that won't have any  screen time after this chapter would have thought "b" and the counsecuences would have been catastrophic. Yet nos as bad as if she had done "c", in which case blah blab blah ad infinitum.

Style ruins it all, it makes the narration very difficult to digest. Why not SHOWING us how the characters lived the moment instead?

Also, interactions between MC and big shots felt super artificial, even more when she was a kid and nobody said anything about her talking one on one to prominent people. I mean, nothing aside from the incidental "oh MC you are very intelligent"...

Another big, no, no, is that aside from MC, no other character evolves through the story, not to talk about those supposedly important characters that got forgotten as soon as the chapter ends.

About conflict and tension building, at first you fall for it, thinking "oh, this is great, I want to see how they will get out of this mess" but eventually you realize that whatever is trown at deus ex machina (AKA MC) is gonna get solved in a very anticlimactic jiffy. I mean, I like OP MCs and happy endings, but deus ex machina are a bit too OP.


So what kept me reading then?

Author is very creative and you could feel all that untapped potential in the story, you keep having this feeling that the next chapter will be amazing.



TL;DR: You know this feeling when you are about to sneeze but in the end you don't? well, author manages to keep you just like that through the whole story. So 2/5 overall enjoyment. Hopefully next story will be awesome, as it has many good comments here in RRL.

  • Overall Score

This story took a sad and disgusting turn.

I've read Another Story by this author and it was really great, so I decided to try this one and I'm very disappointed. While I was not happy with the main character being seen as someone people were attracted to even at her young age, I could deal with it because  those feelings weren't acted on.the  Whole situation with the mother was creepy but seemed to be veering toward being solved. Then the author  crossed the line  and you have this 13 14 year old girl engaged in a sexual act with an adult and the mother gets Dragged In even if it's mentally. I don't care if she has the mind of her previous life in the story she is 13 14 years old and  its disgusting that the author had her engaged in a sexual act.

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I just managed to get to Chapter 23 and read it. This will sadly be where I'll be dropping it.

One of the things that kept me interested is seeing the crazy woman that was obsessed with the MC in his past live return to the story. It came and went and I was left disappointed. Nothing really interesting happens. They resolve a misunderstanding that sounds pettier then anything and then she leaves. I'd much rather have the woman stay in the story as an actual character and I find her and the MC to be a more interesting pair then anyone else.

The story tended to be a mess, There was never a real set goal for the MC and it seemed more like the MC was just reacting to things happening with rarely ever taking the initiative it seems. Sure there were some scenes where he leads the story like the awakening scene. But he, for the most part, seemed lost in the story.

I also find it a bit sad, I liked the start of the story he was a child and didn't talk. I liked seeing people react to this baby that is much smarter then it should be. Then we get things like him starting to talk constantly. I was more hoping for the MC on the outside to be a character that shows little emotion and doesn't talk. 

Other things like barely giving any attention to the sisters. For the longest part of the story, The sisters were barely even characters and we rarely got any mention of them besides "My sister did this" 

I feel like the climax of the story has happened at this point. We got the MC awakening her power and the disappointing reunion of the MC and the crazy girl. 

I did enjoy it for the most part. But I ended up dropping it at this point cause I can't see me liking it anymore.

  • Overall Score

Likely the best completed story I've read on this site

I could write a fairly lengthy review of this story, and it would deserve it. But I would only be adding one positive endorsement after another.. with a mix of words like amazing, fantastic and a great read.


I'll instead try to just stick with the simple, some musings and info: Read it and enjoy. Because it is a story you read and enjoy. Its not a story that makes you cry, its a story that will catch your attention, constantly be on your mind and you will be hard pressed to stop reading it until you finish.

So to be more precise with what I mean with enjoyment over sadness, so to speak: Its a story that you read like an adventure. Your hero has sufferings, but you don't actually suffer with her, instead you read to see her conquer her problems and become even more. You realize that this is not so much a story about the individual, its a story about one persons actions and a world. As such you will have tragedy strike in the cause of the story, but while you might feel with the protagonist., you don't feel a personal sadness. That I believe is very much intentional given the context. You are dealing with beings, situation and a setting that requires an overview, a neutral stance you could say. 

The story makes reference and has some clear inspirations, but not really to a point of overusing it (I basically only had one gripe and that was with a Warhammer reference that I couldn't help feel was out of place, but given its none-existing impact I just ignored it).


So should you read this? Definitely. So what should you expect?

A female lead, but gender is irrelevant really and once again matches the plot and character building.

An intelligently written story, with depth, humor and its own twists and turns that will keep you entertained.


Just don't expect to be crying your eyes out or frequently laugh out loud. Instead expect to be absorbed in the story to a point of obsession, constantly clicking next chapter to read more, even if you told yourself that you had to go to sleep two hours ago.


To the author: Thanks for writing this.

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not for me... fairly overrated

all the way though great grammar.

however, the story and characters...oof...

one sided opinion of men effecting the entire story...

not going to go into any detail what so ever, to spoil anything.

However, it is obvious that the author spits on men entire way though, and doesnt even let men to be a part of the story apart from being villains, rapists, cheaters and generarly being all the evil in the world... 


its sad that a story with such potential got ruined by this, I can see this as being somewhat a distraction with the yuri aspects... but thats it... its just a wasteland story wise, with the characters being bland. disapointment lingered though me as i read on... eventually just skipping though as reading this became a god-damn chore... 

if you dont mind everything that i said and you are just looking for a story where the MC mindlessly and senslessly gains power. go for it you can drop it whenever you like anyway...