Author's note: This chapter contains some 18+ material, but I didn't put it in spoilers this time because...well it's a little different. You'll understand when you read it.

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Neleh woke up on a bed, in a room that looked like the buildings in the grand temple area. She felt a bit sore thanks to her rushed flight and overuse of magic, but otherwise fine. It seemed rather obvious to her that maintaining the Flame Seraph form was quite tiring, and consumed quite a bit of mana. It hadn’t required any effort in her old life, but she wasn’t a fire elemental spirit anymore. Despite the benefits, she should probably try to avoid overusing that particular ability.

She took a better look around, and saw several beds in the room. The beds were empty, and there wasn’t anyone else in the room. The room looked just like the rooms used by the temple to treat the sick and the injured. The lack of other people was a bit odd, because the beds were usually in constant use. The priestesses were great at healing, but Rhi’a’non was a big city with a lot of people. There were always more to heal than healers to do the healing, so it became a matter of triage. Some people would do just fine with just a bit of rest and medicine, while some required immediate healing. The latter always got healed, while the former only got healing when there was enough time and energy.

Neleh was just about to get up and start moving around, when the door to the room opened and both Nimue and Yunalesca entered.

“Seems like you’re feeling better.” Nimue commented with a strained smile.

“Just a bit sore. How long was I out? I’m guessing a less than a day.” Neleh asked.

“Solana brought you in a few hours ago, and from what I gathered, it took her a few hours to bring you here. She’s being debriefed about the people you turned to ash. I’d really like to hear your version too. Seems like an interesting story.” Yunalesca commented.

“It is. Did Dalyor manage to send the messages? How about the Sun Palace?” Neleh asked.

“He managed the messages, but in both cases it was a bit too late. The city of Solaris is fine, the dragons were actually quite precise with their attack. It seems they were more interested in getting their eggs back, than burning down everything in sight. Well, even for dragons it’s pretty dangerous to attack a capital city like Solaris. A big part of the Sun Palace was destroyed though. Most of the royal family was killed, but some of them were either out of the city or in the city itself. The crown prince Aelrindel is taking the throne, though it’ll take a few weeks until the coronation.” Yunalesca sighed tiredly.

“Wasn’t Aelrindel the prince that wanted to marry you a while ago?” Nimue asked with a grin, earning an amused snort from Yunalesca and a sigh from Neleh.

“Anyway, it might have been better if our prince charming had been one of the victims. Whoever’s behind this left behind enough evidence to implicate the emperor and the Eldarinwe, and now he’s screaming bloody murder. It doesn’t help that many of the more distant relatives of the royal family were attacked by Eldarinwe mercenaries, although rather unsuccessfully. I’m afraid that what almost happened with Solana will only make things worse. Aelrindel is one of the only relatives of Solana that were actually against her unofficial exile. That she’s now under the protection of the Inquisition is a good thing, but the Moon Elves are making a big deal about how a young Moon Elf Inquisitor saved the ‘Sun Elf princess’. Both Sun Elves and the Moon Elves are seeing the attack as the final straw and we are expecting things to blow up at any moment.” Yunalesca said grimly.

“You message implicated the Consortium and that you would have more information. Explain please. Time to tell your part of the story.” Nimue said.

“The duchess’ husband turned out to be a bigger fish than we expected.” Neleh unceremoniously dumped all the things she had gotten from the man’s office from her holding ring and started explain her story. It took her an hour to relate everything she had learned, including what she had gotten out of the duchess’ husband.

“Wait, you had advance warning of the dragon attack, and chose to come save Solana instead? That’s a little unbecoming of a Chosen.” Yunalesca commented with a chiding tone.

“I like your confidence in me, but two dragons is a bit too much currently. Also the Chosen of the Protector God of the Dragons. Unlike the other Chosen, my purpose is not to fight the dragons, and I’m guessing my powers are different as well. Besides, Elune told me in no uncertain terms, that I was to stay out of Solaris.” Neleh immediately countered.

“Elune told you?” Nimue asked eagerly.

“Among other things. On that line, from what she said, we should stop wasting time with trying to stop the civil war, and instead focus on trying to limit the damage. According to her, even her hands are tied when it comes to the war.” Neleh said sadly.

Nimue considered for a while. “I seem to recall that the Chosen of Elune had an idea considering that. We might want to look into it.”


When her debriefing was over, Neleh went to find Solana. She knew that Solana would be called back to Solaris sooner or later, and wanted to spend rest of the available time with her. She wasn’t sure if they would be able to maintain their relationship with a civil war going on, especially if Fate was really determined to break their relationship, so she wanted to make the best of whatever time they had left. In her heart of hearts Neleh had to admit that a large part of her reluctance to part with Solana had to do with the forced nature of it. She really liked the woman, and enjoyed their time together, but she couldn’t say that she was in love with her. If it was herself or Solana that decided to end things, then she would calmly let go, but now that someone else had decided things for them, she wanted to fight that tooth and nail.

They definitely had fun together, but there was something lacking. There weren’t enough edges to their relationship. Solana was too submissive, despite being older, and wasn’t challenging. Solana didn’t try to assert herself and just went along with whatever Neleh decided. Neleh knew from her old life, that relationships as unbalanced as this were bound to be disasters. They could work if the submissive person really enjoyed her submission, and the dominant person enjoyed her position and didn’t abuse it, but Neleh didn’t enjoy it. She wanted another strong personality as her companion. Not in the sense that they would always butt heads, but in the sense that they were equals. And Solana would not fulfill that need. Deep down Neleh also wondered whether Solana enjoyed her submissive position either, because the woman wasn’t like that at all in her other interactions, or whether she was just being run over by Neleh’s much stronger personality and presence.

Well at least they could have their last hurrah before Solana had to leave. If she had to let go, at least she would want to make a lasting impression, and she knew just the thing. Neleh chuckled to herself a bit. There was one thing that had changed since the first time she and Solana had gotten together romantically for the first time. Neleh’s mother Asheara had told her, with great embarrassment, what had happened due to the bond. Now that she had access to her own magic, she could mask the bond in such a way, as to not let Asheara know what was going on, and stopping the compounding effect. The compounding effect had been quite enjoyable though, so she would have to utilize that again later on.

She found Solana leaving the Inquisitor’s headquarters. She was under their protection, so she was staying in the temple area for now.

“All done getting pumped for information?” Neleh asked with a grin.

“For now at least. You should know the Inquisition is never done for good.” Solana gave a faint smile. She had heard about the events at Solaris. “How about you? You seem ok.”

“I’m feeling fine. I was just exhausted earlier. I’m sorry about your family.” Neleh said seriously.

“Don’t be. I’m not entirely sure I am. I can’t say I was too fond of most of them after what happened to me, but they didn’t deserve quite this. Yet I can’t say I didn’t secretly fantasize about something like this in my worst moments.” Solana said sadly.

“In your position, I think anyone would. Someone wronged you pretty badly, and you thought of revenge. It’s in our nature.” (Neleh)

“Thanks. Coming from you that means a lot. Though I can’t quite imagine you like that.” Solana said a bit relieved.

Neleh gave a laugh at that thought. “The only reason why I don’t carry such thoughts is because I actually take my revenge personally and quickly, so I don’t have to nurse such thoughts for long. Only time I take my time with revenge, is when I really want the other person to suffer.”

Solana gave her head a shake. “You wouldn’t, you’re too good of a person for something like that.”

They had been walking towards the temple, but now Neleh stopped to face Solana. “Don’t try to make me into some sort of good person in your imagination. You’ll only be disappointed. I can be a good person to those I care about, but I can also be a right evil bastard if I so choose. You’ve mostly seen the good side of me, because I care about you, but do not make the mistake of thinking I’m like that with everyone.” Neleh’s voice was serious.

Solana replied just as seriously. “You might think that, but your actions betray that image. Yes you can be merciless against your enemies, but you also go out of your way to help people who are not. What you are is severe and dedicated. You don’t go for half measures. When you face an enemy, you make sure they go down and never get up, but you also do your very best for those that you help.”

Solana gave a wide smile. “You don’t fit into the celestial’s ideal of a person who values the law and order. Instead you’re more like one of the demons who value chaos and self-interest. Many people would disagree, but that is not inherently a bad thing. Some people go overboard with self-interest, where they trample on others, but a moderate amount of self-interest and chaos can be the driving force of the world, and you most certainly are a person driven. You make things happen. Sometimes those things are not in the interests of those around you, but that is the price we have to pay for someone who can get things done no matter what.”

Neleh sighed. “You’re not wrong, but that doesn’t change the fact that you’ve only been seeing the better side of me. There’s no point in arguing, though. You have your image of me, and I have no need to change that image. Instead there is something more serious we should discuss. You are probably aware, that with what happened to your family, you’re going to be called back to Solaris. Your brother, the soon-to-be-king Aelrindel has already indicated such.”

“I know. It’s something that I’ve always wanted. To be called back home and be accepted as part of the family. Then again I don’t want to leave you either. I don’t know what…” Solana was stumbling, with tears coming into her eyes.

Neleh hugged Solana to her chest, and held her, gently rubbing her back with a hand. “You know what you must do. You’ve getting your heart’s desire, and I’m not going to stand in the way of that. You have centuries if not millennia to find new love, while you only have one family. Go to them. And who knows what the future brings? This might not be the end of our story together.”

Solana was crying a river now. She knew Neleh was right, but she had never been in love like she loved the young girl. She also knew Neleh didn’t hold as deep feelings for her, but she didn’t want to let go, because she felt that she would never again feel love like that. But Neleh was still right. If she stayed, she would grow to resent Neleh for what the love had cost her, even if that was unfair. “At least make love to me one last time. Leave me a memory I will treasure forever.” She whispered.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way.” Neleh whispered back

The two of them ran as fast as the wind towards the room Neleh had woken up in. Once the door was shut, their clothes were already making a trail from the door to the bed at the back. Idly Neleh made a ward against any sound leaving the room. She was planning on making Solana scream, and didn’t want to share the sweet sound with anyone else.

“Sit down here. I want to try something I’ve been planning for a while. You’ll get the honor of being the first test subject on something really special.” Neleh pat the bed in front of her and Solana complied.

“Ooh, what do you have cooked up now?” She asked.

“It’s a little something I’ve decided to name the Song of Gabriel.” Neleh said with a wide grin. She positioned herself behind Solana sitting on the bed. She put her chin on Solana’s shoulder and started a quiet and gentle song, whispered directly into her ear. Solana could feel Neleh’s breath on her ear. The song sent jolts of incredible pleasure through Solana’s body, and she was suddenly feeling more aroused than she had ever been before. Her body tried to buck up from the bed, but was held down by Neleh’s firm hands.

Every word of the song increased her pleasure and arousal, and her body was filling with joy and happiness. The song was picking up speed, and Solana’s breasts were heaving with a panted breath, getting a slight sheen of sweat that was pouring out of her, due to the intense feelings and emotions. She was starting to make mewling sounds in pleasure and frustration. Her loins were feeling as if on fire with the need to be touched. She tried to move her hands to relieve her desire, but Neleh batted her hands aside. The song was getting faster and stronger, and Solana was weeping for a touch of some kind to give her the release she craved. The pleasure was immense, but her body craved for the release of the immense orgasm that Solana knew was waiting.

Neleh knew Solana was almost there, riding the edge. Every time the woman was about to tumble over the edge into an orgasm, she let off just a little bit, changed the tempo just a little, enough to stop the arrival of the release the woman craved and kept her riding the edge. She forced Solana to climb even higher and higher in her desire and anticipation, the pressure building towards the peak of a life time. Good things cum for those that wait and Neleh knew the anticipation would make it even better. Finally when Solana was right on the edge and Neleh didn’t think she could get any more wound up, she moved back slightly and gently bit Solana on the tip of her pointed ear, a spot that she knew to be very sensitive. The guttural cry of release of Solana’s soul shattering orgasm would have been heard all the way in the grand temple without Neleh’s wards. Solana usually wasn’t a screamer, but she was doing her best at it now.

Neleh watched the look of ecstasy on Solana’s face, when the woman’s eyes rolled back in her head and her cry was cut short. La petit mort, the little death. “I’d say the test was a success, her going unconscious without even proper touch from me.” Neleh mused while she lowered Solana back on to the bed. She made her happy dance with a wiggle of her hips, while walking towards the closet for a towel she could moisten with cold water.

She was softly patting Solana’s face when the woman came back to consciousness. “Did I just…?” Solana asked.

“You did. A nice beginning for the evening. Now we can test what happens when we combine actual stimulation with the song.” Neleh said with a loving, but evil grin. Solana’s eyes grew large.


Neleh closed the door of the room behind her, leaving Solana inside in a naked orgasmic heap. She was just sashaying down the corridor giddy with both pleasure and success of her little experiment, when she saw Nimue coming towards her.

“Finally finished? I didn’t think you girls would be at it for five hours.” Nimue commented with a raised eyebrow.

“That long? I was just getting started, but unfortunately my partner ran out of stamina.” Neleh said with a laugh. Neleh shifted her weight from hip to hip. With the amount of lust she was now radiating, even just that was an extremely arousing sight.

“Down girl! If you keep radiating all that sex at me, I’ll be hotter than a half-fucked fox in a forest fire. If that happens, you better be ready to take the consequences.” Nimue said a little upset at herself. She didn’t like the reaction of her body. At this age she should have better control over herself, but the little nymph in front of her was something else entirely.

“Now there’s an interesting thought. Some other time though. It would be beyond rude to jump from one bed into another.” Neleh chuckled, and tried to not act sexy, without much success. She didn’t quite realize the effect she was having, and as such couldn’t control it. It seemed that sleeping with Solana had a habit of unleashing things inside her.

Nimue coughed feebly, gathered her remaining wits and tried to change the subject. “You managed to travel extremely fast from Ilyanden to here. Is that something you can do again?”

Neleh was thoughtful for a moment. “Sure, though it depends a bit on the distance traveled, and the speed required. I wouldn’t want to try and maintain that kind of speed over longer distances.”

“Could you take someone with you while doing that?” Nimue asked, still blushing furiously.

“No problem, I would have to travel a bit slower, but that would in turn allow me to go further without getting tired. What’s this about?” Neleh asked suddenly curious.

“The prince Aelrindel demands the return of Solana, and she would practically be a prisoner in the temple for her own protection if she stayed. Your method, whatever it is, would be the safest way to travel, since it would not leave time for anyone to prepare an ambush, and certainly no one would expect it.” Nimue explained.

“So you want me to carry Solana to Solaris? I suppose that can be done. Would give us time to say goodbye and all that. How soon?” Neleh asked.

“As soon as you can make it happen.” Nimue replied immediately.

“Well, we should probably leave tonight. Solana’s is in no condition to go at the moment, and she will need to pack a few things anyway.” Neleh mused, with a finger pressed along her chin.

“Out of morbid curiosity, what do you mean ‘in no condition to leave’?” Nimue asked, half dreading the answer.

“Are you sure you want to know? I thought you were having enough trouble as it is.” Neleh chuckled and started to sashay away from the old priestess, her hips moving up and down in that hypnotic way that drew the eye of everyone around her.

Nimue gave a small groan. She would have to ‘take care’ of herself soon to be able to get any work done. Whatever happened to the girl had released something dangerous. Nimue had to correct herself; Neleh now gave off the feeling of a woman, not a girl. That was part of the difference.


At midnight the three of them had gathered at the temple park. Neleh was dressed in the same white open back dress from last time, while Solana had several bags of luggage. She had lived in Rhi’a’non for a long time, and she had many things she wanted to take along. Nimue looked at the bags with some question. Was Neleh able to transport all of them? That was quickly answered when the bags disappeared into her holding ring, which Nimue had already forgotten.

“Alright then, try to keep the city standing while I’m gone, and hopefully I’ll see you soon.” Neleh said, and Solana gave the old priestess a hug. Solana still had that well-fucked glow about her, which refused to go away.

Neleh moved aside a bit, and the large wings of fire appeared again. Nimue could only gaze in wonder at the fiery halo, and the flaming hair that had also appeared. She did wonder at the single tear of flame on Neleh’s cheek. Neleh took a hold of Solana’s waist and told her to hold on tight. A bit redundant order, since Neleh was actually holding on to her with binds of magic, since there was no way to hold on just with hands, when their speed would really pick up. She just wanted to feel Solana’s arms around her.

Neleh nodded at Nimue, and suddenly the streak of fire was gone, flying to the sky.

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