In the Shadow of Heaven



(Abridgment Guide) Act One: New Creatures with New Hearts


Thank you for checking out my story! I am aware that act one tends to try the patience of some people, and to ameliorate this problem, I have created this guide to which chapters of act one can be "safely" skipped and which are vital for comprehension of the story.

If you are enjoying the story, I do highly recommend reading the whole thing, but I offer this as an alternative to those who find the pace too slow.

It may be also helpful to think of chapters as belonging to "episodes" of the story which are best read together. I have listed which episode each chapter belongs to in the chart below.

Chapter  Point of View Required? Episode
One Yan Yes 1
Two Aymon Yes 1
Three Yan and Aymon Yes 1
Four Yan No 1
Five Yan No 2
Six Yan No 2
Seven Yan No 2
Eight Yan No 2
Nine Yan No 2
Ten Yan Yes 3
Eleven Aymon and Yan Yes 3
Twelve Yan Yes 3
Thirteen Yan Yes 3
Fourteen Yan Yes 3
Fifteen Aymon Yes 3
Sixteen Yan No 4
Seventeen Yan Yes 4
Eighteen Yan No 4
Interlude: The Book of Secrets No n/a
Nineteen Yan No 4
Twenty Yan and Aymon Yes 5
Twenty-One Yan and Aymon Yes 5
Twenty-Two Yan Yes (first scene only) 6
Twenty-Three Yan No 6
Twenty-Four Aymon No 6
Twenty-Five Yan Yes 7
Twenty-Six Yan Yes 7
Twenty-Seven Aymon Yes 8
Twenty-Eight Aymon Yes 8
Twenty-Nine Yan Yes 9
Thirty Aymon Yes 10
Thirty-One Yan No 9
Thirty-Two Yan No 11
Thirty-Three Yan Yes 11
Thirty-Four Aymon No 10
Thirty-Five Yan No 11
Thirty-Six Yan Yes 12
Thirty-Seven Yan Yes 13
Thirty-Eight Aymon Yes 13
Thirty-Nine Yan Yes 13
Forty Aymon Yes 13
Forty-One Yan Yes 14
Forty-Two Yan Yes 14

Please be aware that because of the number of chapters omitted to make this abridgement, there WILL be significant plot and character information that is not conveyed. If you find yourself confused, consider reading the preceeding skipped chapter for context.

I do plan in the future to significantly edit all of act one, but for now, this is a stopgap to make the story more accessable to new readers.

(Chapters can't include hyperlinks, so see the author's note for a linked list.)


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Bio: hi I'm noodle, I studied aeronautical engineering in college, then I taught high school math. now I'm [redacted] and [remainder of message lost].

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