In the Shadow of Heaven [ORIGINAL VERSION]



(Reference Chart / Table of Contents) Part One: New Creatures With New Hearts


A note from javert

New readers are advised to skip to Chapter One. Continuing readers are advised to go to the next chapter.

This is a table of contents and reference document for the first 42 chapters of the story. I have tried to keep descriptions as spoiler free as possible, but depending on your tolerance for spoilers, you probably should not read this until after you have finished chapters 1-42.

If you would like to consult this document prior to finishing the first 42 chapters, everything is listed in order of appearance


Chapter Summaries



In order of appearance

Major Characters

 Secondary Characters

 Tertiary Characters

 Minor Characters



In order of appearance


 Ships and Stations

 Other Locations


A note from javert

Alright, I've combed through the first 42 chapters as much as possible, and I /think/ that everyone named is now on this list lmao. I was mostly skimming, though, so if you see any glaring omissions (or subtle omissions), feel free to shout them out. This is meant to be a "living document" so things in it are subject to change.

I'll admit that this is mostly for my benefit, because I have a Lot going on, and I should have been keeping this type of document from the beginning, but I rely on my own memory a little too much lol. I will be making a second version of this for the second act of the story, and that will show up at... some point lol.

If you have a quibble about where certain characters are listed (in terms of main/secondary/tertiary/minor), let me know. It's all a little bit arbitrary. 

If there is other information you want to be included in this, please let me know and I will be happy to put it in.

About the author


Bio: hi I'm noodle, I studied aeronautical engineering in college, then I taught high school math. now I'm [redacted] and [remainder of message lost].

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