In the Shadow of Heaven

by javert

Original ONGOING Drama Psychological Sci-fi Female Lead Magic Multiple Lead Characters Ruling Class Space Opera Strategy
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

“The past is not a home you can go back to...”

Yan BarCarran is lost in the world. Her time as a student at the top theological school in the galaxy is quickly coming to an end, and she’s apprehensive about getting the research job she’s always wanted. But on the cusp of her graduation, her plans change. Instead of a quiet scientific position, Yan is offered an apprenticeship with the most powerful man in the Empire. She can’t say no to the chance to secure a future for her family, even if that comes with the possibility of someday becoming the leader of the Empire herself. With that decision, Yan is thrust into the political spotlight. Danger lurks around every corner.

Can she learn enough from her powerful master to avoid making a fatal mistake? Are her fellow apprentices friends, or are they political rivals ready to stab her in the back? And can she really trust the reformed criminal who teaches her how to fight? 

Sometimes, the right choice is the hardest thing to see.

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Additional Information

In the Shadow of Heaven is a story that's partially about the banality of evil, partially about broken people finding each other (for better or for worse), and partially about the nature of belief. It's science fiction with mild fantasy elements. Since it's best described as a character focused drama, it's fairly slow in the beginning, but it picks up speed (and adventure) as it goes. It's an ensemble style story, and though Yan is the main character, there are many chapters that follow other characters and story arcs (specifically in the second act).

Religion is a central element to the story, but this story is not an endorsement of any particular religion (or religion in general) and definitely not an attempt to proselytize to the reader. It's more of an exploration of what belief makes people do, rather than being a story that presupposes a religious truth.

The primary romance is F/F, but it is not the only romance or the focus of the story.


ACT ONE: New Creatures with New Hearts

Yan starts her apprenticeship and does her best to get along with all of the personalities she has to work with. She begins to understand what might be required of her as a political figure, and learns exactly how far she's willing to go to survive.

Highlights include family drama, budding romance, a fake gunfight, a real pirate attack, and a military coup.

Complete act. Chapters 1-42 plus an interlude.

Table of Contents / Reference Sheet for part one can be found here. Contains spoilers.

ACT TWO: The Realms of the Unreal

An unexpected attack disrupts the precarious balance of the world. Sid and Sylva take center stage as they each fight to recover what has been lost. Yan has her long dark night of the soul. Aymon struggles to hold together an alliance that is on the brink of collapse.

Highlights include a murder mystery, political intrigue, betrayal, unexpected alliances, kidnapping, secret identities, dramatic escapes, and shocking revelations.

Act currently in progress. Chapters 43-current.




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Engaging character/story-Great mix of magic & tech

One of the best-written pieces that I have read in the past year, not just here on RR, but in all fiction by traditionally published and self-published writers. The voice is solid, consistent, and interesting. The world-building feels deep and complex, but so far no info-dumps, just well-laid bits of description and trivia and song lyrics at the start of each chapter. This is a world where religion matters, but one that is built on science and engineering and "magic" - not sure if it is only telekinesis and telepathy, or if it is "Force"-like in the manner of Star Wars, but so far it is a great mix of technology, magic, religion, politics, spacer vs. grounder culture, Imperial-capital planet vs. Rimworld-planet culture, and the switch from being a student at the end of college to entering the working world - not a coming-of-age as such, but more of a story about going from theory to practice. Also, a nice change of pace from the evil/amoral cultivation societies or apocalypse stories that I see much more frequently. A great read that I highly recommend as of Chapter 10.

  • Overall Score

A facinating sci-fi setting, which RR has a large lack of, with a small dash of 'magic'. The theological thread doesn't come off as overbearing, but mearly an element of the setting/character(s) and I thought well used (personally, my philosophy would probably most accuratly fall under 'agnostic theism' for however that tempers your reading of my words.)

I have a small ding due to character(s) who are/become important, but have only learned superficial information/growth. This is exacerbated due to other important characters having direct PoV chapters so we have a lot of information on them directly, which skews the growth/information as far as Main Characters to be lopsided; atleast, as of the writing of this review. Caveat, there is a bit of illusion as this is a web serial rather than a book, so the separation between distinct 'books' is heavily blurred and techniques that work between books aren't as easily effective/influencing on a regularly-expanding story which the serial-posting brings.

Still, I await each chapter with bated breath- like a flower slowly blooming, each petal unfurling is more facinating than the last.

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The story is nice but, the plot progresses so slow at times. The main reason is because there is a lot of different pov's which do start to get annoying in my opinion. 

Spoiler: Spoiler

 I like most characters. Grammar is great.World building is also done pretty good. Just that the pace is too slow.

  • Overall Score

This is a review as of Chapter 17

I have mixed feelings about this fiction. 

On one hand, it is well written, the characters are likable and unique, the story is compelling and the plot and world building is fascinating. 

On the other hand... nobody seems to care or mind that they are living in a totalitarian theocracy where all the important positions are held by an elite group of "sensitives" rather than a meritocracy, and where policy is dictated because "God told me so."

I will revise my review the further I read and if the narrator (or author) ever gets over her naivete and realizes just how poisonous this system is.

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This was the first work which really got my attention on RoyalRoad. And software at it managed to keep me reading till chapter nine. The plot is well established well in the early chapters, and Yan has her own doubts and motivations. 

As much as she is still someone with agency. Her back story was well woven into the main plot. And give a good clue as to what drives her. The world manages to expand and continue to be fascinating, while revealing the more intricate layers behind. 

It wasn't entirely to my taste, but it has managed to surprise and retain my attention. Will recommend to someone who likes science.fiction fantasy, with an eye for well thought out world building and good explanations. 

  • Overall Score

Thanks for the blurb describing the type of book it is. I wish more authors added that information.

  • Overall Score

Amazing character growth

This story features some of the best character character growth I have seen in a story. Characters actually react to situations and change because of them, add this to engaging world-building, interesting polotics and an awesome mix of magic and sci-fi and you have one of my favorite story's. :)

  • Overall Score

Overly vague and plodding at the start

This fiction suffers from some glaring issues despite the general competence of the author.  First is the absence of a prologue; there is no hook presented to entice further reading and instead we are immediately dumped into the life of lesbian spacer girl, which was frankly quite dull.  Second is the overabundance of inane detail; we learn much about how to get from A to B, what is eaten and where, how rooms are arranged, etcetera; however, when it comes to important world building information we are left in the dark.

Everyone we encounter in the first 10 chapters seems quite impressed with Yan’s mentor but we never learn anything about what they know that makes him so renowned.  Likewise we are told that she lives in a galactic empire of sorts where a standardized religion seems to play a large role but again no details.  Also Yan’s motivations for accepting her mentor and thereby placing her life and happiness in jeopardy are completely opaque.  This isn’t a good start to entice continued reading if you cannot tell.

As such I’ve found it difficult to motivate myself to read past the first, quite long, 10 chapters as the details and impressions of an interesting future story are sadly absent.  Apart from a general lack of detail of the wider universe even the powers of the protagonist are only vaguely alluded to.  Instead we are treated to a litany of lengthy description and dialogue which I can only call inane as they have little to do with an actual plot.

I’m sure that the story does eventually progress and those details are given but know that you have a bit of a slog to reach them prospective readers.