Survive - Terror Infinity Fanfic

by IReadBooksForALiving

Fan Fiction HIATUS Action Adventure Psychological Romance Harem Magic Male Lead Martial Arts Strong Lead Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

A recently graduated Assassin gets dragged into God's Dimension without being asked. Not that he really minds.

Will his training prove enough to help him through the hells God has decided for them? Or will he crumble under the pressure and let his team down. Who knows, he just knows he's got to survive.


Author Note: I apologize to anyone who would rather have the original of what this book used to be back instead of me using it to prop up a new story of mine but I can't keep making new novels and this was one of the relatively unfollowed ones.

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Nice so far. I'm a crazy fan of terror infinity novels so I'm very excited to see what you'll do. 

I would advice you though to pace yourself well. It's preferable if you release a mass release of one ark every week or two. 

For example, 

1-Complete this Alien ark, stop at intermission.

2-Brainstorm and plan the plot/next challenge, characters to be introduced etc.

3- Release the next ark next week or two. 


This will help prevent you from burning out. Plus it's more enjoyable to the reader as well.

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pretty interesting concept, how many chapters you pretend to release /week ?            ...................................................................................................................................

DK Safdar
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This Eternal demands more

More. This Eternal Demands more (red text)

As The Architect, I am embarrassed to say that this is turning me into a fanboy. But this one is one of the better of the author's 'works'

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Interesting, give it a shot

A bit too short to make a full judgement but it seems promising. I really liked TI, in fact I'm rereading it as we speak so this got me excited. Hopefully it will be complete unlike the other 8 on this site that never got pass 200 pages. It seem at the end of chapter 4 it included an anime power so I wonder where this will take us!

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Well written. I hope you continue this!

MC should get over his sensitivity towards women.  Seems like a huge problem a competent assassin wouldn't have.

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 This is a mediocre story about the terror infinity universe. The MC, while fitting in with the people you find terror infinity, is one of the more powerful character that I find hard to sympathize with.

Style: The style is shit. This is the main reason for my dislike of this novel. It’s not one of the worse styles on this site, but it’s not really passable. Every other sentence seems to have something that’s wrong with it. It could be there’s too much exposition for what’s going on, or there’s too little, making this story very hard to read. 

Story: This is a fanfic, and it does a passable take on the terror infinity universe. I don’t really have any dissatisfaction with what is happening in the story, but it’s a fanfic WITH the main character knowing what he is in. It’s also not a comedy, so this can only lead to ruin.

Grammer: The grammer is great. It’s not on the level of some of the other top fictions on this site, but it’s getting there. The author, while not having a very stable foundation in English flow/style, seems to know a great amount in its grammer. I don’t see any big issues, and even the small issues are just to make the story better. 

Character: I have not read far enough into this story (only chap 12) to make a very accurate character analysis. So, I’ll give it a 4.5, because while he seems to be doing a good job on his characterization. There seems to be a focus on the light novel style of how characters are developed, and while this isn’t a bad way to characterize people it just makes most of them shallow and rigid. 

While this novel is good enough for me to read it. I would enjoy it so much more, if you were to fix your style to make your sentences flow better. And while I have a few other compliants, those are personal and not worth mentioning in a review.