Twice Lived

by obran

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Previously called Standard Reincarnation Story

In a fraction of a moment, the Earth was no more.  The planet was destroyed, and billions and billions of people were dead.  And it was all an accident.

This is the story of Elm.  A regular American born once on earth and given a chance to be reborn again on a planet with magic and monsters and dungeons.  Except that for Elm, this is far from the idealistic reincarnation into a loving family -- the standard story of a child raised by loving parents who teach him the ways of the world,

Instead, Elm is born into a family of inquisitors.  An order of nobility that is dedicated to hunting down and killing "Twice-Lived" -- the name society has for people like Elm who are reincarnated with all their memories of their past life intact.



This story is:

1) Extremely violent and graphic.

2) Still in a rough draft stage.  I see what I am writing more like a synopsis than a fully fledged story.  I periodically will go back to flesh out earlier chapters, build characters, etc... If you find the words "Show don't tell," comforting accept that unfortunately, I'm not at that stage of the writing process yet.

3) At one point this story was called "Standard Reincarnation Story," and I had written an extremely off-putting description of the story. This was mostly to keep out people who would just read the silly first few chapters then rage quit as soon as the violent stuff got started.  Since I just had my first .5 star rating (without a page read count increase) that technique is not working, so I might as well treat this as a regular fiction and try to get regular readers.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 - When It Happened ago
Chapter 2 - Reassignment ago
Chapter 3 - The Choice ago
Chapter 4 - Newborn ago
Chapter 5 - Inquisitors ago
Chapter 6 - Daily Routine ago
Chapter 7 - Crimes and Punishment 1 ago
Chapter 8 - Crimes and Punishment 2 ago
Chapter 9 - Back into the Groove ago
Chapter 10 - A New Instructor ago
Chapter 11 - Into the Forest ago
Chapter 12 - Learning to Kill ago
Chapter 13 - Learning to heal ago
Chapter 14 - Practical Lessons ago
Chapter 15 - Don't Look At Me Part 1 ago
Chapter 16 - Don't Look At Me Part 2 ago
Chapter 17 - Dungeon Dive Part 1 ago
Chapter 18 - Wilmette Speaks ago
Chapter 19 - Dungeon Dive Part 2 ago
Chapter 20 - The Ballad of Cart-San ago
Chapter 21 - Dialogues ago
Chapter 22 - Shopping ago
Chapter 23 - A few days later ago
Chapter 24 - Rites of Passage ago
Chapter 25 - Moving on ago
Chapter 26 - Strawberry Fields ago
Chapter 27 - Into The Mountains ago
Chapter 28 - Runners ago
Chapter 29 - Into the Valley ago
Chapter 30 - Lord Samdi ago
Chapter 31 - The Trenches ago
Chapter 32 - Time Passes ago
Chapter 33 - Processing a Twice Lived ago
Chapter 34 - The Day After The Rains ago
Chapter 35 - Tentacle Monster ago
Chapter 36 - Onwards ago
Chapter 37 - A visit to the Library ago
Chapter 38 - Meeting the Family ago
Chapter 39 - Learning New Things. ago
The Egg - A Twice Lived side story ago
No chapter this week and maybe not next week. ago
Still not a chapter, but a map ago
Updates... ago
Chapter 40 - An Offer ago
Status ago

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Grittier than a cup of concrete, as punchy as Floyd Mayweather when his wife disagrees. Like both of the above, not for the faint of heart

Bored monster

There have been many reincarnation stories but nothing quiet like this. The only problem I have with it is a proper character development of the MC and his mother.


one of my favorites, what a great story

Reviewed at: Status

amazing, original, fun, and terrifying. really enjoyed this, the author needs to write more chapters!!! one of my favourites, its such an amazing & gut wrenching story. I cant believe this isnt in the top stories it easily surpasses others

Nameless Tritagonist

I read this book until chapter 16 when it only came up to that chapter; then just yesterday I found out that the author wrote a lot more, so I read up until chapter 40.  I really love the calm-calculations of the main character; I also love the situations that the author throws the main character in.  There are a lot of actions that the main character takes that result in somebody else paying the consequences.  I also really enjoy the magic system that the author implements.  It’s not so small that the MC masters it within seconds, but rather the author slowly reveals the intricacies of the system.


I love this story for its darkness. The protagonist isn't a typical litrpg trope and instead exists in a brutal world filled with danger -- both the physical and social kind.  It's one of my favorite stories on RR, I hope you read it.


Just binge read it all (chap39)

Spoiler: Spoiler


Fuckin loved it (as of chapter 39)

only small mistakes with grammar

a missed word here or there but thats it

awesome idea awesome research on necessary topics

great progession

it kinda slowed down a tidbit at the end, but i still cant wait for the next chap~

thx for the good read



Good story, mediocre characterisation

Overly winded and complex world building is introduced in snippets and at times lacks internal consistency, or worse, logic. The problems that the MC face are unique to him, have seemingly no effect on anyone else, and the rate at which they appear seem to be mostly just to push his troubles forward.

The style of the story can get a bit dull in description, but it can hold your attention to read the book. An overall positive.

The grammar is bad, the author admits it's bad, and you can only go over it and read. There's no helping it. At least it's readable English.

The Main Character is a husk of anything the author wants him to be. There's nothing apart from whimsical determination and whatever emotion is needed for the storyline. He also reminds me of Xianxia stories, a peerless talents that goes by unnoticed, somehow. The story logic tries to eek sense into it, but not overly convincing. The other characters seem fine, actually somewhat grounded in ability and measure.

The actual goal of the story is somewhat known, the MC is moving closer to it, but most of what happened between the start and the latest chapters don't want to align to it unless forcefully.

Overall, good story, decent storytelling, requires more polish. Not a litRPG.


Grimdark... So very grim and dark...

Start was a little meh but the story is very interesting once it gets going...

I'm not usually one for grimdark type stories but this drew me in and I couldn't stop (might have to pay more attention to the genre in the future)


No wonder everyone loves the story. Usually before reading a story, I'll check out the comments - even if they all say a story isn't good, I'll still give the story a try. 

This is a masterpiece where Mc is from earth and thinking of how to be powerful enough not to be stamped on in this new world. 

I love how he develops and the interactions are natural too and not forced 


Up to date as of current chapter, 22. This story is fantastic, easily my favorite novel on the site so far, and I’d like to think that I’ve read pretty much everything halfway decent on here. It’s not perfect, there are a few misspellings/grammar mistakes, but you won’t even notice them as you get sucked in by the writing. Sure, it’s a little dark, but not nearly as dark as other novels on the site. Give it a shot, you won’t regret it. Also, I’ve been reading on this site for the past 5 years, and I made an account just to leave a review on here, if that means anything to yah.