Twice Lived

Twice Lived

by obran

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Previously called Standard Reincarnation Story

In a fraction of a moment, the Earth was no more.  The planet was destroyed, and billions and billions of people were dead.  And it was all an accident.

This is the story of Elm.  A regular American born once on earth and given a chance to be reborn again on a planet with magic and monsters and dungeons.  Except that for Elm, this is far from the idealistic reincarnation into a loving family -- the standard story of a child raised by loving parents who teach him the ways of the world,

Instead, Elm is born into a family of inquisitors.  An order of nobility that is dedicated to hunting down and killing "Twice-Lived" -- the name society has for people like Elm who are reincarnated with all their memories of their past life intact.



This story is:

1) Extremely violent and graphic.

2) Still in a rough draft stage.  I see what I am writing more like a synopsis than a fully fledged story.  I periodically will go back to flesh out earlier chapters, build characters, etc... If you find the words "Show don't tell," comforting accept that unfortunately, I'm not at that stage of the writing process yet.

3) At one point this story was called "Standard Reincarnation Story," and I had written an extremely off-putting description of the story. This was mostly to keep out people who would just read the silly first few chapters then rage quit as soon as the violent stuff got started.  Since I just had my first .5 star rating (without a page read count increase) that technique is not working, so I might as well treat this as a regular fiction and try to get regular readers.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 - When It Happened ago
Chapter 2 - Reassignment ago
Chapter 3 - The Choice ago
Chapter 4 - Newborn ago
Chapter 5 - Inquisitors ago
Chapter 6 - Daily Routine ago
Chapter 7 - Crimes and Punishment 1 ago
Chapter 8 - Crimes and Punishment 2 ago
Chapter 9 - Back into the Groove ago
Chapter 10 - A New Instructor ago
Chapter 11 - Into the Forest ago
Chapter 12 - Learning to Kill ago
Chapter 13 - Learning to heal ago
Chapter 14 - Practical Lessons ago
Chapter 15 - Don't Look At Me Part 1 ago
Chapter 16 - Don't Look At Me Part 2 ago
Chapter 17 - Dungeon Dive Part 1 ago
Chapter 18 - Wilmette Speaks ago
Chapter 19 - Dungeon Dive Part 2 ago
Chapter 20 - The Ballad of Cart-San ago
Chapter 21 - Dialogues ago
Chapter 22 - Shopping ago
Chapter 23 - A few days later ago
Chapter 24 - Rites of Passage ago
Chapter 25 - Moving on ago
Chapter 26 - Strawberry Fields ago
Chapter 27 - Into The Mountains ago
Chapter 28 - Runners ago
Chapter 29 - Into the Valley ago
Chapter 30 - Lord Samdi ago
Chapter 31 - The Trenches ago
Chapter 32 - Time Passes ago
Chapter 33 - Processing a Twice Lived ago
Chapter 34 - The Day After The Rains ago
Chapter 35 - Tentacle Monster ago
Chapter 36 - Onwards ago
Chapter 37 - A visit to the Library ago
Chapter 38 - Meeting the Family ago
Chapter 39 - Learning New Things. ago
The Egg - A Twice Lived side story ago
No chapter this week and maybe not next week. ago
Still not a chapter, but a map ago
Updates... ago
Chapter 40 - An Offer ago
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Five star emotional trauma with extra goblin shit

Review as of CH. 16:

A wonderfully written shouting match between Elm's inner moral, Earthly past and the new reality he must face. Despite the story still being in its initial stages, Elm could easily be the subject of a study on trauma, shock and PTSD. Many authors try to write harsh, dark, gritty characters. Few have the sheer gall and moral stamina required to truly flesh out the sadistic, twisted, visceral imagery that truly portrays a broken psyche. Obran has my respect for the sheer level of psychological pain expressed in their writing.

The story feels professionally edited with no obvious mistakes in grammar or spelling. The author even goes the extra mile to make accents and slang seem believable and well punctuated while providing a distinctly separate tone during dialogue. The story arcs flow well due to the clear goals and well quantified progress the main character experiences. Common pitfalls like RPG-esque statistics are avoided and the magic system flows well in context without breaking the immersion of the story.

The overarching tonal connotation of Obran's writing does a wonderful job of expressing that the universe could give a goblin's ass about you, but chooses not to because it would require using an extra sheet of paper. An abrupt death replete with a nail-biter of a rebirth is contrasted with the growth and change of the main character as he experiences trauma, goblin shit, and hillbilly elvish slang.

This story checks all the boxes:

  • A well thought out and emotionally developing, if traumatized, main character.
  • Clear goals and a story arc that visibly progresses towards new events.
  • Professional grammar and spelling.
  • A riveting command of the English language with frequent and varied imagery and literary devices.
  • A congruity of thought and planning that sets a consistent tone for the whole story and clearly demonstrates that the author has a concrete picture of the world they are writing.

I look forward to reading more.


Not for the faint of heart. 

I do love the realism and worldbuilding, after a few chapters i found myself soaked in this new world.

Not everything is explained in detail, you never feed forcefeed, and the atmosfere and smal details left unaswered slowly starts to unravel what this world is like. the explanation of the magic system is top notch so far, and lo and behold, not only a belivable Mc. but relatable as well.  

I feel uneasy enjoying this story too much, because i highly doubt anyone can preform this good on a regular basis. or keep delivering content like this without falling for the comon burnout.  5/5 on everything. lets just pray this story gets to play out 

(second langugae user here btw, pardon any misstakes)


Hope you get better. When you do hope you find your way back to continue this story.🙏

Winged Thing

Grimdark Reincarnation Done Right!

For readers: Read it if you enjoy a well told tale of reincarnation and fantasy in a world as much grit as it is enticing. There are monsters, some in the skin of men and magic aplenty. Should you be sqeuamish or idealistic then this isn't a novel you're likely to find easy to read. On the other hand if you like blood, guts and realistic medieval fantasy then this is for you.

For Authour: Please keep on going with this work. It is damned good and you've carved out a unique world with only 17 chapters. I for one want to see what you can do with two or three times that. Keep it up!



Overall: I love the story and enjoy it a lot and that's really all I need. It's also nice and gory. cackles madly 5/5

Style: The story is great and certainly has its own unique flair. It doesn't gloss over dark aspects of inquisitors or public executions. It shows how doing that sort of thing can twist you. It also has a hick who speaks with a god-awful accent which I find hilarious and definitely adds to the immersion. 5/5

Story: The story is still starting out, but there are the beginnings of hidden plots and an overarching story. There are also problems the protagonist will need to resolve in the future. He, which by extension means us, just don't know enough yet. 5/5

Grammar: The grammar is great and definitely not going to detract from the reading or break the immersion of the story. I don't remember any errors when I binge read the story yesterday night. Although I am sure they are there for very few things are perfect. 5/5

Character: They aren't flat. They have motives and the motives so far are believable; however, as I mentioned earlier in my review the story is still just starting out, chapter sixteen as of the moment, and more depth will probably be added. 5/5


Read it. It's seriously good.

Reminds me of full metal alchemist brotherhood.

Unfortunately, feels like it's on permenant training montage. Which in itself isn't bad. It's just harder to relate to the MC. Would be nice to see him face some moral struggle again. Ya know, to verify I'm not in the mind of a sociopath. Or maybe further emphasize what he's had? Or maybe acting more like someone who could arbitrarily be executed at any time, and to vent from time to time.

Most of the time, the world is introduced in an organic way. Doesn't often feel like sitting through walls of info dump.

Time skips can get confusing if you really try to add the math up. Maybe it's right and checks out, but it's still disorienting and feels like a missed opportunity.

Has really well done magic systems. Doesn't feel like random asspulls screaming "BECAUSE A WIZARD DID IT!!!" Truly feels like the author thought about the consequences of magic and how it impacts the world. Still not sure why people use swords and arrows when there's fire artillery and fire guns.

A few misspelled words and repeat sentences, but nothing too distracting.

Excellent web novel, 5/5. Slightly above average novel at 3.5/5, although it seems inconceivable to take all this and trim it down to novel size. It is a first draft though.

Would be nice to see how reincarnation affects the story in a unique way rather than the overarching plot. Like persecuting reincarnated could be replaced with almost anything else and the story would spill out similarly. What reason did we choose reincarnation? 

It is nice seeing the impact our culture has on theirs though.

Lauge Solvang

One of my favorite stories on RR. I absolutely love how the world is build up and how the culture of the world is influenced by the "Twice lived". I like that the protagonist isn't afraid to make hard decisions and doesn't whine all the time. The author also lovely describes the world in all its grimdark glory. The grammar isn't perfect, it's serviceable with few mistakes, but nothing that is glaring. 


Grimdark, without the self-cutting aspect

Loving it so far.

I'm not a huge fan of the latest mentor and the ongoing Forest Training Montage Arc (Ch10 onward) but it's still very pleasant to read. Still wish it would move past that soon.

The MC particularly isn't overly introspective, at least not in a manner that is flagrant to the reader, which make this FPOV-style story stand out among the rest. No unending whining, which is nice. He lament in the here-and-now but doesn't revisit the past.

Some typos are present, but they are rare.

Scesce Scesce

One of the best reincarnation stories, outta of here,  action , , grim (not for the faint of hearth),  hard working mc,  no romance , harsh world.

author  i really hope you will eventually return to this.  despite not being a complete story i still suggest to give it a read.


5 stars, easily. Please continue writing. Would be the top story here on royalroad. Incredible characterization, story, character development. Deeply explores morality in a new world from the perspective of an intelligent, yet emotionally driven individual. I highly recommend this work to everyone.