Fridays (Continue) Online

by FrustratedEgo

Original HIATUS Adventure Drama Fantasy Sci-fi LitRPG Male Lead Virtual Reality
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Sexual Content

Sequel to Continue Online

Kenneth’s had people die in his arms. Not fake deaths from television or video games. These were friends in the military and passengers in the ambulance he attends during his day job. Real life, is shitty.

He escapes on the weekends into virtual reality. The best games come with ongoing storylines, an interactive world, and bars that have all the effect of real liquor without the hangover. When the drama and bar tab get too high, he rerolls a new virtual body.

Consequences aren't so easy to escape. The AI conspiracy brings real life and virtual problems to bare, and Kenneth will be forced to face the things he's tried to put behind him. 


Author Note

This is a follow up to Continue Online featuring some old characters, some new ones, and a different sort of adventure.  Posting will be irregular. Cover, blurb, and whatever else subject to change. Plotted for ~180k words and ~35 "chapters" with 60k typed and 12 chapters done. Favorite for later!

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If this is even half as good as the prequel

... then I am gonna be a fan.

Continue online is one of my (if not the) favorite stories.

I am wondering what direction this story will take, I am excited and happy that I saw it under new releases.

So I am truly looking forward to reading this story and hope this will be another masterpiece.