Chapter 10

After chasing away the two vermin, I mean the two troublesome brothers; I walk back to Mr. Eustace along with Lancelot.

As we get closer to him, we both notice Mr. Eustace carrying a big grin on the face; he then suddenly burst out laughing.

[Eustace] “It’s about time that those punks get a good scare! Nice work there kid!”

[James] “Thanks…I guess…”

Actually, I was a bit scared that he might get mad at me. After all, both Lancelot and I are just outsiders, were not part of the town.

Seating at the side of the field we just plowed, Lancelot gracefully poured Mr. Eustace and I a tall glass of milk.

Looking at the white luster of the milk on hand, I drank it with heist.

As soon as I drink the milk, the same atmosphere I got when I first drank it came back to me, but only this time instead of feeling warm, I felt the cold drink spread throughout my body.

[James] “I could drink this all day.”

[Lancelot] “May I?”

[James] “Oh yeah, sure.”

Handing out the glass cup I just used, Lancelot pours her own drink and gulps it down.

[Lancelot] “I don’t know about drinking it all day, but I do understand what you mean. I’ve never had this kind o milk before.”

[Eustace] “That’s because it can only be found in this town.”

[James] “You mean you don’t sell it in markets or other shops.”

[Eustace] “I think it’ll be better to show you two.”

With Mr. Eustace in the lead, we both follow him towards the town while listening to his explanation.

Making his explanations short, most of the town’s young populace has moved on to larger cities and the only one left are the elderly.

Lancelot asked if they could move, but Mr. Eustace said that none of the people have enough money to move, and even if they did, they could leave their home.

As we continue to move forward, I spot an unfinished building on the outskirts of town. Out of curiosity, I asked about it and why is it not completed.

[Eustace] “That building was supposed to be a dairy factory that could have helped the town, but the owner got bankrupt and discontinued.”

[James] “So wait, you mean I could have drunk more of that magical milk other than drinking it here?”

Blasphemy…pure blasphemy! How could anyone even think about stopping on making those drinks with such a small reason!?

[Eustace] “Uh...kid? You’ve been looking a bit scary there.”

[Lancelot] “Sorry about my husband Mr. Eustace, he tends to act like that when it comes to things he likes.”

I don’t really know what they’re talking about; I need to see that place closer.

[James] “Excuse me Mr. Eustace; can we go see that place for a bit?”

To my request, Mr. Eustace gave me the OK and leads both Lancelot and I towards the unfinished building. As we get close to the building, I notice the wire fence that covers the whole area.

I then peek through the fence.

[James] “Huh, they even left some big looking equipment in there.”

[Eustace] “From what I heard was that the owner had everything ready, but his bankruptcy was so sudden, he didn’t get the chance to get ready.”

Well, I guess I couldn’t blame him for stopping, but the fact that he lost the chance to spread this amazing milk to the world is still a sin.

[Eustace] “It was a good chance too.”

[Lancelot] “A good chance for what?’

[Eustace] “Well you see, the factory is supposed to give our town more jobs and give us more income, but since the project stopped…”

As I silently listen to Lancelot and Mr. Eustace’s conversation, I walk along the wire fence and found a sign that says…

[James] “This plot is for sale…hmm…maybe I could…”

No, I bet I can.

Once I’m done with whatever the Queen wants me to do, I won’t be able to drink that milk again, and it’s not like I could just get on a plane just to get one, I at least have enough common sense to not do some so stupid.

That is why, if I can’t go to that magical drink, then I’ll just going to have to make it come to me! I’m a genius!

[Lancelot] “James Moriarty, don’t tell you planning to—“

[James] “That is right; I’m going to buy this plot along with the unfinished building and the equipment!”

There is no way I’m going to give up that miracle drink!

[Lancelot] “*Sigh* Well, if that is what you decided to do then I guess I have no right to stop you. Mr. Eustace, is there any way to contact the owner of this plot.................Mr. Eustace?”

I was still looking at the plot but when I heard Lancelot call to Mr. Eustace twice, I turn around and found Mr. Eustace’s eyes and mouth wide open.

He’s also sweating quite a lot too.

His body started to tremble with his words stuttering, as he stood frozen on a single spot.

He continues to act like this for about at least 5 minutes, he eventually shakes his head tremendously and got his composure back.

[Eustace] “Wh—what do—do you mean by buying th—the—the plot!?”

Well, some of his composure, enough for us to understand his words at least.

[Lancelot] “We’re sorry, were we over stepping our bound?”

I actually felt the same thing. Though I said I will buy the plot and everything, I only realized it now that I might be acting too arrogant.

The reason on why Mr. Eustace acted like that might be because of the stupid thing I just said. I should really stop acting recklessly whenever my favorite or hobby is concerned.

I should apologize and—

[Eustace] “No, of course not, it would actually be a very big help for the town!”

I guess I don’t have to…

[Lancelot] “I see, that a relief. We thought that we were getting overboard with my Husband’s decision.”

[Eustace] “There is no way you are, if that factory gets completed, then our job will not only be easier with the machine, we’ll have jobs that would give us stable income!”

Wow, my selfish desire is actually going to help a whole town, that’s a first.

Since Mr. Eustace is happy to hear from what I just said, I ask him again if there is anyone who knows about the plot owner’s contact number. Usually you’d find it on the sign but its all rusted making it impossible to read.

Luckily Mr. Eustace told us that the town’s mayor might have the owners contact number, and so we once again head to our original objective, we head towards town to get to talk to the mayor.

After walking for about 5 minutes, we eventually made it to town.

Quickly noticing Mr. Eustace, the surrounding people greets us with smiles as they wave their hands.

But as we continue to walk, I found that there are no teenagers in town and I could only find a few middle aged men and women, and a lot of elderly in town.

As I look to my left and right, Lancelot walks close to me and whispers…

[Lancelot] “I know that you wanted to buy that factory for selfish reasons, but what you are about to do is a good thing for these people.”

[James] “I thought so too…wait, you know why I wanted the factory?”

[Lancelot] “Of course I do, I’ve been watching you since, oh and about you buying the factory…”

[James] “Y—yeah?”

Her suddenly stopping in mid sentence is kind of making me nervous.

[Lancelot] “Your acting too much on your desires, so buying a whole plot of land along with a factory is utterly Stupid, Adorable, but Stupid.”

[James] “Urk…now that you mention it, I just did something really incredible, didn’t I?”

It’s like I just kissed a speeding bullet train, I only realized it now. I know that milk is magical, revolutionary, fantastic and amazingly delicious, but what I just did really is stupid.

The milk is still a good though.

[Margret] “Hmm? Oh my, Honey what are you doing here?”

As we continue to walk forward, we heard a familiar voice calling out to Mr. Eustace, we then found Mrs. Margret making decorations for the upcoming festival tomorrow along with some middle aged and elderly women.

[Eustace] “We’re here to tell the mayor some good news.”

Yeah, about the factory being rebuilt, but mostly it’s about my stupidity.

[Mayor] “Huh, do you need me for something Eustace?”

[Eustace] “Mayor, great timing!”

[Mayor] “What is it? You look really excited for some reason.”

[Eustace] “Well you see…”

Without finishing what he wanted to say, he turns behind him and looking at me while carrying a bright smile full of good expectation.

Oh man, now I can’t recall my idiotic action.

While secretly sucking in my nervousness, I walk loser to the mayor, standing beside him and said the words that Mr. Eustace was waiting for.

[James] “I’m actually planning on buying and continue to rebuild the dairy factory…that is as long as it’s fine with everyone here.”

And just like how Mr. Eustace acted before, they too stood still and just stared at me with a blank expression.

Except for Mr. Eustace though, for some reason her has a smug look on his face.

The mayor, who quickly regains his thoughts, grabs on to my shoulders and asks me in a still panicked manner while his face draws closer to mine.

[Mayor] “Really, you’re really going to buy that factory!?”

[James] “Well yeah, I’m planning to buy it.”

As soon as I finished clarifying the mayor’s doubts, Mrs. Margret and the housewives stood up and shouts in joy.

[Housewife # 1] “Oh, but aren’t you a little too young?”

[Housewife # 2] “That is true…”

But as soon as the first housewife said something about my age, the rest starts to doubt me and look at me with suspicion.

I was about to say something, but Lancelot walks in front of me and stood straight in front of them.

[Lancelot] “You don’t have to worry about it everyone. I’m not saying this to boast about himself, but my husband here is actually quite rich, and with the money he is holding, rebuilding a single factory would be like nothing to him. I should know, after all I’m not only his wife but also his secretary.”

Showing an elegant and majestic like pose, Lancelot quickly got their trust as if the doubt they showed us earlier never even happened.

I could never do that, nor can I smile like what just she showed them, some people have all the luck.

I think I tried to do the same back in the past, and only thing that happened was…never mind, that wasn’t really a good memory to remember.

Anyway, what’s more important right now is the fact that they seriously believe I’m a big company owner. But then again, once I do buy that factory, I will become a legit company owner.

So in a way, I’m not lying! Horry for honesty!

[Margret] “Oh right, Vistela? Can you please tell the story about you and your husband to them?”

[Lancelot] “I don’t mind, I’ll tell it while helping with the decorations.”

And that’s my queue; it was embarrassing enough while I was listening at Mr. Eustace’s dinner table with 4 people, just imagine what would a dozen housewives would do.

[James] “I’ll head to the mayor’s house and make the call.”

[Lancelot] “Alright Dear.”

After Lancelot says her reply, the mayor points to the direction of his house, and he then leads me.

But while I slowly walk away, I start to hear giggles and screams at the back.

That could only mean that Lancelot’s story has begun.

Luckily that mayor’s house is close so it didn’t took a lot of time to get here. But as soon as we got close enough to their front door, I noticed a familiar name on their mailbox.

[James] “The Everry Family, huh, what of the odds.”

It’s a small world after all; well in this case it’s a small town. But I guess that explains both of those two’s arrogant attitude, it’s the typical ‘I’m the Mayor’s son so follow what I say’ scenario.

[Mayor] “Please, come in.”

Well, since the mayor himself invited me, I can’t really refuse him. And besides, I need a phone since my smart-phone is fried because it got wet at the river.

Hmm, wait a minute…call? For some reason I think I’ve forgotten something, and it got something to do with calling some…one…oh crap!

Because of all the things that happened yesterday, I completely forgotten about calling back home!

Quickly asking where the phone is, the mayor points to the living room and I found an old phone that uses the roulette to dial its numbers.

I thank the mayor again and walk towards the phone. I then dial in…uh…turn in my landline and wait.

After waiting for about a minute, I a voice who I quickly recognized called out.

[Ana] “Yes, Moriarty residence, who my I ask is calling?”

This is the first time I’ve heard my last name attached to the word ‘Residence’ before, and it sounds so ridicules! It feels like I just called the home of a bad guy.

[James] “Hey there Ana, how’d you guys been doing?”

[Ana] “James? James is that you!?”

I know they’d miss me, but what’s up with her panicked voice? Ana somewhat sounds like she’s in a hurry.

[Ana] “Professor, Professor Reshulla, its James, James is on the phone!”

Though Ana is on the phone right now, I could still hear Reshulla in the back ground, and she sounds more panicked than Ana for some reason.

[Reshulla] “Why hasn’t he called us yet, my Vitamin James is running low! Ana, do you know where he’s staying!? What Hotel!? Wait, I’m also going need my passport, where did I put it again!?”

[Ana] “Professor, I just said that James is on the phone. I’m talking to him right now, so please put down that big luggage.”


Ah~ so that’s why Ana sounded like that, and that explains why Reshulla sounded like that. I have to thank Ana when I get back home, who knows what Reshulla would do here when she’s acting up like that.

[Reshulla] “Wait what, a call from James!?”

[Ana] “Like I said, he’s on the phone right now.”

[Reshulla] “My turn!”

[Ana] “N—no, I just got the chance to talk to him, so wait your turn Professor.”

Whenever I get a chance to call someone using any type phones, the only conversation we talk about is ether about a job or…well actually, I think my previous phone calls are all about job offers or something related to a current job.

Knowing someone is actually worried about you and also missing you on the other side of the phone really make feel happy about it.

[Ana] “Sorry to make you wait James, Professor really wanted to talk to you.”

[James] “Yeah, I can hear her from here.”

[Ana] “Sh—she’s not the only one who wants to talk to you though, I feel the same way.”

[James] “Th—thanks…talking to you makes me happy to…”

Are my cheeks burning right now? Are they? It feels like they are.

Could it be that this is how a high school couples feel whenever they go lovey-dovey on the phone, it’s embarrassing. Fortunately for me, the mayor isn’t here right now or I’ll be very uncomfortable for me.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I don’t like it. It actually feel kind of nice all fuzzy and warm, but in the end, what’s embarrassing is still embarrassing…so yeah, let’s move on.

Of course, the first one I got to talk to is Ana, since she was the one who answered, she goes first.

But like I mentioned earlier, I’m not used to talk on the phone without a conversation that leads to me having to hunt down some monstrous nightmare or stopping something bad before it happens. So this is going to be hard for me.

[James] “So…uh…h—how’s the weather there?”

Stupid James, stupid!

You’re going to have to try better than that, since there are people living with you now and even a few friends, something like naturally talking through a phone is normal!

That is why you need to get used to this situation! Talking to her James, talk as if you’ve known each other for years!

[James] “So…what are your hobbies?”

Fucking idiot!!!

Why did I ask such a blind date-like question!? Couldn’t I think of something better? Like ‘How’s school doing for you?’…………………Oh my god, I’m a moron.

[Ana] “Um…James? You don’t really have to push yourself. Just say anything whatever comes to your mind.”

[James] “Eh…OK…um…uh…”

[Ana] “And besides, I’ll listen to anything you say; after all hearing your voice already makes me happy.”

I’m not sure how Ana did it, but it must be because of her Nephelim side. As I recall, Nephelims are half Humans and half Angels, so what calmed me down must be her Angelic side of her.

Regaining my composure, I breathe in and out and talk to Ana calmly.

[James] “Well, I guess I should start with why I couldn’t call back home for a while.”

[Ana] “Fufufufu~ Yeah, I think that’s a good start.”

It took me about at least 15 minutes to finish my explanation to Ana, and it seems like Reshulla stood beside her and was conveyed by Ana.

[Ana] “I see, that must have been rough.”

[James] “Nah, I’ve experienced worse.”
With both of us giggling to each other, I could suddenly hear Reshulla over lapping Ana’s giggle.

[Reshulla] “OK my turn, you already had your fill so it’s my turn now.”

[Ana] “Sure thing Professor. Call back again when you get a chance, OK?”
Giving Ana a positive reply, Ana hands the phone to Reshulla and she then spoke…

[Reshulla] “………………………………………..”

[James] “……………………………………….?”

Surprisingly nothing, she isn’t saying a single word. Knowing Reshulla, I could have sworn she would shout something that is why I back the phone off a few inches away from my ear.

[James] “Um…Reshulla, why aren’t you saying anything?”

[Reshulla] “Hmm? Oh sorry about that, to be honest I don’t have anything to say, I only wanted to hear your voice.”

So that’s why, I guess she’s just stocking up on her Vitamins.

As embarrassing and weird as that may seem, I already know how Reshulla does things, so in a way, this could also be called being sweet. But yeah, it’s still weird.

[James] “Oh right, sorry about not being able to call you guys sooner. Like what I told Ana, my phone got wet and it doesn’t work anymore.”

[Reshulla] “That’s alright; I already know that you won’t be hurt, I only panicked like that for my own selfish reasons.

Now let’s forget about that and talk about something else, like I said earlier, I want to hear your voice.”

I guess I could take this as a chance for me to talk about the factory I just bought, and I could also use this as practice if I ever get a chance to have a normal talk on the phone again.

And besides, she isn’t the only one who feels that way; I also want to talk to her. I won’t say it out loud though, she might go overboard and never let go of the phone.

[James] “Since you want me to talk, I could tell you about the factory I bought today.”

[Reshulla] “Huh, you bought a factory? What kind?”

Oh crap, I never thought about it properly, no normal person would buy a whole factory just so he could drink something good. Should I say something to avoid that topic?

[Reshulla] “Is it a Dairy Factory?”

[James] “……………………..So you already know?”

[Reshulla] “No, it’s just my instincts tell that it’s got something to do with milk. Guess I was right.”

Wow, we only started living together in about a month, but it seems like Reshulla already knows a lot about me, most likely that includes Ana and Robin as well.

After making a few more back and forth conversations about the farm I’m staying at right now and something about the school, Reshulla calls out to the last girl I still haven’t talk to yet.

[Reshulla] “Welcome home, you look a bit tired Robin.”

It seems like Robin just got back from the university.

Being the one given the responsibility of not only the college but also high school, Middle school and all the way down to kindergarten’s safety isn’t an easy job.

And the fact that she still doesn’t have any subordinates makes it even harder for her.”

[Robin] “Yeah well, *Pop* the school’s security sucks, to the point that it needs a complete upgrade…hmm? Who’s on the phone?”

[Reshulla] “It’s James.”

[Robin] “Really? And here I thought he completely forgotten about us.”

There is no way I could do that!

[Reshulla] “Since you’ve been working so hard, here’s your reward…call us back again, alright James?”

[James] “Yeah, I will.”

I wasn’t sure what’s happening, but Reshulla must have hand the phone to Robin. I could hear a few thing cluttering sounds.

[Robin] “Hey there James, how’s the trip?”

[James] “The usual things happened.”

[Robin] “Are we talking about the ‘Normal’ in your standards?”

[James] “It’s the ‘Normal’ in my standards.”

[Robin] “I see, well just make sure you don’t rip too many clothes.”

After confirming about my very normal life, Robin made a small laugh. But seconds later she calls out to Reshulla.

[Robin] “Teach, why are you wearing a coat, going somewhere?”

She was actually about to run towards the location where I am right now, but let’s just keep that to ourselves. Robin will find out sooner or later anyway.

[Reshulla] “Hmm…I guess I could just listen to him directly about the Factory he bought once he’s back.”

[Ana & Robin] ““Factory?””

Huh? Ana is still there? No wait, more importantly, I haven’t told Ana about the factory I bought.

But for now, I must take care of someone’s upcoming scolding.

If one would think that there are only 3 girls in mu home, then he or she is wrong. There I one more woman in there that we tend to never argue with.

[Robin] “…………………….James, what’s this about you buying a Factory?”


It’s Mama Robin.

I’m not really sure is if it’s another persona of Robin, but the reason to why we don’t go up against her when she is in her ‘Mama Mode’ is because her arguments are mostly right.

If you look at Robin, she looks like that care free type of woman, but me and the other found out that she tends to be very…um…how do you say this…Motherly? But of course not the gentle kind, but the kind that tends to make sure nothing goes wrong.

She scolded me once for being too lax when I spend money.

We don’t get annoyed by it though, since we know she’s telling us off for our own good, we just put it in our hearts and do what we did wrong.

And since she’s doing it out of her good will, it just adds to another reason why we can’t oppose to Mama Robin.

But I guess buying a whole Factory is going way overboard, huh? But more importantly, how should I explain it to her?

[James] “Whe—where should I start?”

[Robin] “From the beginning.”

[James] “A—alright.”

It took half an hour to explain to Robin on how I ended up planning to buy a Factory. I did all the talking so Robin only listened to me silently, which of course made me nervous and made a few of my words stutter.

[James] “And that’s why I want to buy the Factory…yeah…”

Finally ending my explanation, I wait for Robin’s reply full of anxiety.

[Robin] “…………………………………………………..”

[James] “Um……R—Robin? Uh…….M—Ms. Robin, are you listening?”

[Robin] “………………………………………………….”

Her silence hurts, for some reason I actually feel a bit scared here. Since my real Mother is no good, her acting of an intimidating Mom feels new to me.

Is this what Children feels whenever they make their mothers angry?

Since I couldn’t take her silence any longer, I once again call out to her.

[James] “Umm…Ms. Robin, are you still the—”

[Robin] “A Dairy Factory huh? As I recall, I read somewhere in the newspaper that pure dairy product are selling quite a lot nowadays. If we did this properly, it might come to us in a big advantage. James, you mentioned that this factory already have some heavy equipment inside right?”

[James] “Umm, well yeah.”

[Robin] “That’s good, I’ll go negotiate with this owner and make sure that we don’t miss any fall backs on this. Do you have his contact number?”

Another side of Robin has come, the Business Robin! I only saw this side to her once; back when I and Ana visit her while she was working on the schools network security. She scolded me and Ana for disrupting her and started to explain something about the money we will lose if we kept bothering her.

Though it isn’t as scary as Mama Robin, it’s still intimidating.

I was about to call for the mayor for the contact number, but just when I was about to call out, the two Everry Brothers comes in and one of them is holding on to a file folder.

They both quickly realize it’s me and they suddenly stop on their tracks. They then look back and forth towards themselves and me while whispering to each other about something.

[Robin] “James? Do you have the owners contact number?”

[James] Wait up, I’ll get it right now.”

I then cover the phone and called out to the Eldest Everry seedling, or at least I think he’s the oldest. He has a small beard growing under his chin, so let’s just go with that.

[James] “You, the one holding the folder, give it here.”

I know I sound kind of mean, but come on, these guys tried to pick up Lancelot and if the Reshulla and the others are here, they would most likely do that same thing. I’m only doing this just to make them sure not to try that again.

Taking a few steps closer, the eldest brother reaches out the folder while still keeping away from me.

Taking the folder form him, the two brothers then walks out to the front door in haste.

Hmm…I think I scared them a little too much. Oh well, not like I want to be friends with those kind of guys.

After looking at the two brothers disappearing, I open the folder in my hands and quickly found the owners landline number and read it to Robin.

[Robin] “Alright, got it.”

Wow, it looks like I won’t be scolded my Mama Robin, ha…haha, I actually avoided her scolding!

[Robin] “Now then, let’s talk about on your excessive carelessness on spending money.”

Never mind, I didn’t.

After a hour of scolding and another 30 minutes to make myself clear that I learned my lesson and to never do excessive pending again, she finally let me go and I said my goodbyes to not only her, but to Reshulla and Ana who surprisingly stood behind Robin as well.

I then walk out of the mayor’s house and walk towards where Lancelot is currently helping.

Supposedly I should have instantly seen Lancelot sitting down while helping with the festival’s decorations, but what I saw first are dozens of middle and elderly women sitting down while giggling.

They’re conversation might be a women only thing, but I want at least to let Lancelot know that I’m here so I silently walk closer and look for her within the crowed.

But while I’m looking for her, one of the elderly, who was doing the decoration earlier, suddenly called out to me.

[Old Woman] “Oh, if isn’t the man we were just talking about.”

She then grabs my wrist and pulled me to the center of the crowd. But while I’m being pulled, I notice that there are some people whispering to each other as they take small glances at me and giggle.

With slight confusion lingering in my head, I eventually found Lancelot. Her eyes then turns towards me and gave me a small wave. She then walks towards me and stood close.

The surrounding then got slightly noisy as they continue to look at Lancelot and myself.

Huh, what? Seriously, what in the hell is happening? Did Lancelot tell them an awesome joke, if so; I want to hear it too! If it’s enough to make these people laugh, then please let me hear it too!

Unfortunately though, my first guess was wrong. But the real unfortunate thing to me is that the reason why these people are so hyped.

While my brain is still trying to cope with the situation, one of the middles aged women speaks out.

[Woman] “Hey kid, is it true?”

[James] “True about what?”

[Woman] “About you Proposing to Vistela as you both jumping off a cliff while hugging her to escape from bad guys who wants your Inheritance.”

[James] “Huh? What are you tal—ow, hey.”

Lancelot suddenly hit me on my side with her elbow.

Why did she do tha—oh, that’s right, me being a big company owner and her being my Wife/Secretary was our setting.

After being questioned from left to right about my fake action movies like life and answering the most realistic as I can, they finally finished with all the decoration.

With the sun setting down, we all said our goodbyes and left the town and start heading towards Mrs. Margret’s home.

While making our way back along with Mrs. Margret, I start to wonder on the stories that Lancelot made up. With her walking beside me, I slightly lean down and ask her.

She then gave me an answer that made my eyes open wide.

[Lancelot] “That’s because I’m a fan of the ‘Bourne’ Books.”

Well, she is somewhat of a book worm. Now I know why she kept telling those action flick-like movies.

While I silently realized that my life is actually pretty close to a movie, Lancelot links her right arm to my left and snuggles on to my left arm.

Her attitude sure change, but I’m not saying it’s bad or anything! Honestly, seeing her smile more is actually making me feel warm inside.

Good things do happen when you’re honest, well as long as you know it won’t go down south.

[Lancelot] “Oh right, what happened to the talk?”

[James] “I got scolded?”

[Lancelot] “Huh?”

Speaking of honest, how should I tell Reshulla and the rest about Lancelot? I wonder if I can still take back what I said about being honest?

Hey Guys it me, ZYLOS! sorry for not being able to post faster, one of my uncles i've never met for a long time came to visit and i was busy. anyway i hope you guys continue like my story and sorry for only drawing one sketch. but its James and the original three Robin on the phone, Reshulla taking of her lab coat and Ana at the furthest back. hope you guys enjoy and give me more comments, see you next Chapter!!!

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