Chapter 5

So that’s why the Queen needs me. Basically, London is being threatened by a less fury gorilla that has a sense of old time fashion. Or to make it simpler, London has a terrorist problem.

I have to admit though, that top hat was a little cool.

Anyway since I’ve finish watching the video, I turn around and held out the tablet that Percy gave me.

[James] “Hey Percy, is there anything else that…needs…”

I wanted to ask Percy if there’s more information about this, but then I was stopped by something I see.

What I see are two small round pinkish cherries mounted on top of a soft and bouncy looking lumps, that would seems like it would perfectly fit my palms.

[James] “……………………………………….Why are you naked!?”

[Percy/Veronica] “Huh—wha!?”

I’m guessing she was about to wear a skirt, but since I surprised her, she drops them on the floor. She then looks around the changing in confusion.

[Percy/Veronica] “What—what is it? Is there something wrong?”

Is this girl really that much of an airhead that she doesn’t even know why I shouted?

I know most men would say that since I…well…I DID the DEED, I should have gotten used on see a naked woman’s body. But trust me on this; you won’t, especially if the one who is naked in front of you is a top class model/actress/singer.

But if you still didn’t react even then, I suggest that you go see a doctor or you’re a robot and you just didn’t know it.

But since I’m human, I react, and since I react, quickly use my right hand to cover her body from my sight. There are no gaps in my hand, mind you.

[Percy/Veronica] “What is it Mori, is there something there?”

Since I was distracted by approximating “π” into numbers, I wasn’t able to notice Percy walk in front of me, so now the cherry mounts are in full side view.

For the record, when I was approximating the “π” symbol, it wasn’t because I was thinking about Percy’s chest or anything…I was…um…I was doing it…for my homework…yeah, for homework.

Anyway, let’s move on. What’s important right now is telling Percy to cover herself.

[James] “Percy, would you just hurry up and put on some clothes. You’re supposed to be a top class super star; you should strip naked in front of other people!”

[Percy/Veronica] “Naked? I’m not naked, see?”

As if she just heard something weird, she gave me a confused look. She then looks down to waist, grabs the garter of her underwear with her finger and stretches them a few inches away and lets go.


I mean…what? What happened? I wasn’t looking so I didn’t really know what she did………

[Percy/Veronica] “I’m still wearing my panties.”

[James] “Even if you are, it doesn’t mean that you can just flaunt you chest around.”

Realizing what I just said, she once again looks down and stares at her own chest.

[Percy/Veronica] “Ah, I guess you’re right. Hehe.”

Normally a woman would cover herself by now, but for Percy? She just laughs it off. But then again, I guess just because she is a woman, doesn’t mean that they all react the same way. Take the girls back at home for example.

In Reshulla’s case, she would just ask me on how they look or even walk closer to me and ask on my opinion on how they feel.

In Ana’s case, she would make a slightly loud scream while shyly smiling and pushes me away. The result to that is that I end up flying into a wall.

As for Robin’s case, she would just look back and ask me “What?” as if me seeing her naked is the most normal thing to her while she continues to chew on her gum.

They see me as a man, I know they do. But I just wish that they should hold back a bit.

[Percy/Veronica] “Ah, my earring fell, where did it go?”

[James] “Hmm!?”

But I guess if I compare them to Percy, Percy would most likely be more open. Because right now, Percy is on the ground while having all four of her limbs support her while facing away from me. In other words, her butt is facing me right now.

Her chest is finally covered with a bra, but now this!? There’s a limit on how open you are to a person!

[James] “I—I’ll be waiting outside, come out when you done changing!”

Must…suppress…animal instincts…must not…turn…into a… beast! I have to get out of here before I make a mistake.

I’m happy that the ‘Girl hating’ spell is gone, but I guess all of my suppressed lust and other feelings towards girls, just burst out of my body.

The reason on why I attacked Reshulla and why I just openly did it with Robin as well as the reason I can take all 3 of them on bed is most likely because of the spell suddenly disappearing from my body.

That is why I have to get out of here. So just like that, I walk out of the room while still holding on to the tablet that I was supposed to return.

Well, at least I won’t be bored. But seriously…

[James] “Isn’t she too open towards me?”

Thinking on how troublesome her openness is, I stood outside the changing room’s door and start to play around with the tablet.

[James] “Let’s see here……”

But before I open an app that took my interest due to its colorful and cool design, someone in a janitor-like get up, walks towards Percy’s changing room and held a big bouquet of flowers.

Must have belonged to a fan that watched her performance earlier.

I don’t want to get in the way so I move away from the door, but as soon as I did, I heard multiple ticking sounds.

It would be normal if those ticking sounds came from a watch, but what I hear are multiple ticking sounds and I’m sure that a single person wouldn’t carry 5 or even 6 clocks with him. But what makes it even stranger is that those multiple ticking noises are coming from inside this person.

Since I find it strange, I grab hold to the man’s shoulder. But as soon as I did, his head suddenly turns all the way to its back with its janitor cap falling off.

[James] “Uwaaa!? Exorcist……Hmm!?”

Though I suddenly remembered the old movie, it quickly disappeared from my mind because of what I saw as soon as it turns its head towards me.

[James] “P—Percy!?”

This thing looks exactly like Percy, except its completely bald which of course, Percy isn’t.

Without even turning its body towards me, it gave me a straight high kick aiming for my head, but I quickly jump away from its attack, dodging it completely.

Since I don’t have Hiltraud and Nanashi with me, I did a fighting stance and readied myself. I’m guessing this bald imposter is going to fight back since it drops the bouquet to the floor.

It then turns its body without even moving its head, its arms opens from the wrist and two rusty looking blades pooped out from them. It started to look like a praying mantis.

[James] “Well that’s disturbing.”

As I honestly speak my thoughts, the mantis bald woman pounces at me, ready to kill me with its…um blade…arms…thingy…look, I don’t know the name of the mantis blade arms, so you can’t blame me for trying.

The mantis bald woman made an ‘X’ slash at me but I quickly jump back and avoid it. But it didn’t stop its momentum, as soon as it lands; it jumps forward and once again swings its blade arms, left and right.

I easily avoid them by skipping from side to side, but I know this thing won’t tire itself out. After seeing its arms as well as those ticking sounds that coming from inside its body, I could tell that this thing is an Automaton.

I would like to say their similar to a puppet, but Automatons are way more complicated, with all those gears and springs endlessly twisting and ticking inside it, there is no way that is would tier itself out like a human.

Fortunately, this thing isn’t even a living thing, which is why I can do this…

After dodging its right blade by stepping aside, I grab its arm with my right hand and did a left chop to its joint. Its right arm then folds itself, but before it does, I twist its wrist, making the blade aim for it shoulders.


As soon as the blade stabs it shoulders, I let go of the wrist and quickly use my free right arm to palm thrust its right elbow, completely tearing off its right arm.

Before the aright arm falls to the ground, I quickly grab it and use it own blade to cut it straight to its waist. But I know Automatons aren’t easy to take down, even if their lower bodies get torn off, they can still move their body.

That is why I pierce it at the middle of its chest, making the clockwork inside its body stop functioning.

Good thing this place is deserted, I don’t want any unrelated people to get dragged in, but as soon as I said that…

[Owens] “You, what in the world happened here!?”

Damn, I was about to clean up the hallway, but I guess this guy wanted to meet Percy…wait, who is this guy again, it feels like I met him before.

With a quick pace, the man looks at me with wrinkled eyebrows while walking towards me. I was still holding on to the Automaton’s arm. As he avoids the torn body of the Automaton on the floor, she eventually made it to me and takes the arm from me with force.

[Owens] “W—what is this, what do you—t—think   you doing with…rgh…with this thing!?”

But I guess it was too heavy for him. As soon as he toke it from me, his arm almost gave up and drop the arm on the ground, but he quickly toughen himself up and carried it with both arms.

[James] “Hey, are you alright? If you can’t carry that, you can just leave it on the ground.”

[Owens] “Shut up you punk! I—I can handle something like this…”

Whatever you say Hercules.

[Percy] “What’s wrong, did something happen?”

[Owens] “Ah, Veronica good timing, th—this man is planning something, s—see?”

Clearly this man really wants me to get hated. Did I do anything to make this man hate me?

But more importantly, what should I do? What kind of excuse should a give this four eyes the slip?

While I pounder on such things, Percy walks in front of me and faced the grumpy middle aged man, she then spew out an explanation as if she’s just breathing out some air.    

[Percy] “Actually, what you have there is one of the props that we’ll need in my upcoming movie.”

[Owens] “Y—you’re what?”

[Percy] “My upcoming movie, it’s a Sci-Fi flick and what you got there is one of the enemies.”

Honestly, I’m impressed on how she just got that kind of excuse, and what makes it even more believable is is that the person herself is a celebrity, so credibility is unbreakable.

[Owens] “Y—you’re in a movie? I’m you manager, so why is that I never heard of this before!?”

Manager…ah, now I remember! He was the guy who was giving me the hairy eyeball earlier. So that’s why he looked familiar.

But since this guy is Percy’s manager, the excuse might not work.

[Percy] “That’s because I’m doing it for a friend, right Mori?”

Huh, she’s planning to get me into this act too? Oh well, I guess I have no choice but to go along with it.

[James] “That’s right, I know I’m pushing my luck too far here, but I asked Percy to become one of the movies actors.”

[Owens] “What was that!? You can’t decide that on your won, you have to go to our company and you have to get the president’s approval!”

I guess that information surprised him a lot since he just drop the Automaton arm to the ground.

I really want to tell the poor guy that it’s all a lie. But like I said, I don’t want to get innocent people dragged in, so I’ll just apologize to him in my mind.

I’m sorry.

[Percy] “Oh, come on Mr. Owens, I’ve already agreed to do this and besides, Mori is the one who is asking, so I really want to help him!”

[Owens] “But he’s just a kid, we can’t expect him to pay your expenses, he might not even have his own camera—Ah!”

While I pick up the Automaton parts scattered all over the floor, this guy named Owens suddenly went pale. His body then started to tremble and beads of sweats starts to fall down his cheeks.

[Owens] “I—I get it now, now I know why you want Veronica to be in your movie so badly!”

Hmm, did I look that desperate? I was going for ‘Needing’ but I guess I went too far in my acting. But more importantly, what does he mean by ‘Get’s it’?

[Ownes] “You’re—you’re planning to—to…”

Planning to what? Can’t this guy just say it properly?

[Owens] “To put Veronica in an A.V., aren’t you!?”

I’m planning to put her into what!? What the hell is this guy thinking!? I know I’m just trying to make an excuse here, but does he really have to make me look like some sort of porn-star producer!?

I have to make another excuse fast, if not, he would most likely think that I’m going to use Percy’s body to make some money.

But since this happened all of a sudden, there is no way that I could make an excuse that could clear my name on the spot.

Luckily, Percy is on my side, if she can make an excuse just like earlier, then I’m sure she could make another one. After all, despite her air-headedness and child like nature, she is still a professional secret agent.

[Percy] “Its fine, if Mori wants me to be in an A.V. with him, then it’s alright with me! He can film me in an A.V. anytime he wants!”

[James] “…………………………..”

[Owens] “…………………………..”

*Thunk!* *Crash!*

I know we’re inside a plane, but I swear I think I felt a slight wind of awkwardness passing by, and by the way, those crashing sounds earlier came from the Automaton parts that I drop from my hands.

I guess I was so shocked on what she said that I unconsciously drop them, some of them even fell on my foot, but my frozen brain couldn’t compute fast enough and the pain didn’t reach my head.

[Owens] “N—no way, my innocent and ta—talented Veronica, she—she wants to have—have him as her pa—partnnnnnnnnnner…”


I was shocked but I guess this Owens guy could take what she said and just fainted. Actually, I want to faint too and weak up finding out what she said was just a dream.

[Percy] “M—Mr. Owens? What’s wrong with him?”

But I guess reality isn’t so forgiving.

Percy on the other hand is acting like usual; she looks at Owens with a worried look…hmm? Wait a minute, she also looks confused. Don’t tell me she…

[James] “Hey uh Percy.”

[Percy] “Yeah, what is it Mori?”

[James] “Do you know what A.V. means?”

[Percy] “O—of course I do…it…it means Audition Videos…right?”

[James] “…………………………”

[Percy] “Ah—ah, I mean it’s not, A.V. means A—Animal Videos, yeah that it Animal Videos…right?”

[James] “………………………you know what, you don’t have to know. Just—just…you don’t have to.”

[Percy] “Eh~ come on, just give me a hint, please?”

No, I will not give you any hint, because for some reason my consciousness couldn’t bear to take away your innocence…more like, I’m amazed that she doesn’t know what an A.V. is, considering that she works in show business.

But I guess that’s a good thing.

[James] “Hey Percy, is there a place where we can put this guy?”

[Percy] “Um, we can put him inside one of the lounge rooms.”

[James] “Alright, I’ll take care of that while you take the Automaton’s parts and put inside the changing room and check if there’s anything worth mentioning.”

[Percy] “Ok~”

Doing what I told her to do, Percy starts picking up the Automaton’s parts and carries them inside. As for me, I pick up the fainted four-eyes and carry him just like how a hunter carries a hunted down deer.

What, it’s the only way for me to carry the guy without making it hard for me. But while I’m doing so, I noticed something about him.

[James] “Oh man, this guy uses too much cologne.”

Its literally making my eyes water a bit.

A few minutes later, reaching the lounging room, I can finally take Percy’s manager off of my shoulder and let’s not forget about the extreme scent of his cologne, which was a big relief for my nose as well as for my eyes.

Luckily on my way here, the people who asks me about the guy I’m carrying believed my excuse, I told them that my friend drank too much and they left me alone.

Finding a comfortable looking chair in front of me, I slowly put Owens down.

As I look around the room, I find other people relaxing by sitting on the same looking chair that Owens is using. While I quietly observe the surrounding people, I notice that one of them puts a card on the armrest and the chair started to shake.

[James] “Oh, so it’s a massage chair, cool.”

I then look at Owens who has his eyes closed. His skin still looks pale and it looks like more sweat is flowing down his forehead and cheeks.  

I guess having the actress his managing experience the Black Adult Show Business made his brains fry. It’s all a lie though, I really, really want to tell the truth but keeping what happened a secret to the normal public is priority one.

I’m really sorry about lying to you, but I hope this help you relax even better.

I take out my ATM card and slide it in to the chair’s armrest, where the card reading was, and with a beeping sound, the machine started to massage Owens’ body.

[James] “Seriously, I really hope that can help you.”

I then leave him and walk back to the changing room. But while I’m on my way there, I just couldn’t help myself think on how big the plane is. But then again, this is the biggest aircraft that was ever created.

And since it’s created inside the man-made island Noah, it kind of gives you the Sci-Fi feel to it.

[James] “It’s like I’m in a flying yacht.”

[Stewardess] “Free drinks sir?”

[James] “Ah..y—yeah sure, thanks.”

They even give out free drinks; I’m starting to regret riding all those private rides. Since they belonged to mine and my mother’s clients, we couldn’t really ask for anything extra.

Since I don’t drink alcohol the one I chose is some sort of grape juice. Too bad they didn’t have any milk ready, but fruit juices are the next best thing for me.

I once again start making my way towards the changing room while sipping on my juice, but before I even get back, I notice Percy jogging towards me.

I wasn’t able to notice then, because of Owens, but what Percy is wearing right now is very…umm…how do say it…very teen celebrity-ish?

From the top, she now has her hair ties in a ponytail, tied to the right side of her head. A baggy pure white shirt that has a big opening for the collar that reaches until both her shoulder, I think I heard Robin say that it was called an off shoulder shirt. But not only that, it also has a small V cut in the middle.

One would think that with such a big opening her chest would be exposed, but unfortunately for the men around her, she also wore a tight light purple tank-top inside the off shoulder shirt.

But even though her chest is safely hidden, both off shoulder and tank top had a mid-drift, so yeah, you can clearly see her waist as well as her navel. Actually, you can see her whole stomach! Sure her chest is hidden but I think it’s just 2 inches away from being exposed!

Now comes the bottom part, she’s wearing a short cut dark blue jeans with shoulder straps that revels her thighs and as for the straps that’s supposed to be on her shoulder, hangs down freely next to her legs. But inside her short are black colored stocking that covers her whole legs.

It’s like she wants others to keep looking, but they still can’t see. In a way it’s kind of like torture for virgin men.

As for her shoes, her shoes are what one would call ankle boots. The color is similar to her inner light purple tank top, it has zippers instead of knots and it has thick soles.

And with the finishing touches of one short and one long necklace, some silver, some purple wristbands and rings, one could easily tell that she isn’t some average person. She’s practically shouting ‘I’m a Star!’ to everyone she’s passing by.

[Percy] “Mori, I’m done checking on the Automaton like you asked me to do!”

[James] “Shhhh! Don’t say that out loud.”

[Percy] “Oh right, sorry. Hehehe~”

Your cute, I’ll give you that. But you’re supposed to be a professional spy; you’re not supposed to get any attention! But then again, her appearance itself is pretty eye catching, so I guess warning her is useless.

[James] “*Slurp* So, what did you find? *Slurp*”

[Percy] “Well, all I could get from it is that it’s really, really old. The only new thing about it is that its fake skin.”

[James] “Old? How old?”

[Percy] “I’m not sure myself.”

Well, it’s not like she can just ask anybody and form the puzzle to get the information she needs just like that. But knowing that it’s old does help me.

While I was still my own thoughts, I notice that people are surrounding us. Most of them are have their smart phones out and flashes of light starts to…well...flash.

It’s already too late to cover my face, so what’s the point in hiding. And as for the reason why this is happening?

Come on, it doesn’t take a genius to know that.

[Fan # 1] “Hey, hey, hey, hey! Isn’t that Veronica Olson!?”

[Fan # 2] “Oh my god, you’re right!”

[Fan # 3] “Kyaa, her style is so cool!”

[Fan # 4] “I wonder if I can ask for an autograph?”

[Fan # 5] “Wha—wait, I want one too!”

Great, it’s happening all over again. But what makes it worse is that there are more people gathering around us.

Back, back you dark paparazzi creatures! Go back to the dark infested office from where you came! If more of those pictures and videos go viral, I don’t think the girls back home would let me in the house, that is why…Shoo, Shoo!

While I’m busy using my mind to shoo the surrounding people away, though I know it won’t work, the surrounding people starts the take pictures.

Well, at least we’re not doing anything that could lead to a misunderstanding.

[Percy] “Hmm, an autograph? Sure, I don’t see why not!”

Without even batting an eye, Percy brings out a pen and starts signing the fan’s papers or even their own shirt.

The life of a celebrity, I don’t think I’ll last a day if I was in her shoes.

Since I’ll just get the attention of the mass if I get close to her I decided to just walk a few steps away. Seeing some empty seats, I grab a chair and wait for Percy to finish.

It kind of looks like Percy will take a few minutes, so I start to pounder about the Automaton that attacked me as well as the man who seems to be the perpetrator.

I know most people know about the story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. They ether watched it in a movie or read it in a book, so I’m guessing most of the population thinks that they know a lot about him.

But what most of them didn’t know is that Dr. Henry Jekyll is actually a well known Alchemist, his study in potions is what made him famous amongst his own kind.

Potions for sickness, potions for wounds, he can make it. But the problem is that he can only make one specific potion for one specific illness.

And since he wanted to make the ultimate potion that can cure any illness, he decided to make something that was never made before, the Elixir.

I’m sure a lot of gamers heard of this before, the super rare potion that can cure anything, be it poison, paralysis, or even blindness.

That was the potion that our esteemed doctor was aiming for, but due to his pride, he thought that his calculations was spot on and test the potion to himself.

Well, everyone knows what comes after that, so why bother telling the rest of the story, right?

[James] “But still that big orange furred ape just called himself ‘Mr. Hyde’…I guess I’ll just have to check for myself when I land.”

As I silently watch the clouds slowly fly by while drinking my fruit juice in peace, Percy finally finishes her sudden autograph session and cam walking towards me.

[Percy] “Sorry about that Mori.”

[James] “Don’t worry about it.”

A celebrity can’t ignore their fans after all.

She then took the seat opposite to mine and within seconds, the stewardess that followed her from behind, nervously walks by and asks if Percy also wanted something to drink.

But it looks like the stewardess wasn’t the only one who followed Percy, 3 female and 2 male groupies saw me seating next to her and one of them suddenly walks closer to Percy and asks.

[Groupie # 1] “Um…Ms. Veronica, m—may I ask you a question? If I’m allowed to of course.”

[Percy] “Hmm? Yeah sure, what is it? *Sluuurp*”

Percy shows her trademark beaming smile and slightly tilts her head in question. The first Groupie then squirms around while sneaking a glance at me. I got a bad feeling about this.

[Groupie # 1] “Um…well…wh—who is this man you’re with?”

[Percy] “Man? Oh, you mean Mori?”

The groupies at the back starts to whisper amongst each other while taking small glances towards me when they heard my name.

It’s not really my name though.

[Groupie # 2] “Mori, have you heard of that name before?”

[Groupie # 3] “Nope, must be someone new in showbiz.”

[Groupie # 4] “I get it now; he must be her personal bodyguard.”

[Groupie # 5] “Must be, he has this very intimidating look to him after all, and let’s not mention those glaring eyes of his.”

I take back what is said; they’re not whispering at all, their voices are too loud their practically talking. Oh, and my eyes aren’t glaring at all. Believe it or not, I’m actually looking at you guys normally.

While I try to block of the rude comments of the groupies, Percy puts down her cup of juice and places both of her palms onto her chest.

[Percy] “Mori is someone very dear to me.”

[Groupies # 1-5] “WHHHAAAAAAATTTT!?”

[James] “……………………*Sigh*”

This flight is giving me a headache, when are we going to land?

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