Chapter 2

I am now 30,000 feet in the air, I’m not flying or anything, wish I could though. What I’m trying to say is that I’m on a plane headed to London.

I’m seated close to the window, where most children would love to be seated in. that is why…

[???] “Wow, look mommy where so high up!”

[???] “I know dear, but you have to get off of that man’s lap.”

The young mother was panicking as she tries to get her child off of me, but the little girl who got so excited must have not realized that she is now on top of my lap. The position we are in right now, going from the left is her mom, the little girl and finally yours truly, seated at the window seat.

She must want to see the sky, couldn’t really blame her for that. I actually it find it cute, so why get angry, right?

[James] “It’s alright ma’am, it doesn’t really bother me.”

After making sure that I wasn’t really angry with her daughter, I slightly bend down to talk to the little girl.

If the curse that my mother put on to me is still with me, I would unconsciously make the air around me ominous to make both the mother and daughter back of.

But now is different…

[James] “Do you want to change seats with me?”

[???] “R—really, can I really change with you?”

[???] “You don’t really have to trouble yourself sir.”

[James] “It’s alright, I don’t really mind.”

As I stood off of my seat, the little girl quickly leaps to my old seat excitingly.

[???] “I’m really sorry for the trouble.”

[James] “Like I said, its no trouble at all.”

Though the mother still looks reluctant, she was still happy to see her daughter smiling as she hops from her seat.

By the way, since I changed seats with her daughter, our position is now obviously different. Our positions starting from the left is myself, the young mother and finally the little girl, who has her face close to the window.

[???] “Um…thank you for doing this for my daughter…um…Mr….”

Crap, she wants to know my name, should I lie?

No…I don’t need to lie about my name anymore, even if she laughed at my name or even insult me about it, I have 3 girls cheering me up back home.

[James] “James Moriarty, but you can just call me James, Mrs...?”

[???] Oh no, I’m not a Mrs. I’m actually a single mother.”

Oh…well…this is awkward, good going James; you are now a insensitive jerk. You should have noticed it since your seated with them and not some other man.

[James] “S—sorry I should’ve minded my own business.”

[???} “Please, you don’t have to say you’re sorry.”

Man, I feel really guilty just for asking. Not to mention that she didn’t mind me being named after a fictional bad guy. what a kind lady...

[???] “My name is Milanor Warrens and this is my daughter Miffca.”

After introducing herself, the little girl named Miffca turns her head shyly towards me with blushed cheeks.

[Miffca] “Um…hello.”

She must have got her composure back because after saying hello to me, she quickly turns her head to the window.

So cute…

[Milanor] “Sorry, Miffy is actually quite a shy girl.”

I want to say that it’s fine because she’s cute, but I might give her the wrong idea so I’ll back away from saying that for now.

Remember, I’m not a lolicon! It’s just that I’m fond of little children…not in a bad way of course! It’s just that they’re the only ones that didn’t get affected by the spell before I got rid of it.

That is why…


As I recall the old days when I still had the ‘Women Back Off!’ spell, I head a small and cute rumbling sound from Miffca’s stomach.

[Miffca] “Um…”

She stared at her own stomach for a few seconds and quickly covers it with her hands while panicking.

[Miffca] “Auu~”

See, see!? She’s like a little woodland creature! And having that brown chestnut colored hair makes her even more adorable!

[Milanor] “Oh my, are you hungry dear?”

Since I’m seated beside Ms. Milanor, she leans to the front and looks at her daughter with a gentle smile.

But what little Miffca said after made her mother’s gentle smile turn into a stiffed one.

[Miffca] “Mommy, how long will he be doing his work, you’re boyfriend.”

[Milanor] “……………wha!?”

*Whistle* Looks like mommy still has her game.

As she tries to say something else to make me forget, I put my right to my mouth and did a little smile while swinging my left palm like a Beckoning Cat Statue. Or like the pose when nosy housewives found something out and started gossiping.

[James] “Oh my Ms. Milanor, you’re such an energetic one. Hohohoho~”

[Milanor] “N—no you don’t understand, I mean he is my boyfriend—I mean…um…uh…”

She placed both of her hand on her blushed cheeks in a panic and sometimes closes her mouth or her eyes to avoid eye contact from me.

Though I’m joking, I’m still somewhat happy to hear that she wasn’t alone.

But when she said boyfriend, I suddenly realized something.

[James] “Wait, then isn’t he supposed to be here seated with you.”

If he really was her boyfriend then he is supposed to be seated where I am right now, so where is he?

[Milanor] “Oh…well you see, he’s still working right now? He is one of the pilots of this plane after all.”

[James] “So that’s why he isn’t here.”

Now that I think about it, I think I’ve read in a pamphlet that Ana gave me that this plane has 4 pilots.

Well, this plane is huge, it even has a second floor for entertainment live a casino and a game center for the kids, and it even has a food court.

One would think that those things won’t fit in a plane including its high-tech facilities, but since it’s shaped like a giant Manta, then I guess it could.

As I pounder on what other thing do they have in this plane, the sign on the big screen started flashing green and a young stewardess showed herself on the TV.

The woman in the TV then explains to us the areas of the plane, the facilities we can use and at the end of the video; she tells us that it is now safe to take off our seatbelts.

Just as soon as I remove the seat belt on my waist, a noise similar to MIffca’s came out unexpectedly from my stomach.


OK fine, maybe not as cute as Miffca’s but it’s still came from my stomach. At least that was similar.

Since everyone around me heard that, I could feel my cheeks slightly getting warm while I hear small giggles from the mother and daughter combo who are seated on both my sides.

Well, it’s not like their giggles are insulting or anything so I’m not angry, but it’s still embarrassing, so I just laughed along with them while I scratch the back of my head.

[Milanor] “Since Mr. James here is also hungry, would you like to join us?”

[James] “I don’t mean to impose or anything.”

[Milanor] “Oh no, it’s fine. Please think of it as thank you for giving your seat to my daughter.”

Even though Ms. Milanor said that, I was still a little embarrassed to suddenly get in the way on their family outing, so I was reluctant if I should go with them or not.

She must have noticed my feelings because she leans to the front again and looks at her daughter.

[Milanor] “You don’t mind if Mr. James comes along with us, right Miffy?”

[Miffca] “Y—yeah, I don’t mind.”

After answering her mother, Miffca takes small glances at me while hiding her blushed cheeks. S—so cute, her look just now, looking at me while quickly turning her face is very cute!

Darn it, if you giving me that kind of look, then I won’t be able to say no.

[James] “Alright, thanks for inviting me.”

Just like everyone in the plane, we got out of our seat and head to the food court. Both mother and daughter are walking in front me while I stay in the back, following them from behind.

Huh? That’s weird, when that Stewardess on the TV showed us a map of the plane; she said that the food court is on the right wing’s second floor, but where we are headed on the opposite direction.

[Milanor] “Th—that’s weird, I could have sworn that the Stewardess said it was here.”

No, she said it was on the right wing’s second floor, but that place we are heading right now is actually where they placed that Casino, to be honest I don’t think bringing 5 year old kinds in this kind of places.

I was about to say something and show here the right direction, but I was beaten to the punch by here very own daughter.

[MIffca] “Mama, the food court is this way; the lady in the TV said that it was on the second floor to the right.”

[Milanor] “Oh, i—is that right…”

Noticing her mother still carries a confused and worried look; Miffca made a small sigh and then lead her mother by the hands.

Now I get it, Ms. Milanor is almost just like her, someone that got me into trouble dozens of times.

Percival, one of the Knights of the Round Table, or to more modern, she’s one of the queen’s secret agents that secretly protects the country. But even if she has that amazing title, it doesn’t change that fact that she’s a complete airhead.

Ugh…just remembering the time I had to go with her on a mission makes my head ache, good thing that the Girl Hating Potion is gone or my head would have 3 or 4 times the pain.

Since Miffca knew where the food court was, we were able to get to location without any trouble.

As we head towards an empty table, Ms. Milanor talks a stewardess and asked if she could call her…well you know, her boyfriend.

[Milanor] “Well then, shall we go in?”

With slightly blushed cheeks, Ms. Milanor beckons us to go inside a restaurant that has bright red curtains on the entrance.

Even though it’s inside a plane, the looks of the restaurant is pretty good, they had a stage perfect for singing and at the side is a black grand piano.

Miffca wanted to be seated near the stage so we followed her and started to check the menu. After talking with each other for about 5 minutes, we all decided to order 2 different kind of pizza; I wanted to order for more, but since I’m with people I just met, I held myself back.

But even if the interior and exterior of this restaurant looked fancy, they still had pizza on the menu. I’m actually surprised and happy for this restaurant to have the simple food included.

Before our food got to us, they first served us drinks. Ms. Milanor had ice tea, Miffca had mango shake and I had a cookies and cream shake.

As we take small sips of our drinks, that man that Ms. Milanor was waiting for finally came.

Just like what I was told, he wore a white polo shirt with a black tie, he also had a few medals on his breast pocket and finally a cap that a symbol of a bird on the front. No doubt, this guy is a pilot.

His face was full of smile when he looks at Ms. Milanor and Miffca, until his eyes eventually turn towards me; his happy look completely disappeared and looks at me with doubt and slight anger.

Could it be that he thinks I’m hitting on her girlfriend!?

Luckily Ms. Milanor explained right away and his face quickly turned red in embarrassment. He then held out his hand and introduced himself.

[Welford] “Sorry about that, my names Welford Carson. I’m one of the pilots of this plane.”

[James] “James Moriarty, nice to meet you too”

[Welford] “Hmm? James Moriarty? Isn’t that…”

[James] “Yeah, it’s a name of a book character, but believe it or not, it’s my real name.”

After making a small laugh, we both shook our hands. Ms. Milanor made some space and Mr. Welford sat next to her and since we ordered pizza, Mr. Welford only ordered ice tea, just like Ms. Milanor.

Seeing the stage in front of us, Mr. Welford quickly remembered something and faced use with an excited look.

[Welford] “Now that I remember, their supposedly a very famous singer in this plane and she will be performing on this very restaurant.”

[Milanor] “Then that would mean that we are lucky to have picked these seats.”

Hearing good music while eating is very good, so I agree on her opinion, even Miffca, who is seating on my left had sparkling eyes when she heard what Mr. Welford just said.

After talking some more about random stuff like my college or other things, our pizza are now ready and it was carefully placed on our table.

The scent is amazing, but like I said earlier, since I’m not alone right now, I need to eat slowly…if I can.

But when were about to start eating, the light of the surrounding slowly got dim and the light on the stage grown bright and on the middle of the stage stood a middle aged man who wore a tuxedo.
Is he going to introduce the person who is going to sing? Wow, we really are lucky to have this seat!

[Middle aged man] “Welcome dear costumers, I hope that you all are now having a good and relaxing flight. But please let us have the honor to help you relax even more by introducing our special guest…”

I like music and all, but right now this pizza is asking for me to eat it so…

[Middle aged man] “Ms. Veronica Olson!”

Oh! The cheese on this pizza looks so good…………………….Wait, what!!?

[Veronica] “If I should stay, I would only be in your way~”

As I watch the red curtains of the stage move side to side, I hear a beautiful yet familiar voice, echoing throughout the entire restaurant.

A young and beautiful woman stood at the middle of the stage, having all the spotlights directed to her, made her pinkish white long straight hair shine.

With her alluring light red eyes lit by the light made her eyes glimmer and lured both men and women to not only her voice but also her appearance.

Wearing a skin tight blue dress emphasized her beautifully shaped and porcelain body and even if her chest isn’t as big as Ana or Reshulla and specially Robin’s, they were still supple giving her a body as if she was sculpted by a great artisan.

[Veronica] “So I’ll go, but I know I’ll think of you every step of the way~”

[Milanor] “No way, the real Veronica Olson? I’m a big fan of her singing!”

[Welford] “I even heard that she started to do movies, isn’t she amazing?”

Hearing compliments from these two made my doubtful thoughts of her even being here slowly makes it clear for me. Miffca, who seated on my left, kept her sparkling eyes on the singer and didn’t even move while carrying a joyful smile.

No, no, no, that can’t be right, I know I’m headed to London and I know I’m bound to meet here, but isn’t it a little too soon!? I know, if I drink this shake fast, I might get a brain freeze and it might wake me up from this hallucination! Bottoms up!

[Veronica] “And I will always love you. I will always love you~”

See, she’s disappearing right this very moment…yup…

[Veronica] “You, my darling you mhhh~”

Who am I kidding? She’s there; she’s right in front of me singing one of Whitney Houston’s many hit songs. But I’ll be honest though, she is very good and the choice of song is very recommendable.

But why does she have to pop out now!!?

After singing about 8 or 7 songs, everyone in the restaurant started clapping, some even asks for encores and completely forgot about their food that had already turned cold.

Not for me though, I did eat what we ordered but of course not all of it. I still have other people who didn’t even touch their food yet after all.

While Ms. Milanor, her boyfriend and her daughter were too busy watching the performance, I quietly ate and drank my shake, finishing about 4 cups.

I still wanted to order for more shakes, but I might get “Her” attention so I need to hold myself back again.

As long as she doesn’t notice that I’m here, no trouble will fall on me, I’m sure of it.

Since the performance was finished, Ms. Milanor and her family started to eat their food. But even though it’s gotten cooled, the pizza was still delicious, so they still enjoyed their lunch.

As I continue to act like a normal customer and mingle with Ms. Milanor’s family, I noticed that the singer, who was on the stage just a minute ago, walks down the stage and greets her fans while still maintaining her alluring smile.

A lot of men gave her bouquet of flowers and even invited her to drink or even asked her out for dinner. In my opinion, that took a lot of guts, asking a celebrity out for a date is very gutsy.

But even so, she politely refused and only received the bouquets; she then continued to walk closer to us while waving her hands to her other adoring fans.

[Milanor] “Wha—no way, she’s getting closer to us! What should we do, can I ask her for an autograph I wonder?”

[Welford] “This is the first time I’ll get see her up close.”

[MIffca] “………………..”

Hearing Ms. Milanor mentioned her getting closer; I quickly cover my face and look the other way. What I’m wearing right now besides my black inner shirt is a gray hooded jacket with a red think line in the middle hood and another black leather jacket on top of it.

I quickly used the hood and closed the leather jacket’s zipper to hide my face. I then grab on to my empty glass and started to drink nothing but air from a straw.

As I hear her foot step getting closer and closer, I slowly lower my head and try to keep myself hidden, hoping that she would just walk pass us.

[James] *Sluuuuurp*

But to my disappointment, she didn’t walk pass us and is now standing right in front of our table.

Having a big shot celebrity that is well known throughout the world stand in front of you must have made Ms. Milanor and her family shocked stiff. As for me, I just kept my face hidden, pulling my head deeper inside my jacket.

To the people who are looking at me right now, I must look similar to a turtle pulling its head back into its shell.

The celebrity then leans forward and tries to take a peek at my face, but I kept my face hidden and even turn my head.

[Veronica] “Mori, that’s you isn’t it Mori?”

[James] “…………….”

Just stay quiet James, if you just stay quiet, she will eventually think that she was mistaken and move on.

[Veronica] “Come on Mori, it’s been so long. You should at least say ‘Hi’ to me.”

[James] “……………..”

Any minute now, she will be moving on any minute now…

[Veronica] “M—Mori, you shouldn’t ignore people like that, its v—very mean…Mori?”

S--she’s still not giving up; I should plan ‘B’ and just keep silent after that.

[James] “I’m sorry, but I think you’ve mistaken me for someone else.”

[Veronica] “…………………………………..”

Oh, could it be she finally left? I guess going with plan ‘B’ was the correct choice.

Since I have by back turn against her, I slowly turn my head and took a small glance.

[Veronica] “*Sniff* uuuu…*Hic* *Sniff*…Mo—Mori...*Hic*…why are you…*Hic*”

Eh!? She’s crying!? Why is she crying, I just ignored her a little bit, so why is she crying!? Oh man, this is bad! I can already hear judgmental whispers behind me so if this keeps up, my mail box back at home will be filled with grudge letters!

Damn it, I’m really reluctant to do this, but I don’t think the girls back home would feel calm if those kinds of letters start to pile up.

[James] “*Sigh*”

After making a small sigh, I stood from my seat, took off my hood and unzipped my leather jacket. I then faced the weeping girl, who is hugging the bouquets with her tears falling on to the petals, and made a crooked and wary smile towards her.

But still, one of weaknesses of all men really is the tears of a woman…

[James] “L—look I’m sorry alright, I didn’t mean to go that far…so come on, stop crying already.”

[Veronica] “But *Sniff* but you said that *Hic* I had the wrong person *Hic* you said that, so—so I thought that you forgotten *Sniff* about me.”

[James] “Like I said, I’m sorry already, there’s no way I could forget about you, so please stop crying.”

[Veronica] “R—really?”

[James] “Yes really…*Sigh* it’s good to see in good health Veronica.”

When I was saying that I didn’t forget about her, her lips slowly turned into a smile, but when I called her by using her first name, her smile quickly disappeared and is now about to cry once more.

[Veronica] “Auuu…Mori, you’re not *Sniff* using our special nicknames…”

Huh, special nicknames? What is she talking about…Oh right, now I remember, back then she kept forcing me to the point even my girl hating past self giving in.

[James] “I—it’s good to see you again Percy.”

[Veronica] “Mori!”

[Everyone] “WHOAAAA!!?”

Of course that would be the reaction of the populace. After all, seeing a celebrity that is well known throughout the world hugging some random is something to be shocked about.

But still, I never would have thought that I would be able to meet her so soon.

The airheaded woman that keeps me getting into trouble and the person I claimed to avoid, the singer, the actress and model, Veronica Olson AKA, Percival the youngest member that was able to join the Queen’s ‘Knights of the round table’.

Though it took a few minutes, I was able to calm the situation down and the people around me finally stopped their negative or disturbingly positive whispers.

I gave my seat to Veronica, or should I say Percy, but since the seat that were we are right now is ‘C’ shaped, Percy moves in deeper and then offers me to sit next to her.

I actually wanted to leave, but if I refused her offer, she might start bawling again so I reluctantly sat next to her.

[Veronica] “Fufufu~ it’s so nice for us to meet each other again, huh Mori?”

[James] “Y—yeah, it’s good to see again Ver—I mean Percy. But what are you doing here; I thought that you would be in London.”

[Veronica] “I heard from Uncle Arty that he would be calling you over so I went ahead of them and met you first.”

Showing me her bright and innocent smile, I cont help myself but give a dry laugh while smiling back. I actually wanted to say something, but I might make this worst, so I’ll just leave it as is.

[Miffca] “Um…e—excuse, me Ms. Veronica?”

Of course having a celebrity seat at your table will make anyone freeze, but it seems like little Miffca was able to snap back quicker than her mother or her mother’s boyfriend. Honestly, I’m surprised for this kind of development.

[Veronica] “Hmm, what is it honey?”

As always, Percy is very social. Even if they only met for just an hour, Percy could talk to them like they’ve known each other for years. N—not that I’m jealous of her social skill of course, I can do that to if I wanted to…yeah, I’m s—sure of that.

[Miffca] “I—I’m a very big fan of yours, I watch all of your dramas and watch your music videos, I really think that y—your voice is nice and you look beautiful too.”

Hearing so many compliments in one go made Percy cheeks blush while having her innocent smile grow bigger, she then pushes her cheeks and twist her body left and right.

[Veronica] “Aww~ how sweet, thank you very much! But I think you’re very cute too…umm…”

[Miffca] “Um…m-my names is Miffca—wha!?”

[Veronica] “Kyaa~ even you’re name is cute! Nice to meet you too, Miffca.”

At first Miffca was surprised from being hugged all of a sudden, but then her shocked face soon turn into a happy look and laughed along with Percy.

Yup, Percy’s the only one I know that can hug someone on their first meeting. But like I said, I’m not jealous of her social skills; I’m just observing her skill to compare to my own…yeah, that’s right.

Though she is still clinging on to Miffca, Percy notices two other people that kept quiet until now and greets them happily.

[Veronica] “Hello, I’m Veronica Olson; it’s very nice to meet you.”

Maybe because of Percy’s greetings, the two silent couple finally snaps back to reality and clumsily introduced themselves.

[Milanor] “Oh, um…i—it’s very nice to meet you too, I’m—I’m Milanor, I’m Miffca’s mother.”

[Welford] “I—I’m Welford and I’m—“

But before he even finishes, Percy intervenes and showed Mr. Welford a smile and said…

[Veronica] “I know, you’re one of the pilots of this ships right?”

[Welford] “I—I see.”

[Veronica] “Of course, I heard all about you and the other pilots.”

I guess it is normal for him to be surprised, since the norm doesn’t know what Percy’s other ‘Job’ is, no one would have ever think that Percy is the Queen’s personal informant.

All members of the round table can fight of course, including Percy, but what stands out amongst all of them is each and every one of them has special skills.

Take Percy for example, though she might not look like it, she has the ability to gather small bits of info, she then properly fix them in order and finally patch the information she need together like a puzzle.

But what makes her ability really frightening is the fact that she can do all of that within a single hour.

With a super computer brain like that, I sometime want to ask her on why she thinks like a little girl. But it’s not like I’m dense or anything, she might get offended so I avoid asking that.

Maybe due to Percy’s presence, a waitress walks slowly towards us. But since she’s here and my cup is empty, I might as well order another cookies and cream shake. Seriously those things are good.

Good enough for me to calm myself down so that I can ask Percy on what would trouble the queen enough to call for me.

Hey its ZYLOS here, sorry for not being able to post James for a while, i've been on a roll with my other story, but dont worry the next chapter will be about this story again so please wait for the next chapter. by the way just to remind you guys, after a few months, i'll be leaving Royal Road and i'll start posting this and my other story somewhere else. i kinda need the money, so i hope i still have everyone's support. well then see you next Chapter!!!!

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