Chapter 1

Noah’s Ark Airlines, or N.A.A. for short, is the only airline company that is made here this island.

To be honest, the shortened name of this company makes me imagine a little 5 foot girl trying to punch the face of a 7 foot man desperately. I mean seriously, try imagining it.

The ‘N’ part is where she is about to jump and the ‘A, A’ part is where she tries to punch the guy’s face.

Anyway, here in ‘Nnn, Ei, Ei’ is where I am right now. Its 2:32 pm and presently being pampered by Mama Robin.

[Robin] “Do you have everything you need with you, what about change of clothes?”

[James] “Yes Robin, there in my luggage.”

[Robin] “What about your gun and sword?”

[James] “Shhh, don’t say that out loud, we’re in an airport remember?”

If any of the staff or security heard that, they might give me the rubber glove treatment! I’m the ‘key’ kind of guy, not the keyhole and nothing, and I do mean nothing enters this keyhole!

[Reshulla] “Calm down Robin, James is a grown man; he can take care of himself.”

Wow Reshulla, I’m impressed. Your more calm about this that thought you would, I thought you’d cling on me until my flight is ready.

[Reshulla] “Just as long as he calls us for every 10 seconds.”

Never mind, she wasn’t as calm as I thought she was. Actually, if I call you guys for every 10 seconds, I won’t be able to do anything, much less the reason itself that I’m going to London. The time is too short Prof, at least make it every 6 hours or something.

[Anastasia] “James, they said that you flight will be leaving in about an hour.”

[James] “Thanks Ana, sorry to trouble you.”

[Anastasia] “It’s alright; I’ve been here a lot, so it was easy.”

I’m really am thankful of her, though this isn’t my first time in plane, I’ve mostly rode on a private plane or a chopper, so I rarely rode on public planes. That is why…

[James] “Thank a lot Ana.”

[Anastasia] “No really, but…your welcome I guess…fufufu~”

Seriously, being released from that stupid woman hating spell is one of the best things that ever happened to me, why? Well it’s because I could honestly and clearly think that the way Ana is fidgeting right now while trying to cover her blushed cheeks is so freak’n adorable!

But of course, I wasn’t the only one who is thinking that. The men around us started to take small glances at Ana.

But then again, even if she didn’t do any of this, most men would still turn their heads towards her.

Especially since she’s wearing something that’ll giving her a high-class air around her, with light-blue high heels shoes, along with a white one-piece dress with frills on its collar and a small scarf tied around her neck, on top of her one piece dress is light-blue cardigan with a unique dark blue bird at the back.

[Reshulla] “Hmm…that’s kind of unfair, only being lovey-dovey towards Ana.”

[Robin] “That’s true, you’ll be leaving soon and you only paying attention to Ana.”

Their actually got me there, I was attention was directed towards Ana that I failed to notice that both Reshulla and Robin are now hugging my arms. Reshulla, who is hugging my right arm, is looking at me with her alluring red ruby eyes.

By the way, she is also wearing something that makes her stand out and since today’s a weekend, she isn’t wearing her usual lab coat. With a white shirt that has a violet butterfly encrypted on its left shoulder and black tight pants that could easily show the shape of Reshulla’s thighs.

Reshulla kept 3 buttons open so I could see a bit of her cleavage, not that I’m looking at them, mind you.

But still, if I keep looking at her directly she might use it to her advantage! I must look away…ah.

Since Reshulla is on my right, I tried to retreat to my left. But my carelessness got the best of me, I completely forgotten that I was surrounded.

Robin, who is hugging my left arm, looks at me with her fading-green and light brown eyes. Unlike mine which is all green, Robin’s eyes have a beautiful combination that makes her appearance even more captivating and what makes it even more appealing, is that she’s looking at me with upturn eyes while slightly hiding her stares with a black and white checkered cap.

As she continues to look at me with her already beautiful eyes, she started to press her body deeper to my arms.

This is of course a bad thing, since she’s wearing a tight and short cut white shirt that has black colored sleeve. Wearing this kind of shirt really exposes Robin’s navel, as for her pants, she’s wearing a dark green cargo pants that has torn openings in both knees.

Oh, and about the ‘bad’ part I was talking about is that the shirt Robin is pushing herself to me, so my arm is already being sucked in.

Kuh…this valley…this valley…I won’t fall for this kind of th—Reshulla, what are you doing!?

I tried to toughen myself up, but I was suddenly attacked on my right flank, more like…

[James] “Reshulla, what are you doing?”

[Reshulla] “What do you mean? I’m only doing what Robin is doing, so isn’t it fine?”

No its not, stop pressing you body against mine!

[Anastasia] “Ah, that’s not fair…umm…me—me too!”

Whoa, wait a minute Ana; don’t make things even worst for me, especially if you’re hugging me from the front! Hold it in James, just hold the beast in!

I’m starting to think that this is some sort back lash of that women-hating spell that my idiot mother gave me, but then again, before I got rid of that stupid spell off, I literally hated women for some reason and couldn’t help myself but avoid them as much as I could.

Though I’m no longer um…ahem, you know…a virgin; I’m still inexperienced when it comes to women, so I guess my inability came from avoiding them so much.

[???] “Excuse me sir?”

[James] “Hmm?”

Though I was the only one being called to, Reshulla, Ana and Robin also looks at the direction where I was looking.

[???] “Please don’t cause too much trouble.”

Who we found standing behind us was a security staff that works here in the airport.

[James] “Trouble?”

After repeating what he just said, I look to both of my sides and notice that the people around us are taking long glances and whispering to one another. In other words, we were the center of attention.

Great, being famous in school wasn’t bad enough now I have to deal with this kind of crap, this is embarrassing.

I was about to tell the girls to let go, but I guess I want the only one that felt embarrassed in our current situation. Ana and Robin took a few steps away from me while having slightly blushed cheeks.

All of them, but one…

[Reshulla] “What the hell, what do you want you damn sea louse?”

[Security Guy] “S—sea louse?”

Wa—what is Reshulla saying? Its fine if you just think about it, but you shouldn’t say it out loud right in front of their face!

[James] “Um…uh, her calling you a sea louse isn’t actually a bad thing, on the contrary, it actually means something good…yeah.”

[Security Guy] “How is being called a Sea Louse right in front of me be a good thing!?”

[James] “Hehehe, you’re right about that.”

I guess making it as if being called sea louse is a good thing won’t work, but then again, being identified as a disgusting parasitic water creature will never be a good thing.

Though still shaken up the security guy clears his throat and warns us.

[Security Guy] “You 4 have been making a scene the people around are getting disturbed.”

Just like what the security guy said, the people around us are looking at our behavior…wait, let me correct what I just said, some of the people have their eyes on the girls, most of them are on me.

Some of them are even whispering something amongst themselves and judging by how they look at me while their doing so, most likely the words going around isn’t good.

With stares and whispers, anyone would feel embarrassed. Yup, anyone would…except for one.

Reshulla, who is still clinging on to my right arm, looks at the bystanders that surrounded us with a scowl. She then raised her hands and gave them a hand gesture that is only meant for animals or bugs.

[Reshulla] “Why are these things roaming around us? Shoo, shoo, go find a dumpster to buzz around in, you damn flies.”

I was about to stop Reshulla, but Robin got ahead of me and covered Reshulla’s mouth with her hand and Ana, who is on Reshulla’s back, grabbed her from behind and walk away together with Robin.

[Reshulla] “Wha—mmph…nnn….”

Ana and Robin then looks at me…got it.

[James] “Hehehe, she has a bit of a temper, we’re sorry. Well then, good day to you all.”

With Robin’s and Ana’s quick thinking, I said my apologies and we then made our quiet escape.

But seriously, what Reshulla said just now was her being honest, she literally see them as flies. I swear I don’t think I’ll be surprise to see Reshulla start carrying a can of bug spray around.

After taking a few minutes walking away from the people that Reshulla insulted, luckily we found a quiet coffee shop inside the airport lobby.

[Reshulla] “Stupid bugs, ruining our time together with their *Slurp* existence.”

[Anastasia] “Now, now Ms. Reshulla, calm down.”

While Ana tries to calm, the still angry Reshulla down, we continue to drink our ice coffee as we pass the time waiting for my plain to take flight.

[Robin] “*Pop* Which reminds me, James…”

[James] “Hmm, what is it?”

Before Robin who is seated to my right finish talking, she looks down and then points at a certain luggage which I plan to take with me to London.

[Robin] “What are you going to do about these; won’t they be found once they check your luggage?”

What Robin is pointing at is the special case that’s made to put both Hiltraud and Nanashi. I actually know what Robin is trying to say, after all no one in their right mind would ever bring weapons in the airport and not expect trouble. But…

[James] “Don’t worry…

I then put the case on to my lap, Ana and Reshulla notice what I was doing so they both stood from their seats and came over to have a look.

[James] “Here, try opening it.”

[Robin] “*Pop* Is it fine to open it here? Won’t we get in trouble?”

[James] “It’ll be fine, just open it.”

Even though I told her to open it without worry, I could still tell that Robin is slightly cautious, even Reshulla and Ana who is behind her feel the same. As she slowly open the case, their eyes widen from what she found.

[Reshulla & Anastasia & Robin] “Clothes?”

Hehehe~ Yup, that’s right, if the person doesn’t know the trick, then he or she will never find fine them. Not to boast or anything, but the mechanism of this special case is actually designed and made be yours truly.


Hmm? For some reason, Robin looks somewhat dark and the way she slowly closed the case made me feel a little worried.

[Robin] “James…”

[James] “Y—yes?”

[Robin] “Didn’t I tell you to get things ready before hand, don’t tell me the reason why you’re so calm is because you didn’t even bring them?”

Huh? Is that the reason why I felt that weird aura around her, no wait…I now this aura, this aura belongs to…

[Robin] “Or maybe you forgot to put them?”

Mama Robin Mode!!!

[James] “W—wait, actually it’s got—“

[Anastasia] “James…”

[Reshulla] “Wow James, I know you’re brave and all but not following Mama Robi—*Ahem* Robin’s advice is…well…reckless.”

I know that or more like I was about to explain myself, so please don’t make things worst you two!

[James] “Wait, hold up! Let me explain, this thing actually has a trick to it!”

[Reshulla & Anastasia & Robin] “A trick?”

Sweet! Looks like the word ‘Trick’ got to them.

[James] “I can show you girls if you want, but we need to move to a bigger place.”

What I’m about to show them will need more space, if I don’t, these glass tables would be in the way and it’ll brake.

After finishing our ice coffee, we made our way to a secluded area of the lobby and placed the case in an upright position.

[James] “Now watch closely.”

While standing a little farther away from me, I kicked the case at the lower right corner. I controlled my strength properly that is why the case didn’t fly off and only rises in place in about 3 or 4 inches off the ground while spinning.

After its 3rd spin, I quickly grab the hand and pushed it. With its mechanism inside, 4 legs popped out and grasp itself to the floor making it stand and instead of the case opening on one side, the middle part of the case slides open and now Hiltraud, Nanashi and some throwinf knives can now be seen.

[Reshulla & Anastasia & Robin] “Whao!”

Hehehe, I knew they would react like that.

[Robin] “This thing is pretty cool, who made it?”

[James] “Actually, it was made by—“

[Reshulla] “James must have made it.”

[James] “Huh, how did you know, did I mentioned about this to you before?”

[Reshulla] “I could slightly feel your presence imprinted to it.”

Hmm? Imprinted? Is that similar on how a dog marks its territory, for the record, I never peed on this case, never!

[Anastasia] “You really made this James? That’s amazing!”

[Robin] “This is really impressive, never would have thought you’d be the handyman type.”

[James] “I like tinkering with gears and clockwork, though I know how to do maintenance on a car, I much prefer to play with clocks.”

I guess I didn’t tell them about this side of me yet, but then again, they do know that I also like gardening. Ever since I started to live alone, I tried to do all the chores. I was able to do almost everything besides cooking for some reason, but gardening surprisingly calms me down and helps me relax. As for tinkering with old machinery helps me think faster.

[Reshulla] “Wait, if this case has all that machinery inside it, wont the metal detectors…well you know, detect it?”

[James] “The metal detectors won’t be able to because…”

As I walk closer to the case, I knocked at the side. After hearing the sound that it made, the girls quickly knew what it was made of.

[Reshulla] “It’s made out of wood.”

[James] “Quebracho to be exact, it the toughest wood in the world. As for its name, it literally means ‘Axe Breaker’, so you can pretty much tell how hard this thing is by only hearing its name.”

Oh, by the way, the case is made out of 100% Quebracho, even the gears are made out of the same material. Isn’t it awesome!

[Anastasia] “If the case is made out of wood, then won’t your weapons be detected?”

[Robin] “Good point, since the whole thing is made out of wood, the metal detector could still fine the most important thing.”

I knew someone would ask about that fact, but then again I haven’t really explained about Hiltraud or Nanashi completely. We were in a rush back then so I just told them they were Tsukumogami and ended with that.

[James] “Actually this might be a good chance for me to explain.”

But before I do, I made sure that no one is present and then took out Nanashi from the case. Surprisingly, Reshulla, Ana and Robin looks very interested, so they quietly watch me from the same distance they were before.

[James] “First off, let me explain what a Tsukumogami is. A Tsukumogami isn’t an ordinary tool, which I’m sure you girls already know that.”

[Anastasia] “Nnnng…”

I could tell that Ana’s a little taken back, who could blame her though. After all, she did touch Nanashi back then; I was actually surprised that Nanashi didn’t go completely mad.

[James] “Back in the past, Tukumogami is also called ‘God of Tools’, but that doesn’t mean that they are.

In the past, most people thought that they were gods because of their strange abilities, but that’s not really the case here, it’s not that they are gods; it’s just that they have the power almost like one.”

[Reshulla] “Their power didn’t come from gods?”

[James] “Nope, they came from human desires and greed. Take for example, Nanashi here.”

I once again made sure that there is no presence in our surrounding, after confirming that there are none, I unsheathed Nanashi from its scabbard and started to swing it from side to side.

[James] “I guess you girls couldn’t tell, but Nanashi actually a blunt weapon, she doesn’t have a sharp edge.”

Hearing me say that made the girls look at me with a blank expression.

[Reshulla] “That can’t be, I mean we saw you cut stone as if it’s nothing.”

[Robin] “That’s true, I even saw you cut through steel.”

Since one of them believes me, I held the blade closer to them. They walk a bit closer to Nanashi and looks at the supposedly sharp edge of the sword.

[Anastasia] “It’s true; it really is a blunt weapon. But how did you…”

[James] “That’s because of its ability.”

I then took one of the throwing knives in the case and held it in front of me.

[James] “As you can see, the throwing knife is a lot sharper and has a better edge.”

*Ting* *Ting*

I started to hit the knife with Nanashi like I’m cutting a carrot on top of a chopping board, but no matter how many times it hit the knife with Nanashi, it still didn’t make a single dent to it.

[James] “But if I use its ability…”

*Swoosh* *Ting*

[James] “I could cut steel like a hot knife through butter.”

The girls who watched me cut the knife are now looking at me, or to be more precise, looking at Nanashi that I on my hand. I could clearly see that their astonished but I don’t want them to get the wrong idea about it.

[James] “Just to let you know, Nanashi here can cut through anything, but its ability can only work with a few conditions.”

While Robin picks up the other half of the knife on the floor and slider her finger on where I cut it, Ana looks at me and asks.

[Anastasia] “Conditions, what kind of conditions?”

[James] “Well for example, I want to cut a…um…a building. For me to cut a building, I need to learn more about the building’s materials. If I cut the building and only thought about cutting the cement then the steel beams would still be left.”

[Reshulla] “I see, so to cut the whole thing, you need to think about cutting both the cement and steel.”

That’s good, look like Reshulla and everyone else understood.

[James] “That’s why Nanashi here can literally cut anything whether it be Light, Darkness, Shadows and even Space and Distance. Just as long as I know about it, I can cut it.”

After my explanation, Reshulla puts her right hand on her chin a smiles proudly, as it was she was being praised.

[Reshulla] “So that’s why they call it ‘Nanashi, the Sword that cuts through anything’…now I get it.”

[Robin] “Huh, what’s up with the title? Is this sword that important?”

[Reshulla] “In the our side of the world it is, it’s one of the most powerful swords in the world after all.”

[Anastasia] “Wow James, your sword is literally a world treasure.”

[James] “Y—yeah, hehe…I guess it is.”

I don’t want to say it; I really don’t want to say it! I don’t want to tell them that the one that gave Nanashi and Hiltraud their amazing sounding titles was actually me.

I couldn’t help it, I was in middle school that time, and I thought that giving them titles would make them look even cooler! I want to punch my middle school self in the mouth for making me feel like this!

Quick James changes the subject before they get the chance to ask you, you might accidentally expose your embarrassing past you know!

[James] “A—anyway, since I’m done with Nanashi. Let me explain about Hiltraud.”

[Robin] “Hiltraud huh…does Hiltraud have a title too?”

[Reshulla] “Fufufufu~ of course it does, and it’s ’Hiltraud the Gun without Form’ pretty cool, huh?”

[Robin] “I guess, but it kind of gives you the vibe that a delusional Middle schooler would make such a name.”

Eeek! Move on, move on, move on!!!

Since I want to keep that secret to my grave, I quickly put Nanashi back to its sheath and place it back to the case, I then grab Hiltraud.

[James] “A—anyway, as you can see, Hiltraud here is now a Smith & Wesson 500 Magnum.”

In order to get their attention and change the subject, I quickly brought out Hiltraud and showed it off while spinning it on my finger right in front of them.

[James] “But if I use her ability…”

Before finishing my explanation, I spun Hiltraud even faster.

[Anastasia] “Huh!? The gun it’s…”

[Reshulla] “…turning into fragments.”

As I continue to spin Hiltraud, the fragment spreads vertically and then the fragments started to stick together, finally taking a new form.

[James] “It turn in to a new type of gun, or be more precise, the Smith & Wesson 500 Magnum turned into an A.H. Fox HE Grade.”

With once again showing astonished looks, they stare at Hiltraud’s new form from top to bottom.

[Robin] “So that’s why it has the title ‘Without Form ‘, it can change to different kinds of guns.”

Urk! Guess showing them the transformation part made them even more cautious about it name. Genius James, you’re a grade ‘A’ genius.

As I sight to my outstanding stupidity, I once again spun Hiltraud and turn it into a Standard URX Pistol.

[Reshulla] “So does this thing also have condition? You know, just like that sword Nanashi.”

[James] “Yup, just like Nanashi, Hiltraud also has a condition.”

[Anastasia] “And that is?”

[James] “The holder must know every bit of the gun, from every part and every screw. If one doesn’t know about the gun he or she wants, it’ll just fall apart and turn into fragments again. Same goes for its bullets even throwing weapons like these knives here. Oh, but Hiltraud can’t become something like a Rocket launcher or a Grenade launcher.”

Looks like they understood, Reshulla nods while murmuring ‘I see, I see’ to herself and Ana is also saying something like ‘It’s like the ultimate cheat for an FPS game’, but as for Robin…

[Robin] “Wait, won’t that mean that even though the casing won’t be detected, wont your gun and sword be found?”

Reshulla and Ana suddenly twitch when they heard Robin’s concern. I understand why of course but…

[James] “You don’t have to worry about that, because Hiltraud and Nanashi aren’t made out of any form of metal.”

[Reshulla, Anastasia, Robin] “……………….Hmm?”

Though they were silent, I could still tell that their confused.

[James] “I haven’t told you girls this yet, but even though Hiltraud and Nanashi look like this, their actually living beings. Both have their own personality and both have their own spirit, and just like how we are born with human flesh, once they become a Tsukumogami, they too will be born with new flesh.”

[Reshulla] “I get it, though they look they’re made out of metal, they’re actually not.”

[Robin] “So that means that the metal detector won’t find them.”

[James] “I can’t really let you girls hold Nanashi…she’s…well…moody, but you can hold on to Hiltraud…here.”

With Hiltraud still on my hand, I threw towards Ana.

[Anastasia] “Whoa!? Wai—wait for a…”

Though she was panicking, Ana was able to catch Hiltraud and held it with both her hands. She stares at Hiltraud for a few seconds but then she suddenly jumps in place while doing a small shriek.

But a few seconds more, her cautious expression quickly changed in to a nervous one.

[Anastasia] “Oh my, what a lovely voice…ah, I—I mean, it’s very nice to meet you Ms. Hiltraud, my name is Anastasia Douva!”

Reshulla and Robin slightly walked back when Ana started talking to herself, but then again, Reshulla and Robin aren’t touching Hiltraud so of course they can’t hear it.

I called out to Reshulla and Robin and told them to hold Hiltraud that is still placed on Ana’s palm.

[Reshulla] “What the?”

[Robin] “*Pop!?*”

And just like Ana, both Reshulla and Robin got startled because now they can hear an unknown voice coming from their mind.

I couldn’t hear it though, since I’m standing next to the case and Nanashi.

[James] “By the way, I almost forgot to mention that there is one other ability that all Tokumogami have.”

[Anastasia] “Really, they have one ability that all of them have?”

[James] “Yup and that’s the ability to take human form.”

[Anastasia] “What, so does that mean Ms. Hiltraud can turn into a human!?”

Huh, ‘Ms.’?

[James] “Yes it can, but unfortunately there is another condition and that is they must live for 1000 years.”

[Anastasia] “F—for 1000 years? Isn’t that too long?”

I agree with you on that one, but it couldn’t be helped since that’s the condition.

[Robin] “So for how long will you be waiting for Ms. Hiltraud?”

Again with the ‘Ms.’, what’s up with that?

[Robin] “I see, so you have no idea. I was kind of hoping to see what you look like in human form.”

[Reshulla] “Actually me too.”

They got close pretty fast, but I guess it’s no surprise though. Hiltraud has been with me the longest, even before I found Nanashi. With her experience for all of those years, she has taught me a lot.

Now that I think about it, though Hiltraud is a gun…kind of, Hiltraud’s the closest to me for being a mother. Back when I was a kid she was the one who mostly takes care of me and scolds me if I did something wrong, it even sings me a lullaby in my sleep.

Wow, I think I’m the first person in the whole world who ever thought that a gun would be like his own parent. Yet strangely I don’t really mind.

[Reshulla] “Then what about Nanashi, how many years does it still have?”

[James] “Hmm…about 327…I think.”

[Reshulla] “Wow, that means Nanashi is really old.”

*Rattle* *Rattle* *Rattle* *Rattle*

Nanashi might be a sword but she can still hear words, especially if it’s about her. Nanashi, who is most likely angry, is now trying to unsheathe itself. But I quickly grab its handle and sheath it.

But even then, Nanashi is still trying to unsheathe itself.

[James] (Calm down Nanashi, she didn’t really mean it.)

As I try to calm her down by using my thoughts, a voice that is both fearful and alluring resounds in my head.

[???] (How could I calm down after being insulted like that, for her rude remarks, I shall have her repent by blood!)

See? I told you Nanashi is very moody.

[James] (I know Nana, but just calm down. I’ll personally tell her to never say that again, I promise.)

[Nanashi] (W—well, if that is what Aruji-sama wants, then I guess I’ll let it slide.)

[James] (Thank you for your kindness Nana.)

[Nanashi] (Tha—That kind of benevolence was nothing to thank me for Aruji-sama…but…y—you are most welcome.)

Phew, good thing that Nanashi calmed down quicker than I thought she would.

*Ding* *Dong*

[Intercoms] “Attention to all passengers to London, we will be leaving in 20 minutes. I repeat to all—“

As we heard the intercom’s announcement, Reshulla, Ana and Robin quickly felt down. I’m not going to lie, I fell sad leaving to.

Ana walks closer to me and handed Hiltraud back. I then placed Hiltraud back to the case and once again kick it to lower right corner.

By doing the same trick as before, the case went back to its original form, and just when I was finish, I noticed Robin staring at the case.

[James] What’s wrong, are you still worried about Hiltraud and Nanashi getting detected?

[Robin] “No, it’s just that…”

She then points at the case in my hand.

[Robin] “What happens to the clothes inside the case when you do that?”

[James] “Oh that, well if you must know…”

I have nothing to hide.

[James] “It gets messed up.”

[Robin] “Fold them back right now.”

Luckily, Reshulla and Ana helped me fold my clothes, so I wasn’t late for my flight. But still, Mama Robin can be quite scary.

Hi, ZYLOS here! Well here it is the 2nd chapter of james moriarty. hope you guys love this chapter and if you do please give me a comment. and for those who doesnt know yet i have another story so please read that too. well then see you guys next chapter!!!

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