Chapter 7

[James] “And that’s how I meet the student council members of the high school dept.”

I finally finished my story about myself and the student council, though I did kept the part about the disturbing painting, not like it’s going to do them any good, more like it’ll harm me in an incredible degree.

[Robin] “Hmm…so that’s how.”

[Ana] “I see…”

Speaking of getting harmed.

[James] “Hey uh…girls?”

[Robin] “Yeah”

[Ana] “What is it James?”

[James] “It isn’t that important, but why are you two kicking me in the shin? Ow…”

Actually, they’ve been kicking me ever since I told them about the shopping part of that story, if my legs weren’t trained well; most likely my leg would look like a violet watermelon. But still…ouch.

When I asked Ana and Robin why they are both kicking me, al them gave me was a silent smile. The smile is nice and all, but the silence scares me.

[Robin] “Now that you mentioned it, I think I’ve watched something about human traffickers getting caught out in the west side of the island 2 or 3 weeks ago. Was that it?”

Robin, who finally stops kicking me, stood up and took the now empty plates from the table. I got up and help her to, but mostly to escape from Ana, since she was still kicking me.

[James] “Most likely, I’m not sure though.”

Nothing eventful happened for the rest of the week so I guess that was it, well…besides Robin trying to get her Driver’s license, Ana’s attempt on cooking and Reshulla’s Ghost extermination plan, but other than those, nothing came up.

After washing the plated they used, Robin told James to back to the living room and let her do her thing. For some reason, Robin has completely taken over the kitchen, not that I’m complaining of course, not like any of us knows how to cook a decent meal.

So as Robin told me to, I walked back to the living room and found, Ana switching on the TV, she then took out the PS4 that from the shelf placed under the TV counter.

[Ana] “Hey James, do you want to play with me? We can go and take that quest if you want.”

[James] “I’m cool with it, but are you sure? When you were at your parents’ place I did a lot of grinding, so I won’t have any trouble in that quest.”

[Ana] “Auu…th—then, help me level up, I might die in the boss fight.”

[James] “Alright.”

This kind of conversation is pretty normal for me now, though I was a little surprised that someone like Ana is into games, but her choices of genres is quite similar to mine, so we got along well.

Since she invited me to play, I sat down at the couch while Ana fixes the PS4 and a few seconds later, Robins walks in while carrying a tray with 3 mugs.

[Robin] “Ana, will you be going to your parents’ today to? Here you go, it’s hot so be careful.”

[Ana] “No. I can stay here for a while, thanks.”
While Robin hands a mug to Ana, we could hear the newscaster on the TV.

[TV] “…the child that was kidnapped by the Traffickers are now back to their respected family. In other news, another crime has happened at the same day and the same area that the Human traffickers got caught. An upcoming clothes shop got their most important painting stolen, but surprisingly the thief only aimed for the painting and nothing more...”

[Ana] “What a weird thief, didn’t he steal the money to?”

[Robin] “Nope, apparently the only thing the guy took was the painting, at least that’s what the news says. Here you go James, this is yours…huh?”

[James] “Hm, what is it Robin, something on my face?”

[Robin] “No, it’s just that, you we’re giving a satisfied look just now.”

[James] “No it’s nothing, it’s just that…”
I couldn’t say it, since it didn’t mention it in my story, but…

[James] “One of the impurities in the world has been eradicated and ceases to exist, thanks to a noble thief.”

[Robin] “Huh?”

After gaming in about 2 hours or so, it was time for me to go to university together with Robin, we asked if Ana wanted to come along but she was too concentrated on her grinding, but apparently she was shocked to see how powerful my character was, so she decided to stay at home.

As for Reshulla, well she was working all night so she already out cold, so I didn’t bother waking her just to ask.

As I drive my way to the university, Robin who is next beside me is taking notes by use her laptop, as she watches my actions in driving.

I don’t really like automatic, so all 3 of my cars are manual.

While Robin continues to watch me, it would seem that she gets excited when ever I use the clutch. I got curious so I asked her and she said…

[Robin] “Because it looks cool *pop*, it’s like what you see in movies about racing or drifting videos in on the internet.”

That was her answer. So it looks cool, Huh?

[Robin] “Um…James, weren’t you supposed to take a right at that corner?”

With a confused tone, Robin looked back the direction I was supposed to take. Well, since we have a lot of time.

[James] “I figured that we should take another route going there.”

I then made my way to the highway where a big wide spread road that goes straight. Quite a few cars are driving in this road, since most of the people are now headed for work.

Robin, who was still confused, looked at me again and asks me again on why I drove further away from university.

When we made it to the highway, I asked Robin to spit out her gum and put her sit belt on. At first, she kept having this confused look, but she eventually found out what I was planning and joyfully did what I told her to.

[James] “So…are you ready, Robin?”

[Robin] “I am, but what if the police give chase or something?”

[James] “Don’t worry; they won’t be able to catch us.”

Though she said so worryingly, Robin still had that excited smile on her face.
It’s a straight road going ahead, but dozens of cars are driving the street so I won’t be able to drive in a straight line, but having obstacles is a lot more fun so I won’t complain.

I stop at the red light and made the engine resound.

*Vrrrmm* *Vrrmmm*

I think some of the young drivers got around me got angry when I made my engine roar, so 3 of them lined up beside me like a starting point and not only that, these 3 guys look like drag racers. Well, this was my intention anyway; it’s a lot more interesting if I have opponents.

[Driver #1] “Hey punk, you’ve got a lot of guts to pick a fight with us!”

[Driver #2] “Yeah, just because you have a nice looking car, doesn’t mean that you can drive fast!”

These guys look like they have a bit of talent, but…

[James] “Heh, we’ll—“

[Robin] “Ha! We’ll see about that! The first one that gets to the top of that hill wins, not unless you guys are nothing but talk.”

[James] “Wha—what she said…”

Robin took my lines. Oh well, looks like her taunting work since they have veins popping out from their forehead, so it’s fine.

[Driver #3] “What the hell!? You got a good mouth there lady; once I win this race, I’ll stuff it something nice.”

[Robin] “Haha, sorry to say this but his is the only one I need and besides, you guys got no chance.”

I wanted to stop Robin on intimidating then further, but when she said something about me, my words just got clogged in my throat. Did she really have to say that?

Now that I think about it, she did say that she wanted to try it and I just agreed due to the atmosphere that was floating around us that night.

No, let’s just forget about it!

[James] “You guys heard the lady; the winner is the one that get to the top of the hill first and as a handicap, all 3 of you are a team so if one wins all of you guys win, so how about it.”

[Driver #1] “Damn brat, looking down on us. Fine, but if we win, we get the car and the girl.”

[Robin] “Alright, but if we win, you guys give away that gaudy cars of yours and start riding a bicycle for a month.”

Wait, it kind of sound like Robin knows these guys.

[James] “Friends of yours?”

[Robin] “They wish, these guys tried to hit on me 3 days ago back in campus, 2nd years I think. They thought they could get laid if they showed off their nauseating cars to me.”

[James] “I see…”

So these guys tried to hit on Robin, huh?

[Robin] “And just last week I saw these guys looking at Ana disgustingly, not to mention that they tried to pick up Teach as well.”

So these guys also tried to pick up Ana and Reshulla…

[James] “Hey…”

[Driver #1] “What is it, getting cold feet?”

[James] “No, but can I have another condition if I win?”

[Driver #3] “Don’t ever try anything to this girl or the other two again, but if you still try to do anything to them…”

[Driver #2] “But what?”

[James] “I’ll rip off all your skin and use them as my tire’s new skin coating.”

[Driver #1] “………………Ok…”

[Driver #2] “………………Sure…”

[Driver #3] “………………Alright…”

After answering me with a trembling voice, the 3 gulp at the same time and grabs on the wheel while trembling.

As I watch the stoplight, I started to count on my head and wait for the green light to turn red. Since the road is wide, it won’t be much trouble for the other drivers to drive around us.

[Robin] “That was surprising, never would have thought you’d say something like that.”

[James] “You and I both, but I just didn’t like them looking at you and the others like that, pissed me off for some reason.”

[Robin] “I see.”

Robin didn’t say anything after that and I was able to hear her light giggle while she turns around to hide her face.

[Robin] “All right give your keys, I’ll be sure to give them to charity or something.”

Supposedly, if we had a normal drive going here, it would have taken us about 30 minutes to reach the campus gates, but since we had a race the time we made getting her is 15 minutes.

The 3 men that challenged me are now on the floor weeping while Robin takes their keys from their shaking hands. But what will she do with 3 cars? I sure don’t want them since the cars look painful to look at and I think Robin feels the same as I do. she did mention about charity.

[James] “Hey Robin, What are you going to do with the cars? Were you serious about the charity thing?”

[Robin] “Of course I was, it’ll go to my office maintenance budget, the equipment isn’t enough so I need to buy a few things to make it better.”

Well, she is way better than anyone I know when it comes to Computer Tech and the net. I mean, all I do on the internet is stream for shows and order the things I want.

[Robin] “I know you have somewhere to go, but walk be to my Building, would you?”

[James] “Sure, I’m not really in a hurry anyway.”

As for Robin, she can practically find out the info of anyone if she wants to, like what she did to me. She eventually found out what I did in my past, but surprisingly she was cool with it, she even said to me “That’s all in the past right? So it doesn’t matter who you are now.”

I’m cool with walking her to her building, but does she really have to wrap her arm around mine? Most students might not be here, but there are a few so the looks they are giving me is making me embarrassed. After all, the image we are giving is like we are walking at the altar to make our vows.

I wasn’t able to notice that we made it to her building, since my brain is thinking of weird things and also enduring the people’s stares.

Robin then takes out her key card and then the steel doors slide open. As we both enter the building, what I see are 6 PC monitors that place on a big table.

[Robin] “No, I won’t allow you to install games on any of them.”

[James] “……………”

[Robin] “No, I don’t care even if it doesn’t take much of the memory of the hard disk, believe me I’ve been through this with Ana already and I still said no.”

Damn, since when could she read minds, or it might be that she could only read mine.

*Beep* *Beep*

[???] “Excuse me, is Ms. Altorez here!?”

While I stood in a single spot while thinking of way to persuade Robin about my gaming urges, a car’s horn and a man’s voice rang outside the building. From the noise it made, most likely a truck.

[Robin] “Wait out for a bit! Come on James.”

I have no idea what’s Robin calling me for but I still followed her.

As we stood outside the building, I finally understand what she wanted from me.

[Robin] “You’ll help me carry some of these furniture inside, wont you?”

[James] “I still got time, sure.”

I don’t really see why I should refuse.

A man came closer to robin while holding what seems to be a tablet and while he does that, 3 more men came out of the truck. I guess these guys will be helping out with the moving.

[Mover guy #1] “Um…uh…p—please, could you sign here?”

This guy looks pretty frantic, he doesn’t look new to this job and that goes for the other 3 as well.

[Robin] “Here? Alright…there you go.”

Never mind, I think I know why—no scratch that, I’m sure the reason of why they are so frantic is because of Robin herself. Why? Because before she took the tablet off of the guy’s hands, she took of her jacket and is now wearing a black skin tight tank-top while tying her jacket on her waist.

See her wear that makes me think.

[James] (She is wearing a bra, right?)

But my earlier question was soon answered when she walks closer to me.

[Robin] “James, I got gloves we could use, one of the movers gave me some spare.”

She isn’t…

To be honest even I couldn’t take my eyes off of them. I try to look at something else, but they just keep on looking back at them.

As a man, I honestly like what I’m seeing, unlike when I still have that curse placed on me, I now know why men like to stare at them. But the other feeling I get is the fact that I don’t like Robin being stared at full of lust.

[James] “Hey Robin, you should keep the jacket on.”

[Robin] “Hmm? Why, it’ll just get in the way when I carry things to the building.”

[James] “Well yeah, I know that. It’s just that…you know…”

At first, Robin gave me this questioning look as she tilts her head to the right. But she quickly understood what I meant and gave me a seductive smile.

[Robin] “Why are you so bothered? This isn’t the first time you’ve seen me like this.”

[James] “Don’t say that kind of things here and, I’m bothered about something else…”

As I tried to hide my worries, Robin looked behind her. She then noticed the Movers staring at her and understood my worry. She then crosses her hands and sighed.

[Robin] “Do you seriously think I’ll be tempted by other men?”

Not good, she really looks pissed off right now and her eyes are serious to, what should I do?

[James] “No, it’s just that I don’t like it.”

[Robin] “Don’t worry, it’s not like I’m wearing this just to get ogled on, it’s strictly for work, and besides…”

When Robin walks a few steps ahead of me, she turns around and made sure that the 4 movers couldn’t notice her. She grabs her shirt’s collar and pulls it down wards, exposing her uncovered chests and she slightly slip out her tongue while smiling.

[Robin] “The only person who can see and touch them is you.”

This girl…is a temptress. I’m starting to think that I’m actually living with 2 witches. Truth be told, I’m starting to feel really…um…heated…right now.

But luckily, I can forget about this feeling as long as I keep myself busy.

I followed Robin heading to the back of the truck. At the back what I found are furniture that can be used for relaxation and even a refrigerator, a stove and some boxes.

We decided to carry the boxes first, so I told Robin to leave the heavy looking thing to me. I was about to grab a box but suddenly, one of the movers blocked me and carried the box I was about to grab.

[Mover guy #2] “Please this looks too heavy for you sir, let me do it.”

[James] “Um…alright.”

This guy is pretty dedicated to his job.

Since the box I was aiming for is now being carried to the building, I look for another one and—

[Mover guy #2] “Oh let me carry this thing for you Sir, it might be too heavy for you.”

[James] “O…K…”

Is it me or are they calling me weak? It’s like they keep telling me that the things I want to carry is too heavy for me for some reason…nah, can’t be, they must be thinking about their employer. Yeah, that’s got to be it.

Now then, I’ll just carry these two inside and—

[Worker guy #1] “I’ll be carrying this one for you sir, it might be too much for you.”

[James] “……………………”

[Worker Guy #4] “I’ll carry this one; you need a bit more muscle to carry these things sir.”

Never mind, these pricks are calling me a weakling and disturbing my work. But the question here is, why?

[Mover Guy #2] “Here Ma’am, let me carry that for you.”

[Robin] “Um…alright, I guess.”

[Mover Guy #1] “NO, let me carry it for you.”

Ah…so that’s want they want. These monkeys are trying to impress Robin by showing their muscles…gross. Don’t these idiots know that because of their unneeded fast pace, they started to sweat like they just caught by a heavy down pour and truth be told, they started to stink.

[Robin] “What a bunch of show offs.”

It would seem like I’m not the only one that noticed their actions. She then looks inside and searches for something to carry; she must have thought that this might be her chance to carry something on her own.

A few minutes inside the truck, she finally found a box that seems to contain some routers and other wires. She then throws the wires at me and caught them.

[Robin] “Careful, it might be too heavy for you.”
Is what she said, while giving me a cute but sarcastic smile.

[James] “Haha, very funny Robin. Come on, I’ll help you set up some things.”

Since these Muscle Nuts are doing all the heavy lifting for us while moving and thinking with the use of their crotch, might as well use them.

It took the Muscle Nuts about 2 hours to move and place the furniture in a way where Robins wants them to be. It would have been faster though, if only they didn’t us some of the boxes like weights and tried to show off in front of Robin.

If I could only show them that I know a certain someone that could lift this truck and everything else on it with a single arm, their prideful jewels would fall off their pants. But these guys looks like their normal, so lucky them.

But I guess I don’t have time to be bothered by them, it’s already 10:34 so I need to meet up with Folia and Ivana. The student council of the high school Dept sure is hard working. But then again I haven’t really met the other student council Dept so I can’t make a comparison.

[Mover Guy #1] “Will that be all? If you still need some help Ma’am I could—“

[Robin] “No, its fine.”

[Mover Guy #1] “I…I see…”

This guy and the other 3 sill haven’t given up on trying impressing Robin; they even make their muscle bulge…urk…seriously stop you Muscle Nuts are making me want to barf out the breakfast that Robin made for me!

The Muscle Nut that got shot down by Robin walks closer to us while holding the same tablet and a device that is made for sliding credit cards.

Though Robin now has a high paying job, the things that are newly bought and delivered here today will not be paid by Robin but by the old man or should I say Ana’s grandfather.

Apparently he said it was a thank you gift for saving the school, so she only said that they should bring it to the chairman office.

I was about to head to the high school are, but a sudden noise called out.

*Ding* *Dong*

[Speakers] <Will Mr. James Moriarty come to the Chairman’s office at once. I repeat, will MR. James Moriarty come to the Chairman’s Office at once.>

What a coincidence, I was just talking about the old man. And since I’m headed over there now, I might as well lead these Muscle Nuts there.

I asked Robin if she wants to come with me to the old man office, but she said that she needs to stay to fix the modem or something. It’s pretty understandable since Robin works in Virtual Security, so setting up the internet and everything in the computer is very important.

Unfortunately, the Muscle Nuts didn’t know her job, so they thought I got turned down and started to smirk at me.

That’s it; these idiots need to know their place and I know just how to do that. Though I haven’t told Robin on what I’m about to do, I just couldn’t take those smug faces!

[James] “Well then, looks like the Old man needs me for something, so see you soon…*chp*.”

Robin’s surprise couldn’t be avoided, since what I did just know is that I’m kissing her on the lips. But when I said that, I’m only using my lips. Robin’s wide surprised eyes started to relax. I was about to let her go, but she suddenly wraps her arms around my head and slides her tongue inside my mouth.

I don’t know for how long, but I think that kiss I gave her…no wait correction, the kiss she gave me was like about a 5 minute kiss.

[Robin] “Mmph…chup…mmh…puha…hah…what was that all about?”

[James] “Nothing.”

I wanted to say that I wanted to get back at the Muscle Nuts for making fun of me, but I completely forgotten about them when we we’re kissing.

Speaking of the Muscle Nuts, the 4 of them aren’t moving an inch and it seems to look like that they started to pale and fade their skin color. Hah, Eat that chumps!

Well either way, my revenge is now complete. I let go of Robin’s sides and walk closer to the 4 status—I mean men and told them that I would lead them to the Chairman’s office. They didn’t answer back but they gave me this worn out nod.

It only took, me along with the withered Muscle Nuts, 10 minutes to get to the Old man’s office. I know the Ivana and Folia are waiting for me, but I’m sure they heard the announcement, so I’m sure they would understand if I’m a bit late.

[Kurtz] “Oh James you’re here. Hmm, who are these 4?”

[James] “Hey there Old man. These guys? They’re here for the pay for all of Robin’s stuff.”

The Old man had his usual easy paced look; he then said “Oh right…” as if he just forgotten about it…actually, I think he really did forget.

He then took out his black credit card and slides it to the machine that one of the Muscle Nut was holding.

[Kurtz] “Hmm…young man, you and your co-workers don’t look alright, to tired maybe?”

The Old man is actually really caring for others, one of the reasons why he has a lot of connections that could help him, just like how he got the school fix in a week. So asking questions out of the blue like this is what Ana warned me about.

At first, the Muscle Nut Leader was reluctant, be eventually told the Old man while he and his Muscle Nut Band looks at me in a depressed way.

Apparently, they took this job with other motives, mainly getting girls by showing off their bodies to young women or young mothers. They have been doing this kind of job for weeks, but the only customers they get are grannies. So when they finally have a hot girl needing their help, they almost jumped for joy.

Nothing but grannies huh? I pity these idiots; do they seriously think it’s going to be that easy? Well, not like it’s any of my business.

The Old man nodded while saying “I see, I see…”, but he then suddenly stopped and face the slightly teary eyed man and asked him something that made not only made the Muscle Nut Leader go completely white, his band of idiots went white as well.

[Kurtz] “Wait a minute, which one? James over here has 3 including my granddaughter in his hands. So I wouldn’t know who you are talking about.”

[Mover Guy #1, 2, 3 and 4] “………………………….!?!?”
It was as if they found out something very shocking. After saying their farewell to the Old man and myself, they walk to the exit while wobbling, kind of like clumsy zombie walk.

As soon as the door closes, I asked the Old man why he wanted to see me.

[Kurtz] “Actually you got a call.”

[James] “A call? Couldn’t I just take it at the closest faculty building?”

[Kurtz] “It’s no ordinary call, I put him on hold in my private phone.”

When I walk closer to his table, I found his telephone that is also blinking with a green light. I then pick up the phone and pressed the green button.

[???] “Hey, it’s me you good old frie—“


[James] “He had the wrong number.”

Yeah, that must be it. That is the only answer.

The Old man is giving a slightly wary look, but it seems like he doesn’t really mind it that much. I was about to head out, but the Old man’s phone rang before I even get close to the door.

The Old man’s phone automatically answered the call since I wasn’t picking it up.

[???] “That was mean, you could have at least said “Hi” James, it’s has been 5 years after all.”

I really want to ignore this call, but knowing this guy, he would most likely keep calling me. I gave a loud sigh and I then pick up the phone.

[James] “What do you want ARTHUR?”

[ARTHUR] “Come on, you don’t have to call me by my code name.”

[James] “I don’t think you really grasp the Secret Agent thing do you? Forget it, so what do want from me? You better not have called me here just to play around.”

[ARTHUR] “There’s that and…”

[James] “…And?”

[ARTHUR] “My wife says hi.”

[James] “You have 5 seconds Barnaby Collins before I put this down and make sure that you can’t call me again.”

[ARTHUR] “Alright, can’t you take a joke?”

Not unless it’s coming from you.

[ARTHUR] “Here’s the thing, something is happening here in London. We’re not sure what it is, but her highness the Queen can feel it, and you know how sharp her feelings are. That is why she asked me if I can contact you.”

[James] “Can’t you and the Round Table handle this?”

[ARTHUR] “No can do, the Queen wants us somewhere else.”

[James] “………………………Alright, when should I leave?”

[ARTHUR] “Thanks, the Queen will be happy see you here, can you leave tomorrow?”

[James] “A little rushed, but yeah, I can.”

[ARTHUR] “Great, see you here and thanks again, really appreciate it.”

After hearing the beeping sound, I then put down the phone.

[Kurtz] “Headed to London?”

[James] “Yeah, can’t really say “No” to the queen…but more importantly, how do you know those guys?”

[Kurtz] “Having a wide ray of connection has a lot of benefits after all.”

Well, let’s just leave the question on “Just how many friends does this Geezer have in face book!?” aside and think on why they need you there.

Sigh, seriously I haven’t even spent a month in school and I’m already going to miss some classes. But I do owe the Queen for giving me a Job back then and a lot of other things, so I can’t really refuse.

Looks like I’ll be going on a little trip.

(End of Vol. 1.5)

HI its me ZYLOS101, im really really sorry for not posting for a while, with all the work and my mother getting sick i had no choice. but don't worry i don't plan on leaving this story unfinished. but i cant go to Vol. 2 just yet, since i'm still planing on what happens and the action part pf the story. but i have another story that you guys might like so read this for a while, while i make up the story for Vol. 2. here's the web sit of my other story [] hope you guys will like it.

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