Chapter 6

I made a promise to her older sister; I promised her that Folia wouldn’t get hurt.


But this piece of shit hit her!

“Hey, how long will you be on top of her?”

The words I spout out, filled with anger, quickly reach him.



But before he gets himself off of Folia, I kicked him straight on the face that sent him flying to the wall.


His started to bleed and I think I broke his nose to.

Folia got up on her knees, while I took of my shirt and gave it to her.

“Th…thank you.”

She slowly lifts her face to look at me, her eyes and cheeks filled with tears and her body is trembling strongly.

After seeing that, all I can do is apologize.

I kneeled down at the same level as Folia; I then use my right hand to wipe her tears from her eyes.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t get her sooner. If only I was fast enough, this wouldn’t have happen to—“

While I gently held on to her swollen left cheek, she raised her trembling hand and held my hand tightly and gave me a small smile.

“No, it alright. For some reason I knew that you would come for us. Thanks.”

She then plants her face on my chest while saying “Thank you” repeatedly.

I still feel her trembling, so gave her a light hug, sure hope this could help her calm down, even if it’s a little.


When Folia is starting to calm down a bit, the kidnappers I knocked out are starting to wake up.

I stood up while still having Folia sticking to me.

I feel bad on asking her to do something, but…

“Folia, can you take the kids and wait for me at the Deck?”

I let go of her shoulders and came over to the cage.

“You don’t have to worry about the kidnappers out there, I already knocked them out, they won’t be opening their eyes for a while.”

With the use of the other screwdriver that I held on to with my left hand, I tinkered with the keyhole and I open the gate without much effort.

I held out my hand to the shaking kids and said…

“Come on—“


………….huh? Did I do anything wrong?

As I pounder on what I did, Folia came inside the cage and did the same thing as I did.

Oh I get it! The kids experienced something horrible; no wonder they got scared, that would also mean that Folia’s attempt will also back—

“There, there. Everything is going to be alright now.”


—fire…hmm? That’s weird; they instantly ran towards her when she called foe them.

Back when I still have the curse, the only ones that I don’t get cautious to are children.

When I was 15, I was given a job of protecting a 9 year old girl and to my surprise, the curse didn’t work.

Anyway, the difference of attitude towards me and Folia somewhat hurts me.


The kidnappers are getting up.

“Folia, take the kid and wait for me at the Deck.”

Just as I instructed her to do, she carried one girl and held the hand of the other, the eldest amongst the kid followed her from behind.

As soon as she step outside of the room, she turn around and found me still inside.

“I need to talk to them, I need to got some info on where they brought Ivana, so you and the kids outside.”


Her worried look I understandable, but she doesn’t have to worry.

“Its fine, I took care of the one outside the Deck, so just wait for me there and just give me 10 minutes, alright?”

She paused for a few seconds and soon gave me a nod with a smile.

I look outside and watch Folia and the kids walking towards the Deck and when they reached the distance I wanted them to be in, I went back inside and closed the steel door.

Sorry that I lied to you Folia, actually I already know where Ivana is.

“Wha…what the hell happened?”

“Something hit me on my chin.”

You see, I’m actually a really selfish guy.

“You too? Damn, what in the wo—huh?”

“Hey, who the hell is that kid?”

I tend to be very possessive to; I really don’t like it when the things I treasure get damaged, especially when those treasures can’t fight back and made fun of.

“We don’t you who you are kid, but you better get out!”

“Hey wait, stop! This kid is strange, you shouldn’t mess with him!”


“Huh? What are you on about? This kid won’t be able to—hey punk, don’t ignore us!”

Since this is a storage room there has to be more of them…ah! Here they are a tool box.

I’m not really sure, but I think one of them is starting to get piss, well my I have my back in front of them so I can’t really tell, besides I’m busy counting these…3,4,5,6 and 7.

7 screwdrivers, I think that’s good enough.

“Hey! You got a lot of nerve ignoring me—“


“Huh? Something hit my side just now…eh?”

The man who was about to walk towards me slowly looks down and then he notice…

“Gyaaaaaaa! Wha…what’s a screwdriver doing there!?”

The five men who stood up are shocked to see his stomach and suddenly the man on the left screamed and noticed that he too has a screwdriver stab on to him.

Actually, I didn’t only throw 1 or 2; I actually threw 5 for each man who is standing.

Right after the 2nd man screamed, one after another scream soon after.

The first man who noticed stop panicking and is about to remove it from his stomach, but…

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.”

“Wha…what? What do you mean?”

The man is trembling along with the others; they look at me full of fear and despair while asking.

“…What I mean is that if you pull that thing out, you’ll start to bleed to death.”


The fear and despair grew even stronger within their eyes.

Hmm, I think I forgot to say something…oh right.

“By the way, I must have thrown them too fast, but I think the pain is about to come in…3…2…1…”


The man who stood in front of them fell to his knees while as he screams in pain and soon after the other fell like dominos, squirming at the floor full of tears and spit.

“Remember, if any of you remove the screwdriver, you’re life will end in an instant.”

They want to take it out because of the extreme pain their going through, but if they did take it out they would instantly die from blood lost.

“Now then, what should I do to you?”

I slowly turn towards the last man who was watching his friends screaming in pain, while shaking on the floor as he grasp on his injured hand.

“You’re the one that hit Folia on the cheek, right?”


With a single step I made, the man started to back away from me, bet seeing as he is against a wall, with desperation, he tried to claw his way out of a steel wall.

I’ve seen this before, his actions, his expressions, their all similar to a cornered rat.

“P…please don’t kill me, I’m sorry, I won’t do it again, so please…”

“Kill you, now why would I want to do that? I’m not going to kill you, I’ve already stop doing that.”

That right, I stopped killing.

“Good thing that I stop taking lives…”

For every step I make, he quivers while continuing clawing the steel wall.

Red stains have been appearing from the wall for a while now, most likely blood coming from his hands.

With a few steps away from him, I glared at him making him immobile. His face is covered in tears, mucus, spit and piss on his pants, a completely messed up face.

“Like I said, I won’t be killing anyone, even you.”

With those words I spouted, a small smile appeared on his face, but…

“After all, if I did kill you, I won’t be able to torture to the point that you wished to be killed by me.”

In an instant, the small smile he had disappeared.

With trembling hands, he made a cross sign and started to beg for help.

When he placed his hands together, I kicked them so fast, 2 of his fingers went flying and drop to the floor.


His shouting kind of hurts my ears, so I stopped him by pulling out the screwdriver on his left hand and thrust it on his lower jaw.

I then crouched down so we could see eye to eye.

He couldn’t speak, only gargling sound can be heard.

“God won’t save you, no one would.”


I thought he could scream, but then again, could you even call that a scream?

Lucky for me that the steel walls are sound proof because the scream(?) he just did was even stronger that the other 5 men on the floor’s scream.

When I’m done with everything, this man along with 5 others in this room won’t be heading to Jail, but to an Asylum.

5 minutes has passed and I then step out of the door.

The door has a lever to open it, but to make sure Folia and the kids don’t see that, I broke the lever.

As I make my way to the Deck, I found Folia and the kids in corner.

Folia was taking care of the kids and she then notice me walking towards them, I waved my hand to greet her.

“Hey there James, did you get any information on them?”

“Yeah, I did. Ivana is on the top floor.”

When I said that, the smile she’s giving me became even brighter.

“I see, that good.”

She then placed her hand on her chest so calm her breathing, in a way she kind of resembles her sister, she worries a lot, but then again…given the situation it’s pretty understandable.


No wonder I’ve been feeling like someone is staring at me, smallest girl amongst the 3, who is hiding behind Folia, was staring at me.

Alright, stay calm and give her the most gentlest you can do.

“Hmm? What is it?”


She didn’t hide back or try to run away from me! I’m so happy! My training has been paying off!

“Mister, could it be that…that you’re this lady’s—“

Huh? She must be confirming my relationship with Folia to make her feel less wary of me. Alright James, give her the answer she wants to hear!

“That’s right! I’m this lady’s—“



………………….wait, I’m her, what?

“Wow, lady. Your boyfriend went all the way here just to save you.”

“Eh!? Um…well…you see kids…um…”

Just like me, Folia is also speechless and couldn’t explain to them properly.

Really want to clear the misunderstanding, but…

“With the help of her boyfriend, we can go home right?”

“Of course we can! Didn’t you see how her boyfriend beat those guys up?”

“No, it was too fast.”

If I told them the truth, they might get depressed again.

*Sigh* I guess I have no choice. Here goes…

“Of course I’ll save my girlfriend! I don’t want her to disappear from me. After all, I love her a lot!”

There, that should get the kids happier.

“Really Mister!?”

“Of course, I’ll get my beloved and all of you kids out of here safely! So don’t worry!”

My act work! When I hit my chest with my clenched right hand, they started to show me really bright smiles now!

Isn’t it great that the kids aren’t that scared anymore, Folia?


Huh, Folia? Is she alright?

When I turn towards her, she didn’t react at all; she’s just standing there, not moving an inch.

Wait…her neck all the way up to her face is completely red!

Cou—could it be that she go t a cold!? We are out here in the open sea and it’s still the middle of spring, so it’s got to be cold.

I’m fine since I’m controlling my body temperature, so I’m fine being shirtless, but I guess normal people can’t take this kind of temperatures.

But I still need to snap her out of it.

“Folia, Folia are you alright?”

“H...hmm? Yes, what is it Dear?”


Why did she call me honey? Wait, could it be she’s playing along? That’s good; the kid will be more reassured.

Since she’s playing along…

“You kids stay hidden with Folia.”

After saying that, one of the kid grab on to my pants and look at me with wary and slightly teary eyes.

“W...where are you going?”

“I still need to save Folia’s friend, she’ll be very sad if they don’t get to meet again right?”

The little girl pondered for a while but then, quickly gave me a small nod.

What a brave girl, here let me give you a pat on the head.

“Alright, I need to get going now. Folia, take care of the girls.”

“Huh? Oh right, sure thing dear, take care.”

Wow she’s really devoted on this act, huh? But then again, it does help the kids relax more, so…

“You got it Honey!”

As I run towards the stairs, I gave them a thumbs-up as I look back at them.

I now I should save Ivana, but I need to do something first, it’ll only take me a few seconds.

So instead of going up stairs, I went down the engine room.

(3rd Person POV)

At the top floor of the Yacht, is where Kovet Dickenson, the man who controls a small human trafficking business, is presently relaxing on a fancy brown leather chair, while drinking wine with a glass cup, surrounded by 8 thugs, 6 guarding the room and 2 guarding the outside.

He had a frisky looking beard and a gaudy tuxedo, but what makes it even worst is that he had a very big belly that sticks out, which make the buttons on his Tux looks like they’re about to fly off.

“Now, how much would your parents pay for you? Seeing as your family is rich, 20M maybe, no, no ,no maybe even 50 Mil!? Gyahahahaha!”

“You won’t be able to get anything from my dad, besides he’s not even in the island.”

“I know that…so for how long?”

“For a year.”


In Kovet’s sudden pause, I was clear to see that he wasn’t expecting that Ivana’s father will be away for a while.

Seconds later, he noticed that he was being stared at by his own men, so he quickly made an back-up plan.

“You…you don’t have to worry about you pretty little head, we’ll just keep you here until Daddy finally notice that you gone.”

And it was a pathetic plan at that.

Ivana, who has her hands and feet tied up, I sited behind Kovet with an angry look, but quickly change in to a shocked expression, right after Kovet spoke his so called back-up plan.

She gave a sigh which everyone could hear and then called out to Kovet, who seems to be proud of his idea.

“Hey, fatty!”

“Huh!? Me!?”

“Yeah, you. Did you really think that up?”

“Of course, what about it?”

Ivana then look at him in the eyes and said…

“What a pathetic plan, a child in daycare can even think of a better plan that that.”

After hearing that from Ivana’s mouth, vains started to pop out of Kovet’s forehead.

The thugs that surrounding them quickly made a few steps back, because after all the years they worked for Kovet, they know that he has a very short temper.

He sticks his hand inside his tuxedo and then brings out a golden pistol, he then aims it at Ivan’s head and…


The shoot echoed throughout the ocean.

Though there was the sound of gun fire, no blood was spilled, nor did Ivana get any injures.

“Now, now, Senior Dickenson, relax and calm down. You wouldn’t want your cash-in card to get damaged, now do you?”

Because of fear, Ivana had her eyes closed, but after hearing the shot and not even feeling any pain, she slowly opens her eye.

There stood in front of her is a tall man with olive skin, standing in about 6 feet and wearing slightly torn blue jeans.

But what makes him stand out among the rest of the thugs is that he was not only wearing a poncho, he was also wearing a brown felt sombrero.

“Y—your right, Alejandro. Phew, that was close.”

Alejandro Fortosse is a half Mexican man that was hired by Kovet 3 months ago from a certain organization to be his business’ bodyguard.

While Alejandro’s hand is gabbing on to Kovet’s arm, Ivana noticed that under Alejandro’s poncho are 4 revolvers, strapped on his waist.

After breathing in and out, Kovet sat back down on his chair and faced away from Ivana.

“Sorry for the sudden scare young lady.”

When Alejandro step closer towards Ivana, she gave out a sudden twitch and was about to panic, but to her surprise,
Alejandro took of his hat and placed it on his chest and apologized with a sorry look.

“Um…no…thank you…for saving me…I guess”

Alejandro didn’t answer back, he just put on his hat, gave it a small tilt and then he gave her a smile.

(Wha—what a strange kidnapper…)

We’re the thoughts that Ivana was thinking.

For a Yacht full of thugs and ruffians, she was surprised to see a man that could show such good manners, even towards the hostage they kidnapped.

But suddenly Alejandro’s smile disappeared and was replaced with caution; he quickly turns his head left and right as if he was looking for someone.

Kovet notice the sudden change with Alejandro and so he asked him what was wrong, his answer was…

“Someone is here…no, let me correct that. SOMETHING is here.”

He then took out two revolvers from their holster and carefully surveyed the area.



*Splash* *Splash*

A cry from the outside the right window, suddenly resounded.

Ivana, Alejandro and even Kovet quickly look at the place where the scream came from.

And then they noticed.

To Kovet’s worries, he faced his men and asked.

“Where in the hell are the other two go!?”

But no one answered, not even the 6 remaining guards who are close to the 2 thugs were able to notice.

“You 3, get out there and check what happened.”

“…Bu…but boss, we—”

“That was an order you idiots, now go!”

So then 3 men reluctantly heads out to see what happen, while the remaining people observe from the inside.

The 3 men poisoned themselves, one in each side, the right, left and the front.

The silence spread throughout the room, their breaths can even be heard.

The 3 thugs that were ordered to check what happened looked around while pointing their machine guns at the same direction.

One of the thugs slightly lowered his shoulder and turn towards inside the window.

“Nothing here bos—Whoaaaa!?”

The man’s words were cut and suddenly disappeared.

“Wha—what in the hell!?”

Kovet shouted in fear, he was the closest o the man, but even he doesn’t understand what happened.

The 2 men outside quickly ran towards the spot where their colleague disappeared to, but then…

“What in—whoaa!!?”


*Thud!* *Thud!* *Thud!* *Thud!*

Ivana, Alejandro, Kovet and the 3 remaining thugs look upwards at the roof.

They could hear the men grunting as if they are fight with something, but suddenly silence once again filled the room.

The noise from the 3 men at the roof suddenly got quiet.


Kovet quickly stood from his chair and was about to grab his gaudy golden pistol, but then…


Something came flying in through the window on the left side of the room.


Then came another, but this time it was on the front.

Kovet was at the center, so he was hit by that flying object and made him let go of his pistol.


And then came the 3rd one coming from the right window.

They we’re all frozen stiff due to what suddenly happened.


At first they thought it was some sort of sack that was thrown in but they quickly noticed that it was the 3 thugs that suddenly disappeared.

They had nothing but question on what happened; luckily the last man that was thrown in was still awake, so 2 of the men ran towards him and slowly helped him up.

“No wait! Don’t get close to him!”

“What are yo—Guhaaa!?”



Alejandro was too late, though the man wore the same jumpsuit as the other thugs; he was able to tell that he was different from the others.

The supposedly ally gave the thug on his right side a strong upper-cut, which even cost a few of his teeth flying, and without losing his momentum, he turns his body, grabbed the other man on his left by the face, with the same hand he used for the upper-cut and slammed him on to the floor.

Not even a single second, this man quickly knocked out 2 fully grown men to the ground.

He then stood from the ground and takes off the cap, revealing pure black hair that doesn’t even shine under the sunlight.

“Wha…J….James! You’re here, why!?”

The man that stood before Alejandro had green jade eyes. As continues to stare at the man that was called “James” his thoughts we’re…

(That all happened in a flash and that speed isn’t normal at all ether! But most of all…)

Alejandro gulped his saliva and sweat started to trail down his cheeks going down his chin.

(The Fae side of me is reacting, calling out to me…no, it’s not calling out to me, it shouting at me, telling me to “RUN!”)

Alejandro was a half-human and half-Fae.

A Fae are female fairy or spirit like beings. They we’re once thought that they could see the future, just like an Oracle, but in actual fact is that they can only see the ending possibilities of different methods and actions.

But since Alejandro was only half-Fae, he can only use his ability 5 at most and another gift that was given to him is the strong sense of danger, whether the person who stands before him is good or evil.

And right now, that sense of his is going mad.

(Alright Al, just calm down. He’s human, just a human…at least I hope he is.)

(James POV)

“Wha…J….James! You’re here, why!?”

I finally made it to Ivana, I had something to do at the engine room, so it took me a bit longer to get to her, I was a little worried that she might have gotten hurt or even worst.

When I was at the engine room, I fought against a few guards that were shooting at me and the only things I can defend myself with were screwdrivers and of course, they eventually broke.

Lucky for me, I found some iron chains that’s about 10 feet in length.

“Hold still Ivana, I’ll get you out of here…there you go.”

“Thanks James, but…what are you doing here? What about Folia!?”

She suddenly grabbed on to my shoulder when she said Folia’s name.

I could easily see that she’s worried.

“Don’t worry, she’s safe down at the deck.”

“Really? That’s good to hear. *Phew*”

These friends really think about each, don’t they?

“*Ahem* Isn’t it a little rude to just suddenly intrude like this?”

The man who was next to Ivana, made a few steps away, cleared his throat and said something about me being rude.

Wait, me, rude? I don’t really see why I was the rude one here!

“I’m the rude one? Isn’t inviting a woman who clearly doesn’t want to mingle with any of you the rude ones?”

“Heh, you got me there…senior?”

“James, James Moriarty.”

“Hm, James?”

I haven’t met this man before, it look like he’s about 27 or 28 years old, but someone with such unique taste in clothes should make an impact to me.

“Now I remember, you we’re the one that beat Finred, Allen and the young lady last week.”

Huh, Finred and Allen!? So this guy is associated with those guys and that “young lady” must be that Konoichi girl, Hijiri was it?

“So you’re friends with those guys, huh?”

“Well, I guess you can call us that, I am good friends with Fin and Allen, but the young lady, not so much.”

While we were having a conversation, some fat guy who was just on the floor earlier, got help from the last thug I didn’t knock-out, pointed at me and shouts.

“Who the hell are you!? Where the hell did you come from!?”

This fat ass started ranting out of nowhere. What’s his problem?

Even though he shouted at me, I didn’t say a single word and just looked at him. Besides, it’s not like I’m obliged to tell him anything.

“Che, e—even if you glare at me like that, I won’t be scared of you.”

Glare? Was I glaring?

“Kuh! Hey you, why are you just standing there!? Shoot him already!”

The fat ass smacked the thug beside him as he gave his order; the man then points his gun at me.

“James, look out!”

Ivana who was beside me, rammed herself towards me to evade the up-coming bullets.


But she could even make me move a single inch.

Truth be told, at first I was wondering on what was she doing. I won’t ask her out in the open of course; just thinking about it makes me feel embarrassed.

“Shoot already!”

Before the man even shoots us, I quickly twist the chin to my palm.


*Ting!* *Ting!* *Ting!* *Ting!*

“Wha—what in the world?”


“He…he blocked all the bullets with his hand?”

With the chain around my palm, I was able to make a really small shield for us to use.

I then release the chains on my palm and swing it towards the last thug’s arm.


He lets go of his gun, due to being surprised maybe?

But I don’t have time to think about them!

“Ivana are you alright—ah, she fainted.”

Ivana, who is currently around my arms passed out.

I checked her head if any of the bullets shards hit her, fortunately she was OK.

*Phew* for a second there, I thought she was hurt.

But still, this guy thoughtlessly fired his gun, what if she got hurt, huh!?

I pulled the chain making the thug leap towards me, I then gave him a straight punch the face, making him spin in the air twice and hitting the floor with a bang.

“That will teach you.”

At first, fat ass merely stood there, but as soon as he heard the loud banging sound, he quickly turns his head towards the man with the sombrero.

“Alejandro, what are you doing!? I didn’t hire you just to stand around! Take care of him!”

So his name is Alejandro, Huh? No wonder his wearing a sombrero and a poncho.

He gave a small sigh, fixes his hat and walks in front of the fat ass.

So he’s a hired guard.

“You should put the girl somewhere safe first senior Moriarty, I wouldn’t want to hurt her.”

“Yeah, I’ll do that.”

I was about to do that even if you don’t tell me though.

I carried Ivana to a corner and gently placed her down. I then walk back at the center of the room.

“I guess it was lucky for me that she fell unconscious, after all she is completely oblivious about the “Other Side” of things.”

“!?…you already know about me?”

“Just a guess, so what are you?”

“……..I’m half-Fae.”

What!? He’s a Fae!? Those things are really hard to meet. As I recall those things are completely made out of Mana, a being made of entirely of elements.

Can they even give birth?

I haven’t even seen one myself, so I have no idea what their abilities are. This might get a little tricky.

He then brandishes 2 revolvers and posed them towards me and I did a stance by using the chains on my right hand.

“Gyahahahaha! That’s it Alejandro, take care of this punk for me.”



We both ignored the laughter of the fat ass and just stared at each other, eye to eye.



I wasn’t really sure, but this Alejandro guy and I just kept our eyes to each other for about 20 or 30 seconds.

He must be thinking on what he should do.

I’m a little worried about this, just like I said before; I have no idea what those Fae things are capable of.

I could hear his breath slowly getting weaker and weaker, he then release his stance, stood up while still facing me and said.

“I give up.”

While having his hands on the air and his guns dangling on his fingers.



The fat ass and I had nothing but question marks on our faces.

“Like I said, I give up. I don’t want to fight.”

He then puts his revolvers back to the holster from behind.

“Wha—what is the meaning of this Alejandro!? Why won’t you kill him!? You can see the future, can’t you!?”

Huh? He can see the future, is that the same ability as an Oracle?

“You got it all wrong senior Kovet, I can’t see the future, I can only see the possibilities of my actions.”

“Then why won’t you use it against this guy!?”

Is it me or their talking about me as if I wasn’t even here? Please don’t ignore me, being ignored hurts!

“I already did you my “Fae Sight” to him, all five of them.”

“Then beat him already!”

Eh!? He already used them on me!? I didn’t even notice it happening!

“Don’t you understand senior Kovet? Out of all of my 5 attempts of taking him down…”


What the hell? let me in that conversation to! After all, it’s about me, so let me in the talk!

“I lost every single time.”


Are they done already? I was about to carry Ivana and head out.

From the words of the Alejandro guy, the fat ass started grunting while clenching his fist.

“Graaaah! I don’t care! You won’t do it, then I will!”

He pushes Alejandro aside, quickly grabs the disgustingly golden colored pistol and points it at me.

But before he even shoots, I used the chain like a whip and swung it towards his gun.



His stupid looking gun is now in pieces on the floor.

I continue to swing the chain in the air and made it cling on the fat ass’s neck.


Just like what I did earlier, I pulled the chain making his leap toward me, but unlike the last time, I punch him multiple time while he’s in the air and finally smashing his head on the ground with a punch on the face.

“Ouch, that looked really painful.”

Alejandro gave a comment from the side.

“What about you?”

“Like I said, won’t do anything. If I even in need to fight you, I rather not do it alone.”

I wasn’t sure if I can trust him, but I still need to get Ivana out of here and get back to Folia and those kids.

As we made our way to the Yacht’s deck, Folia notice me carrying Ivana and so she ran towards us.

“James! We heard gun shots. Is Ivana alright, is he hurt anywhere!?”

“Don’t worry, she’s just unconscious, she isn’t hurt anywhere.”

“Hah…I…I see, that’s good to hear.”

As I place Ivana down at a corner, Folia held on to Ivana’s hand with tears on her eyes.

After see something like this, all I think about is.


While thinking about something embarrassing, we started to hear sirens getting closer.

“Oh? Looks like I need to get out of here.”

Oh right, this Alejandro guy was following me from behind.

I had my guard up and everything, but I guess he really wasn’t planning on doing anything to us.

He then turns around and walks towards the stairs going down.

But before he even reaches the stairs, he suddenly stops and looks back at me.

“Don’t worry about the kids that got sold, before they even reach their destination, I contacted the local authorities, so their most likely back to their family.”

Wow, so the sold kids weren’t even in complete danger? Well, other then what happen a few hours ago.

He then waves his hand without looking back, as he continues to walk down the stairs.

(So there are those kinds of guys in their organization, huh?)

While I think of those thoughts, the coast guards have finally got in the Yacht, securing the knocked-out thugs.

One of the coast guards was walking towards us while saying…

“We were informed by a woman named Chilton Sky that there are human traffickers aboard this ship.”

Oh! Chilton really did a great job.



“You’re under arrest for human trafficking, sir!”

Eh!? What the hell is this guy talking about!?

“W—wait sir officer, I’m not one of them!”

“Save your excuses in court, you damn criminal!”

I wasn’t the only one that was confused, Folia was completely silent while looking back towards me and the officer and kids for some reason started crying.

While I was think on what I did wrong, I finally able to notice.

(Shit! I forgot to take off the jumpsuit!!!)

[Special Corner]

[James] “Good morning, Good day and/or Good evening everyone. My names is James Moriarty and right now this special corner is all about you, the loyal readers!“

[Robin] “Huh, them? Why? I don’t understand why we have to do this for them.”

[Ana] “Now, now, Robin. We should be thankful towards them for being here for us.”

[Reshulla] “So let me get this straight, they’ve seen what happened since the first Volume?”

[Ana] “Why, yes. And they continued to do so since.”

[James] “It kind of makes me feel really happy for them being here.”

[Reshulla] “…so……won’t that mean that…”

[James] “ Reshulla, what’s wrong? What are you thinking about?”

[Robin] “Ah! So that’s it.”

[Ana] “Did you find out anything, Robin?”

[Robin] “Well, yeah. I did….but”

[James] “What is it? Spit it out already.”

[Reshulla] “Well, since they read Volume 1, wont that mean they know about you having sex with each of us and even having a Foursome together?”

[James] “…………………………eh?”

[Ana] “…………………………”

[Robin] “Well they did read about our story so…”

[Ana] “Noooo! They even read about that!? How could they!?”

[Reshulla] “Isn’t it fine? It’s not like we can help it.”

[Robin] “That is true; we won’t be able to stop them from reading.”

[Ana] “I won’t be able to show my face to my family again.”

[Reshulla] “Hm? What’s that red blinking light for?”

[James] “What? Shit, our time is almost over and we still didn’t get the message out yet!”

[Robin] “Message? Oh, right that message.”

[James] “Anyway, what we want from you, the readers are questions. You can ask us one question only though, so make it count. We’ll be answering you guys at the next chapter release!”

[Reshulla] “Q and A corner, huh?”

[James] “Yup, that’s right.”

[Reshulla] “But what is they asked us something naughty? Will we still answer them?”

[James] “……………………………….well’ let’s just hope they’re not all…well…you know…”

(End of Message)

Hey its me ZYLOS101, sorry for being so late with the chapters, i hope you guys forgive me. anyway i hope you guys tell me on what you think about today's chapter. here are my last words "Oppais are meant to be shared!" see you guys next chapter!!!

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