Chapter 1

“Alright, that’s it for today. You brats better not forget today’s lesson because it’ll be in the quiz 2 days from now.”

A week has passed since the whole campus is rebuilt and today is the reopening. I don’t know how the old man did it, but he media thinks it was some sort of landslide is the cause of the campus being destroyed.

But thanks to that, I can finally spend my days in a normal manner.

Going to class and talking to classmates (though I can only talk to Reshulla, Ana and Robin), hanging out at the cafeteria
(Again, that only applies to the 3 girls, and sometimes Abigail) and going home with friends (Again, only the 3 girls).

Huh? Crying? Me? Of course I’m not crying. These are just sweat from my brain because of studying too much.

“James? Is there something wrong?”

The worried looking woman, who is sited on my right, is the silver haired high-class lady, Anastasia Douva, but we just call her Ana.

*Sigh* having someone like her beside me and worried for my wellbeing, gives me peace in my heart.

Ah! Not like I need it though, after all, it’s not like my feelings are hurt or anything.

“No, I’m alright. I just uh…yawned, that’s all…yeah.”

That was an excuse you say? Of course not, I was only keeping the truth a secret. Yup that’s it.

Since it’s the end of today’s classes, my classmates are now ether going straight home or planning to go to town and hang out.

But unlike before, I now have companions to go home with.

“You can go home ahead James. *Pop* I still need to improve the security in the elementary section.”

Oh right, Robin is now a security staff member of this campus, and a chief of her own section to boot. Though she only takes care of the cybernetic stuff like preventing the school system being hacked.

2 days after the fight against Emeth, the old man came over to my house and offered her the job, she of course accepted it.

The old man heard about her apartment being burned down, so he paid her in advance. Robin fainted after seeing the 6 zeros on her pay check and she almost fainted the 2nd time when she found out that she gets paid a month in the same amount.

“Hey guys, did you hear what Altorez just said? She told her to go home ahead of him.”

“Wait, does that mean their cohabitating?”

Oh no, some of my guy classmates heard her.

Well, I didn’t really say anything about keeping it a secret.

“Oh, you should go ahead of me to, I did promise my mother to visit her and the family at least twice a week.”

Yeah, I do recall that promise to her.

“Wait-wait-wait-wha? Did Douva say the same thing as Altorez?”

“N—nah, it can’t be. We must be hearing things.”

“Yeah, you’re right, there is no way that a harem really exists somewhere so close to us.”

…………………No Comment.

But as long as they keep thinking that, I’ll be safe.

While thinking that, I started to fix my things and place them on my bag.

Then Robin suddenly grabs on my left arm and pulls me closer.

“*Chu* see you at home.”

A kiss on the left cheek.

Wha—what are you doing in front of everyone!

I was about panic, but I was suddenly pulled on my right arm with amazing strength and…

“I’ll be home after dinner, so please don’t wait for me. *Chu*”

A kiss on the right cheek.

Damn it! Now I can’t make any excuses…no wait, I might have a chance if I said that was just a greeting or their way of
saying goodbye.

And once again as I pounder that thought, Ana and Robin are already at the classroom door waving at me………damn it.

I can still hear them whispering, so before anything else gets even worst I made my way to the door silently.

“I guess it’ll be just you and me back at home! fufufu, just imagine all the thing we can do while their out!”

I was then hugged my Reshulla at my back and started to squirm.

Stop it! Your chest is pressing against me!

“Hey James, can you do me a favor and do “That” to me again?”


I have no idea what you’re talking abou…wait…don’t tell me she’ll say something very inappropriate! Just like back when we were fighting Emeth!

“You know, when you lift me up while you…”

“Reshulla, don’t—“

*Ding* *Doing*


“Y—you see that? You’re being call for. You should get going, it must be something important.”

“Tch! Stinking, rotten luck.”

As soon as she heard the announcement, Reshulla made a hateful look as she glares straight at the speakers.

“*Sigh* I guess it can’t be helped.”

Even though she complains about it, she still goes through with it. No matter how she acts, she is still a college professor.

She reluctantly let go of me and started to walk her way out the door, but suddenly stopped and faced me.

“Oh right James, can you take that pile of files for me and hand it over to the high school student council for me?”

I followed where her finger is pointed at and found 2 decks of files on her table. She must mean those files.

It’s unusual to see a witch with such fast and strong motor skill like her, but can’t really make a girl do carry this.

“Sure, all I have to do is give this to the student council in the high school sect. right?”

I then lift the file with both hands.

“Thanks James, *Chu* you can head on home when you’re done.”

She then sprints out of the door.

I’m glad to be helpful, but did you really have to kiss me on the lips!?

Just as I though, the whispers around the classroom is starting to get stronger and this time even my female classmates are gossiping to each other.

I don’t want to stay here any longer, so I walk out of the room in a fast pace.

But as soon as I step out of the room...

“That guy is living a 3 girls Harem!!”

“And not just any girls, their 2 of the most beautiful girls in campus! One of them is even our own class advisor!”

“Life is just so unfair!!!”

“Damn it, I want to live like that!!!”

The guys started to shout their inner feelings and as for the ladies…

“Kyaaa, did you see that, did you!?”

“I know, right!? Not only did Douva and Altorez kiss him, but also Prof. Morrigan!”

“3 girls!? He has 3 girls all to himself!? How did he get them to fall for him like that?”

“I’m not sure myself, but I do have a picture of him last week, back when the karate club was doing a demonstration. See?”

“Wow, what a nice looking body. Can you send me a copy?”

What!? One of my own classmates saw me and took a photo!? But more importantly, the person who asked for a copy, wasn’t that a guy’s voice!? Whoever you are, please don’t send him my picture!  I’ll feel like I’m being ogled by a man!

I wanted to go inside and ask whoever has my picture to delete it but I’m sure I’ll just cause more trouble, so I just continue walking the hallway and hope for the best. No seriously, please don’t send my photo to him; I don’t mind you keeping it, just don’t give it to him please!

It took me 10 minutes for me to reach the high school section and since only high school students are the only ones roaming around here, they wouldn’t know who I am and I can walk around peacefully.

“Huh? Who is he?”

“A College student maybe?”

“I think I seen him somewhere before…Ah! That’s right; he was the one who beat up those karate club members like it was nothing!”

“Oh yeah, those karate guys were so huge, but he did so effortlessly.”

………………and here I thought I’ll be free from judging eyes.

While I continue to walk farther ahead, the remaining students started to whisper about me.

Though I said “whisper” I could still hear them without effort.
Inner voice people, use your inner voice.

As much as I want to ignore them, I need to ask for the direction for the student council’s room.

“Hey, uh…can I ask you for some direc—“

“Kyaaa! I—I’m sorry but we’re busy right now! Goodbye!”

Eh!? You didn’t have to run, I just want ask a question.

Oh well, not like those girls are the only people her. I’ll just ask someone else.

Oh! There are a couple of guys I can ask.

“Hey guys! Can I ask you for some—“

“Whoa! Um…sorry sir, but we’re late for practice!”

Sir? Seriously? Come on, if you’re a man then don’t just runaway without knowing the reason! You damn weak pansies!

About 15 minutes has passed and still no one offered me the directions to the student council. 28 attempts and 28 failures, *Sigh* wow, how sad is that? Even I’m amazed at myself.

“Excuse me, sir!?”

As I move on and look for the next person to ask for directions with, a voice called out behind me.

I assume she is calling for me, since I was the only one standing here at the front court of the high school buildings, so I looked back.

“You must be the one harassing the students here!”


6 male students stood around me while holding a stick with a letter “C” like tip, pointed at me.


“There is no use making excuses now! We have reports about you!”

I was about to say that their mistaken, but I was stopped by the young woman standing behind the 6 men, she must be a leader of some sort.

“Please don’t do anything and just follow us to the Student Council Room!”

Huh, really!? That’s great; I was having trouble looking for it, but now I have someone to help me get there.

But are the “C” spear thingies really necessary?

4 men went around while pointing the weird looking spears at my back.

I was then told again by the woman to follow her with a cold voice.

Hmm…now that I remember it, she said something about me harassing the students and this atmosphere and the way
she talks to me…………

They’re not here to help me, are they?

I finally made it to the student council room, but the problem is. I’m tied up to a chair while having a lamp pointed at my face.

I know what this is! I’ve seen this kind of play a lot in those police shows, beside the tied up part of course.

“Now please tell us, why are you harassing the students? And please be honest.”

“Like I said I’m only here to deliver some files.”

I’m innocent! I didn’t do it! I swear I didn’t!

“Lies! Y—you we’re roaming around the school and ogling at the female students!”

OBJECTION!!! There is clearly a contradiction within those claims! Let me go, if I can’t have a fair trial then I’ll defend myself!

I’ll have you know that I have played Phoenix Wright, from the oldest and newest game. I even have the one in the Wii-U, so my pointing and table banging skills are really intimidating!

“Ms. President, when he said something about “files”, he was telling the truth.”

The files I was carrying earlier are now at the fancy looking table. That must be the president’s table.

But more importantly, this girl in front of me is the Student Council President?

I started to look at her from head to toe.

She is a woman who is about 17 or 18 in age, standing in about 5:7 or 7:8 in height.

She has light orange hair, tied up in a pony tail on the left side of her head and blue colored eyes.

This president is in equal footing against Reshulla and the other girls when it comes to beauty.

As for her figure, soft looking legs with a slight pale color and a thin waist.

And for her chest…well, let’s just say that she has the beauty that rivals even the girls but not from the chest department.

“Wh—what are you looking at!? Huh!? Are you looking at my chest!?”

“Huh? Oh no, I wasn’t looking at them at all.”

“Why is you reaction so calm!?”

Well, it’s not like their worth to look at.

Are the words I thought up in my mind but didn’t allow myself to say. I’m not dense enough to say that out loud. I’m in enough trouble as it is.

“Ms. President, it would seem that these file are the for the new club establishments.”

“Huh? You mean the ones that the clubs need for references?”


The woman with the frameless glasses explained about the files while keeping her professional like attitude.

Not until she picked up a file from the 2nd deck.

“Hmm? This is…”

“What’s the matter Folia?”

“Well…it’s this…”

She brought out a thin book from the file folder and showed it to us.

And from what she showed us, made me gap my mouth open in shock.

You can’t blame me though, since the book has a picture of a couple doing a nyan-nyan act. Though the picture is only showing a silhouette of the couple, you won’t need any clues to find out what they’re doing.

And most of all, the big wordings on top of the hidden couple, which most likely the book’s title.

The Styles and Arts of Kama Sutra, ways to make your love night more exciting!!!
Is what the title says.

Reshulla, what the hell have you been reading during class!!?

“I—I knew it…you’re a…”

I quickly regain my composure and notice the president who is standing beside me, slowly walking away while trembling.

“You…you lust incarnated beast!!!”

She then swings her arm at me and the slap sound echoed throughout the student council building hallway.

hey its me ZYLOS101! sorry for making you guys wait for my next chapter. a friend of mine told me to make this into a book and i should try to sell it in a up coming event, so i was really busy from planing and finding a proof reader. i also started to draw the characters. so i hope you guys forgive me, but dont worry i still plan to post more chapters. for my last words...SO TELL ME WHO IS YOU FAVORITE GIRL IN THIS FANFIC? see you guys next chapter!!!

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