Chapter 17

“Sorry but you can’t pass here—wait, are you by any chance James Moriarty?”

“Yeah, I am.”

I was on my way back to campus with, together with Reshulla, Ana, Robin and Chilton when I was stopped by one of the 6 campus security.

Apparently they made a blockade not only to the university entrance, but to the high school, middle school and elementary as well.

“Prof. Douf said to let you in.”

I said my thanks and continue to drive to school.

It was ether Mr. Douf or Rusty’s orders to put the blockade, good thing to. We wouldn’t want any normal person to get involved from what’s about to happen.

As drive higher to the campus, I felt something as I pass to a certain point of the road. I have felt it before, so I already know what it is. But I’ll ask just to make sure.

“We just pass by a barrier, didn’t we? But what type is it?”

“Most likely am illusion based barrier, so that normal people won’t notice from the outside.”

The one who answered my question is Reshulla, since she’s a witch it’s no surprise that she knows something magic related.

In time we made it to the campus entrance where we see Abigail and the others outside the gate. She then noticed us coming closer and gave us a smile while she waves at us.

“Hey! You guys are finally here!”

“Sorry about that, we needed to get ready.”

“You got that right, since you guys we’re gone more golems…started…to…pop out…”

Everyone was busy making plans so it was really noisy even though some of the security is whispering to each other.

But as soon as we got of the car, they all stop on what they’re doing and stared at us with mouths open.

And for some reason Abigail has her head down while twitching. She must be really worried about the golem situate—

“Do that again! Can you guys go inside the car and walk out, but slower this time!?”

Eh? What is this girl saying? Why would she want us to do that? I wasn’t the only one stupefied, the other girls are to.

While we stood there, Abigail continues her talk.

“When you guys came out of the car with the security standing behind with the lights, while wearing those gears was just too cool! Come on, hurry up and do it for me again.”

Did we really look that cool? Kind of makes me want to see it myself.

As if being awakened from a trance, Mr. Douf and Rusty came closer to us. Rusty is the first to speak.

“To be honest kid, I was surprised myself. I thought some pro-Mercs we’re called in.”

We look like mercenaries? Well, I guess because of the gears we are using right now, we might actually look like one.

I want sure if that was a compliment or not, but before I forget…

“Rusty, you said that we don’t have enough weapons, so I brought some of uh…my family’s weapon.”

Rusty and his men had questionable looks as they follow me to the back of the car.

“Here you are, the HK M27 Infantry Automatic Assault Rifle with Iron front and rear; supported night vision optics and 5.56x45mm NATO caliber also equipped with a 40mm grenade launcher.”

“……………hey kid.”

“What is it?”

“Is this thing legal?”

Oh crap! What should I say? Technically it’s not illegal since I bought them by parts and not the whole thing, but will they believe me?

“Actually captain, Mr. Moriarty here is a former Lt. Commander in the marines.”

“Wow, for someone so young? How did you got in?”

And here I thought I was safe and now he asks more questions. More like, is this really the time for you to ask such things!?

As I try to make an excuse, Mr. Douf came by and told them that I was a son of a former marine officer and apparently I meet Mr. Douf in my younger days.

And as for Rusty…

“Must have been tough for you as a kid, huh?”

He believes it! That was a really good excuse. I should try that again if something like this comes up.

Now that my inner panic is gone and everyone is well equipped, the security huddled up and started to think of a plan to keep the golems from getting out of the gate.

Wait…what? Does that mean that they won’t even try to go in to save them?

I was about to react on what Rusty just said but Ana was already ahead of me.

“We’re not going inside to save my Grandfather and the other founders?”

“Sorry Ms. Douva, but even though we know his location, we’re still not enough. With all golems roaming the area, we’ll be killed even before we get to them.”

“But…we…we have to find a way…my…my grandfather…is still in there.”

“That is why we will wait for the first platoon to comeback.”

From what Rusty just said, it looks like Reshulla is dissatisfied, so she asked him with an angered look.

“So for how long do we have to wait for those idiots to come here?”

“For about 2 hours or maybe even more.”

“Then that’s even worse! Can’t you see she’s worried here!?”

I better stop Reshulla before this gets out of hand. We already have a golem problem; we wouldn’t want a witch to mix in.

“Calm down, Reshulla. Getting angry at them won’t do us any good.”

“But James, my grandfather might get hurt if we just stay here.”

“That is why I have a plan. Robin, download a map of the entire area, which includes the high school and middles school.”

“*Pop* got it.”

The laptop I gave her has a detachable screen, so I guess you can call it a laptop and a tablet. Anyway, Robin was able to get the map and place it on the car’s hood.

Out of curiosity, I was asked by Robin a question.

“So *pop* since when did you form up a plan?”

“When I was driving over here.”

Ana, who seem to have calm down, suddenly gave out a impression as if she remembered something.

“Oh, was that when you we’re humming the Dragon ball Z theme?”

“No…ok fine yes, for some reason the theme song make me think better. Any way that is not the point right now.”

“Fufu, so cute.”

Urk…can we stop remembering that childish moment of mine? Please?”

“*Sigh* Alright, here’s the plan. We split up into 3 teams; the first team will be in charge of raiding the middle school
building, once there, they will make sure the chairman and founders get out and run to safety.”

But before that…

“Robin, can’t you be more specific in which building their held up in?”

“*Pop* wait up…hmm, it’s a good thing that Hikens guy still hasn’t find out I can tail him. Here it is, their being held in middle school building B2.”

“Thanks, now Reshulla, you’ll be in this team and you’ll need about 4 to 5 people with on this one.”

“Alright, all I have to do is get them out right? No problem.”

“Wait; let me come along, Reshulla. I’m worried about my mentor.”

Oh right, Mr. Douf is the old man Douva’s student. I almost forgot about that. But since he’s really worried, might as well.

When I was about to consent, Chilton raised her hand and asked me…

“But how are they supposed to enter the building without being noticed? Hikens is using the entire campus’ cameras; he’ll know what we’re up to.”

I know Chilton is worried, but like I said earlier, I have a plan.

“You don’t have to worry about being seen, I’ll handle that myself, now for the next team.”

I recall that these golems move by the voice of their creator, so without the use of the speakers they’ll cease to move.

“The 2nd team will take care of the speakers. Try to interrupt or intercept the signal to make these golems from spawning. According to the map there are three palaces we can stop the speakers, but I’m already sure that one in campus is fully guarded and we’ll be going in for a rescue in the middle school area, so the high school area will be the safest choice. Robin, you’ll be taking care of that. And Ana, you will be her back up along with some security.”

“*Pop* got it.”

“I understand.”

“Wait, let me come along with you. As a security staff I’m not supposed to let any of you go, but now isn’t the time for that.”

Chilton volunteered along with 4 other security staff.

“Alright, make sure to keep these girls safe Chilton, now for the last team. It’ll be me, Rusty and the other security staff that wasn’t assigned yet. But to make Hikens believe that nothing is going on we need to add an Enchanters in our team.”

Rusty quickly understood and asked one of his subordinates to call for one immediately.

Within only minutes, the Enchanter I was asking for came. I then instructed him to make 5 of the security look like
Reshulla and the others.

“So kid, from the way I see things are going. It would mean that we’re…”

“That’s right. We, the 3rd team will be decoys. We’ll make sure that we’ll make enough noise for Hikens to lower his guard to his surroundings and make sure that most golems will be heading towards us.”

“But what about the middle school, we’ll be seen even before we get there.”

Seriously, is this guy even listening to me? I already said that I’ll take care of that. But I guess seeing is better than believing.

“Rusty, you know this place more than I do. Can you get me as close as you can to building B2?”

“Wait, James, teach. *Pop* put these on.”

Robin gave us earpieces.

“We’re going to need a way for us to keep in touch with each other.”

“Thanks Robin. Alright Rusty, lead the way.”

It only took us 10 to 15 minutes to get closer to the building, but we weren’t inside the middle school area we we’re still outside the fence.

“There it is. The back entrance of building B2, But like they said, not only is the golems the problem the security cams are watching. They’ll be seen running to the entrance.”

I know why Rusty is worried, but that is why I said I have a way to get there without being seen.

“Hey Rusty, is you’re fast when it comes to sprinting?”

“Well sure, they’re trained for it after all.”

“Alright, what about you Reshulla, Mr. Douf you think you can run fast enough all the way to the entrance?”

“Don’t worry Moriarty. I think I can handle at least that much.”

“Douf is right James. You should know how much stamina I have since we made love for hours last night.”


Seriously!? Did you really have to say that in front of everyone! Oh great, now the security is whispering to each other.

“Did you just hear that?”

“I never would have thought that Prof. Morrigan would sleep with someone.”

“No way, here I thought Prof. Morrigan will be single forever.”

“Isn’t this guy supposed to be her student? Can they even do that?”

No, I’m not sure if we can. But the first was because of the spell, it’s just half my fault.

“Reshulla, I want you—“

“To be with you forever?”

“………I want you and everyone else to run in a single straight line to the entrance door. Don’t make a turn or anything else, just go straight. Alright, when I say “Go” start running.”

I then held on to my katana’s handle that I placed on my left waist and readied myself.

“Hold on James, I forgot something.”

Hmm? What could that be—hmph!?

“*chu*…mmh…*shlop*…mmha…hah…alright, I’m good. Thanks for the good luck charm.”


Huh? What happened? It was all sudden to me I wasn’t able to react or more like my brain wasn’t able to process it.


And that goes the same for the security staff.

“Ahem! Moriarty, Can we continue?”

Everyone besides Mr. Douf and Rusty weren't affected by Reshulla’s sudden action. It was a good thing to, if Mr. Douf didn’t snap me out of it. I might have stood there for an hour.

“Right, sorry about that. *sigh* alright, when I say “Go” all of you start running to the entrance and remember to run in a single straight line.”

While I instruct them on what signal I would give them, Rusty is presently cutting the wired fence.

“In 3…2...”

And before I say “1” I took my position. I held on to the scabbard of my katana, placed on the left side of my waist.


Within a single second, I swung my katana upwards and sheathed it back to the scabbard without making a single sound.

While having Reshulla in the lead and Mr. Douf behind her, they quickly sprint to the entrance along with the security staff.

“Wha—what in the hell?”

Rusty was surprised from what he saw, correction from what he couldn’t. Because as soon as Reshulla and the others enter from the hole Rusty made from the wired fence, they disappeared.

“Where did they go?”

“To the building entrance of course.”

And just like I said, Reshulla, Mr. Douf and the others reappeared at the entrance door.

“What did you do? Wait, you where the one who did that right?”

“Yeah, it was me.”

“Don’t tell me you’re some kind of mage?”

“No, what I did isn’t magic. All I did was cut the light.”

“You…you cut the light?”

It seems that he isn’t able to comprehend so I’m about to explain it to him, but before that.

I told Reshulla to stay put via earpiece, because as soon as she gets to the entrance, she gave an exhilarated look and almost ran back with her arms spread wide open as if she wants to give me a hug.

Good thing Mr. Douf stopped her.

While we walk back to the other girls, I explained to Rusty about how I made Reshulla and the others unseen.

But just like what I said, I merely cut the light to one side to do it. The human eye can see shapes and other things because of the light that enters through the pupils and a camera almost works the same way. The cameras use a light sensitive microchip called a Charge-Couple Device or DDC for short, to convert what the lens sees into digital numerical format. See, easy right?

“Is that even possible?”

Hmm…Now that Rusty mentions it, I never really thought about whether if it was or not.

We both made it to the university’s gate where Ana, Robin and the others we’re waiting. But then I was surprised on who
I saw next to Robin.

“Check it out Moriarty, now I have the same look as you guys.”

It was Abigail, wearing the same gear as Reshulla and Robin.

Robin noticed my surprise look and so she walk closer to me.

“Hope you don’t mind. *Pop* Abby said that she wanted to come along with me and Ana and I somewhat guess this
would happen so I took a few more gears for her.*Pop*”

“I don’t really mind, but…hey Abigail, are you sure you want to come along? It’ll be very dangerous.”

“There is no way I can stay here doing nothing while you guys work hard saving people and besides, when push comes to shove I can just use this pistol. Don’t worry; I know how to use this.”

“Alright, just make sure to stay close to Chilton and the others.”

I guess it’ll be fine; Chilton and the other security are there and I’m not sure if I should be saying this but Ana is there to, so I guess being with them is pretty safe.

Since we all decided to let Abigail come along with Ana and Robin, we let Rusty lead us once again to a location closer to the high school Dept, which only took us a few minutes.

“Whoa…look at all of those golems.”

The one who whispered those words was Abigail after seeing about 40 to 60 golems on the back entrance.

Though I said that Robin is in charge of stopping the speakers, I’m still not sure what room is the audio visual room is, so I asked Robin if she can find it.

But instead of staring at the high school buildings, Robin is looking somewhere else.

“*Pop* I don’t think I need to go find the room itself.”

I wasn’t sure on what she said, but then she points somewhere far left of the building.

“Do guys see that? *Pop* It’s a radio station antenna.”

“Now that you mention it, my grandfather said something about this academy having its own radio station.”

“That antenna looks like it has its own system and its own way to connect to the other buildings in campus, *Pop* so if I can get to that antenna, it’ll be easier for me to stop those speakers.”

I’m against Robin’s idea since the golems might gang up on them, but…

“Alright Robin, but make sure that you’re safe before you do any of that. Abigail, you’ll be her eyes from behind, make sure to tell Robin if danger is close. Chilton and the others will protect them while Robin does her job. As for Ana, while surveying the area, take down anything that looks heavy and hard to beat.”

The reason why I let Robin go for her plan is because 80% of the golems here are the ones that react to sound, the slender headless ones, so once Rusty and I, along with his subordinates start to attack from the college gates, 80% of the golems will head towards us.

Now that the preparation is done, it’s time to go back where Rusty and I are positioned, but before that…

“Make sure that you can only enter when most of the golems are gone, alright?”

And without even a slight fear in their eyes they gave me a nod.

“Chilton, make sure you keep these girls safe.”

“Yes, sir. I’ll protect them with everything we’ve got.”

“Hehe, I know you guys would.”

And Rusty gave them a trustful smile.

When we we’re about to sneak back, Ana quickly grabbed my arm. She must want to say something or maybe she starting to feel worried. I mean she has her head down while fidgeting after all. I better calm her down.

“Don’t worry Ana, just as long as you stick with the plan, it’ll be alright.”

“I—I know, it’s just that…I want to have the same thing she had.”

Huh, the same thing? What is she talking about?

I not sure what she wants, but as long as it’ll help her relax.

“What is it? As long as it’s within my capability, I’ll give it to you.”

Ana then put her hand on her chest, breathe deeply and finally…

Wow, this must be very important to her. Alright it’s decided, no matter what she asks for, I’ll agree to it! I’m a man after all! James Moriarty is that kind of man!

“I…I want to have the same “Good luck charm” you gave Prof. what I mean is. Please give me a kiss on the lips to.”


I’m a man, a man that knows when to back down. So if possible, can I take back the things I thought about a few seconds ago?

Wait, how in the world did they know about the kiss? I wonder if I can slip through this one with my acting skills.

“What kiss are you talking about? I don’t know about a—“

But before I even finish my act, Robin closed down my escape route.

“*Pop* There’s no way you can get out of this one James. After all, you we’re still wearing you’re earpiece on when it happened.”

…no way…that can’t be…

When Robin said that, I slowly raised my hand and reach for my left ear, hoping that it’s not there.

Please not be there, please not be there, please not be—nope it’s there.

As I held on the earpiece placed on my left ear, I suddenly realized something, something very, very bad.

“Wait…so when Reshulla and I…you know…k—kissed, then that would mean you and Ana…”

“Yup *pop* we heard everything. I was the deep kind of kiss to *pop*”

“T—that can’t be, then you two heard us?”

And I thought it won’t get any worst that this until Abigail raised her hand with a blushed face.

“Actually, I heard you guys to.”

As soon as Abigail confessed, the other security, including Chilton raised their hands without making eye contact to me.

Won’t that mean all of the security staff who is here right now heard us!? This feeling of embarrassment is swelling up inside me! Please make me blow up!

While I stood there lamenting, Ana grabbed me by the shoulders.

“I know having our second kiss won’t mean I’m experienced enough, but…*chup*…mmhmm…*shlup*……*chu*……hah...mmh.”

I can’t back of; she’s using her Nephilim strength! But she did become better in kissing…wait! What am I saying!?

“Puhaa…hah…hah…thank you…for the charm.”

Ana finally let go of me and showed me a blush and beautiful smile. *Gulp* please don’t smile like that, you’re making my heart beat even faster.

“*Sigh* Come on James, we’re about to do something dangerous. We can have you panicking like this. Here, have some gum.

As for Robin, she notice how panicked I am and offered me some new gum she got in its casing to make me calm down.

But instead of handing it on my hand or placing it on my mouth, she put the gum on her own mouth and…


She suddenly kissed me while pushing the new piece of gum onto my mouth with her tongue.

Wait! The earpiece, the earpiece is still switched on! Can you at least let me take it off first!?

“Hmm…*chup*…puhaa…hah, its mint flavored, it’s so you can keep your cool…*chu*.”

And she gave me one last peck on the lips.

I wasn’t shocked like the time with Reshulla, but I’m still panicking because a lot more people saw us.

On the side, I see Abigail having her cell phone out and pointed at us. Did she really have to do that? She better delete that.

As for Chilton, she has her body shaking with her mouth open while murmuring. I can’t understand it, though I do understand a few things like “So filthy” or “With 3 different women?”. Please don’t make me feel even worse.

And just like last time I was once again awaken by someone, but this time its Rusty who woke me up.

“Alright playboy, its time for us to go back in our post.”

“Eh? Oh…uh y-yeah sure.”

Damn, I’m still stuttering. But did he really have to call me that? It’s not like I was the one who did it, though I’d be lying if
I said I didn’t like it. I will honestly say that it felt really good. But still, I’m not a playboy.

While Rusty and I, walk back. I keep thinking those “I’m not a playboy” thoughts; I could feel the stares of the security staff. If their stares are made out of spears, I’d most likely be skewered by now.

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