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Chapter 24

[Dr. Hyde] “Hmm…this hallway seems to go a lot further than I anticipated.”

Doc is right, we’ve been walking for 10 minutes now and we still can’t find his clone or the kidnapped high officials.

[James] “Huh, didn’t you use this as a base before?”

[Dr. Hyde] “I did, but it would seem that my other clone has done some expansions.”

[James] “I guess, staying here will get anyone bored…but still………”

[Dr. Hyde] “Something wrong James?”

[James] “Well yeah, the fact that this supposedly lonesome clone could have enough funding for such a large scale expansion such as this.”

[Dr. Hyde] “So what you mean is that someone is helping him? Could it be someone I know back then?”

[James] “Depends if one of the people you know could live long as you can.”

[Dr. Hyde] “What do you mean?”

Before saying anything, I walk close to the steel wall and held it with my right hand.

[James] “See how it looks new at the center, but it’s all rusted and old looking at the edges? This thing is Carbon Steel.”

After all, if exposed Carbon Steel isn’t properly protected from oxidation, it can easily rust and corrode.

[Dr. Hyde] “I see, Carbon Steel is something that can’t be made back in my era. So I guess it’s safe to say that he had outside help then.”

[James] “Yeah, pretty much.”

But the real question is………

Who in the world knew about Doc’s clone hidden here other than Doc himself?

[James] “Oh well, thinking about it now will just get me distracted.”

[Dr. Hyde] “About what?”

[James] “I’ll tell you later. For now let’s get those kidnapped people out of here.”

Though I’m sure Doc noticed something about my words a seconds ago, he simply let it slide and nods.

As we continue wondering the steel welded walls and looking inside the various doors, Doc and I eventually found a steel door different form the ones we saw.

And just like what we did at the other doors, we place our ears close to the door and try to listen in.

Since the last door, I’m pretty sure this will be the place where they are held, but just to make sure, we still listen in just in case.

And just as we expected, Doc and I could hear voices inside.

[Dr. Hyde] “So how do we approach this?”

Hmm…there’s no any other entrance and exit besides the door in front of us. We can just charge in, but I think we will have a better chance for keeping the kidnapped people safe if I sneak in.

But the problem is, how do I enter without getting found out?

[???] “So, you finally came.”

Thought the voice I hear is similar, I could still feel the difference due to his fiendish like air.

The Doc is now right in front of his clone as well as the master mind to the kidnapping, Mr. Hyde himself.

[Dr. Hyde] “Of course, since my other self is causing so much trouble, I need to stop his foolishness.”

[Mr. Hyde] “Foolishness? Fuhaha~ you really have gotten soft. If we were the man you used to be, you would have taken over this city already……”

The two Hydes are now having a conversation about the past self and the current self.

Let me correct myself.

They are now having an argument.

Yeah, that’s right, they may not be any shouting at each other or trash talking, but I could feel their hostility towards each other.

I’m honestly surprised that they haven’t punched each other to the throat yet, or at least the clone should have done that already.

After a few more talk, the clone’s atmosphere suddenly changes into a dangerous one.

Doc must have hit the mark on their talk a while ago.

[Mr. Hyde] “I see, I guess it can’t be helped.”


With a strong and powerful sound, Mr. Hyde charges towards Doc and—Ummph!?

[Mr. Hyde] “Though it isn’t part of the original plan, I’ll have you die here you pathetic excuse of an Original!”

[Dr. Hyde] “You are free to try.”

Mmmmm…th—the two then continue to move forward at the hallway while trading solid punches.

The hallway now has multiple holes at the wall, ceiling and floors.

Ow~ Damn it, my nose hurts. I sure hope it isn’t broken.

Hmm, wondering on where I hid myself in this empty hallway?

Hehehe~ fine, I shall tell you where.

I hid where most kids will be hiding if they ever played Hid & Seek indoors, and this…

Right behind the open Door!

Which kind of makes me feel regretful for choosing this hiding place due to this pain I’m feeling right now.

[James] “Hmm…well, at least it’s not bleeding.”

Hearing the ruckus Doc and his Clone is making getting further and further, I got out and enter the room where the hostages are being held.

[Man # 1] “H—Hey, are you, are you one of his dolls or…”

[James] “Nope, I’m not one of his dolls; I’m here to get everyone out of here.”

[Man # 2] “R—Really!? Then does that mean we’re saved!?”

[Man # 3] “Wait, d—doesn’t this man look, villainous?”

[James] “……………………………….”

[Man # 5] “N—now that you think about it…”


[James] “You old guys do know I have the option to just leave you geezers here rot right?”

[Man # 3] “Thank you for help young gentleman!”

[Man # 4] “You are an inspiration to all, young man!”

Screw it, I’ll just ignore these guys and get them out.

And just like I said, I ignore them while untying their restraints.

[Man # 5] Th—Thank God, we can finally get out of here! It’s been so long.”

With voices of joy spreading throughout the room, I told them to keep quiet and carefully follow me to the exit.

[Woman # 1] “W—Wait, what about the other 3? We can’t just leave them here.”

Just when I was about to head out and lead them, a woman in a worn-out business suit grabs on to my arm and stops me from moving forward.

[Man # 5] “Sh—she’s right, please get us out of here too!”

[Woman # 2] “Please don’t leave us here!”

[Woman # 3] “Please untie use!”

Watching the only three hostages still tied up, I stare at them a few seconds and I then decided to do something.

[James] “Yeah, that’s true. Can’t really leave them here…”

Leaving the other free hostages outside the room, I walk towards the ones still tied up, took out Hiltraud and…


Shot the Woman at the middle, right at the center of her forehead.

[James] “And since I have the chance, might as well clean them up here and now.”

After shooting the first one, I then move Hiltraud and point it towards the other two.

But when I was about to fire……


[Man # 1] “He—he shot her!”

[James] “Hmm, what’s wrong, why are you guys suddenly shouting!?”

[Woman # 1] “S—Stop acting innocent, didn’t you just shot her!?”

[James] “Huh? Well, yeah. Of course I did. Didn’t you see me?”

I mean, I’m just standing here right next to you.

Now then, on to the next one.

[Woman # 1] “Stop, don’t kill anyone, please!”

Eh? Kill?

Ah, I guess I haven’t explained to anyone yet.

[James] “Don’t worry…”

[Woman # 1] “Huh?”


Hearing the ticking sound that seems to be familiar to her, she looks behind her and find the Woman that used to be tied up, charge at her with its head upside down with its mouth wide open.

[Woman # 1] “Wha—”


The blade that was hidden inside the Doll’s mouth was about to stab the woman’s head but I quickly shatter the blade and then finally shooting its forehead.

It then flops down the ground like a puppet that got its strings cut.

[Man # 1] “N—No way, they were one of those things!?”

[Man # 2] “Then that means…”

The last tied up man then frees himself and pounces at me and just like the other Doll, its head is also upside with its mouth gapping open.

Knowing the Doll was about to attack me, I shift Hiltraud from her Revolver form into a double barreled Shotgun.

Its mouth then perfectly lands on the Shotgun’s barrel.

[James] “Ah…”

[Hiltraud] (KYAAAAAA! Wha—what in the world is this thing trying to do to me!? Ekelhaft, bitte ihn weg erhalten! Bitte, bitte!!!)

Hiltraud only speaks German whenever she in a panic, troubled or angry, and since she is speaking that said language, then that would obviously mean that she really hates this.

By the way, if any one is wondering on what she is saying, she is telling me to get the doll off.

And of course I granted her request, so I kicked the doll’s stomach, smashing its back to the wall.

I then pointed Hiltraud at its head and…

[Hiltraud] (Sterben, du Stück Scheiße!!!)


Wow, the shotgun’s fire power grew 10X more powerful. It was so strong that I almost lost my grip on Hiltraud.

[Hiltraud] (Ich kann nicht glauben, dass dieses Ding, wie konnte er...Graaaah!!! Zu maiden nicht weniger…)

[James] (O—Ok Hiltraud, calm down, it’s dead so just calm down, yeah?)

[Nanashi] (Humph~ Oh how unfortunate for us that this doll is lifeless to begin with, if only it has a single shred of life inside it, I would have enjoyed slowly cutting its pitiful life as is—)

[James] (Nanashi stop. Hiltraud, are you doing OK now?)

[Hiltraud] (Ja, es tut—Ahem, I mean I’m fine, sorry for the trouble I caused.)

[James] (Don’t worry about it, now then shall we continue with our job?)

[Hiltraud] (Ja, lets.)

[Nanashi] (Tch…These fools are so hopeless.)

Now with both of my partner’s approval, let’s go and get out of here.


Huh, wh—what the hell was that!? It kind of sounded like it came from the other side.

Are Lancelot and the rest Ok?

That was one hell of an explosion, if the placed wasn’t fortified, we might have already been buried underground.

Anyway, I’m sure the others are fine, they’re professionals.

Right now, my main job is to get these guys out of here safely.

[James] “Alright people, stay calm and just follow me. We’re all getting out of here, so don’t worry.”

Luckily the hallway simply goes straight; so we quickly made it to the exit.

I slowly open the door and peek through to check, after making sure, we I told the hostages to walk out slowly with their heads down just to be safe.

I once again took the lead and walk out of the old rusty building, but as soon as I did, I found a huge thick smoke coming out of the ground, just a few inches away from the building we were in.

This must the aftermath of the explosion earlier.

[James] “You people stay here; I need to go check up on something.”

Seeing the hostages giving a silent nod, I walk towards the smoke and peek below the crater it made.

But as soon as I stick out my head, the ground shook violently; I then jump a few steps back.

And from the smoke, a white figure came floating.

[James] “What the hell is that doing underground?”

The figure I mentioned a while ago is a Zeppelin, but there is something about this makes it more special.

I’ve seen a few Zeppelins before, but not at this gigantic size. And if I look at the rest of its body, it has golden frames with engravings etch into it.

Wow, so steampunk.

I’m…I’m honestly impressed seeing something like this. My inner boy is screeching like a girl right now.

I don’t plan on showing it in public of course.

[James] “Hmm, is that Doc…………………no, that isn’t him.”

Damn, so the clone got away.

Just when I was about to jump in, a roaring sound, along with a powerful gust of wind blew around it and rises quicker to the sky.

Wondering where that force came from, I look at the Zeppelin’s lower frame and found Thruster that can be found on a rocket.

Man, those Thrusters just ruined the Steampunk feel around it, what a letdown.

Seeing going higher and higher, I quickly grab my new phone and threw it into the Zeppelin’s back Ballonet.

Good thing I downloaded that app that helps you find your phone.

[Percival] “Hey Mori, hey!”

As I look up at the Zeppelin flying away, I heard a voice from the gigantic crater.

Just when I was about stick my head out and look down again, another big figure jumps out of the hole and lands next to me.

[Dr. Hyde] “Phew, that was quite dangerous. Is everyone alright?”

It was Doc, and not only that, both Lancelot and Percival are on his arms, while on his back is Integra with her usual expressionless face.

That’s good, they managed to get away.

[Lancelot] “We are fine, thank you Doctor.”

[Percival] “Hey Mori, did you see that!? It had big rocket boosters on it. You don’t see huge boosters like that on a Zeppelins before.”

[Lancelot] “With luggage like that, it would need something powerful to help it float.”

[James] “Luggage?..............wait, you don’t mean…”

[Integra] “I have confirmed it myself Owner, inside that Zeppelin are huge amounts of the Hyde Serum in gas form.”

Gas form huh?

Well I guess spreading gas will infect more compared to just getting injected individually by it.

[Lancelot] “Now what, we might know what it’s carrying, but we have no idea on where the clone is headed. There are multiple cities close by, we can’t just guess and head there.”

Except for Integra, who just keep awkwardly staring at me, Lancelot, Doc and even Percival are showing a worried look.

But they don’t have to worry…

[James] “Relax Lancelot.”

[Lancelot] “Hmm?”

[James] “Before the Zeppelin flew off, I threw my phone inside its Ballonet.”

[Percival] “Ballonet? What are those?”

[James] “Kind of like its Airbags. Anyway, since my phone is in there, I could use its phone finder app and find the location where it’s hea—Mph!?”

Even though I wasn’t even done with my sentence yet, Lancelot jumps to my chest, locks her arms around my neck and gives me a very deep and very passionate kiss.

[Lancelot] “Mmm~ Puha…ha…ha…Fufuf~ you, do you always have contingency planes prepared?”

[James] “Eh! Umm…uhhh….w—well no, this was just by chance actually, yeah.”

Wow, that came out of nowhere. My guard was down so I wasn’t able to steel myself.


[Integra] “Chuuuuu~”

[James] “Whoa, what the—”

Since I sensed Integra getting closer to me, I turn my head an ask her if there is something wrong, but as soon as I did, her lips were just a few inches away to mine.

But due to Lancelot’s surprise attack, I was able to block Integra’s kiss with my left hand.

[James] “Y—you, what the hell do you think you are doing?”

[Integra] “The Ritual that Owner and Ms. Lancelot did, I wish to partake on it and experience the ever so stimulating Lips Smacking Frencher.”

Where in the world did you learn those words?

[Integra] “And if possible, I want it with a Seductive Tongue Curlers. Yum~”

Seriously, where the hell did she learn those words!

[Dr. Hyde] “As much as I want to watch the feelings of youngsters grow even stronger, but I think chasing after the Clone is more important.”

With Doc’s words, I quickly got away from Integra’s closing in lips by grabbing on her shoulder and pushed away.

[James] “Doc’s right, we need to go and chase after it!”

[Integra] “Tch…yes Owner.”

She just clicked her tongue…

Though I still think she might do the same stunt again, I told Lancelot to call for someone that can help the kidnaped victims while still keeping my guard up.

After explaining to the victims that there will be people who will be coming here to protect and bring them back to their homes. I got in the car we used it to drive the city where the Zeppelin is heading by using Percival’s phone.

By the way, Percival’s phone had so many accessories it actually increased its weight to the point where you actually need a bit of effort to lift it.

And most of all, it has multiple colors clashing in a bad way against each other; it kind of makes me want to puke.

[James] “You should really change your phone’s casing.”

[Percival] “But it looks cool.”

Oh well, if the owner herself said she like it, I guess.

As I try to remove the nauseous inducing phone out of my head, Lancelot, who is seating next to me, is keeping an eye on the Phone Finder App while ignoring Percival’s casing.

[Lancelot] “Wow, Phones now a days are really something.”

Lancelot look honestly impressed, now that I remember it, back when I told her to call for people to get the hostages home, her phone was the old Nokia type.

Well, they are hell of a lot sturdier than smart phones that are made now a days…oh god, I just realized, I threw my new phone in that Zeppelin…I sure hope its fine in there.

As I drive while thinking about the safety of my new phone, Lancelot calls out to all of us.

[Lancelot] “The Zeppelin seems to have stopped.”

[Dr. Hyde] “And the location?”

[Lancelot] “It’s stopped at the center of Leeds.”

Alright, since we finally know where it is, it’s time to take down that floating balloon of doom and that twisted clone.

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