Chapter 7

I’m finally on my way home and the whole troublesome fiasco has ended…is what I would like to say, but it’s far from over.

When Reshulla came back after chasing the man who was trying to run away, all she brought back was his head…no, not a human head, it was another golem.

But before she even said anything, she found me sitting on the floor with Ana sitting on my lap with arms wrapped around my neck.

And just what I thought, Reshulla started ranting. The only difference from what I thought was…

“No way! James, you already found your 2nd girl!? No wait…could it be that…I’m the 2nd girl!? I’m the 2nd wife!?”

There’s no way that could be it. I mean, I just got rid of that accursed spell.
But Ana in the other hand…


Still isn’t letting go of me.

She eventually did, but it took her like 15 minutes to let go, along with Reshulla’s ranting.

As Reshulla explained, she ran after the person who I told her to chase and found out that its movement was too stiff and it was a lot slower than a normal human being.

Reshulla said that it was more like jogging than running.

She eventually caught up and found that the man she was chasing was not really a man at all. So without hesitating, she started to chant a spell that makes a gale of wind solid for a few second and able to cut through stone.

This is resulting to a severed golem head resting on the palm of her hand.
With those frantic things happend to them, it was obvious for the founders to be tired. Exempt for the old man and that Douf Dorrel guy, they look like their used to these kinds of danger.

All the founders was about to go back to their respected homes, but I told them to call for another ride back since the cars that they used to get here might be rigged with a bomb.
After hearing that, they quickly agreed without question and took out their cell phones.

A few minutes later their ride back to their homes finally came to pick them up. But I had to check their cars just to make sure it’s safe.

One by one the founders cars left, even Ana left by using a different car. She offered me a ride but I politely refused.

The old man and Douf Dorrel stayed behind, saying that they need to check up on something.

Apparently Reshulla wanted to come with me, but the old man said something like “Don’t you have a mountains of research that needs to be doing?” and made Reshulla gave an unsatisfied look. She gave up in the end and reluctantly
walks back to her office building.

Though she looks back at me in every 3 or 4 steps she makes with slightly teary eyes. I can’t help myself thinking that was kind of cute.

As I made my way out of the gate I though back when I fought against those golems, it took me 5 seconds to take them down…usually It’ll take me less than that, am I getting soft?
…well there’s no point in thinking about it now, since I’m just a normal college student from now on…yup, just a normal person like any other.

And just like any normal person that goes to college, I must go home and get ready for the class tomor…


…go to a restaurant and eat.

But wow, that was a pretty strong growl. Now that I think about it I haven’t eaten anything since lunch and it’s already passed midnight.

I walked for a few minutes and I finally found a place to get food, by the looks of it, it kind of looks like a family restaurant that runs 24/7.

Since this is the only place that was close by I might as well eat here.


“Welcome to Danny’s, would that be a table for one? Will that be Smoking or non- smoking?”

Not like I’m expecting anyone nor do I smoke so I just gave her a simple answer and let the waitress lead me to a table.

The entire table in this restaurant seems to have that bell thing on the table and the menu is already set so I could just call for another waitress if I’m done deciding what to get.

Let’s see here…it looks like they have quit the good choices…they even have food I never heard about…it’s a good thing they have pictures on them or I’ll just be guess what my dinner will be.

Oh! They have something that looks good! This one and this one to! Alright I’ve decided.

The picture on the menu looks so good, so I quickly rang the bell on the table. I can’t wait to taste…umm…uh…whatever this is.

“Welcome to Danny’s *POP* may I have your order.”

“Yeah, I’ll have some…huh?”

That POP, I know that POP sound, after all that sound was just popping at the left side of my seat just a few hours ago.

“Altorez? Is that you?”

“Huh? James?”

This is a surprise! To think I would meet with Altorez this late in a family restaurant and she’s wearing a maid an outfit to boot. But unlike the usual black and white combination, the one she is wearing is a light-orange and white mix.

“J…James! Wha…what the hell are you doing here!?”

“Huh? Well I got hungry and saw this place so…”

“It’s already late and does it really have to be here!? You could have just gone to somewhere cheap, like those chicken skewers outside!”

My stomach won’t be filled with those. And I don’t think you would be able hide yourself with such a small tray. I won’t deny it’s adorable though.

She’s been shouting a lot so and there are fewer costumers here so her shouting is a lot louder than it should be. Echo…
I guess it wasn’t only me who noticed, but Altorez also felt the gazes of the other costumers so she tried to go back to her usual composed self.

“*Cough* *Cough* May I please have your order? You peeping tom.”

“Oh, right. I’ll have some…wait…what?”

“I’m sorry, did you not hear me Dear Pervert. I asked if you’re ready to order, you stalker.”

“Since when did I become any of those things!?”

All I wanted was to eat good food and now I’m nothing but voyeur!? I don’t get it!

“*POP* I see, you want everything in both sides of the menu.”

“No wait, Ms. Altorez! Please don’t make my money in my wallet do a magic trick!”

“*POP* and you want it all big sized.”

“No! Please stop or my money will do a disappearing act in a single night!”

This is bad; I need to calm her down.

“Ms. Altorez, what is with all the noise? You’re bothering the other costumers.”

I started to panic but some round middle aged man came walking towards us and scolded Altorez. He must be the manager of this place.

“I’ll take care of this place; you go get someone else’s order.”

Altorez didn’t answer back and walked to another table.

“I’m sorry dear costumer; would you like to order now?”

Yay! No magic show for me!

I finally rallied my order and in just a few minutes my food came to my table. My order is consisted with 3 servings of cheesy gordita…whatever that is, 1 large sized ice tea and a large serving of ham and cheese rice with broccolis.

It took me 20 minutes to finish every last piece and I’m satisfied with it, so I raised my hand and asked for the bill and paid. But since I was so concentrated on my food I didn’t notice that it already started to rain outside.
It’s fine though, I could always run home. But I rather wait for a few more minutes and let it die down. You can’t run with a full stomach after all.

I sat on the chair relaxing and waiting for the rain to get weaker when I noticed Altorez walking toward my table. She has blushing cheeks and looked like she wants to say something.

“Hey uh…James, I’m… I’m sorry about earlier. I was just surprised to see someone I knew here and…you know…um…sorry.”

Having a blushed face and fidgeting while giving me small glances, any man would forgive you if you showed them something like that.

“Don’t worry about it. I’m just happy I didn’t make you angry.”

“I see, that good to hear.”

She usually has a cold expression along with the usual *POP* of her gum, but what she showing me now is a warm and gentle smile. If she keeps that up I might suddenly take a picture with my phone out of instinct. She instantly came back to her usual self as soon as she got some gum in her mouth though.

“My shift just ended. You’re about to head home right? *POP* I’ve got an umbrella with me; we could share if that’s cool with you.”

I can’t really stay here long so I just happily said my thanks and about to leave the restaurant.

I waited for at the restaurant’s entrance and she came back wearing the clothes she wore when I first met her, but this time her jacket is zipped close. No exposure for me.

It was still pouring out and a lot of people are running everywhere just so they could get some cover from the rain. As for me and Altorez, we just slowly walked our way through.

While I hold on to the umbrella, I started to feel nervous because of the silence around us, so I tried to start a conversation.

But Altorez beat me to it.

“So, *POP* what did you think about the food? Was it any good?”

“Are you kidding me? The food was great. The cheese was beaked to perfection.”

Just thinking about it makes me drool and ask for more.

“*POP* It was that good, huh?”

“You got that right. I wonder who the cook was. I want to give my compliments.”

“Its fine *POP* hearing someone say my cooking is delicious is compliment enough.”


Did she just say that she was the one that cooked my food?

“Wait, you were the one who cooked my food?”

“*POP* Your surprised huh? Guess it can’t be helped since I don’t look the part.”

I tried to make an excuse, but I easily found out so I just honestly apologized.

“There’s nothing to say sorry for, I just got used to cooking since I started to cook food for myself when I was 6.”

6? Is that the normal age for kids to start to learn how to cook? I wouldn’t know since when I was at the same age I only had caned goods.

While I reminisce about my past Altorez continued her story.

“You see my parents where nothing but a bunch of “JUNKIES” so I was put in the care of my uncle’s family. But living with them wasn’t a good idea ether so I eventually left and fended for myself.”


I guess I’m not the only one who’s dealing with family problems. Makes me really happy that the girl hating spell is
gone, if it didn’t, I might hate this girl unfairly.

I noticed that her story is making her feel uncomfortable so I changed the subject, like something about what kind of club will she be joining or is there anything she wants to become when she graduates.

Our normal talk continued while we walk our way home and bit by bit I noticed her smiling more.

I wanted to talk some more but we eventually have to go our separate ways.

“Well *POP* my apartment is over there, close to a children’s park.”

“Oh yeah, I seen that park from time to time. As for me, I live a little further up hill; guess this is a good night then.”

“Will you be alright? Wouldn’t you need an umbrella?”

“Don’t worry; I just need to run as fast as I could.”

I don’t want her to worry any more then she is now so I sprinted up the hill and said my good bye. I looked back and saw her waving her hands at me so I waved back while maintaining my speed.

It took me 10 minutes to get to my house’s front gate. I’ll say this just to make things clear.

My house might be huge, but this is actually given to me from one of my mother’s clients. My mother gave me a job where I needed to kill 12 undead knights that have been hunting a family for 20 years. They were so grateful that not only they gave me the reward money they even gave me this mansion.
But as soon as I got the keys of the house my mother renovated it, so now I have a basement full of different kinds of arsenals and weaponry. I could probably make a small army with this much.

I’m at my front door and about to use my card key, but then I heard a small sound getting louder and louder, fast.

I got curious and looked where that sound was coming from and found two fire trucks, rushing down the hill.

There must be a fire close by, is what I thought. I wondered where the fire is and eventually found a thick, dark smoke close to a park I usually pass by when I go to my usual jog…and then I remembered what Altorez said.

“…my apartment is over there, close to a children’s park.”


I ran as fast as I could and eventually over took the fire truck, I then jumped to house roof to house roof.
With this much momentum I got to the apartment complex in 5 minutes and saw the bystanders were all watching in a panic, I jumped down the neighboring roof and asked if anyone was hurt.

To my relief, no one was gravely hurt, even the guy that feel asleep while having his cigarette still lit, which caused the fire.

But the person who I’m looking for isn’t here. I started to imagine things about her not getting away in time.

Damn it, James! What the hell are you thinking!? There is no way that could be it!


She’s got to be here somewhere!

Just to make sure I asked all the bystanders if they saw her, but the answer I wanted to hear did came.

SHIT! If that won’t work I might was well keep shouting her name.


The rain grew stronger, probably because of the fire. Now my shouts won’t be able to reach her.
But I can’t give up here!

I shouted for a while, so my throat started to get sore. I took a little breather and I suddenly remembered the park that Robin mentioned.

I ran towards the children’s park and kept shouting Robin’s name and eventually found a silhouette sitting on one of the swings of the park.

It was Robin, completely soaked while holding on a single cardboard box resting on top of her lap. It doesn’t look like she is hurt anywhere.

*Sigh* Thank god…

But I’m still somewhat worried since she hasn’t moved in a single inch, even with such a strong down pour.

I called out to her a few times, but she only reacted to my 14th or 16th call.

“Ah…hey there James…heh…I would like to invite you in my room but…”

Such a lifeless reply, but I guess I couldn’t blame her after what happened to her house.

“……is that the only things you got out?”

“Uh…umm…ye…yeah, this is it. Well, it’s not like I have a lot of stuff to begin with…”

She lifts up the box and I heard rattling noises from inside, the rattling sound continued a few times and because she is still shaken, her hands are trembling along with her voice.

“Come on, you’re staying with me tonight.”

“Hey, hey James, are you trying to pick me up? Shouldn’t you pick the right time and…”

She’s pretending to be strong huh?

“I’m not kidding here, Robin! Like I said, you’ll be staying at my place tonight! Got that!?”

“……Y…yeah……sorry, for troubling you.”

“You don’t have to worry about that, come on…”

I picked up the box she was holding and held her hand with my right and walked out of the park.
It took us a lot longer getting to my house, Robin still has weak knees after all. But we eventually made it to my front door.

I swiped the card key on the machine and beeped to let me know that is now unlocked.

“Come on in, make yourself at home”

Robin just gave me a nod and entered, I quickly got some towels to dry ourselves and then I offered her to go get a warm bath.

At first she was just at a dazed and didn’t respond to me so I asked her again with a whispering voice.

“Robin, you should go take a hot bath. It’ll warm you up.”

“Huh?...oh yeah…you should go on ahead. I’ll go in after you…maybe…”

I wasn’t sure if she clearly got what I said, but I guess forcing her won’t do any good.

“Alright, just make sure that you dry yourself properly, I’ll go and get you some something to wear, your fine using my
clothes for now right?”

“……yeah…sure…sorry for troubling you.”

*Sigh* I sure hope she’ll be OK.

I went up to the 2nd floor where my room is and went back to the living room and gave her one of my track suits. I hope this is enough to warm her up.

It’s really worrying to see her like this; she’s just standing there and not moving at all.

“Like I said, you can just make yourself at home, Robin. I’ll be going in the bath now…”

She didn’t give me a reply again; I guess it can’t be helped.

I walked my way to the 1st floor’s bath room. There are three bath rooms in this mansion, 2 on the 2nd floor and 1 on the 1st floor. I wanted to use this one since the bathtub is a lot bigger and I need to think about on what to do next, thus making this the best place to think things through while relaxing.

I started to mull over the things that happened today. The meeting with a witch professor, almost started a fight in the first day in campus, finding out that the mother I thought who was dead was actually alive who started a new family, sleeping with my own class advisor, golems made out of C4 plastic explosives and my classmate suddenly become homeless.

*Sigh* Just thinking about it makes feel like a whole month just passed by me.

Ugh…I can’t relax like this; I’ll just think about it tomorrow and have a new start there.

I dip myself in the tub and started to go deeper till the water reaches my cheeks and all of a sudden…

*Click* *Slide*

“I changed my mind, so do you mind if I go in with you?”


Huh!? What? Damn! That happened so fast, my head froze for a minute their!

“Whoa!!! Robin!? What are you doing here!?”

“You told me to take a bath so…here I am.”

Don’t say it like it some kind of children’s puppet show!

And more importantly, aren’t you embarrassed showing your naked body like that!? I need to get out quick! But she might see me naked and my body isn’t exactly a piece of art.

As I brood over whether I make a run for it or dive into the tub, Robin casually started to take a shower while scrubbing her inner thighs.


Whaa! Don’t raise your legs like that! I could see your secreted maiden gate!!! Damn it! With her “BOOM” “SQUEEZE”
“BOOM” body of hers, I won’t be able to keep my sanity! I need to get my mind out of this and close my eyes! That’s it!

What is the answer of 865,214 / 699,418 +557,432!
Let’s see… it’s um…557,432.000001…huh? The water level is rising…

“I’m coming in James.”

Hmm? Why are these two mountains upside down? And why are they swaying left and right close to my face?


Wait!!! Those aren’t mountains!? Those are Robin’s…

Crap! Too late! I was thinking too much! I blame you MATH!

Without a single shred of embarrassment, Robin turned around and sat in front of me while letting her back rest on my chest.

“*Phew* this feels great…”

“Ye…yeah? That’s good.”

Good for you, at least you could relax. But if I did, my little Jonny here might suddenly do a STANDING ovation! Which I don’t really want to see right now! Down boy! Down!

“Hey James…”

Seriously!? You want to talk while both of us are butt naked!?

“Wh…what is it?”

“…Did I do anything wrong?”


“Did I do anything so bad that I have to suffer like this?”

So she’s still not fine. Here I am thinking of something stupid while Robin here is trying to stay strong.

“*Sniff* James… what did I *Sob* do to deserve this!”

Robin hugged her knees and started to shout and cry all her frustration that built up inside her.


Should I say that everything is going to be alright?

………No, what she need right not is not a lie to make her feel better, what she needs is the truth make her face it.

*Gulp* here I go…

I’m not sure this is going to work, but I believe this is what she needs right now.

“Robin, I’m not going to lie to you. What you just experienced right now is very disheartening and truth be told, I think it’s downright miserable. But…”

I gently hold her shoulders and made her face me; the smile I just found when we were talking on our way home wasn’t there, her eyes and cheeks are full of tears.

Her body didn’t have any strength so I was able to turn her body towards me easily. Her smooth skin and voluptuous breast are now in front of me. But this isn’t the time to think about that. I need to say this and make sure it reaches her.

“There is nothing wrong about you wanting to live. You didn’t do anything that deserves any of this and most of all; even
if it did, I’m sure that there are people out there who are willing to help you in these kinds of time.”

At first she didn’t answer me, she just rouse up while still kneeling and suddenly hugged me, if she is looking for comfort, might as well hug her back.

“You’re one of those people who are willing to help me to, right? James?”

“I’m hugging you right now, aren’t I? I think that answers that question.”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right. Sorry for asking something stupid. Can I ask you another question?”

“What is it?”

“Something is touching my leg for a while now and I’m pretty sure that’s not your hands.”

Something is touching her leg? What could it be…Gyaa!!! Its little Jonny! But he is no longer little! Damn it Jonny! Who told you to grow up!? Go back in being little!

I guess Robin noticed me panicking, so she just giggled and came closer and hugged me!

Whaa! Please spare me!!

“Isn’t it fine? After all, you did say that you are going to help me, the least I could do is pay you back.”

Crap, crap, crap, I need to find a way out of this. That’s it!

“Oh man, would you look at the time? It’s getting late, so we should get to sleep, yeah?”

Did she accept my excuse? Please tell me she did.

“Your right, we don’t want to be late in our 2nd day of university.”

When she said that, she immediately stood up and left the tub. I could see her body behind the blurry glass changing and
left, so it’s safe to say that she headed out first.

I quickly left the tub, but just to make sure she isn’t at the changing room, I scanned the area first………Good she isn’t here.

I felt kind of guilty since I found her at the living room while looking out the window, and without even looking back; she already knew I was there.

“It’s kind of hard to believe that everything I own just went and disappeared like that.”
I was about to say something but…

“*Inhale* *Exhale* Oh well, I’ll just take your advice and think about what to do tomorrow. Come on, let’s go get some sleep.”

“Y…yeah, we should.”

I’ll be honest here, after fighting a few golems and all that running hopping along with the feeling of drowsiness, I’m happy to finally sleep on my bed…

“Your body feels warm, James. It feels good.”

“I…I see, that good…”

Is what I wish to say, but now my sleepiness just got washed away.

She is totally pressing her body on to me! I mean, she is using my right arm like a hugging pillow! Not to mention my hand is inside her thighs!

I never would have thought that I would wish to have that girl hating spell casted back to me. I’m already at my limit! Is she does anymore than this, without a doubt my lust will explode!
Hmm? She’s squirming a lot. Is she uncomfortable with something? Or more like, quit moving around! I could already feel the warmth of your chest even if you are wearing my track suit!

Grrr! Keep it in, James! Don’t let up! Just as long she don’t try to seduce me directly, I’ll be fine!

“You don’t have to hold it in James; this might be my first time, but if it’s you? I’m willing to give it.”

Huh? Can you please repeat that? Mr. James Moriarty is having a difficult time understanding those mind braking words. Wait… your face is getting closer to mine…Mhnmm!? She’s Frenching me!!!

“Mhnn…phuaa…this is *chuu* my first *chupa* kiss you know. *mmm*”

Damn it! I can’t take it anymore! Little Jonny skipped his teens and went straight to adult size! Looks like I won’t be able to sleep well tonight. I really hate my weak self!!!

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