Chapter 5:

It’s 10 p.m. and I have this major head ache.
But that is not the most important part, what is important right now is this…

I, James Moriarty am lying down on a couch…NAKED. But what makes it even more mind blowing is that my class advisor/ Professor, Reshulla Morrigan is in the same boat as I am, or to be more precise she is on the same couch as I am who is also NAKED.

I really wish to say that I don’t remember what happened, but I do. I remember every little detail, from the things I said while *Chough* her, and the different kinds of moves I did. I didn’t even know I could do those things!

Wait…could this be a dream? Yeah, that’s it! This is just a dream! Everything I did is nothing but a dream! Even this woman who is lying on top of me while slightly drooling with a satisfied smile is just an illusion; I’m a normal guy now!

The spell is gone so this kind of dreams is normal for us guys! Hahahaha!!!


Nope! It’s not a dream! I told her to call me that after all.
All the thing I said and do are all real! Just remembering the words I said make me feel so low. Why did I repeat the words I heard in a porn video! I can’t believe I did those things to!


Ah, I shouldn’t move too much or she might wake up, or better yet…

“Excuse me…”

*Sigh* that’s good; I got out without waking her up.

But still…I can’t believe I just went wild as soon as the spell was broken.


Ahhhh! Now I just can’t stop thinking about that event! I need to cool my head.

Of course I couldn’t go out naked so I picked up my clothes off the floor. But did I really go that wild? Reshulla’s and my clothes are all over the place.

While I try to forget my animal-like outburst, I put on my clothes, put a blanket over Reshulla and head out.


“Now that I think about it, since when did I stop calling her by her last name and start calling her Reshulla?”

Oh, right. That time when she was on top of me, she herself asked me to call her that…

Why am I remembering those things! I went out to cool my head so I could forget about it!

Walk…I’ll have a walk and think about what I’m going to do later when she wakes up.
Of course I won’t say something like “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” to her and I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t enjoy it.

“Guess I’m a virgin graduate now.”

I walk the campus ground while thinking about my man hood graduation.

It’s already passed 10 p.m. so no student will be here…

At least that is what I thought it should be.

“Huh? Is that you, Anastasia?”

“James? What are you doing here so late in the night?”

(I spend the night with our class advisor and have a midnight loving with her.)

Are the words that must never slip out of my mouth, EVER!

The accursed spell might be gone but my skill is still intact, so acting skills, go!

“Oh, well I forgot something very important inside the classroom so I snuck in to get it back, pretty clumsy of me, huh?”

…and give her a good wary smile.

“Um…uh…not…not really, it’s normal for people to forget their things once and a while.”

Hehehe…my acting skills are truly terrifying. With this Anastasia won’t doubt me for being here. Though I feel kind of guilty.

Huh? Her face is red again, but this time it’s a lot darker.

I just noticed it but she is not wearing anything that looks warm. Maybe her face is red because it’s cold out.

If she stays like that, she might catch a cold. I’m wearing my jacket right now, but I’m not particularly freezing.

I went around here back and took off my jacket and placed it on her shoulder.

“Here, you might catch a cold if you’re wearing something light.”

“Y…yes! Um…thank you very much.”

Now that I think about it, what is she doing here? I can see the limo she used to go home with at the parking lot, she must have some sort of business her…real business, unlike me.

“So Anastasia, what brings you here so late?”

“*Inhale* Exhale*”


“*Inhale* Exhale*”
Is she alright? She closed the zipper of my jacket and started to snuggle in. Was really she that cooled?

“Anastasia, are you feeling alright?”

“Huh!? Oh, yes. I’m…I’m doing fine. I’m sorry but were you saying something to me earlier?”

“Yeah, I was asking on why are you here so late at the night?”

“Yes, well you see my…”

“Anastasia, the meeting will be starting soon so you can just wait inside, you can use any free room in the faculty building…huh?”

Before she even finished, a short round old man came to us while waving his hands.

He must have noticed that I was with Anastasia, so he came closer while looking straight at me.

“Hoo…I didn’t know you’d invite company. Anastasia, you’re such a little fox.”

“Gr…Grandfather! It’s not like that! James and I are… just classmates who happened to be sited next each other!”

This old man that seems to be Anastasia’s grandfather gave a little smirk and laughed.

“I see, I see. So he was the one who called you “fairy”, huh?”


Ah, the old man is right. I did call her that when we first met.

The old man rubbed his hand on his chin while looking at me, up and down.

“Hmm…I could tell just from seeing you, that you are no ordinary man. You have a well toned body and you’re giving out a really strong aura.”

This geezer…he better not be mentioning about me being a………

“So how about it? Would you like to have my granddaughter?”


“What are you saying!? Grandfather!?”

She’s right! What are you saying old man! And right after I did it with someone!

“Hohoho, isn’t it fine? Anastasia didn’t stop talking about you as soon as she got home.”

“I wasn’t only talking about James; I was also taking about Robin.”

“You were, but only a little. Most of the things I heard was “He was quit the gentleman” or “He was like a knight” with a red face.”


Ah…she ran away, headed inside the faculty building with her hands covering her face.

“Hohoho, my granddaughter is such an easy mark.”

This old man sure is a troll; you would never think his a geezer with this kind of attitude.

“Since the meeting is about to start any minute now. Why don’t you accompany her inside?”

“Huh? Me?”

“Of course, you don’t see anyone else here beside us two, do you?”

“Um…no, but is it alright for me to go in with you? I’m just a student after all.”

The old man walked past me and slowly turned his head, while still maintaining his smile.

“But of course, with someone who got to sleep with a scary woman like Ms. Reshulla is by no means an ordinary man, well at least in my opinion.”

“If that is what you want, then…wait what!?”

This geezer…how in the hell did he know that!

“Come on in youngster, it’s getting colder out here.”


I don’t have any other choice but to follow him for now. But what should I do afterwards?
As I walk inside the building, together with the old man, I noticed that there are other people inside. Some are about the same age as the geezer and some looks like they’re in their 30s or 40s.

I see Anastasia talking with them; I guess she finally calmed down.

“My grandfather is just outside…Oh, here he is. Grandfather, everyone is waiting…for…you.”

“Are they now? I guess my talk with James is going to have to wait.”

“Chairman, is that young man a friend of the young Ms. Ana?”

“Yes he is or maybe something even more than that, so you guys better treat him well. Hohohoh.”


Right after the old man dropping something outrageous, he walk towards the elevator while waving without looking back. I can still hear the old man’s laugh though.

“I’m sorry about my grandfather. He has always been like that.”

“No worries, I’m not really bothered by it. But more importantly…”

I’m curious about her grandfather, it would seem like he is someone really important in the school, but that is the only thing I know. I might as well get my chance and ask.

“Is your grandfather really that important for a meeting to not begin just because he wasn’t there?”

“Yes he is, he is not only the chairman of the academy but in other companies out in the city as well.”  

“Wow, so he really is a big shot. That explains why you have the limo.”

“I’m not rich though! It’s my grandfather who is rich not me.”

“Hee…is that so? But you know that is what most rich people say.”

“What? R…reall? But I’m really not.”


“Oh James, you’re such a bully. I’ll take back the good words I told my grandfather about you. Hmph…”

“Hmm…so the things that your grandfather told me are true, huh?”

“Wha…no their…I mean yes I did say those things, but…”

With the spell gone I can finally say this to a girl.

How adorable…

Seeing her shyly panicking like this makes my heart flutter for some reason.

“Um…James, why don’t we go up stairs? We could um…talk more while we sit.”

…………Crap! I’m thinking of something bad!

Knowing Anastasia, she would really mean she just wanted to talk.

“Sure Anastasia, lead the way.”


“What was that?”

“…Ana…you can just call me Ana.”    

*Thump* *Thump*

Without that spell though, I won’t be able to restrain my emotions much.

I keep my calm while I follow Ana to the elevator.
I actually wanted to talk to her more and ask about her and her grandfather being here so late at night and apparently they are about to meet a new member who wants to sponsor the academy together with the old man.

We used the empty room next to the meeting. I was worried at first, but Ana said that we won’t be able hear anything.

The problem is, I was trained to sharpen all my senses so I could still hear them.
It’s a good thing that the man they are waiting for still isn’t here. But the conversation they are having for now is about me.

“James? Is something wrong?”

“No, it’s nothing.”

You’d just feel embarrassed if I told you what their saying anyway.

“James, did something happen to you?”

“Wha…huh? What do you mean?”

Oh no! Did she hear the old man talking about me and Reshulla!? This is bad; if she found out she might think I’m some
kind of scum!

“Well, you seem to be more open.”  

Me? More open?

“The first time we meet it felt like you were trying to stay away from us, but now you seem a little different.”

I guess when the spell disappeared. It made a few things about me different.

“I’m happy to see you like this though.”


“Y…you’re welcome.”


Man, this is getting more and more awkward. I need to think of something or we won’t be able to start a normal
conversation. Wait! I got an idea…

“Um…would you like a drink, Ana?”

“Yes? Yes, a drink would be good. Thank you.”

“Alright, just wait here and I’ll go get us some”

Good, this is good. As soon as I buy the drinks, we could start a simple talk about the campus.

I quickly stood up and made my way to the door. But………

“Hmm? What is it?”

“………where do they sell the drinks?”

I’m such an idiot! Why didn’t I think of this before I offered her! Now I look like some sort of pathetic show off!

“Oh that’s right, why don’t we just go together? I’ll show you were it is.”

Such a kind girl, she didn’t even give a little smirk or a giggle.

We both got of the sofas and headed out.
At the hallway, two men in black suits are on guard in front of the room where the meeting is being held.

I guess the guy they we’re waiting for is finally here. I better minimize my senses; I don’t want to eavesdrop.
Apparently Ana thinks the same thing so she put her finger on her mouth to make a “Shush” gesture and I gave her a small nod.
But still. This guy they were waiting for must be very important to have these kinds of……..          

“James? What’s wrong? Is there something wro…JAMES!?”


The reason why Ana was startled is because I suddenly grabbed a lamp that was placed at the hallway and smashed the heads of the two guards who are standing in front of the door.

“James, how could you do this to them!?”

“It’s fine…”

“How could this be fine!? You killed this me…”

Before she finishes, I covered her mouth with my left hand.

“Shhh…when I said “it’s fine” what I mean is these things aren’t alive to begin with.”

I pointed on why it’s fine to hit them with a steel lamp.

“They…they are made out of clay?”

“To be more accurate, their called ”GOLEMS”. Servants made out of clay and magic.”

“G…golems? But aren’t golem supposed to be more big and bulky?”

“It depends on the user, but this kind of thing look like they were made for this infiltration.”    

As I explain what these things are to her, I searched both the suits of the golems and found what I’m searching for.

“Are…are those guns?”

“A 9mm pistol Beretta and a Walther PK 380, huh?”

“James? What are you planning?”

“Ana, no matter what happens always stay close to me, alright?”


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