Chapter 4:
I’m finally alone and making my way to the exit.

Anastasia, Robin and I already made our tour around campus and all we found was women hungry men or opportunists.

There were a few good clubs, like the archery club, the campus’ news paper and the swim team. But we didn’t join any since we had no reason we have to.

When the school was about to close for the day, we eventually said our goodbyes.

Anastasia went home by car. But not just any car, it was a limousine. She really was a high class lady.
Robin on the other hand said that she is going to be late in her part time job if she didn’t hurry. So she ran and waved me a goodbye.

“*Sigh* I’m finally alone. It’s been a long time since I spend time with someone, never would have thought they’d be girls though…”

I feel it again. It’s the same feeling I got when I was checking my acceptance on the academy’s bill board.

“…Why don’t you come out already? I already know your hiding behind the building.”

A figure slowly comes out from the building and that figure was…

“Looks like Mr. Playboy got tired with all of his flirting.”

“Ms. Morrigan?”

Who’s flirting!?

So she was the one who was staring at me?

“Never would have thought that you would be hang out with girls.”

“It’s normal for classmate to hang out, isn’t it?”

“I guess…oh right, I have something important to do for you. Come on, let’s go to my building and do it.”


Is what I wanted to shout, but I still need to know more about her. But the most important thing now is how she knew that I’m not good with girls.


We both made our way to the cylinder shaped building and went inside. The building had a high tech lock that needs both card and finger print. What an avant-garde like building.

“There are a lot of things I want to show you, but your constitution comes first.”

My what?

I don’t understand what she just said, my constitution?
So does that mean she knows about my weird distrust and misfortune to women? Does that also mean she knows that I
was just acting?

I have to be careful around her.

When I we got inside, I noticed that the building contains a lot of this that you usually don’t find anywhere like jars of animal body part and big caldron with engravings. But there are normal things to like a chemistry set, what makes it weird though is what it contains.

After seeing all of this I’m already sure what to make of her.

She is a Witch…

A lot of the population thinks that monsters and the like aren’t real. But trust me on this, they are.
As to why I believe their existence is because of my mother.

When I said she was a hitman, her range doesn’t only reach humans; she also kills things that supposedly only exist in your nightmares. She made me fight the same things.
But if this woman really is witch, does that mean she also knows about my past?

*Haa…Haa…Haa* *Gulp*

Shit! Shit! Shit! Here I thought I could make my own choices now! But my past I reviled so damn easily! What should I do!? Should move out of the city!? No, that won’t work……………
Not unless I remove the one who will expose my secret.
Yeah, that’s the only way for me to keep my secret. With the teachings of my mother, I could easily make her death look like an accident, or even make her disappear completely.

This is a great chance; she is busy doing something right now so her back is unguarded. I’ll use a pen to stab the back of her neck so not much blood will spurt out.

“Alright…this should do it.”

Killing her will be the easy part…

“Can you come closer, James?”

Since this is the first time I entered this building, I don’t think the cops will find any clues…

“James? Can you hear me?”

*Inhale, Exhale*

Ok! Let’s do this!

“Why are you in a daze?”


She’s so close; I could already feel the warmth from her face.
After a few minutes, she tilted her head and made a questioning face.

“Ah! Could it be that your mother never told you?”

“Wait…so you do know my mother.”

“Of course I do, we just talked last week.”

“………………last week?”

“Yeah, we talked about your acceptance in Weorold Academy.”

“She…isn’t dead?”

“Of course not, what makes you say that!”

“But 2 years ago someone told me that she was.”

“She left you for 5 years!?”


It took me 2 hours to finally calm down.

Ms. Morrigan gave a drink of water and explained everything she knows.
I listened to her quietly and found out that my mother is actually living in Australia, and what was her reason for saying?

“Your mother is…well…um…how am I supposes to say this?”
Is it really that hard to explain?

“Let’s…let’s just say that you’re an older brother now.”

“……………I’m a what?”

“You have a younger sister…hehehe.”

My head hurts, my head hurts so bad!

“You mean to tell me, is that my mother didn’t return just so she can start a new family elsewhere!?”

“I don’t think she did. I mean, she has been looking after you for years.”

“Her training made my bones shatter, my skin getting torn apart and puke, cry blood out from mouth and eyes.”

“…I…I see…must be tough…”

Just remembering those days makes me feel so frustrated. My own mother made me think that the abnormal way of training and killing people was normal.

Seeing the reaction of Ms. Morrigan, she must have been unaware what experience I had to endure.

“I never knew that she treated you like that.”

“*Sigh* Forget it, just tell me why you needed me so I can be on my way.”

After hearing that my own mother was actually alive and started a new family, just made me feel more unwanted. I don’t have the energy to do anything anymore, so killer her is no longer an option.

“It’ll be a little hard for me to say this after hearing your relationship with your mother, but…”

“………what is it this time.”

“Well…your mother asked my grandmother to put a spell on you when you were a new born.”

“………knowing her, I guess she would do something like that to me. I mean it wasn’t even her first.”

“Wasn’t her first? You mean she put another spell on you?”

“………that doesn’t matter; just tell me what kind of spell that she out on me.”

“Spells that make you not trust women and never truly fall for them.”

“Wow, my mother would go that far just to break me. Huh?”

“But you don’t have to worry anymore, because if we use this, we will be able to nullify the spell’s effects on you.”

She then showed me a 1 liter bottle. For some reason the fluid kind of look like coke, it even fizz.

“So all I have to do is drink a cup of this?”

“No, you have to drink the whole bottle.”

“I have to drink all of it? Why?”

“My grandmother’s spell very powerful so doesn’t only make you untrusting to girls, but it also…”

………So that explains everything! My bad luck on finding a nice girlfriend, always being the target of bad girls and most of all…

That spell made me unable to be horny even if I see a naked woman on porn magazines!!!

I was scared, I almost thought I was impotent or something! I even dreamed about me growing old while living with 20 cats and die with the cause of having a fur ball stuck in my throat!
But with Ms. Morrigan’s potion! I will finally turn back to normal!

Well maybe not that normal, but normal all the same.

“Ok, I’m ready to get this voodoo out of me!”

I quickly grabbed the bottle and chugged every drop.

I want to be cured as fast as I can after all.

“No, wait! You shouldn’t drink it all in one go! Or all of you’re pent up emotions will over flow!”

“………it tastes like Gatorade.”

Am I supposed to wait for the effects or its already doing its job? I don’t feel any different………HUH!?

What is this feeling? My heart just started to pump fast for some reason. But most of all, my lower body feels really hot.

“*Inhale* *Exhale* *Inhale* *Exhale*”

“James? Are you doing ok?”

Ms. Morrigan…she…she looks so hot! I would never think that I would look at a woman like this before.

I…I want to hold her. I want to caress her whole body.

“Looks like it’s working…”

Her lips, her chest, her waist, her legs, I want to feel them all.

“I thought that we could talk and make you remember me, but I guess we’ll skip that and just start with love ma…”

I didn’t let her finish, I just closed her mouth with mine. At first she was struggling, but eventually she gave in and let play with her tongue.

“Mmm…wait Ja…James, I…can’t breathe…umph…”

I continued to kiss her without letting up while I tore her vest and shirt.

“Hyaa…James…mmph…calm dow…chu…calm down a little…”

That’s the problem, I can’t. All this emotions just burst open and I can’t control myself.

“Haa…I’m…I’m sorry, mmm…I just can’t…chup… control myself anymore.”

My hand eventually lead to her lower body and started to take off her skirt and her underwear.

Shit…I feel so bad doing this. I’m the lowest of the low! There is no way she would forgive me for this.
At that moment, Ms. Morrigan’s hand touched my face and gave me a gentle look.

“Don’t apologize, haa…I was ready for this…though I never would have thought that we would do it so soon.”
Besides the feeling of lust, I felt something else, a feeling coming from Ms. Morrigan when she touched my face.

Her face slowly got closer to mine; I could see her face is completely blushed. But she still maintained her warm smile and gave me a kiss.

Now I understand what this feeling is…I’m being loved…
I was never truly loved before, so this is a first for me. It feels really great.

We were standing up while this happened, so Ms. Morrigan led me to a couch and sat down.

I guess some of my lust has finally subdued see as that I’m not going wild anymore. But I still feel a little hot.

While sitting down, Ms. Morrigan took off her vest and shirt and now removing her bra, leaving her big chest exposed.

*Gulp* If the spell wasn’t removed from me I won’t be feeling anything from this. But since the spell is gone, I won’t be able to hold myself back after seeing such a beauty.

Ms. Morrigan slowly raised both her hand as if she is waiting for a hug and said…

“Come on James, I’m ready for you anytime.”

With the light of the falling sun, the naked body of a beautiful witch, calls for me and slowly put me into her warm embrace.

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