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Chapter 23





How does one eat them?

Some dips ketchup, some dip it in mayo and some dip on something we have never seen nor heard of before.

With all of these choices, there is one that most of the people in the world will agree on.

Which is, French-fries will always taste better when they are newly cooked.

[Integra] “Owner, here are some French-Fries…”

And that is why what Integra is doing right now is wrong…just plain wrong…

[Integra] “*Blow* *Blow* *Blow* here you are Owner, I have cooled it off for you, it will no longer burn your tongue.”

The good part about having fast food is how freshly cooked it is, not this from of torcher!

I honestly want to grab the fries myself, but since we are in a hurry, we just passed the drive-thru and continue to drive.

So yeah, my hands are tied.

[James] “Integra, you don’t have to blow on them, they give them as they are.”

[Integra] “What? So they plan to damage the Origin of our bond, how very detestable.”

Seriously, just leave my spit and my mouth alone.

Being fed with cold fries for few more minutes, I notice something at the rear view mirror.

[James] “We got company and this early in the day too.”

Talk about rude, they just attacked us yesterday!

From behind our van is the same giant black truck that attacked me and Lancelot a few days ago. But this time, the clone sent 4 trucks.

[Lancelot] “Doctor, your clone sure is a hard worker.”

[Dr. Hyde] “I’m not sure if I should be proud of that.”

[Lancelot] “James, I’ll take the wheel, you take care of that truck.”

[James] “Sure, but…”

[Lancelot] “Don’t worry, there’s a bike at the back.”

Hmm, no wonder this van is huge.

Following her instructions, I traded with Lancelot and head to the back of the van.

And just as she said, when I remove light brown cover, I found a black motorbike with gloves and a helmet hanging on its right handle.

[James] (It’s been a while for me to ride a Bike.)

[Hiltraud] (Be sure to wear your helmet James.)

[James] (Yes.)

[Hiltraud] (And make sure to do hand signals when you do a turn, alright?)

I don’t really see the point on doing that, but if I don’t answer, Hiltraud will just keep asking if I get it or not.

[James] (Yes.)

While answering Hiltraud, who is placed on my Holster, I take the gloves on the handle and open the van’s back door.


[James] “Be right back.”

[Percival] “Don’t get hurt out there.”

Without saying anything, I gave Percival a thumbs up as a reply and wore the helmet, wore the goggles and jump out of the van.

[James] “Alright, let take care of these guys an—Whoaaa!?”

But suddenly, Integra jumps at the little space the bike seat has and stood with a perfect pointing pose.

[Integra] “Let me join you Owner, in defeating these fools who are after us!”

[James] “I get it, I get it! Just sit down!”

[Integra] “Understood.”

Seeing her properly sitting behind me, I took off the helmet I was wearing and put it on her.

[James] “Here, make sure to hold on tight.”

[Integra] “Owner…for you to worry about me…I am truly blessed.

[James] “Whatever makes you happy Integra; now let’s take care of these guys.”


As we increase our speed towards the black trucks, the steel crates behind them opens on its side, reveling turrets.

And without a single delay, the Automatons start to shoot at us.

But before the turrets’ bullets it us, Integra tightens her hug around my waist and release her four scythes and cut the bullets down.

Oh~ looks like I don’t need to defend myself, now I can concentrate on attacking.

I’m honestly impressed, and since I am, I look back and…

[James] “Good job Integra, keep it up—Huh!?”

Her smile, it’s the same smile she showed me, back when she’s following the clone’s authority.

While she deflects the bullets coming towards us, I took out Hiltraud and Shift her into a Double Barrel Shotgun.

With Hiltraud held on my right hand and shifted into its new form, I point to my left and shoot the gun turret, completely destroying it.

I also point Hiltraud to my right and did the same thing.

I then shift Hiltraud into a 44 Magnum and shot the trucks’ front and back tires, both driving on my sides.

After shooting both trucks’ tires, I turn the bike around and chase after the van where Lancelot and the other are.

[Integra] “Umm…Owner, aren’t we going back and take care of the other two trucks behind us?”

[James] “No need.”

Speeding up the bike, I aim at both truck’s Automaton drivers and shot them down.

After doing that, I call out to Integra…

[James] “Integra, use your scythes to grab on to the truck’s wheels and turn them towards us!”

[Integra] “But wouldn’t that cause the trucks to crush us, Owner? After all, we are in the middle of both of those said vehicles.”

[James] “Don’t worry, just do what I say and hold on tight to me.”

[Integra] “I will hold on to you till the very star themselves diminish.”

[James] “Umm…no, you don’t have to hold on to me for that long…”

With a slight feeling of worry, I continue to ride the bike forward, while Integra does what I asked her to.

And for the record, her arms that are around my stomach seem to have gotten tighter.

That star thing she was talking about isn’t true…right?

As soon as she turns the drivers’ wheel, the trucks are now about to collide towards each other, I then increase the bike’s speed and slipped through without getting hit.

With the two trucks crashing head to head, the trucks flip to its side, completely exposing the truck’s gas tank. And with Hiltraud on my hand, I shot at the gas tanks, blowing up the trucks into flames.

And just like Dominos, the other two trucks behind collides and…well, you get the picture.

[Integra] “I see, using the enemies’ fallen comrade as a tool for their very own downfall. That is a genius way of thinking, Owner.”

Wow, the way she says it makes it sound like I’m a bad guy. I guess the name my mom gave me isn’t that much of a miss.

No, it’s her wording; her way of phrasing is the one that is evil.

With a small doubt in my mind, I speed up a bit more to catch up with Lancelot and the van.




(Lancelot P.O.V.)


We drove a bit too far decided to wait for James and Integra. Luckily we found a gas station nearby.

I’m inside the van, parked to the side of the gas station, while Percival buys some snacks in the store.

To my surprise, she even brought Doctor with her.

I first thought that I should stop her, but I then realized that the person who was in front of me is Percival.

She gets away with everything. Maybe due to her innocence or something else, I would never know.

After waiting for a few more minutes, I spot a bike coming closer from the van’s mirror, I then step out of the van and walk close to the side of the road.

Btu while I wave my hand to signal James, I heard other vehicles speeding on the opposite side. But not just ordinary vehicles, they are the media, Police and Firefighters.

Not only cars, but I also found 2 helicopters quickly flying towards the location where James came from.

Did he…

As I watch the Media rush, James and Integra stops in front of me.

[James] “Hey Lancelot, we’re back.”

[Integra] “We have returned safely.”

[Lancelot] “Welcome back……”

[James] “Wh—what?”

[Lancelot] “What did you do? The just saw the media pass by.”

[James] “Eh, already?”

So he knew this was going to happen.

[Integra] “Please wait; it is not Owner’s fault. Though it was Owner’s orders, as well as Owner’s destructive idea, it was I who proceeded with the act in the end, even though Owner is the mastermind.”

[James] “Be quiet Integra, you’re not helping.”

Well, I guess its fine.

Since the media are heading there, I guess I could just watch it in my phone.

Thinking that, I took out my phone and pressed an app, connecting to the news.

[News Reporter] “A giant burst of flame suddenly appeared from the distance and…”

[James] “W-wow, the Reporters here sure move fast.”

Without me noticing, James’ face is suddenly close to mine, our cheeks are just an inch away.

[Lancelot] “……………………………”


Th—this man, pretending to look at my phone just to get our cheeks to touch…

[Lancelot] “………………Hmm!?”

[Integra] *STARE*

[Lancelot] “Wh—what is it Integra, is there something you need?”

Oh no, did she notice me sneaking closer to James’ cheeks?

[Integra] “……………………………”

[Lancelot] “If there is something you need to say, then say i—”

[Integra] “Why are you lying about Owner getting closer to you? It is clear that you took the initiative and gently rub your cheeks to his.”

[Lancelot] “What are you t—talking about?”

I sure hope James didn’t hear that…

[James] “………………*Cough*………”

His cheeks are red…he heard everything…




In about 30 or 40 minutes, we finally made it to location what Doctor has been telling us.

Standing beside the van we rode on, we found an old and rusty warehouse.

[James] “So this is the place?”

[Percival] “This place looks like it’ll break down in any second.”

[Dr. Hyde] “That is what makes it the perfect place to hide something.”

[James] “So your old lab is in here?”

[Dr. Hyde] “Yes, this is where I mostly do my work back in the days.”

After looking at the worn-out warehouse, we quietly walk in, making sure that the enemy won’t hear us.

And inside the warehouse are old train carts, mostly used by steam trains.

[Dr. Hyde] “Over here.”

The Doctor then point to the ground, showing us a big steel hatch.

[Percival] “Are you sure they’ll be here?”

Percival is right, there might actually be a chance where the clone decided to move and make a new lab.

[James] “They’re here, don’t worry.”

And answering our doubts is James’ confident voice.

[Percival] “What make you say that?”

[James] “Well First, the handle isn’t as rusty as the door itself and its pretty loose, which indicates that—“

[Lancelot] “It’s being opened regularly.”

[James] “And of course that also includes the fact that there are no rubbles or dust on the door.”

He’s right, it’s clean.

Seeing as there are piece of the roof and small piece of steel lying on the ground, finding this hatch this clear of rubble is quite questioning.

[James] “And let’s not forget about that it doesn’t have much dust on it and the joints are well oiled. It’s pretty easy to figure out.”

Not if you can notice small thing like you can, Dear.

[Dr. Hyde] “You are observant as always, James.”

[James] “I aim to please.”

[Integra] “Hmph~ there is nothing Owner can’t do……besides of the Owner’s skills that I have yet to see.”

Where does that confidence come from?

Well, since James say so. We look at each other in confirmation and nod, showing that we are ready to go in.

And with the Doctor’s inhuman strength, he easily opens the hatch, reveling a staircase heading to the lower floors.

[James] “I’ll take the lead. Lancelot, you watch our backs. Integra, you stay in the middle.”

[Lancelot] “Got it.”

[Integra] “Understood.”

After giving out orders, James takes out his phone with his left and uses its flashlight function and then…

[James] “SHIFT: Pistol Anfügen  Schalldämpfer.”

Takes out Hiltraud, with her Pistol and silencer form, with his other hand.

I also took out both of my flint guns and blew at it, giving out a dim green flame on its flint.

Green flame indicates as wind type magic so it’s perfect for situations that need silence as its priority.

As we slowly walk down the staircase, we start to hear a solid stepping sound around the area.

[James] “They’re getting close.”

They? So that means there are more than just one getting close to us.

James then switches off his phone and puts in back in his pocket.

With the steps getting closer and closer, all four of us stick our backs to the right side of the wall and then crouch down; we then wait for the origin of the steps.

[Percival] “Wha—hmm…”

A few seconds later, 8 faceless Automatons pass by us.

Percival was about to say or shout something, but luckily James blocks her mouth with his left hand.

The last Automaton passing by suddenly turns its head towards us with an eerie cracking sound.

I then quickly shot a single wind slicing magic to its neck. Its head then falls to the ground along with its body.

But before it even hit the ground, James quickly catches the head left hand and supports the falling body with his right arm.

He then quickly and silently carries body, while Integra grabs the head with her Spider like scythes, coming out from under her dress. And then quickly hides in the darkness with the rest of us.

[Lancelot] “That was close.”

[Percival] “Sorry, I was just surprise that it had no face and it’s all a complete blank.”

Can’t really blame her, in the Roundtable, we fight threats that usually has faces, even deformed one, but faceless ones? That is a first.

[James] “Hey Doc, check this out.”

From behind us, James, with his phone and lights ON, took out a few gears from inside the Automatons and placed it to the ground.

Doctor then kneels down and checks the gears close.

[Dr. Hyde] “The gears are very new.”

[James] “Not even a scratch.”

I wasn’t sure on what they are talking about, so Percival and I walk closer and ask.

But before saying anything, Doctor hands us a gear from the Automaton I defeated.

James then walks towards me and points at the Gear’s teeth.

[James] “See how clear and almost no scratches are carved in?”

[Percival] “Yeah…”

[James] “It would only mean that they are newly made just a few hours ago.”

[Lancelot] “So you mean—“

[James] “The place where they came from is most likely the Automaton Workshop. And since that is where they make the Automatons, it would also meant that they are also keeping the—“

[Lancelot] “The missing Royal Council members.”

As always, James way of seeing and thinking about things is amazing. To think we was able to deduce that with a single glance of a gear.  

Now that I think about it, back in the past, whenever we head on a mission together, he always finds a conclusion to almost everything.

Unparalleled Fighting abilities, a body surpassing the normal growth of a human and finally a mind that Rival or maybe even surpasses a great detective’s intelligence……

Ha~ I love you.

I can’t say it out loud though; there are other people present here.

Hmm, but wait a minute…

[Lancelot] “Then if that way is headed to the Automaton’s Workshop, then where are those other Automatons headed?”

[James] “That is most likely where the other plan of the clone is being held.”

[Percival] “Then are going to split up?”

[James] “Yeah, we can do both jobs that way. Lancelot, Percy and Integra, the three of you should head to where the Automatons are headed. Me and the Doc while make sure the Council guys are safe.”

[Integra] “What, I won’t be coming with you, Owner?”

[James] “Yeah, seeing as there might be more enemies, I want you to help them as much as you can.”

[Integra] “If that is your wish, then I shall comply and do my outmost.”

I honestly thought that she would refuse, so this quick to agree Integra is a surprise.

And seeing Integra agree without question, James gave a small smile and pats Integra on the head.

[Integra] “Oh~”

And it seems that Integra likes it.

[Lancelot] “Be sure to keep them away from harm’s way James.”

[James] “Don’t worry.”

[Dr. Hyde] “Good luck and stay safe ladies.”

[Percival] “You too Doc.”

After saying a few words to each other, we split up into two teams. And with me in the lead, we quietly follow the Automatons that passed us.

Since the Automatons were only walking, we quickly catch up to them, and continue to follow them.

A few seconds later, we find them sliding open a rusty door.

Seeing as how big the rusty door is, they must have something very big inside.

The Automatons then enters and we silently snuck in undetected.

And as soon as we enter the room, we quickly find ourselves looking up. Even though we are standing in a platform in about 50 stories high, we still looked up.

[Percival] “W—wow…isn’t this…”

[Integra] “Such a large structure…”

They are right, what we are seeing right now is a Zeppelin, but the reason why we are acting like this is our first time seeing one, is because the size is too big, it is far bigger than a normal Zeppelin maybe even twice the normal size.

While Integra and I continue to look up in shock, Percival walk a bit further from us and after a few seconds, she walks back and told I need to see something.

As I follow Percival and she eventually stops and points at the same direction when the Zeppelin rest.

[Lancelot] “Now way, there are 6 of them?”

6 gigantic Zeppelins are resting next to each other.

[Integra] “Ms. Vistela…”

And after that, Integra held on to my right shoulder and then points below us.

Great, now what?

Following at the direction where Integra is pointing, Percival and I find a great number of Automatons carrying big translucent canisters.

And inside those canisters are some sorts of orange-like liquid.

[Integra] “Those are the Hyde Serum.”

[Lancelot] “The Hyde Serum, are you sure?”

[Integra] “Yes, I remember seeing one being handed down to Ms. Veronica’s crossdressing acquaintance.”

So this is it, this is how Mr. Hyde will remake the country. I’m really amazed he was able to make so much.

All 6 zeppelins are now getting filled with these said Containers.  

[Lancelot] “We can’t let this happen. Percival, try to sneak to the other side, we need to destroy these before they fly off. We’ll attack on both sides.”

[Percival] “Got it, well then, I’m off.”

With those words, Percival brings out her Tonfas and shot a grappling hook to the roof’s steel support rim and swung to the other side.

I’m really amazed on how much of Percival’s Tonfas can do, I’m honestly jealous.

[Lancelot] “Integra, sorry to ask you this, but can you keep them from defending the Zeppelins once we start attacking?”

[Integra] “I have no problem with that.”

And without asking anything else, Integra jumps down, releasing the blade in her arms.

Alright, with everyone getting to their positions, let’s destroy the plans of Mr. Hyde

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