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Chapter 21





Yes, that was me. I shouted like a girl, what of it?

Anyone would scream like that if they found their enemy fully naked, laying down beside them while being touched around your body!

No wait, now isn’t the time for this.

[James] “Wha—what the hell are you doing here!?”

[???] “Orders…”

[James] “O—orders? Like what, Chinese!? You want to eat some Siomai!?”

Damn it, is she hungry because she just woke up? then why is she looking for food heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrre?

[James] “Whoa, what are you doing with your hands!? Let go of my pants, there are no Siomai there, there’s only a Frankfurter that is not meant to be eaten!”

[Lancelot] “James, what’s wrong? You’re being to loud…hmm?”

With my loud voice spreading around the thin walled house, Lancelot, Percy and Doc, came into my room.

[Percival] “Mori, what is she doing to you?”

[James] “How would I know, just hurry up and stop her, my pants is about to be torn into two!”

[Dr. Hyde] “Hold…”

Doc walks out of the room and then came back with a lab coat in his hand. He then came closer to us and covers the naked body of the woman and carries off of the bed.

I’m saved…

[Hyde] “Now then, why is it that you are here? You should still be asleep.”

Gently putting the woman down, Doc asks her a question.

[???] “I am here to receive my purpose of my new existence.”

[Hyde] “Hmm, your new Purpose?”

Hearing her answer, Doc rubs his chin with his right hand and gave a confused look.

And when I look at Lancelot, she is also giving out a confused expression.

[Lancelot] “Strange, she should be free from that kind of desire.”

[Hyde] “True, this is a strange outcome…James?”

[James] “Wh—whoa, why are you staring at me like that? Hmm, what is it Doc?”

[Dr. Hyde] “Did anything happen to the vial while you were heading back here?”

[James] “Huh? Of course not, as soon as I got it, I quickly head back…Ah!”

[Lancelot] “Hmm~ you do know something, what happened?”

Sh—should I tell them the truth? Oh well, might as well…

[James] “Well…you see, when I got the small bottle in my hand, I wasn’t sure if it’s the right one, so I…”

[Lancelot] “You?”

[Percival] “ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz~”

Damn it Percy, get off my bed! It isn’t fair that you get to sleep peacefully while I get questioned like this!

[Lancelot] “James, ‘You’ what?”

[James] “Oh right, uhhh...when I open it and peek inside it, I kind of…you know…sneezed.”

[Dr. Hyde] “No wonder, your DNA in your spit must have mixed with the Mercury and imprinted into her. That is why she sees you as her new Owner.”

[Lancelot] “This is troubling; disconnecting the Bond will be too difficult to do.”

[James] “Eh, wait, so you’re telling me that I created a Bond with her…with my spit?”

What’s up with that!? That sounds so damn stupid!

[???] “Ahhnn~”

Hmm, what up with her? She started to blush for some reason. And…and she… and she’s starting to fondle her own body.

Stop that!

[???] “Ahh~ my new Bond that is created by my Owner’s Spit. I shall treasure your Spit that is within me and forever follow you orders. And with the power of your Spit, I shall do your orders to my outmost best, to thank you for gifting me with your Spit.”

[James] “Will you stop saying that already!? You’re making me feel like the only thing I do in my life is to spit!”

[Percival] “Hehehehe~ Mori, the spit man……ZZZZZZzzzzzzz……*mumble* he just keeps spitting…*mumble*…ZZZZZzzzzz…”

This girl…

Without saying anything, I pull the pillow under her head and hit her with it on the face.

[Percival] “Oomph! Huh? Wha—what happened!?”

I know it’s kind of mean, but I honestly got miffed with Percy’s words.

Or more like, what kind of dream are you even having!?

[???] “Owner, there is nothing wrong with praising you own Spit, for it is truly a marvelous Spit.”

[James] “Will you shut up about my Spit; I’m starting to feel awkward by it. And don’t call me Owner, I don’t own you.”

[???] “Please do not be mean, just accept me for our bond from your Spit will strong.”

I don’t want to accept a bond that is made from human liquid coming out from our mouths!

I need to get her stop saying that and make her stop from thinking I am her Owner, and since Doc was able to overwrite her last Authority…

[Dr. Hyde] “I’m sorry James, but I can’t overwrite her. Or at least, I am unable to do it now.”

[James] “Huh? Why not? All you need is some mercury, right?”

[Lancelot] “The mercury I used isn’t an ordinary one. I contains a bit of Elixir to clean off the first Authority inside her.”

Elixir, isn’t that the very rare potion that you only get 5 or less in games?

[James] “So it’s rare.”

[Lancelot] “More like it’s too difficult to make, and let’s not forget about difficulty of finding the materials it needs.”

So we can’t overwrite her again? This looks bad.

[???] “Now then, would it be fine for you to tell me my purpose? The very reason I keep moving with my life.”

Hmm, she looks really serious about this Owner thing.

Though she is showing an emotionless face towards me, she kept her eyes to mine and asks again.

[???] ‘Please tell me my purpose…please.”

Urk~ I know she’s expressionless, but I still feel something if she stares at me with her eyes…………*Sigh*, looks like I have no other choices here.

[James] “*Sigh* fine, if you chose me as you Owner, then my first order will be absolute, right?”

[???] “Yes, it will be my Raison d'etre.”

Wow, that special, huh?

But that will be good for me; I’ll use that to get away from her way of thinking.

[James] “Alright, the order I will you must live by is…Live by choosing your own choices, live the life you want!”

Fufufu, now that will surely help me get away from this awkward situation.

[???] “My own choice…I understand, I shall live my life by following the bond we have made together.”

[James] “……………………………………………………………………OK.”

Hmmm~ well that didn’t end the way I thought I would.




The morning has now come and the colder air spread throughout the forest.

We are now outside the hidden entrance where we got inside the underground Slums.

[Lancelot] “I called one of my subordinates, I asked him to get a van for us to use. But we need to go downhill.”

[Dr. Hyde] “That would be very helpful Lady Lancelot.”

[James] “………………………………”

I, Lancelot and Percy are now headed to another location that is given to us, and Doc, who is the one who gave us that Location, is also coming with us.

[Lancelot] “Let’s get going, the van should be there when get there.”

[Percival] “Hey Doc, can I ask you a question?”

[James] “………………………………”

We are now walking down the hill and while we are, Lancelot, Percy and Doc are having a nice conversation.

Hmm, me? Why am I not saying anything? Well that’s because…

[???] “Owner, if walking down becomes to tiring, please let me know.”

[James] “………………………”

[???] “Even if there is something else you want, please don’t hold back and ask.”

She wants me to ask her something? OK, fine, I’ll ask her something, something that has been bothering me for quite a while now.

[James] “Alright, I’ll ask you something.”

[???] “Please, go right ahead.”

[James] “Why are you wearing a Maid outfit?”

The woman who used to be the enemy, who lead a raid in the slums, is now walking beside me.

And just like what I mentioned earlier, she is wearing a Maid dress than almost reaches down to her ankles.

It has an inner dark violet dress and a white apron and a dark violet hairband, and lastly, the bright red tie that really stands out.

[???] “What are you talking about Owner? I, Integra Third, your servant, your very own Skivvy to order to do any task you wish. That is why, wearing such clothes is appropriate for me to don.”

Skivvy? What’s a Skivvy? For some reason it sounds kind of sketchy, or even naughty.

By the way, she was actually given a name by Doc years ago. I also notice last night, she had a number ‘3’ on the side of her neck.

And so, with the name Doc gave her in the past, combined with the number on her neck, she is now known as Integra Third.

But about that name kind of bothered me.

Obviously, it’s the thing about the number on her neck, if Integra is 3, then wont that mean there are 1 and 2? Maybe even 4, 5 and even 100!

But when I asked Doc about it, he said that Integra was the last on he made and there are no other numbers lower than her.

I guess that’s less trouble for us at least.

[Integra] “So Owner is there anything else you wish?”

[James] “N—no, I’m cool.”

I’m seriously not used to this Master and Servant thing; it’s making me feel awkward just from her actions alone.

She’s even walking two steps behind me, just like a professional maid.

A maid, huh?

[James] “Hey, Doc.”

[Dr. Hyde] “Hmm, what is it?”

After calling out to Doc, I walk closer and whispered my words, making sure Integra won’t be able to hear.

[James] “Why is she wearing a Maid outfit? And what’s up with her? She suddenly got even more…umm…what’s the word I’m looking for…”

[Dr. Hyde] “Devoted?”

[James] “Yes, that’s it. She is way more Devoted than she was last night.”

[Dr. Hyde] “Well, about that…”

Listening to his explanation, last night, right after Percy taking my room for her own, and I ending up sleeping with Lancelot, Integra asked Doc for something to keep her busy while waiting for me to wake up.

Apparently, Homunculus can sleep for 2 or 4 hours and can live the whole day energetically.

So when I knocked her out, she also her full day of rest.

With nothing to do while waiting for me, she asks Doc and he told Integra about the books Victorica collected while she was bedridden.

And it just so happens that there is a full set of volumes about a Maid and her great achievements and devotion towards her Master.

She felt so much admiration towards the character; she wanted to be just like her.

[James] “OK, her devotion towards me aside, how in the world did she got her hands on a Maid outfit? A perfectly nice outfit too.”

[Dr. Hyde] “Oh that? I got that for Vitorica.”

He what!?

[James] “Y—you got that for Mrs. Victorica? Wow, that…I guess that’s fine, if you guys were into that…who am I to judge?”

[Dr. Hyde] “Wha—hold on a minute, that is not what I mean, she asked me to buy that for her, and she was also a big fan of that book, that’s why.”

Like I said, if that is what they want, I have no say to it.

[Percival] “Hey, what are you guys talking about?”

[James] “Well, it’s about Doc’s feti—mph!?”

[Dr. Hyde] “It’s nothing Lady Percival, just a simple talk between men.”

He grabs hold of my whole head! Damn his fists are huge! It’s like I’m wearing a huge helmet!

But he isn’t hurting me though, just what you’d expect from a doctor.




We made it downhill safely and the van that was sent to us is also parked where Lancelot told us where it would be.

And since it was downhill, none of us got tired, especially me, since Doc held on to my head and carried me the whole walk down.

Percy even showed me a picture; I looked like a victim of a monster attack, though I was doing a peace sign with my right hand. I was honestly intrigued and even asked to send me a copy.

[Lancelot] “Well then, I don’t want to waste anymore time, let’s get going.”

Since we only need Doc’s directions, we all got in the van with me in the driver’s seat.

I’m starting to think that I’m the only one who has a driver’s license here. Well, I know that Lancelot has her own License though.

Two people can ride next to me; I thought Lancelot will be sitting next to me, but to my surprise, Integra is sitting beside me while having Percy next to her.

Lancelot and Doc are at the back talking about the Clone’s plans and how it advance.

Well, that thing is Doc’s clone, so he must know what its thinking.

And from the directions Doc gave me, it would seem like it will be a 2 hour trip.


As I start to drive along the street, I heard a cute rumbling sound from behind.

I was somewhat eager to know where that sound came from, so I look at the small mirror at the front windshield and made a smirk.

[James] “Wow Lancelot, never would have thought I’d hear your stomach rumble.”

It was very cute.

[Lancelot] “Huh, but that wasn’t me.”

[James] “Eh? It wasn’t? Then…”

[Percival] “It wasn’t me ether, though I am a bit hungry.”

[Integra] “Apologies, but my stomach did not make a sound as well, Owner.”

Well it wasn’t me nether, but if it wasn’t any of the girls, then…no way…

[Dr. Hyde] “I do apologies for that, since we left in a hurry, I wasn’t able to get a proper breakfast.”

So Misleading!!!

To think such a cute sound actually came from Doc! And I guess everyone else think so to, besides for Integra though, she’s just staring out the window with a blank look on her face.

Lancelot, I and even Percy felt a bit awkward and didn’t say a thing; Doc on the other hand is also keeping quiet while carrying a red covered face.

[James] “Umm…want to go get some breakfast first?”

[Percival] “Y—yeah, that sounds great.”

[Lancelot] “Th—there should be a fast food place close by, we can go there.”

[Dr. Hyde] “S—sorry for the trouble…”

[James] “Come on Doc, don’t worry about it.”

Any more it would just increase the awkwardness inside this van.

[Integra] “…………………That sound just now was very adorable.”

Darn it Integra, read the damn mood!

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