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Chapter 19




Well I guess the reaction of Lancelot and Percy is understandable, the man they are looking for, as well as the man who is responsible for the missing high positioned people of this country and let’s not forget about the threat of taking over the country.

So yeah, the two knights who are meant to protect the Queen and the country are acting as if they are ready to fight is pretty understandable.

Lancelot brings out her two magical flint pistol and Percy, who is usually absent minded, brings out her signature weapon, two bright yellow cladded Tonfas with a black vertical line.

Though I said Tonfas, Percy’s aren’t made from wood.

As I recall, it is made from a mythical steel, it is also has a trigger on its handle, right next to Percy’s pointing finger, and at its base is a Cylinder that resembles a Revolver’s.

[???] “Damn it, I knew they can’t be trusted! Guys, take them down!”

The people, who are one top of the gate as well as the others that was inside the gate, came running out from the kid’s call and pounces at Lancelot and Percy.

But before the three men got even a foot closer to Lancelot, she softly blows the flint of her pistol and a blue flame appears.

She then shoots at the three men’s feet and quickly freezes causes them to unmovable from where they last stood.

[Man # 1] “Wh—what the hell!?”

[Man # 2] “My feet, it’s…”

[Man # 3] “M—my shoes are frozen!”

With frozen feet and stuck to the ground, Lancelot runs towards them, she then easily knocks them out doing a spin kick directly to their chins.

As for Percy…

[Man # 4] “H—hey, isn’t she…”

[Man # 5] “N—no way, she can’t be here…can she?”

[Man # 6] “To think, I’ll be able to see the real Veronica Olson in the flesh…”

[Man # 4] “He—hey, do you think I can ask for an autograph?”

[Man # 5] “That’s not fair, me too!”

[Man # 6] “Me too!”

[???] “Hey, what the hell are you guys doing!?”

I thought Percy won’t need to fight thanks to her fame, but I guess they snapped back from the Kid’s loud shout.

They must have thought that the real Veronica Olson, one of the world’s most famous stars, can be here in the Slums.

[Man # 1] “That’s right, this is our chance to actually get to touch Veronica Olson’s body!”

………………………………………seriously guys?

[Man # 2] “He—he’s right, let’s go!”

[Man # 3] “Grahhhhhhh!”

The first one didn’t even use his gun, he just jumps to her, just like how a sex crazed monkey.

But just like that, Percy gave him a right uppercut.

Too bad, he wasn’t able to touch her since the guy got knocked out instantly.

And of course seeing one of their own getting knocked out with a single punch from Percy, the other two got weary and steps back.

Now they know that even though Lancelot and Percy are very attractive women, they are not to be messed with…wait a minute…

[James] “Hey, there are more of you guys, why aren’t anyone confronting me?”

Now that I mentioned it, I notice that when they started charging at Lancelot and Percy, these guys avoided me like a cactus.

That kind of hurts my feelings…

They must have been eyeing on the girls and just forgotten about me for a bit. Like I said before, the two are beautiful after all.

Thinking that, I walk to a free goon who was just watching and tapped his shoulder.

[James] “Hey, I’m free, you can fight m—“

[Man # 7] “Gyaaaaaa! Please don’t hurt me!”

[James] “………………………………………OK.”

What kind of reaction was that? It’s not like I’m going to bit off his head or anything.

Could it be because of the time I released my killing intent?

It wasn’t that much, it’s not like I used the amount I usually use towards the monsters and other unknown beings.

While staring at the two fighting against the goons, I felt a huge hand on my shoulder.

[Hyde?] “It’s OK Boy; they are just not used to men like you.”

[James] “I feel so insulted and unwanted. I mean, did you see the look on his eyes?”

[Hyde?] “Now, now, as time pass, people will eventually change and understand which is not known to them.”

[James] “Thanks Doc.”

[Hyde?] “Now then, while your lovely friends are playing with the others, is there something you need from me?”

[James] “Come on Doc, you guys may be living underground, but you can still get Cable, heck even Wifi.”

Hearing me say those words, Doc warily smiles.

[James] “And don’t worry, I won’t ask for your help for free.”

While the two girls continue to fight, I told Doc to follow me to the truck’s cargo.

I then open the lock and revealed a very huge amount Boxes. Taking on of the boxes out, I cut open the cover and show an amazing amount of canned food.

And taking out another box and opening it shows dozens of folded clothes and for the other, medicine and other life necessities.

[James] “The Slums will need them right?”

[Hyde?] “Desperately so…alright, let’s talk inside.”

With his words, I follow him from behind and left the two.

Honestly, these two will be just fine without me; after all, they are members of the Roundtable.




15 minutes, with only 15 minutes, the guys who were guarding the gate are now in Doc’s clinic and are now currently being patched up.

The location where we are now is within the underground Slums, inside Doc’s clinic.

I bet the people living up above the ground has no idea the there is a place as big as a small town underneath their feet.

And surprisingly, even though they live underground, they still have working electricity and clean water, and all of this is thanks to Doc’s heard work.

But even though they have Electricity and Water, it’s still not enough to stay healthy.

That’s why I asked Arthur to get all the stuff in the list I gave him.    

While waiting for the Doc to finish up, Lancelot suddenly grabs my left arm and pulls me forcefully to her, along with Percy right by her side.

[Lancelot] “James, what is the meaning of this?”

And just as soon as our eyes met, Lancelot gives me a very angry look, unlike the look she gives me back when she still making fun of me or the look when we spent the night together…

Yeah, I guess it’s pretty understandable why she is giving me this look.

Percy on the other hand is looking at me in confusion.

Well I guess after all this, they do deserve an explanation.

[James] “Umm, where should I start?”

[Lancelot] “You don’t need to make it long, we just want to know that how did you know about Mr. Hyde’s location and why you lead us here.”

[James] “Look, just in case you guys misunderstood. I, by no means, am betraying any of you.”

[Lancelot] “Then why did you lead us here and why are you acting friendly with—with a terrorist!?”

Whoa, she’s really mad. I better explain quick or she’ll completely misunderstand me.

[Hyde?] “Please calm down Ms. If you’ll allow me to, I shall explain on his stead.”

With Doc finishing his work and casually walking towards us while wearing a large, patched up lab coat and perfectly round glasses with a crack on its left lens.

Seeing him coming closer to us, Lancelot and Percy put up their guard by bringing out their weapons, preparing themselves for a fight.

Btu Doc didn’t mind it at all, he just calmly walks pass us and sits on a steel chair.

[Hyde?] “Now then, what is it you would like to know young lady?”

With Doc’s calm voice and similarly calm aura, Lancelot and Percy let go of their weapons.

Lancelot then made a deep breath and looks at Doc with her usual eyes with a bit of glare put in it.

[Lancelot] “Fine, since this pea brained, who is incapable of explaining, is no use to us now, I’ll ask you instead.”

I deserve that…

[Lancelot] “Tell us where the missing people are as well as all of your plans.”

[Hyde?] “I think you have me confused for someone else my Dear. The one who wants to take over the country is not me.”

[Lancelot] “Stop talking nonsense! There is no way I’ll confuse you for someone else!”

[Percival] “That’s right; there is no one that has the same appearance as you after all.”

[Hyde] “Like I said, the one that announce those speeches about taking over is not me, but a Homunculus I made years ago.”

[James, Lancelot & Percival] “““A Homunculus?”””

[Lancelot & Percival] ““……………………………””

Huh? What’s with that look?

[Lancelot] “Wait, you didn’t know about this?”

[James] “Well…yeah, that’s the first time I heard about that too.”

Why are you girls looking at me like that, it’s not like I know everything what’s going on in the world.

[Lancelot] “Then please, tell us everything, your past, the homunculi, as well as your change of heart, everything.”

With Lancelot’s serious look, Doc slowly nods and agrees.  

[Hyde?] “Now then, this is what happened before I shamelessly take the title of Doctor…”

While continuing to sit calmly, Doc takes out an old wooden pipe in his breast pocket and used it profoundly.

After taking a few seconds preparing, he slowly puffs out smoke and starts to talk about his past and the reason of his great change.




After listening for an hour, Lancelot and Percy understood about what Doc was talking about.

To make Doc’s story a bit short…

Years ago, back when Doc was still known as the monstrous Mr. Edward Hyde, he continues to Violate and murder women and mercilessly kill men, while alternating with the well-known Doctor as well as a secretly known great Alchemist, Dr. Henry Jekyll.

Doing whatever he desires to anyone he chooses.

But as the years go by, Mr. Hyde noticed something happening to his other half.

Dr. Jekyll was getting old.

And of course, the more he gets older, the weaker Mr. Jackal gets.

Seeing his original side slowly getting weaker and weaker, stepping closer to death’s door, Mr. Hyde felt something he never felt before.

Mr. Hyde feared for his own demise.

That is why when Dr. Jekyll changes to Mr. Hyde and by taking advantage of Dr. Jekyll’s knowledge, Mr. Hyde Created a Homunculus with an identical copy of his intelligence, personality, conscience and even his own amazing strength and appearance.

After finishing the Homunculus, he hides his creation somewhere almost impossible to find.

And with everything finished, the only thing Mr. Hyde needs to do now was to wait for the upcoming Death of Dr. Jekyll.

And of course, just like any normal man, the Doctor died of old age, but when Dr. Jekyll’s body stopped moving, it suddenly changed into his monstrous side.

Dr. Jekyll dies and yet Mr. Hyde lived.

Something like this was not what Mr. Hyde expected. He was definitely sure that once Dr. Jekyll dies, he will die was well.

But his confusion quickly turns to joy, knowing that his fate is different form his original.

Those feelings of freedom increased to the point where he completely forgotten about the preparation he made and simply continued his wrong doings.

But as more years passed, he noticed that he doesn’t age the time as a normal human being and by doing the same thing over and over and over again, his disturbing desires and abnormal lust for rape and murder slowly dies down.

His incredibly long life was boring him so much, that even he wished to have died along with Dr. Jekyll.

Spending life with no goal, he eventually found something or to be more precise, someone that not only peeked his interest, but also swayed his heart for the better.

Of all the years he spent on earth, he meets a woman who wasn’t scared of his appearance.

Her name was Victorica a 19 year old woman, a beautiful and yet sickly and frail woman, one that isn’t meant to be living on the dark and dirty streets.

But the thing that surprised Mr. Hyde the most was the fact that the woman fell for him, despite telling her of all the wrong things that he has done in the past and said...

[Victorica] “What you did in the past is indeed wrong, but as long as you are aware for what you did was wrong and wish to change yourself for the better, then I forgive you.

The feeling of love was a first for him and it was something he wishes to treasure for the rest of his long life.

That is why, with the knowledge of medicine and alchemy, he vows to save her life.

But for the past 6 years, he unfortunately wasn’t able to find a cure.

Mr. Hyde hated his weak self; he was so frustrated about losing Victorica, the woman he loves, he cried for the first time his life.

He apologized to the woman countless of time and yet Victorica simply caressed her hand to his cheeks saying…

[Victorica] “It’s fine; I have already accepted this fate.”

And gave a very warm smile towards him.

But even so, Mr. Hyde still wants to make her happy no matter what the cost.

With Mr. Hyde’s stubborn and unmoving resolve, Victorica gave in and asked if he could fulfill her dying wish.

[Victorica] “I wish to become the Bride of a great and outstanding man, preferably an orange haired big bodied man, who stayed with me for very long and will soon become a great Doctor that will save many lives. Will you do this for me?”

Mr. Hyde fulfilled her dying wish and passed away with a gentle smile.

But even though Victorica has passed away, Mr. Hyde will still continue fulfill his promise to her.

And that is how Mr. Hyde changed and became known as Dr. Edward Hyde.




[Dr. Hyde] “And that is how I’ve become who I am now. Though I believe I’m still not such a great Doctor my wife wishes me to be.”

After saying that, he tinkers with a Golden ring, hanging from his neck while making a small smile.

[Percival] “Whaaaaaaaaaaa!!! *Sniff* *Sniff* Whaaaaaaa!!!”

Percy starts to bawl like a baby as soon as Doc finishes his story. Actually, she already got hooked in as soon as Doc mentions about Mrs. Vireonica.

Btu still, who would have thought that the reason for Doc’s change was that…Sniff…

Man, my eyes sure are sweating a lot…Sniff…by no mean these are tears, no way.

[Lancelot] “……………*Sniff* I see, thank you for honestly explaining to me, and sorry for…”

[Dr. Hyde] “That is quite alright my dear, even I would doubt myself if I stood in your circumstance.”

[Percival] “Hey Mori, do you have any…hey, are you crying too?”

[James] “No I’m not, these are sweat. And besides, even if these are tears, which they are not, it doesn’t mean I was crying.”

[Percival] “Then what?”

[James] “Percy, Men don’t cry, we weep.”

[Percival] “Hmm? But is that—“


Just when Percy is about to give me a comeback, a huge explosion echoes though out the walls of the underground Slums.

Shouts and scream soon came along with the sounds of multitude of footsteps.

[James] “Wh—what in the hell?”

All 4 of use came rushing out of Doc’s Clinic and run towards the expulsion’s location.

As we quickly get closer, we find one of the Slum’s gate completely destroyed, and what seems to be multiple figures coming out of the smoke.

I’m honestly not surprise see these guys again.

[Lancelot] “More Automatons…just great.”

Looks like Lancelot is fed up with these guys, and truth be told, so am I.

[Dr. Hyde] “Nope, looks like one of them isn’t.”

Following Doc’s line of sight, another walks out of the smoke, just like the other Automatons.

But what make this on different is this one has a face.

[James] “Looks like your SON wants to say ‘Hello’ after all of these years.”

[Dr. Hyde] “Yeah, and a ‘Good Bye’ right after.”

The automatons then encircle us, along with the other one with the emotionless faced one.

Sigh~ seriously, can’t these guys take a break for at least one day?

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