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Chapter 18




This is bad, this is really bad!

[Owens] “Ohohohoho! What’s wrong!? I thought you’re some tough guy, but I guys anyone would run from a perfect beauty like myself!”

Shit, why is this happening now of all times!?

[Owens] “That’s right, run and keep dodging, because if you don’t, I’ll crush you like a bug! Hohohohohoho!”

The cellphones I just bought might get damaged!

Though I‘m able to dodge his..uhh…her? No, that isn’t a girl…

Ahem! Though I’m able to dodge this sorry crossdresser’s attacks, I’m having a bit of trouble due to not only the cellphones I’m protecting, but the location where I’m being chased is quite narrow.

And the piled up equipment left here at the hallway makes good obstacles.

[Owens] “Kuhh! Just hurry up and die already!”

[James] “Whoa!? That was close!”

This big Fugly almost hit the bag where the girl’s cellphones are!

Damn it, I need to find a good and wide place to stop this Fugly. But I don’t really know this place…

Wait…this place is pretty big, so there must be a studio that isn’t being used.

Now then, where will the conveniently empty studio be?

With my instincts that has been sharpened for years and my intuition that saved my life for countless of times, I’m sure I’ll able to find an empty stu—this one!

Choosing a door to enter, I dash straight ahead.

[Owens] “S—so fast!”

Forcefully opening the studio door, I dash in through. Though the surrounding is a bit dark, light still shines through some areas and found found a 30 feet building.

Must be something used for a shoot. Oh well, might as well use it.

Luckily for me, though it’s only a fake building that is made for movies, it still had a door and even stairs.

Hehe, I knew my instincts and intuition won’t fail me.

Now then, while I still have some time, I better hide my gifts somewhere safe. Oh, that ventilation shaft look good, not like it’s connected to any electricity so it should be O.K.


[Owens] “Stop running and just let me kill you!!!”

Oh, looks like he caught up, about time.

The deformed Owens looks left and right looking for me while snarling like an animal.

Damn, there is no longer any shred of humanity inside this guy. He has completely turned into something else.

No choice then, I better stop him before he gets any uglier—uhh…I mean, he hurts himself…yeah…that was what I meant.

And with that, I took out Nanashi from the cover and tied it to my left waist. I then stood at the edge of the make-shift building and look down.

[James] “I’m over here Fugly!”

[Owens] “F—Fugly!? How dear you!?”

[Percival] “He’s right Mori, even though it’s true, you should say those things in front of his face.”

[James] “…………………………………Huh!?”

[Owens] “V—Veronica!?”

[Percival] “Hmm? What is it?”

[James] “S—since when were you here?”

[Percival] “Huh? Oh, actually, I got here first; I was at the 20th floor. We were doing a scene that is happing in this building and it’s supposed to happen at night so the lights are dim.”

Eh? A scene?  

Wait, if what she said is true then.

[Director] “…………………………………………”

[Staff Members] “““………………………………………………”””

Since the place where the Director and the others are standing is too dark, as well as dashing in here, my eyes didn’t get used to the darkness quickly so I wasn’t able to see them clearly, but yeah, it’s them.

Instincts, Intuition……you have failed me.

Even though Percy is all about espionage and info gathering, I still didn’t notice his presence.

Now that I think about it, I’ve only been working out my body and not my senses.

Once I get home, I better get them sharpened again.

[Percival] “Hmm? Isn’t that…”

Obviously this is the first time Percy seen her manager looking like this, so she must be in shock right no—

[Percival] “So he finally snapped.”


[Percival] “I was kind of wondering when he’ll show his true self.”

[James] “Wait, so you knew he’s a…”

[Percival] “A crossdresser? Yup, a week after becoming my manager. And for the record, the he is wearing right now isn’t really mine.”

Oh, then I guess a bit of my worry is dashed off.

[James] “Then you also knew about the Hyde Serum?”

[Percival] “Yup, but I never would have guessed he’d use it so early.”

After confidently saying that she knew about Owen’s hidden self, she looks back down on Owens and then…

[Percival] “Sniff…”

She starts to have teary eyes.

[Percival] “But you know…Sniff…after seeing him in this form…sniff…I—I can’t help myself but feel sorry for him.”

I know right!?

He himself said that he was pursuing beauty, but he strayed from his goal and turned into a furless crossdressing gorilla.

Wiping away her tears from her eyes, Percy leans to the building edge and shouts.

[Percival] “Don’t worry Manager, once we knock you out, we’ll try to find a way to cure that disfigured face of yours!”

Are you trying to pick a fight!?

[Owens] “Veronica, you attention hogging whore, how dare you call my beauty disfigured!”

See? You made him mad.

This is one of the things that caused me so much trouble, her Airheaded-ness fusing with her Innocent Honesty.

Not really a very good combination.

Hearing Percy’s honest words, Owens walks closer to the building and starts climbing it like King Kong, digging his fingers inside the cement……

This man really is straying away from being human.

Seeing Owens getting closer and closer, I stand up to the edge and continue to watch Owens.

Yup, all I see now is a Furless King Kong wearing a dress.

[James] “Percy, I hid some stuff in the ventilation shaft over there, mind keeping an eye on it for me.”

[Percival] “Sure, but make sure to knock him out quickly, we might cause more trouble for everyone.”

[James] “Got it.”

She’s right, if this guy finds other targets other than me or Percy, it would be bad and it would also stop Percy’s movie production.

So like what Percy said…

[James] “I’ll end this quickly.”

Saying that, I leap off of the edge and did a head first dive.

And of course, Owens saw me falling and gave a very big grin.

His smile reminded me of the Titan that ate Eren’s mother…

[Owens] “Ohohohohohoho! How foolish of you to dive right to me!”

Owens’ right arm then let go of the building, readying his arm to smash me into the Building’s solid walls.

Before I got 10 feet closer to him, he swings his fist towards me. But before I get hit, I did forward somersault inches away from his fist.

And when his fist crushes the solid cement wall, I landed at the back side of his right hand and ran straight, following his forearm.

As I reach his shoulder, I did another forward somersault and while viewing his back upside down, I swing Nanashi at the back of Owen’s neck.

And with a strong smacking sound echoing throughout the studio…

[Owens] “GUHAAA!?”

Owens’ eyes rolls to the back of his head, making the grip strength on his left arm weaker. He then falls to the ground with a loud thud, almost equaling my swinging blow.

And as soon as Owens lands on the ground on his back, I land on my feet right after.

For those who are wondering, No, I didn’t kill him.

Like I said before, Nanashi doesn’t have a sharp edge, but it can cut through anything as long as I wish it to be cut.

That is why Owens is only knocked out.

After all, I’m not too fund of animal cruelty.




An hour has passed and Lancelot finally arrived.

And luckily for us, a few of her subordinates came with her, taking the now unconscious Owens into custody.

Well, I did call and told her about Owens, so I guess call for her subordinates wasn’t really surprising.

Speaking of Lancelot, she is now giving a proper explanation on what just happened today.

Percy on the other hand is also, to my surprise, is also doing her job as a member of the Round Table.

After all those years of trouble she got me into, I eventually notice when Percy is actually serious on doing something, just like when she was acting on the stage earlier.

After talking to a few more staff members, Percy waves to them goodbye and walks towards me.

Perfect, I actually want to ask her about Owens.

[Jamse] “Hey Percy, can I ask you something?”

[Percival] “Yes, I am not going out with anyone right now!”

[James] “Umm, no, that is not what I wanted to ask. What I want to ask about is Owens.”

[Percival] “I think Owens isn’t seeing anyone ether.”

This Airhead…

[James] “No Percy, there is no way in the world would I ever ask that. What I want to ask about how good is he in his work?”

[Percival] “Mr. Owens’ work?”

[James] “Yeah, how good is he?”

[Percival] “Well, despite on how he is, he is a really good Manager. He’s really precise with every little thing and he always stick with the schedule. He likes to do thing perfectly.”

Good on his job, huh?

And as I recall, that Owens guy has been her Manager for years.

As I continue to pounder, I notice Lancelot finished with her talk and is now heading towards me and Percy.

[James] “Hey Lancelot, you finish explaining to everyone?”

[Lancelot] “Yeah, they were so shock to hear about Percy being part of an organization meant for the country’s protection.”

[James] “Hmm, are you sure you should be telling them that?”

[Lancelot] “It should be alright. Besides, Veronica has a lot of rumors around her, even if someone leaks the information, people will just take it as another rumor.”

If that’s what Lancelot think, then I guess its fine.

[James] “Lancelot, Percy, sorry about this, I know we are supposed to go out and spend some time together, but it looks like we won’t have much time.”

[Lancelot] “What do you mean?”

[James] “Owens exposed his true motive right when I saw his…uhh…true self. If Percy said is true about him being a perfectionist, then easily reviling his true motive means that whoever is behind him gave him the OK sign.”

[Percival] “So you mean…the big baddy is ready to start his plan.”

Ohh, Percy in her smart agent mode, such a rare sight to behold.

Seeing her show this serious look somewhat make me proud. Here, let me pat you head.

[James] “Yup, pretty much.”

[Percival] “hmm.......he...heheh.”

She’s like a puppy……

She must like me petting her, because while I continue to pat her head, she slowly draws closer and closer, eventually pressing her face on to my chest.

She then looks up and gave me a silly smile.

Yup, like a puppy…

[Lancelot] “Ahem…”

Oh no, Lancelot is…

[Lancelot] “I see, I better call Sir Arthur first and see if all the things you asked for are ready.”


[James] “Tha—thanks, would you do that for me?”

Giving me a small nod, Lancelot once again walks a bit away from me and Percy and starts to dial on her phone.

But before she left us, Lancelot gave me, no, correction, gave Percy a smile, befitting for an older sister.

[???] “Umm…excuse me…do have some time?”

Hearing a voice behind me, I turn my body around, which by the way, still having my chest pressed on by Percy’s face, and find Percy’s Director.

[Percival] “Oh, hello Director, is there something you want from us?”

[Director] “W—well, Vero—uhh…I mean Lady Percival. Will you still be starring in my movie?”

[Percival] “Why of course I will, I might be a Knight of the Roundtable, but also an entertainer. Oh and please, just call me Veronica; you don’t have to put the ‘Lady’ part.”

[Director] “I—I see, that’s reassuring.”

Well she is one of the most famous actresses in the world, so I somewhat understand why the Director is acting like this.

[Director] “And thanks to you to, Sir…”

[James] “Hmm? Don’t worry about it, and you don’t have to say ‘Sir’ ether, I’m not part of the Knights, you can just call me James.”

I then stick out my right hand, gesturing for a handshake. The Director then smiles back at me and gave me a reply by shaking my hand.

[Director] “By the way…”

[James] “Yes?”

[Director] “Are there any chance that you wish to be on the big screen?”

I’ll refuse of course.

[James] “Sorry, but I’m not really interested.”

I doubt that there will be anyone who is actually willing to watch a movie that has my look in it.

And even I did say yes, I would most likely get the villain part.

[Director] “Hehe, I had a feeling you’d refuse.”

To my surprise, Percy’s Director gave up easily.

And after a few more talks about Percy’s Movie, the Director is called by the staff; he then said his good bye to us and left.

[Lancelot] “Hey James, Arthur said he got everything in the list and they’re ready to go.”

[James] “Alright, let’s go…ahh…”

Just when I was about to call out to Lancelot and Percy, I suddenly remembered the reason on why I even left the castle.

By the order of the Queen, the three of us should have spent our time outside.

Though I’m not a knight, I have no obligation to follow the Queen’s orders, but honestly, I actually wanted to spend some time with them.

[James] “Hey uhh…Lancelot, Percy?”

[Lancelot] “Hmm?”

[Percy] “Yes?”

[James] “About today, I know we were supposed to hang out and all, but it looks like we won’t be able to.”

Not when the mastermind’s plan is close. Heck, it might have already started.

But I still somewhat feel bad about this…

While I slightly lower my shoulder, the two looks at each other and then looks at me.

[Lancelot] “Seriously, what a thing to say.”

[Percival] “Yeah, why are you feeling bad?”

[James] “Hmm, what do you mean?”

[Lancelot] “It might be a mission given by her Highness, but the fact that I’m with you still make me happy.”

[Percival] “Yeah, yeah, what Vistela said!”

Sigh~ well, it might not be like the image of ‘Hanging out’ I got in my head, but I guess this is also fine.




About 4 hours has passed since the studio mishap and I am now, and I am now driving a giant truck along with an even bigger cargo.

To my right are Lancelot and Percy.

2 hours for getting back to the castle and readying the stuff I wrote on my list and 2 more hours driving to the certain location.

Lancelot is calmly sitting while crossing her arms together with her eyes close and Percy is keeping herself busy buy sticking her head out the window while watching the scenery.

[Percival] “Hey James, are we there yet? We’ve been on the road for hours and my butt is getting sleepy.”

[Lancelot] “Technically, it’s only been 2 hours since we left the castle, but I agree with Veronica. Are getting closer to the place you said?”

[James] “Don’t worry, we’re close, I just have to head left here and go up hill.”

And just like I said, I turn left and just a few meters away, a small hill filled with grass and trees and on top of the small hill is a small forest.

Following a path that is obviously never been used for a long time, the girls starts to look around, clearly showing the look of confusion.

[Lancelot] “I’ve never been to this place before.”

[Percival] “Me too…is the place you wanted to go to really here?”

[James] “Yup, once we see a giant hump sticking out on the flat part of the hill…oh, there it is.”

Finally arriving, I stop the truck just a few feet away from the grass covered hump and said…

[James] “Well, here we are.”

[Lancelot] “…………………………”

[Percival] “…………………………there’s nothing here.”

Yeah, I thought she’d say that.

Without saying anything, I left the truck and walk towards the small and grassy wall-like hill.

[James] “That’s because you guys aren’t looking hard enough.”

With their faces full of questions, I stick my right arm inside the Vine infested part of the hill and then…

[James] “Ah, found it.”

I pull down a lever.


With a strong metallic sound echoing throughout the forest, a hidden gate opens with more metallic sounds.

The gate that I just open is even bigger than the truck I’m driving, so there won’t be any problem if I drive the truck in.

As calmly enter the truck and readied myself to drive it, Lancelot and Percy shake off their shocked expression and start to ask me questions.

[Lancelot] “S—since when was this built here?”

[Percival] “Wow, this is like a secret base I saw on TV. Do you know what’s inside?”

Though I wanted to answer their questions, I told them to wait since I knew someone who can answer with better understanding.

After a few more minutes inside the tunnel, we found a steel gate that was welded together with un-matching parts.

[James] “Wait here, I’ll—hmm?”

Just when I’m about to get off the Driver’s seat again, I sensed the stares full of hostility aiming towards us.

And just when I look towards that presence, it jumps off from the top of the steel gate and lands on to the hood of the truck.

What landed on the hood seemed to be a boy, 13 or 14 in age.

Standing straight, he swings down a steel pipe and points in to the Truck’s front window, where I, Lancelot and Percy, looking back at the boy.

[???] “Who the hell are you guys!? How’d you get in here! HAH!? I asked you a question, so hurry up an answer me damn it!”

This kid has quite the attitude.

[James] “Hey, sorry for barging in, but is the Doc here?”

[???] “Hah!? What the hell do you want from Doc!?”

After giving me another gangster like glare, he snaps his finger and more people came out of the shadows, pointing their guns towards us.

[???] “And even if the Doc is here, what makes you so special!? Hah?”

This kid…is getting on my nerves…

I’m fine if this kid is doing this as a way to protect himself and his friends, but I only feel hostility around this brat.

Not to mention that his friends are pointing their guns at Lancelot and Percy, ready to shot.

I swear, if this kid does another ‘Hah!?’ at us, I’ll—

[???] “Look here outsiders, if you’ll never see daylight again, do you get that!? Hah!?”

[James] “……………Lancelot, Percy, stay in here. I’ll deal with this.”

[Lancelot] “Alright.”

[Percival] “Don’t hurt him Mori, he’s just a kid.”

[James] “Don’t worry.”

After replying to the girls, I open the truck’s door and got down.

[???] “Hee~ so one of you guys think you’re tough enough to pick a fight against us! Haaaaaaa……………aaah.”

[James] “Fine, let’s just say that I am picking a fight, what are you going to do about it?”

[???] “W—well…umm…”

[James] “Aren’t you and your boys going to fight me?”

[???] “O—of c—course we…gulp…we will.”

As one could easily tell, the hostile air around the kid is now gone and slight trembling could be seen in his open palm.

What I’m doing right now is the same thing he is did to us; I’m simply letting out my hostility around.

But unlike his that only affects the person in front of him; mine effects the whole area, so even the guys with the gun are unable to hold their guns straight.

[James] “I see, but before we start, I better warn you guys first.”

[???] “W—warn us about what?”

[James] “I’ll be sure to break every bone in your body and rearrange them so that all of you will never be able to stand like a normal human again.”

The kid starts to tremble stronger and stronger; I can even hear his teeth chattering against each other.

[???] “That’s enough, put down your weapons. And James, please forgive them, they have never meet you before so they are only doing the job they are assigned to.”

And from within the gate, a familiar voice stops the hostile atmosphere within the cave.

The figure then walks out of the steel door.

[Lancelot] “What!?”

[Percival] “No way!”

The two knights walks out of the truck in surprise and shouts in unison.

[Lancelot & Percival] ““MR. HYDE!?””

What? I did say that the one we will meet will most likely have the answer they need after all.

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Hey guys, like i said, a lot has happened for the passed week.

the strong rain storm.

the blackouts.

and finally, a thief got in our house! (Caught him and beat the crap out of him though)

that is why i wasn't able to poast for a while and wasn't able to draw anything for this chapter, but i was able to make a 4-Koma.

here you go...

i hope you guys forgive me for this... 

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