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Chapter 17




Ah~ High school, it was…

It was…uhh…it was…umm…

Honestly, High school didn’t really give such a good impact to me. Just like what this Custodian said, I was a loner.

If there ever a school festival going on, I skip it to avoid as much contacts with girls.

I never went to the class’s field trips and when we need to paired up in art class, I end up partnering up with Artemis…

Before anyone misunderstands, no, that is not a name of a classmate; it’s the head of Artemis, a statue perfect for loners like me in art class.

I got paired up with Artemis so much, I already memorized all of its angles.

Man, even I think that was pathetic.

[???] “Hey, are you listening!?”

[James] “Hmm, you’re still here?”

[???] “What make you think I left!?”

I’m not really sure why he’s shouting, but I can see his veins popping out of his forehead.

This is bad, he’s starting to get angrier and angrier. I better say something before this gets any worse.

Something very polite to not make him angrier than he is now…

[James] “Look, I still don’t know who you are, but I’m waiting for someone here, can you go away.”

[???] “Wha—what was that!?”


I thought that if I made my words longer, it would sound formal. Guess that didn’t work.

Well, if a long sentence won’t work, then I’ll just make it short…

[James] “I said, go away.”

[???] “HUNN!!!?”

After making that strange sound, he grabs me by the collar and raises his clenched fist.

Seeing such a spectacle, the surrounding customers gets up from their seats and backs away from us.

As for the girl beside him, she kept saying stop, but I clearly see that she doesn’t really mean it.

I mean, she’s playing with her phone while saying that, anyone would clearly see that.    

[???] “MORI!!!”

But before he gets to give a swing at me, a voice calls out to me.

And not just any voice, it’s a voice that is known not only to me but as well as the whole world.

[Percival] “Mori, I talked to the director and said I can get a day off!”

It’s the idol of the world herself, Percival or more widely known as Veronica Olson, the young and talented celebrity.

With such a big shot walking in a fast pace on the streets, all the people around us stopped what they were doing and follows her with their eyes.

And when I say stop, I also mean that this unknown man who I think is a stranger to me, also stopped his punch.

While everyone is on a standstill, Percy kept walking towards me.

And since Percy is walking towards me from behind, she must have not seen this Unknown guy’s hand grabbing on to me and just hugs me from behind.

Shit, now this is a story the paparazzi would love.

Come on, my reputation in the castle was weird enough and now I get this?

[Percival] “We get to hang out the whole day today, isn’t that cool?”

[James] “Y—yeah, cool……very…cool…”

[Percival] “Right!?”

Huh? Hey! Don’t snuggle your face on my back! Or more like, hurry up and get off me!

Just for this, no cake for you!

[Percival] “Hey, what do you think you’re doing to Mori!?”

[???] “Oh…uh…s—sorry.”

I guess the words of a celebrity give out quite the pressure on people. But then again, Percy is very well known.

The guy who was grabbing on to me quickly lets go and backs off a few steps away from me.

[Percival] “Were you trying to hurt Mori?”

[???] “Mo—Mori? Umm…no, of course not! I wasn’t trying anything!”

[Percival] “Well, as long as you’re not trying anything. After all, you still have a long life ahead of you.”

Oh come on, I wouldn’t go that far. I’d only tie him up and hang him on a flag post, with written words on his body that would make him the target of very thirsty Male loving Males.

And of course, I won’t forget about his contact number and address to not trouble them.

See? Aren’t I a good person?

Since I had a celebrity next to me, the quickly apologize again and quickly left along with his girl.

[James] “Hmmm……”

[Percival] “Mori, what’s wrong?”

[James] “Oh, it’s nothing big, it’s just that…”

[Percival] “Just that?”

[James] “Who really is that guy?”

He suddenly came talking to me even though we’re complete strangers… what a weirdo.




[Percival] “Hey Mori, hurry up, I want to show you the set I’ll be using.”

[James] “Yeah, yeah I’m coming.”

And just like that, we are no longer in the café and I am now on my way to the studio where Percy is working.

Seriously, this is like back then, this is how she gets me into trouble, she easily drags me wherever she wants without me even noticing it myself.

I really want to know how she does it, who knows, when I learn it, I’d be able to counter it.

[???] “Sorry for suddenly calling you back, something happen to the shoot we got yesterday and we need to change it quickly.”

[Percival] “That’s alright Director, that shoot is important for the movie after all.”

Actually, Percy was supposed to drag me back to the mall where I bought my cellphone, but she suddenly got a call from the studio.

And that is pretty much why we are here.

[Director] “Umm, and this man is…”

[Percival] “This is Mori; he’s a friend who I knew from way back.”

[Director] “I see...umm…it’s nice to meet you.”

[James] “Likewise.”

After greeting each other, the Director leads us to the studio with a fast pace.

[???] “Ah! There you are Veronica!”

Just when Percy and I are about to enter the studio, another loud voice calls out to us.

[???] “If you’re planning to go somewhere, you should tell me first.”

[Percival] “Oh come on, Mr. Owens. I was only going to hang out with Mori.”

[Owens] “M—Mori? Oh, right, the one we met at the airport; it’s good to see you again.”

[James] “…………………………Yeah.”

Something is wrong…

Oh well, I guess it better to wait for it than look for it aimlessly.

And besides, staying close to the one who will most likely cause that “Trouble” is better than roaming around.

By the way, the one I’m talking about isn’t Percy but this guy named Owens.

Back when we were at the plane, Percy and I only talked for a bit and this Owens guy acted like a Silverback Gorilla banging his chest in anger.

But how he reacted now is too mellow, now he is like a chimp that got shot with a tranquilizer.

My point is, his attitude changed way too fast for only a few days passing by.

But like I said, I’ll wait for now.

Besides, I have something way more important to do.

Thinking about that certain important task, I put my hand on my pocket and took out my cellphone.

And with Lancelot’s number in speed dial, I press a single button on the screen and the tone started beeping.

[Lancelot] “James? Why did you call, did something happen?”

[James] “I guess you can say that, Percy cam to and kind of—”

[Lancelot] “Dragged you somewhere without you yourself even noticing it?”

[James] “Yeah, that’s actually spot on.”

[Lancelot] “Seriously, how does she do that?”

Hmm, I guess I’m not the only victim from Percy’s dragging powers.

[Lancelot] “Well, I guess it can’t be helped, I’ll just meet you guys there. But it’ll take 2 to 3 hours though.”

[James] “Don’t worry; I think we’ll be here for a while.”

[Lancelot] “Huh……I’ll see you two later I guess.”

After saying good bye to each other, I see Percy waving her hand towards me excitingly while I put my phone back on my pocket.

Now then Mr. Owens, what exactly are you planning?




[Director] “Alright, Cut! That was a good one Veronica!”

[Percival] “Thank you very much!”

Now then, while Percy and his Manager is distracted, I’ll go find out if what I think about Owens is correct.

Honestly though, I think I correct about this, but just to make sure that I won’t regret it later…

While thinking that, one of the staff walks pass me, but I call out to stop him.

[James] “Hey, is it true about what happened to the shot you guys took yesterday?”

[Staff] “Huh? Oh, you’re Ms. Veronica’s guest.”

[James] “Yeah, I’m kind of interested on movies are made.”

[Staff] “Hehe I see. Well about the shot, honestly, I’m quite surprised on what happened.”

[James] “What do you mean?”

[Staff] “Well, the guy who was in charge of editing that shot accidentally deleted it.”

[James] “Let me guess, that rarely happens.”

[Staff] “Nah~ man, that never happens. Especially if the guy who was in charge had been working in these kinds of things for years.”

[James] “Do you think there is a chance that someone deleted it?”

[Staff] “Impossible, I mean, why would they want do to that? All of us have been working hard on this Movie, the editor included.”

It is impossible if it’s only within the staff and Director’s circle, but when it comes to someone who isn’t even part of the staff and gets the attention of a certain Air head that didn’t say anything and suddenly left…

Yup, it was him.

As I turn my head back towards Percy, I notice her Manager heading somewhere.

Hmm, I’ve never been a Manager before, so I’m not really sure if I can say this, but isn’t he supposed to be staying close to Percy while on the job?

Thinking that, I said my thanks to the staff I was questioning and silently follow Owens from behind.

A few minutes passed and Owens turns right and enters a room at the hallway.

Seeing him enter, I snuck closer and found the room he entered has a metal plate that says Veronica‘s dressing room.

Well………that’s a bit concerning.

Don’t tell me, this Owens guy is doing…uh…those kinds of stuff to Percy’s clothes!?

Oh man, if he is, I better stop him.

I didn’t slam the door open instantly, I might be mistaken after all, that is why I slowly open the door, making a small gap.

I then peek inside the room and found—Holy Mother of Christ! What the hell am I seeing!?


Why is he…

Good God, after seeing this, I wish he was actually sniffing her clothes!

[Owens] “Hahahaha! I knew it, this dress looks way better on me than that Veronica woman! Oopsie, why can this wig stay on my head? Such a naughty wig, tehe~”

No, please don’t lean d………………………………………………………………………

He’s even wearing girl’s underwear……

I want to scratch my eyes off right now.

I want to poke my ears with a skewer right now.

I honestly, wholeheartedly, want to cry right now.

This is all kinds of wrong!

[James] “Damn it, why is this guy doing this?”

[Owens] “Huh, who’s there!?”

Ah, is just said those line out loud just now.

Oh well, might as well  show myself now, if lady luck is on my side right now, maybe he will put his old male clothes back on.

Betting on my luck, I slowly open the door and show myself.

[Owens] “Y—you!? What are you doing here!?”

[James] “……………………………………………………………………”

[Owens] “Kuhh, I thought I’m able to wear the clothes Veronica was wearing in peace. Humph! No matter, I guess it is time to show the world what true beauty really is.”

Beauty!? Did this Crossdresser just say Beauty? Who, him? Is this guy really right in the head!?

After admitting his uhh…real self, the Crossdresser known as Owens points his right finger at me while doing a pose like what a high class Woman would do.

Ughh~ please stop…just please…

[Owens] “But as for you, I will take care of you here so that you won’t get in the way of my plan again—why are you crying!?”

Why am I crying!? Why am I crying!?

[James] “It’s because you’re just so sad and pathetic, I feel so sorry for you. You just don’t know how ugly and disgusting you look.”

[Owens] “Wha—what was that!?’

[James] “You’re so ugly!”

I can help it, I know I need to keep those words inside, but maybe, just maybe, if I honestly say something, he might stop being so pathetic!

[Owens] “How dare you call me ugly!?”

Oh no, he’s too far gone!

[Owens] “Kuh! Fine, you can call me ugly now, but once I take care of you and take Veronica’s body, I will the world’s most beautiful celebrity!”

Hmm? Take Percy’s body? I can’t take those words too lightly.

[James] “What do you mean by taking Per—I mean, Veronica’s body?”

[Owens] “Humph, what I mean is—hey, why are you looking the other way!?”

Is he seriously asking that?

[Owens] “Kuhh~ what I mean is, I want to take Veronica’s or how you know her, Percival’s body and transfer my consciences into her. I was supposed to have her body days ago, but you got in the way.”

Does he mean the Automaton at the plane? So he has something to do with that to? I though he was just an obsessed pervert.

But more importantly, he even knows Percy’s other occupation.

[Owens] “Oh and I know you are no ordinary punk, so taking care of you in my current condition will be impossible. But as long as I have this…”

Taking a small glance, I see him holding on to an injection filled with some light orange liquid.

It kind of look like piss…just saying.

[Owens] “I’ll be able to take care of you easy.”

After saying those words, he stabs himself on his neck and injects the piss like liquid inside him.

[Owens] “I—I can feel it working, hehehehe…HAHAHAHAHAHA!”

With his laugh echoing throughout the studio’s hallway, Owens’ body grows bigger and bigger.

The muscles in his body start to bulge out and grow even bigger until he is now standing in about 8 feet tall.

Ah~ so that piss looking thing inside the injection was no other than the Hyde serum itself.

But still…

[Owens] “Now then, with this power, I’ll be able to—why are you crying again!?”

Forget about taking one step closer to being beautiful, he just made one gigantic leap, equaling Mt. Everest, away from his original goal!

In other words, this guy got even uglier!!!

I just can’t help myself from feeling sorry for this guy!

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