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Chapter 16




09:35 a.m.

Though it’s still a bit early, I’m already relaxing on a café and drinking my warm milky coffee.

Actually, I was already here 8 in the morning and just waited for the shop to open, it was embarrassing how the employees looked at me suspiciously.

Thanks to that I had to order two large sized drinks and a plate of waffles to make up for their worry.

You can’t blame me for being here so early though, after what Percy said at the training hall yesterday, I got sharp look wherever I go in the Castle walls.

Damn it, did she really have to say that out loud like that?

With all of those stares directed at me, I had no choice but to escape.

[James] “Well, at least I can have a relaxing drink now.”

Speaking of which, as soon as I got here, trouble comes charging at me one after another.

This is actually the first time I get to relax……

[Hiltraud] (Then we should treasure this time while we still can.)

[Nanashi] (I agree with Onee-sama, this time we have together must be preserved.)

And my two partners agree with me.

Hiltraud, who is under my left arm, hidden inside my jacket, and Nanashi who is hidden inside a Shinai bag, strapped behind me.   

[James] (It’s been a while isn’t, just us three together.)

[Nanashi] (Tis because of those women who suddenly swarmed to you like flies Aruji-sama…a bunch of nuisance that should be...)

[Hiltraud] (Now, now, Nanashi. It’s a good thing that James is starting to socialize more of the opposite sex, we should be happy for him.)

[Nanashi] (Hmph!)

[James] (You sound like a mother Hiltraud.)

[Hiltraud] (I shall take that as a compliment.)

If you’re cool with it…

Since I’ve already finished eating my Waffles and my first drink, I paid my bill and left the café.

[James] “Now then…”

As I slowly walk away from the café, the gentle voice of Hiltraud calls out to me within my head.

[Hiltraud] (James, you should open and see what the letter says.)

[James] “Oh right, almost forgot about that.”

I actually found this letter right next to my bed when I woke up this morning, and of course there is something written on it.

A letter coming from Lancelot and it says…


Dear James.

                        I need to check something regarding the small Village we came from and I also need to check the land where you are going to build you factory.

That is why I won’t be there with you this morning.

But let us meet at central fountain at 12.

  1. Be sure to buy a new Phone and check up on your connections back in Noah.

                                              Call me: *****************         

                                                                                             From: Vistela Monrrow.


[Hiltraud] (Just what I’d expect from Lancelot, she already knows what needs to be done.)

Now that I think about it, I didn’t call the girls back home since I got too tired from Percy’s mental attack.

[Nanashi] (How dear that noisy louse say something so undignified about Aruji-sama, she should be cut down to repent for what she has done.)

[Hiltraud] (Nanashi, stop that.)

[Nanashi] (Humph!)

I’m thinking about this “Thought” deep inside my mind so that Hiltraud and Nanashi won’t be able to read it.

But I’m honestly entertained by how these two interact to one another.


Since it’s already written on this letter on what I should do now, I call for a taxi and ask the driver to head for the closest mall within the area.

And since it was pretty early, there weren’t much cars driving on the road so we quickly got to a mall.

And not only that, just a few steps away from the mall that I’m heading to, is the fountain that is mentioned from Lancelot’s letter.

[James] “Hmm, I guess I could take my time and look around, but first...”

[Hiltraud] (We should purchase a Phone first. You need to call back home and tell them that you are doing fine.)

[Nanashi] (How foolish, for them to worry even though those women know that Onee-sama and I are with Aruji-sama, how truly foolish of them.)

[Hiltraud] (Nanashi…)

With the mall’s entrance right in front of me, I made my way in and walk towards the information booth.

With a simple and fast reply from the Counter Employee, I was quickly given information about the locations of different locations of all the best electronic stores.


Since I have no idea what’s a good cellphone to buy, I head towards the closest electronic shop and start browsing at the ones they show on the shelves.

When it comes to cellphones, Quality is the way to go, so I call an employee over and asked him which of the best cellphones that are sold this year.

[Employee] “Sigh…*Ahem* how can I help you sir?”

Did this guy just sigh? And not only that, he’s also looking at me like I’m someone suspicious.

This man is clearly looking down at me, is it because I’m still young or because of the way I dress?

Now that I look at myself, all of the clothes I’m wearing are all black, other than my dark blue jeans.

Could it be this man is thinking I’m some delinquent, or maybe even a robber!?

I hope not…

[Nanashi] (This…this insolent man, for a worm like him to look down on Aruji-sama…unforgivable, I shall slowly cut your throat, you damn cur! Do you hear me!? I shall cut you to the ground!!!)

Oh boy, Nanashi is starting to rattle behind me; I need to calm her down.

[Hiltraud] (Nanashi, calm yourself. If you act violently here, it will only cause James more trouble.)

[Nanashi] (I…I know…I know that Onee-sama, but this man, he is looking at Aruji-sama like he is some sort of lowly criminal!)

[Hiltraud] (I would be lying if I said I don’t understand what you feel, but try to see what might happen if you did attack him, would you like the outcome if did cut this man?)

[Nanashi] (Haa~ I understand Onee-sama, I shall withdraw for now.)

[Hiltraud] (That’s my Schwester.)

Thank god Hiltraud is here.

Though I’m confident I could calm Nanashi down myself, Hiltraud has this way with words and since she sees Hiltraud as her older sister, she could calm her down faster than I could.

After talking about stuff that I honestly ignored, the employee gives up on selling me something other than a phone and shows me different kinds of smartphones.

Like I said, I have no idea what phone is trending nowadays, so I just ask the employee what is new.

[Employee] “Sigh…then what about this dear customer?”

Following the direction where his hands are pointing, I find a black smartphone with advertisings that says “Samsung Galaxy S8+”…

[Hiltraud] (What’s with that astronomical name?)

[Nanashi] (Does this metal slab think it’s that amazing? Such arrogance…)

Not minding its name, I look at the price and…

I get it now; this guy wants me to leave by showing me something pricey.

Well, if he wants me to leave, then I should just buy it and leave, before Nanashi reach its limit.

Hmm…wait a minute.

As I recall, Reshulla’s and especially Robin’s phone are pretty old and it would be kind of rude if Reshulla and Robin are the only one that gets new phones.

[Employee] “So dear costumer will you be—”

[James] “I’ll take 4 of these and if possible, can I have four different colors of them as well?”

[Epmloyee] “Eh?”

[James] “Oh right, do you also sell that wireless chargers here?”

[Employee] “Y—yes, we do sir.”

[James] “Good, then I’ll take 4 of those and some casing with matching colors as well.”

[Employee] “Y—yes sir, I’ll be back with them as quickly as possible!”

Well, he wanted me to go, so I made it easy for him.




[Employee & Manager] ““Thank you for you patronage!””

Haha, he got scolded by his manager…I think; he is being forced to bow by grabbing down the employee’s head as I leave the shop, so I’m assuming he was.

[Nanashi] (Humph, a scolding is by far not enough for a punishment; his head should but cut and be displayed for all to see of his undoing.)

[James] (Come on Nanashi, he already got a scolding so let’s just forget about him and go.)

[Nanashi] (If that is what you wish Aruji-sama then…but still, that should…maybe even…)

Ignoring Nanashi’s mumbling, I took out my new phone and look at its design and brows at its function.

Truth-be-told, I actually think this phone looks cool; it has both of my favorite colors, Black and Green, an awesome combination.

[Hiltraud] (You don’t have to call home right now, just put Lancelot’s number.)

[James] (Hmm? Why not, shouldn’t I at least tell them...oh right, classes. )

Now that I remember, I’ve only been in class for only a month and I’m already skipping classes.

My grades are definitely going to get affected won’t they?

Oh well, since I can’t call them right now, I’ll just send my new number for now.

[Hiltraud] (Though it is still an hour too early, we might as well call Lancelot and check up on her.)

[Nanashi] (Why must we call for her Onee-sama?)

[James] (She did say that she’ll help with the factory construction after all, we might as well.)

[Nanashi] (Humph, I guess she has her uses. If there really is a need to call her then it is fine.)

Well, since I got the OK from lady Nanashi…

[Lancelot] “Hello? James?”

[James] “Wow, how’d you know it was me.”

[James] “Just a gut feeling I guess.”

That’s an impressive gut feeling you have there.

[James] “So how’s the factory location? Will it still be useful?”

I’d really want to have that delicious milk and those cookies again, immediately if possible.

And not only that, if they got their hands on advance equipment, the possibilities of having different dairy products will be numerous.

So many Possibilities…

[Hiltraud] (James, I know you’re excited, but shouldn’t you ask about the time of your meeting?)

Oh right, almost forgot about that, thanks Hiltraud.

[James] “How long will your work there be finish? I’m not rushing you or anything; I just want to know what time we’ll be meeting.”

[Lancelot] “Actually, I’m already done; I’m already here at my apartment changing.”

[James] “What, already?”

That was fast, didn’t she just started this morning?

[Hiltraud] (Fufufu~ as expected from Lancelot, fast and efficient.)  

[Nanashi] (Humph, so-so I guess. But if she really wants to be more useful to Aruji-sama, then she must do more than just this.)

As always, Nanashi is acting like a hard to please Mother-in-law.

[Lancelot] “I’ll be there in about an hour.”

[James] “Alright, I’ll be waiting at a café near the—“

[Lancelot] “Fountain at the town square right? I’ll meet you there. Oh, and about Percival, she said she’ll meet us a bit later due to work.”

Percy, huh…

Just to make things clear, it’s not like a hate her, I just hope she won’t bring trouble along with her.

[James] “Alright, see you here.”

[Lancelot] “See you soon James.”

Now then, it’s not like I have any other plans right now, might as well kill some time on a café, its only for an hour after all.

As I walk towards the promised location, I start to think about something I noticed just now.

Ever since I met Reshulla and the others, I’ve rarely been alone.

If I go take my usual Jog around the Market District, Reshulla is mostly there jogging beside me, matching my pace. We even stop and just walk at the beach.

And if I take a stroll around the mall, Ana will be there pulling on my arm, dragging me towards a game shop or a book store to find something new.

In the morning, while sitting at the dining table, watching the morning news, Robin will be at the kitchen cooking while we talk about any that comes out to our mind.

And finally at dinner, we all gather around the dining table with the TV switched ON, laughing at the same thing or even ignoring what is shown on TV, just to have a big talk.


Remembering my time with them makes me want to finish what I need to do here and go back home.

I’m a bit pumped up now.




30 minutes has passed and I’m still here at the café, drinking my cookies n cream milk shake, waiting at the outdoor table.

[Nanashi] (How dare that woman to make Aruji-sama wait like some servant, she should haste herself and meet us here!)

[Hiltraud] (Now, now Nanashi, she said she will be here in about an hour, she still has half the time to meet us.)

[Nanashi] (Humph, even so, she is too impudent; she should hurry up and to not make Aruji-sama wait too long.)

[Hiltraud] (*Sigh*)

I’m happy that Nanashi is thinking about me, but she should learn to be more patient.

[???] “Huh? Hey, isn’t that Moriarty?”

While quietly waiting for Lancelot to arrive, I heard a voice from behind me. I slowly turn my head and see who called for me in my last name.

A Last name which I’m not really fond of hearing out loud, especially out in the open where the public could hear it.

[???] “I knew it, it really is Moriarty!”

[James] “……………………”


This guy who is wearing the clothes similar to an overdressed gangster is acting like he knows me. He even has a very skimpy clothes girl wrapped around his arm.

Appearance alone is hurting my eyes; I better not mingle with this guy, he look like a pain to deal with.

[???] “Come on now; don’t tell me you forgot about me. But then again, you were always a loner back in high school, aren’t you!?”

[James] “*Slurp~*”

[???] “…………………………Kuh! Don’t ignore me!”

[James] “Huh? You’re still here?”

[???] “Of course I’m here; I didn’t leave from the start!”

Damn, I thought I could get rid of this loon if I ignored him, guess it didn’t work.

Oh well, I guess I’ll just ask him to leave me alone.

[James] “Look man, I honestly have no idea who you are.”

[???] “Kuh…this bastard, looks like you grew some balls after finishing high school.”

No, I already had them since the first day I came to this world.

Anyway, let’s move this gaudy outfitted ape and the multi-color flashy girl aside, he said something about me in High School.

[James] “Ah, now I remember!”

[???] “Hee~, so you finally remembered me, huh?”

[James] “Yeah, you’re the Janitor!”

[???] “No I’m not! Do I look like a Housekeeper to you?”

Do you really want me to answer that?

Hmm~ he’s right though, this guy looks untrustworthy. Even I won’t let this guy hold on to a single coin.  

[??? Girl] “Iyaa, this guy looks scary Mike, let’s get away from him.”

[???] “Hahaha! Don’t worry babe, this guy might look like this, but he’s actually wimpy loner. He’s just acting tough.”

Wimpey, me? since when?

This guy clearly doesn’t know who I am.

But still, I can’t believe I got into something troublesome without Percy being here.

When I meet her later, I should apologize for secretly treating her like a magnet for trouble.  

Cake, I’ll buy her some cake.

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