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Chapter 15



In the underground area where we trainees practice to better ourselves, is where I, Mel Lasura, am having a spar.

But my partner isn’t just some Nobody, I’m sparring with the man of my dreams, the prince himself and the man who holds the title of Gawain, Prince Nicolas.

Ah~ I’m so lucky to have Sir Gawain be my partner today.

[Nicolas] “Alright Mel, be sure to put your guard up at the right time and counter my attack.”

[Mel] “Y—yes Sir Gawain!”

Wow, even his fighting pose looks powerful, his arms, his legs and his body are poisoned perfectly.

[???] “Guhaaaa!!!”

[Mel] “Wha!?”

[Nicola] “Hmm?”

I was ready to take the attack Sir Gawain was about to release, but from out of nowhere, one of our agents came flying between me and Sir Gawain.

[Mel] “What—what happened?”

Though I’m a little upset about my spar with Sir Gawain was disrupted, I still worry from my fellow Agent.

[Mel] “Hey, are you alright?”

The Agent that came flying over to us is facing the ground so I slowly turn his body, and found him knocked out with his eye rolled up to the back of his head.

Just when I was about to carry the knocked out agent to the infirmary, I heard more groaning and shouting.

[Nicolas] “Let him rest there for now Mel, come on…”

[Mel] “Y—yes Sir.”

Doing as what I was told; I lay the man down the mat and followed Sir Gawain from behind.

As we move closer towards the groaning and shouting, we eventually find 4 more Agents who are unconscious on the ground.

[Mel] Who could have done thi—Whoaa!?”

Another came flying towards me and Sir Gawain, but unlike me who was surprised and made a weird sound, Sir Gawain simply leans left without panicking.

Kyaa! You are so cool, Sir Gawain!

Oops, I almost lost myself there.

Now then, due to the man that came flying towards us, the people who were circling around moves aside, giving Sir Gawain and myself some space to move forward.

[???] “Hey what’s wrong, I though you’ll teach me a lesson?”

[???] “Kuh, damn it!”

As we get closer, I heard a voice I have never heard before.

I’ve been here for 3 years now and all Agents of the Roundtable train here, at the same facility, we Agents tend to meet quite often, even if we are under different Knight’s wing.

So I should know everyone by now.

As my curiosity grows stronger, I slip through the last human wall and found a fellow Agent gasping for air and covered in sweat.

[Mel] “What is happening here?”

After saying those words, I slowly turn my head and found a young man I have never met before.

He stood in about 6 feet, well-shaped body and black raven hair. But what stood out the most about him are his eyes.

This man clearly has full confidence on his victory, not a single worry or sweat could be seen on his face.

I have to admit, though not all agents are at the same level as those who holds the titles of the Knights, they are still capable of amazing feats.

But seeing 5 agents knocked out cold, makes …now that I see it, there are 3 more Agents knocked out here on the training mat.

To think he was able to beat down 8 Agents…who in the world is this guy?

[???] “Hey, what the hell is going on here!?”

Just when more Agents are about to go forward and attack the young man, a shout of someone well known echoed throughout the training hall’s walls.

The surrounding people at the opposite side splits and a very flashy man came forward.

This man that just stepped forward had green Mohawk hair and an altered tuxedo with chains, small steel patches and even 3 small spikes on both side of his shoulders.

But this man isn’t only well known for his Hard Rocker style, just like Sir Gawain, this man is also a holder of a Title, Sir Bors.

With such a loud voice, the young man in the black shirt looks over his shoulder and Sir Bors also look towards him.

[???] “S—Sir Bors!”

[Bors] “Y—you’re!”

Seeing the man at the middle of all the knocked out Agents, Sir Bors quickly walk towards him in a fast pace.

This is bad, though Sir Bors is a Knight, he hold one of the most frightening temper.

And along with his short fused temper, his combat prowls is almost similar to Sir Gawain’s  

This is going to be bad, that man is…

[Bors] “I hear that you were coming over, but I didn’t know it will be today! It’s good to see again Boss!”

[Mel] “Huh!?”

He—he bowed, Sir Bors actually bowed to someone other than her Highness the Queen…and wait, did he just call this man Boss!?

He doesn’t even Bow to Sir Arthur, the leader of the Roundtable!

[James] “I already told you to stop calling me that, just call me James, I’m younger than you after all.”

[Bors] “No way, you’re the man who gave me a better chance in life! I won’t allow myself to call you something other than that!”

[James] “Sigh~ Stubborn as always. Oh well, whatever.”

For Sir Bors to show such respect and admiration towards someone……I never would have thought that is possible.

[Bors] “So uhh…Boss, did something happen?  There’s a lot of commotion happening here.”

[James] “Oh right…well…”

The man, who’s name is apparently James, turns his head and points at the Agent behind him with his right thumb.

[James] “He just asked me to have a spar with him.”

[Bors] “W—wow, how brave of him.”

[James] “Speaking of which, these guys stance is almost similar to yours, could they be…”

[Bors] “Yes, they’re my Subordinates…umm, wh—what do you think?”

As if Sir Bors is being interviewed by a big shot CEO, Sir Bors gave a crooked smile and asked nervously.

This man named James puts his right hand to his chin and thought for a minute, while Sir Bors beside him, waits for James’ words in anxiety.

[James] “Well, they’re stance still need a lot of improvements but it will do for now and they’re not using their Leg Muscle well, so their movements are slow.”

[Bors] “That’s true…”

I can’t believe it, Sir Bors, the rebellious knight, who never listens to anyone, is actually listening on someone else’s advice!?

Are my eyes deceiving me?

While I was still in shock, I wasn’t able to notice Sir Gawain is already making his way to them nonchalantly.

And as if it is a meeting between friends, he simply raises his right hand and walks closer.

Seriously, who in mother earth is this guy!?



(Mel’s POV End)



Standing here in front of these two makes me remembers the old time…wow, that made me sounds old.

But honestly though, I couldn’t help but remember those times.

[Bors] “Tch, Gawain! Why the hell didn’t you say Boss was coming today, huh!?”

[Nicolas] “I don’t really have to say anything to you.”

[Bors] “What was that!?”

Yes, these two used to argue a lot, just like this.

[Bors] “Hey Boss, since you here, can I ask you for a favor?”

[James] “As long as it’s reasonable.”

[Bors] “Awesome! Hold on…”

Not finishing on what he was about to say, Bors runs off and after a few seconds, he quickly comes back carrying some martial arts equipment.

[Bors] “Would it be cool to have a spar?”

So that’s what he was going to ask me.

As I recall, Bors loves to spar against strong opponents, so I guess asking for a spar isn’t surprising if it came from him.

[Agent # 1 M] “Huh!? No way…”

[Agent # 2 F] “S—Sir Bors is asking to spar?”

[Agent # 3 F] “The only one he asks to spar with is ether with Lady Kay, Sir Hector or Sir Arthur…”

[Agent # 4 M] “I know he bested the others, but this is a Knight we’re talking about.”

[Agent # 5 F] “W—will that man be OK?”

I could hear whispers full of worry surrounding me, and most of them are words of worry for me.

I guess Bors made quite a name for himself.

Oops, Bors was still waiting for my answer.

[James] “Sure, I don’t mind.”

[Agents] “““HUH??!!!!”””

Wow, that was loud. Are they really that shocked with my approval!?

As I rub my ears with hands, I notice that there are some Agents taking seats in the front row.

Huh? Hey, I remember some of them, they’re the one I met back when I was still the princess bodyguard.

Speaking of the Princess, where is she, I didn’t see her here in the castle.

[Nicolas] “Hey James, can I join in?”

[James] “Alright.”

[Agents] “““WHAT??!!!”””

Ouch, Again!?

Can’t they make their voices softer; they do realize that all of their shouts echo around the training hall, right?

[???] “Fufufu~ My, what an event, this should be quite a thing to spectate.”

I once again hear that Mother like voice, I follow the voice and found Queen Ortesa slowly walking down the stairs, accompanied by the pervy Butler Hector.

And as if they were pulled by gravity, All the Agents kneel down to her, all except for Hector, Nicolas as well as for me.

[Ortesa] “You wouldn’t mind if I stayed and watch too, do you James?”

[James] “……………………………”

[Ortesa] “Is there something wrong, my dear?”

[James] “Oh umm…no you Highness, its fine to stay.”

I was only checking if they’re going to shout again, just making sure I’ll have enough time to cover my ears.

[Hector] “Wait…”

Hmm? Is there something bothering Pops? He looks somewhat serious, which is very rare to see.

[Hector] “I too would like to join this spar. You will allow me, yes?”

[James] “S—sure, if you want to...”

I knew it, something is wrong with Pops, he’s too serious. I wonder what happened.

I can’t help it, I’m too curious and this is kind of unsettling, I need to ask.

[James] “Why do you want to join in, I mean you can but…”

[Hector] “James…”

[James] “Y—yeah?”

[Hector] “Since we haven’t met for so long, I’ve gotten curious and asked Percival about you…”

[James] “Ooo…Kay?”

[Hector] “And what I heard from her shocked me...”

[James] “…………………………”

[Hector] “As an old man who watched over you, I could be happier to hear this…”

I’m starting to feel a bit worried here, where is he going with this?

[Hector] “But as a Man…as a Man…I…I…”

You what? As a Man, you what?

[Hector] “To think, you have been cohabitating with 3 lovely and beautiful Ladies! I, as a Man, will never forgive you for hogging all of those bountiful bust and slim waist!!!”

Ah~ I regret asking now.

[Hector] “James the Woman hater is actually living with such beauties! Unforgivable, go explode!!!”

[James] “You explode! I feel like an idiot for even worrying!”

I can’t believe that he was serious about something so stupid and I feel even worse for thinking about it, damn it!

[Hector] “Humph, but I guess I could ease up on you, as long as those girls are pure, other men, like myself might still have a chance.”

[James] “Urk…………………………”

[Hector] “Hmm……………………AH!!!!”

Shit, looks like this old Perv found out.

[Hector] “C—could it be, that one of them has already…”

[James] “……………………”

As long as I stay quiet, Pops won’t get any proof of—

[Ortesa] “Fufufu~ Actually, What I read in the report, James has already taken their First time and all of them seems to be quite happy to live together.”

Your Highness, if I may, is it possible to close your mouth and to not speak about things that could make thing get even worse?

Hearing the answer that Pops wanted and not wanted to hear, Pops stood shocked and kept his eyes at me.

But after a few seconds, he clenches his fist and said.

[Hector] “My Jealousy of you is over 9000!”

Are you Vegeta!?

Or more like, considering how old you are, I’m surprised you knew about that show Pops.

[Hector] “Since you have been living in such a luxurious life, your skills must have dwindled and with this chance, I shall take you down, you Light Novel Protagonist!

Again, his references are very…well…unlike an old man’s.

[Bors] “Wow, Boss got 3 girls!? Amazing, just what you could expect from Boss!”

Can you not make things worse Bors? And stop praising me while everyone is looking at me strangely.

[Nicolas] “I’m actually quite impressed myself, to think you got close to not 1 but 3 girls.”

[Mel] “Umm…Sir Gawain, what do you mean by that?”

[Nicolas] “Well, it because he use to—”

Huh? Did Nicolas just indirectly call me anti-social? And why is he saying things I don’t want people to know?

That’s it, these 3 needs to be shut down, before something else happens.

[James] “Hey Bors, you said you want to have a spar with me right?”

[Bors] “Yes boss.”

[James] “Well then, let’s get started. Bors, Nicolas and Pops, bring it.”




I finally got the people inside the training hall to get their attention on something else besides me having three girls waiting for me at home.

With all four of us geared up, wearing martial gloves and foot gear, we move to our side of the training mat, Nicolas, Bors and Pops are on the opposite of side.

[Ortesa] “Alright, is everyone ready?”

[Bors] “I’m ready you Highness.”

[Hector] “As am I My Lady.”

[Nicolas] “I ready Mother.”

Huh? Since when did she become the referee?

[Ortesa] “What about you James, are you ready?”

[James] “Huh, oh uh…yeah, yeah, I’m good.”

[Ortesa] “Good, now then, ready…set…GO!”

Now that I look around, all the people in here sitting down on the ground like they’re in some kind of a school’s Sports day.

[Bors] “Got you!”

[James] “No you don’t.”

While I was looking around, Bors did a low dash towards me and tried to hit with an uppercut.

But I leaned my body backwards, dodging his punch.

And while his arms is still going straight up the air, I grab his forearm, stretch it even further into the air, kick his feet off the ground and threw Bors to the mat.

[Bors] “Guha!?”

While my body is still leaning down from throwing Bors, Nicolas and Hector came charging at me and strike with a side kick, but I quickly did 3 back to avoid getting hit.

And as soon as I land with my 3rd flip, I dash towards the two and Nicolas and Hector did the same.

Each of the two strikes with punches and kicks, but I use my own arms and legs to block each one.

I can keep blocking their hits, but I won’t be able to strike back if this. Nicolas’ speed has increased and Pops attacks are just as fast.

But luckily, I know someone will come and give me an opening.

[Bors] “Grhaaa!”

See? I knew he’ll be coming.

Bors runs towards us and jumps into the air, while Nicolas, Hector are still attacking me.

And of course the 2 notice Bors upcoming attack, so they backed off. But unfortunately for them that was the wrong move for them to make.

Just when they were backing off, I follow them and as they step back and got them off guard.

[Nicolas] “Wha!?”

[Hector] “Hmm!?”

And it looks like Nicolas and Hector didn’t expect for me to follow.

While keeping myself low to the ground, I kicked both of their legs with low spinning sweep kick.

While the 2 are still in the air, I use the momentum of my sweep kick and quickly got on my back, did a hand stand and kick Nicolas and Hector on their sides.

[Nicolas] “Guha!”

[Hector] “Ghnnn!”

As the 2 get swept to the sides of the mat, I rush to Bors who was still facing the other way, grab him from behind and gave him a German Suplex.

[Bors] “Grhaa!?”

With the 3 opponents fallen on the mat, I stood right at the middle and breath out some air.

[Ortesa] “The winner is, James Moriarty!”

Huh!? What the—oh right, her highness was doing this thing.

As her highness call out on my victory, though it’s only a spar, her highness told everyone to clap for me.

[Ortesa] *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap*

[Agents] “““……………………………………………”””

She was the only one doing the clapping, how sad is this?

As for the Agents?

Well, they have their eyes on me while their mouths gapped open.

Since Nicolas and the others are well trained, they slowly got up and walk towards me.

[Nicolas] *Sigh* “I guess I still can’t beat you.”

[Bors] “Hah? Are you crazy? Boss won’t get beat that easily.”

[Hector] “I have let out the frustration of the Men of the world, I am now satisfied.”

[Bors] “Hey Boss, can we spar again? I think I can counter this time.”

Well…I guess its fine to spar again, not like that I’m tired.

[Percival] “James, James! James is it true!?”

Huh, Percival, I wonder what’s she’s shouting about?

There are two entrances leading here to the underground training hall and since I passed by the west entrance and Percy passed at the east entrance, she is a bit far off away from me.

I don’t want her pouting at me again so I better answer her back.

[James] “What is it!?”

[Percival] “Did you and Vistela really had SEX!”

[James] “……………………………………………”

Those words echoed throughout the hall and into the ears of every person who are present.

[Hector] “James, get ready for Round 2!!!”

No thanks, I’m tired both physically and mostly emotionally now……

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