The everyday life of James Moriarty

by zylos101

Original HIATUS Action Comedy Romance Harem Magic Male Lead Martial Arts School Life Slice of Life Strong Lead Supernatural

A life of a normal person is what he wants, but like all people of the world, reality isn't that forgiving. This is a story of a young man that wishes to be normal, despite being trained by the most dangerous and powerful assassin in the whole world, chased around the unknown, being feared by fellow classmates and most of all, being loved by women who are far from being ordinary.

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5th Anniversary
Word Count (14)
Top List #1000
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
James Moriarty's Prologue ago
James Moriarty's first day in campus part. 1 ago
James Moriarty's first day in campus part. 2 ago
James Moriarty's first day in campus part. 3 ago
James Moriarty's campus night ago
James Moriarty's campus trouble ago
James Moriarty's midnight campus fight ago
James Moriarty's night continues ago
A catfight!? James Moriarty's discovery. ago
James Moriarty's 2nd day and Rshulla Morrigan's thoughts ago
Anastasia Douva's question and her answer ago
Club recruitment, James Moriarty's ticket to 6CP ago
The start of James Moriarty's search part 1 ago
The start of James Moriarty's search part 2 ago
The culprit revealed, James Moriarty's search end ago
Stopping James, Anastasia's truth ago
James Moriarty's underground room ago
James' plan and embarrassment exposed! ago
James and everyone's battle ago
James' ending battle and a new threat? ago
[Vol. 1.5] James Moriarty's new morning ago
James and the High school council Part. 1 ago
James and the High school council Part. 2 ago
[Outer Memory} Folia's preparation ago
James and the High school council Part. 3 ago
James and the High school council Part. 4 ago
James and the High school council Part. 5 ago
James and the High school council Part. 6 ago
James' end of flash back and the start of his trip ago
Vol. 2 James' Evening with Everyone ago
James' Partners and happenings before the flight ago
James and the reunion in the sky. ago
Percy and Mori's "Then" and "Now" ago
James finds out the reason ago
James' Flight Troubles ago
James' road trip and a shocking info ago
The Farm Life of James Moriarty Part 1 ago
Lancelot's Change ago
The Farm Life of James Moriarty Part 2 ago
The Farm Life of James Moriarty Part 3 ago
James and Lancelot's Rematch ago
James teaches and Lancelot rushes in. ago
Extra!!! ago
James fights against Fire ago
James talks with Royalty ago
James vs 3 Knights ago
James spends time with...... ago
James regrets seeing... ago
James fights against BEAUTY? ago
Doc tells a story... ago
James gets a Night Visit ago
The Homunculus' new path. ago
The Clone's Scheme ago
The Two Hyde Confronts, while James.... ago

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The Everyday Life of James Moriarty - Everything wrong with RRL

While my opinion of this work may be clearly derived from the title, I am going to start off this review by attempting to be fair and objective. 


This novel is written from the 1st person perspective of the protagonist. James Moriarty is a harem protagonist who is entering college. He has issues trusting women due to his mother’s harsh training  and subsequent abandonment. He has all the skills of a hitman (benefit of his mother) and can beat polar bears with his fists.


Consequently, he goes on to trust every girl who approaches him without question even though they all know more about his life than any person would be reasonably comfortable with. His IQ is so low that he doesn’t even think to ask how they know any of this. His issues with women (which I found to be quite reasonable) are then solved by a magic potion which he is given from his lecturer because she told him his mum had him cursed to have these issues. James Moriarty, an insult to his namesake, trusts this explanation from his self admittedly suspicious lecturer and after drinking proceeds to score a home run with her.


The grammar is average. The story itself is nothing too special, just another Rosario x Vampire variant. I’m not going to ask why people like this. It isn’t the worst I have seen, it just has every single worst aspect that I can think of:



There are no good harems. None. They don’t exist. They are a byword for ‘Author can’t write a romance so give the MC three sizes of breasts and 4 hair colours to choose from’. Why do good stories with well written romance go on hiatus, yet the readers only complain that the harem has not appeared yet?


Dense Protagonist

As usual, our inspired from JP Light novel MC has brains of mud. Luckily he has plot armour or he would have never made it to college. 


[Reserved for MC only – Personality not included]  Female characters

They stand and look pretty or lie on their backs. I am not being sexist here. You know, and I know, that is how they were intended to be. Anyone who says otherwise is in denial.


If you like any of the above this novel is for you. I have read the first 13 chapters thoroughly and had a glance through the rest. It does not get any better.


  • Overall Score

one of the better stories

this is one of the best stories on royal road

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Flawed....and I really wish it wasn\'t a deal breaker

This story has one flaw that I can\'t get past. And that is every character going retarded for the convenience of letting the antagonists actually be a threat. 

Whether its ignoring the real culprit and having a conversation rather than capturing them. Or a dozen people ignoring said culprit after stopping the MC from capturing them allowing them to escape....

The MC also drops his intelligence as required so he can be obvious to stupidly obvious things (like a certain females strength) yet he normally has detective level intellect which he uses to make very quick and accurate deductions. 

I stopped at the \"Stopping James\" chapter in which this broke me. It\'s a real shame to because otherwise this is a very good story. It has the normal issues with a novice writing but its above average overall but I can\'t get past this. 

  • Overall Score

Why you should read this story.

So first of all just want to say that not all stories should be reviewed similarly. What I mean by this is what is itt hat you want from a certain story versus what you are reviewing it for. "The everyday life of James Moriarty" is a "feels good novel", with, yes, harem and action based narrative. In my opinion people shouldn't bash on this story for what it isn't, such is the case of other reviewers. This novel is supposed to make you immerse yourself in a setting where the MC is all-powerful while still having his quirks, women left and right, and romance which makes you feel all cozy inside. So, basically, don't expect the wrong thing from this story, know that it is NOT made to be overly realistic(but let's face how many stories are? 1/5 stories? What's the fun in that  anyway) , but  a feels good novel where you can just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride mnowing things won't be dissapointing for the MC nor will you feel sad in any point throughout the story, which, for me, is very refreshing. Not having to deal with negative events can, if done right, be  even better than having setbacks, why does life have to have so many barriers? At least not in a story it doesn't. And concerning the harem, well, if you don't like harem, don't read the story very simple. But in my opinion it is done well and, for what I can see from the story, there won't be any backlash from getting attached to characters and later something happening so cheers. All in all, for being one of the VERY FEW novels  of the "feels good" genre, I"ll give it 5/5. But hey that's my opinion, qhy dont you trying reading it?

  • Overall Score

great story, love it

I'm personally a fan of fiction where the mc is someone who has a hidden ocupation or other thing that makes them cool/amazing .

  • Overall Score

Anyone bashing this fic is mentally ill. Fight me.

Alright, that was a bold statement, but I have the reasoning and combat prowess to back it up. People chose to tear this fic down because of their own personal dislikes, therefore I'm writing this based off of my personal dislike of people who can't just enjoy something. This isn't some revolutionary and legendary tale, but it is a fun read if you can sit back and enjoy the ride, if you dislike it that much just dont read it. Because of idiots like those guys this is a terribly underrated and unpopular work, not at all what it deserves. Learn to stop and smell the roses. Damn.

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Interesting title and a nice read


Now almost everyone should know who James Moriarty is, either you heard about him, read about him, etc...  That should at least peak your interest a bit if anything. Personally I really enjoyed the story and what it has to offer. Some of the chapter is very well written and quite long so that's a plus. but the long upload time is a bit maddening. Although the story does have some quirks in my opinion.


Style- The first beginning chapters were a bit difficult to follow. What I mean by that is that I don't really know if it's third person or first person. It does get better in the latter chapter. Another additional that would be nice would be character names when they speak the line so that we know who's talking. I still enjoy the chapter but those were some problems I saw. 


Story- It's something we seen before but at the same time new. It blended a little bit of fantasy and slice of life action, while still being a bit over the top. This is an aspect that took me a while to get use to but I didn't see any problem with it's execution. As it stands I like the story and do hope to see what has in store. 


Grammar- Not much to talk about. There wasn't much grammar error or spelling errors. Or at least he fixed the chapter when I read it. It's coherent so you won't be interrupted when you see an error. Some of the scenes and dialogue are quite comical and got a good laugh out of me. 


Character- Ok, this section is where I'm going to off in a little rant. I enjoy the characters, but they still need to be a little bit flesh out before I make my decision. the MC is your typical badass and I feel that it's justified in this one. One grip from him would be him and his mother. (spoiler) His mother in a sense abandoned him and started a new family. And yet he's not like super piss off. I mean he gets mad about it and it's on his mind but the reaction is a bit tepid. Now the girls is what kind of put me off. One example is the teacher, when she was introduced, she was immediately infatuated with him. There was some hints for it later but at first it was a bit off putting just having it out of the blue. Next would be the other 2 girl. They, well act like a typical girl from any harem series. they become infatuated with him in less than a day of knowing each other. They still retail a bit of their personality and abilities but when the MC name is mention, they go gaa for him. I still enjoy the girl characters, especially their banter between them over the MC. If possible, please add in more development for the girls. 


Also sorry but I'll be going in another personal gripe, so please bear with me.In my opinion, I didn't like how the sex scenes were executed. There were 2, one with the teacher and another with the bubble gum girl. The first one, the one with the teacher, is something I can get my head around. I won't spoil this but read it and you'll understand. That I can get my head around but when he has sex with the bubble gum girl just after they met in class and at a dinner is where it's a bit off putting. They feel a bit out of place for me and made me stop reading for a minute to register it. I have nothing against it and I could see other people liking it. I have no problem with it but I do wish for some more context and relationship between them before they do it. 


Now all the gripes that I talked about are my personal gripes. these are just some aspects that I didn't really like and would very much like to see it improve. As I said again, it's pretty good and wish for it continue. 

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Let James Moriarty Conquer The,... Uhm, Mystic Haremhood?!

Man your story surely are freakin fun, at first it got me a smirk and then a laugh and it turned out a laughing out loud. The light jokes was so catchy, wrapped in a quiet well concept. Though you had a little problem when using’there, their and they’ but overall it was a well written story. An assassin in a mystical modern world, kind of like harry potter written in a japs light novel style. That’s kinda fresh considering the site were already filled to the brim with reincarnation, VR, apocalyptic rpg and medieval themes. I gladly welcome you with a wide open eyes ready for any chapter :-) 

The story is moving it a consistent pace each chap, looks like its been mapped out well. It didn’t jump out of the blue nor goes erratic, that makes it enjoyably fun to read. I dare say this story are one of the well constructed story in the site. But it coming with a note for grammar section, which is hardly getting any improvement. You need to get yourself a PR bud, or at least correct it using GT or BT just to see where you goes wrong. 

Your story definitely need more attentions, but before that I suggest you correct the grammar and extending your jokes arsenal. You know when the joke get replayed again and again it'll get old and rusty. By improving both your story will had a better progression, and definitely it'll be more fun to read. And don’t you dare stop writing it until you complete the story. I’m now rooting for it you know. Meanwhile enjoy my four cookies while you writing the new chap. 


PS: this review have been revised. 

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This story has that speical something...

I'm in love with this story. Unlike most works here, this actually take some generic types of ideas, but the author has the ability to mold them and add a special twist here and there, to make it not only interesting, but a really FUN read.


The grammar is overall spot on , with a need of a few edits here and there. THe LENGTH of the chapters is very good , nice and long with a joyful amount of detail and world building.


Best of all a MC that actually rides the HAREM idea REALLY well, and gets some action.


The story itself bring not only a comedic and fun attitude, but it the author's writing conveys a great sense fun and enjoyment.


Honestly would pay $$$ for a story like this. Which i would do for maybe 2-3 other stories in ALL the FF sites i read.


Lastly, Characters are not totally generic. They all have a unique spin, which is further enhanced by the world the author is writing about. This adds to the story.


Hoping this last for a long time (Prays hard).