The Impossible Fate That Leads To A God Of A New World

by Lucifer Vermillion

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What is fate?

Is it something that was destined to happen?

Can it be changed?

No. If it can be changed, it would't be known as fate, isn't it?

They say that fate can be control in our hands.

Then, is it possible to take everything in total control in my hands?, I wondered.

No, whatever the results is, I'm sure this was fated to happen under my control.

This world... will surely go along with my favor.

This is a story about myterious person, known as Lucifer Nightwalker von Nightmare, a 16 year old human teenager who lived on an island with his sister and magical pet.
He was begged by an executive to enrol as a special student of a famous school known as the Imperial Knights Academy.

And this was-- the beginning of fate.

Same as the title, without knowing what fate had brought him to, he...

...will end up becoming as a God of his world.

This story is written in a world where advanced science, magic and supernatural powers exists.

A super fantasy world, in short.

In a world where humans, beast-mans, dragons, vampires, elves, fairies, spirits, dyrad, archangels, demons, dwarves, magical beasts, and much more, co-exist.


Author's note:

Dear readers, please don`t review or rate anything before the 3rd volume, but comments are gladly welcomed. I hope those who reviewed and rated can update soon after my 3rd volume.


Volume 2:

New character: Lefiya Rios Challia. (Mentioned in the ending of the 1st volume)

Author`s description:

Lefiya Rios Challia is a beautiful, kind and polite girl on par with Kuroyuki Shiroha. She`s a hybrid of an elf and fairy, with fairy wings on her back and pointy ears of an elf. She`s a really sweet girl.

As if such a nice person would`ve existed. It will be boring if she`s good-natured.

She`s a girl with a dangerous unique ability of a fairy, known as the all-seeing eye.

She`s also a '3-key' magician. Please look forward to it.


Volume 2 summary:

Continuation of the 1st volume, obviously.

The Volume 1 and first 4 chapters of Volume 2 are actually preparations for the beginning of his first actual mission as a special student, most of your questions and doubts will be revealed on the fifth day (Volume 2 Chapter 5).

What is the mission?

Read it yourselves.

Better be aware of every bit of details in before entering Chapter 5.

Please look forward to it.


Volume 1:

Since the 1st volume has too much complains on it, I`m re-editing it. (Please wait for update).

There are alterations with the 1st volume, hope my dear readers would read it again.

Prologue Edited. (25.7.2019)

Chapter 1 Reediting...

Sorry about the rest of Volume 1, will finish it as soon as possible.

For Volume 1 readers, I suggest you`d stop by the newest edited Chapter 1.4 of Volume 1, and simply read through the rest.

Will be finishing Volume 1 first. 



I`m also drawing my own illustrations too, I will be uploading it as soon as I`m done.

Chapter 1.1 Illustration done. (Link Below)

Cover page changed.


Feel free to comment anything you like, don't hold back. I will answer anything as long as I'm able to. 

If you noticed, the main character (MC) isn`t the real main character, he`s only half of it.

That`s all from me.



Lucifer Vermillion.



Lucifer Nightwalker von Nightmare

Kuroyuki Shiroha (Newest)

Persia Silverlight

Unknown Characters


Chapter 1.1 (

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The MC needs an overhaul [updated]

Ok. I dropped the fic because the MC thinks with his lower half and the author's writing is quite jarring whenever I try to visualize it.

Case in point, the mc jumps down from a tree but doesn't even see what's going on at the base of the trunk. Only after he raises his head from his superhero landing does he take in the scene.

A girl tries to kill him and he's like she's too beautiful, can't hurt her. Nope. Stupid chauvinist. Can't relate.

The style, though, is quite nice with pauses and formatting used to bring the words to life.

[previous review version]

I'm leaving this without reading the fic... But I hate it when douchebags destroy budding worlds with 0.5 stars.

From the preface... It's clearly not the author's problem.

Alex Vince
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Glaring flaws which should be fixed.

Hey guys first time writing a review.

For the author.

I am gonna state everything i find wrong with this novel hope you atleast give this a read and consider it a bit. 

Spoiler: Spoiler

 I put alot of time in this review hope you atleast give it a read

  • Overall Score

Not bad needs some work

The story has incorrect grammer throught out that needs to be fixed but otherwise it is not to bad and I'll keep reading.

Some hints though I fell like you are using ... a little to much to throughout your chapters. It might just be a person prefrence though

  • Overall Score

Haven't even read it yet but reviewing it in spite

I don't like being ordered around and he tried to tell me to not review it until the 3rd volume. I'm not a complete monster though so I won't give it a half star rating so until I read it completely I'm giving it a 3 1/2.