Once Upon a Box

Once Upon a Box

by Exterminatus

The world of Terrania has thousands of epic tales to tell. With the countless possible combinations of Levels, Skills and Jobs available, there is no telling who or what might leave its mark on the pages of history. There are stories of heroes who triumph over insurmountable odds and villains that threaten the freedom of all living things with their ambitions. Tidings of monsters that lurk at every corner looking for their next meal and undead that strive to strangle the life out of the living as their instincts dictate. Legends of Gods who shaped the world to fit their vision, and great demons that sough to wreck it for their own amusement.

This, however, is not one of those tales.

This is the story of a man who finds a cat in a box.

DISCLAIMER: This is a slice-of-life spinoff/prequel of my other story, Everybody Loves Large Chests. You probably won't get what's going on if you're not familiar with that one.

CONTENT WARNING: Contains scenes of attempted adorableness and terrible cat puns.

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I hoped to read a story from a fellow cat lover only to see that this story is from someone that is known to have a strange affection for boxes.

I hate boxes. For some weird reason, everytime one is put before me i have to carry it. Suffice to say i hate carrying stuff too.

Exterminatus is truly a cruel person. To hook me in with something i love only to stab me in the back seconds later.

Yet i can't leave anymore because the blade was poisoned. Poisoned with something that is called "good writing".

Exterminatus is one of few people who have managed to truly infuse LitRPG into their world building, where in most stories on this site, it is this weird add-on that never really fits nor works if you look deeper then a surface level. Add interesting characters and premises to that and you have a person who wants to get stabbed some more.

Long story short. Read this.



I was hooked as soon as I heard "Ivran Tol-Saroth". I really hoped that the author would go more in depth about his character, and I was disappointed to learn in the Q&A that Exterminatus was not planning to cover much more of him in ELLC. Of course, being the trickster that he is, I never considered the fact that he could do a different story.

Now that we're a couple chapters in, I feel justified in making an advanced review. I've found the characters to be engaging and interesting, but more than that there are a couple hints of an actual plot. I'm quite excited to get more of a backstory for Tol-Saroth, and it's interesting to see Xera before meeting Boxxy. Looking forward to future chapters!

MK bk-201

If you have read Everybody Loves Large Chests this short read will be nice for you to have some little context about the genius elf and his demons, or you know, if you like cats and would like to read about one who is like a turtle, but his shell is a box


The whipped cream on the perfect slice of pie.

This is the second (I think) spinoff story in the ELLC universe, and follows Tol-Soroth, who has three major points in the main series. One, he is an earlier contractor to one of the main characters in the story, Xera. She also goes by the name snack. Two, he owns a cat bearing the same namesake as a the main character of the story, Boxxy. Who is one part mimic, one part Doppelganger, and one part horrible abomination of flesh and teeth. The last is his shear importance in the story.

This story ties in wonderfully with the main story, so far we have seen the being bearing the soul of the first house mimic (relative to regular mimics), the idea surrounding the massive elevators in Azurvale, and two other important demons.


If you know whats good for you dtart reading this story now!


I really like this story i would love to see the point when the elf meets the godess of knowledge , when the elf gets a warning from the goddess of knowledge and when his ass gets fired from being her hero as he has gone to crazy


Enjoying your audiobooks right now. :)


You're a great writer! :)


Since Small Chest are fine too got KU'ed, this kinda fill in the need for more and the expectation of a greater in story universe with 'The stars have eyes' kinda went nowhere.

Maybe Exterminatus is just done with Boxy and co.

I do hope/want the collection grows one of these days. Even drafts or discarded idea would do.

Nostalgia is a strong thing in the end.


Not too sure if you can say this works on its own or if you have to read the authors other works to fully understand it. The characters only got name-dropped so I suppose it could be enjoyed without.

Anyyway, this story is not really that much of an story. Not too much happening at least, going over to the more extreme ends of slice of life. Not in a bad way, however. I very much did enjoy reading this.

Humor is spot on, with a few references here and there that I actually watched. Fun read for casuals at least. Grammar is good as well, so no complaints in that direction.

5/5. Would read again.


If you are already reading ELLC, then this will fit in fine with the story.