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Aina Ranaborak was a happy child.

One week ago, she might not have been able to say this so confidently. She had lived a life with a mixture of pain and sweetness, with pain caused by an unknown phenomenon within her own body, and only her mother as true friend and family giving her sweet comfort and love. There were many happy days, and she knew her mother did the best she could for the two of them. But Aina didn’t have any real friend in the village, the kids had stopped playing with her once they noticed she could start trembling out of nowhere and even hurt them if they touched her while she was in that state.

She hadn’t known at the time that it was her lightning coursing uncontrolled across her body, causing intense pain. Now though, those days were over. What used to be the cause of her pain was now the source of excitement and pleasant sensation of freedom and power.

There had been lots of changes in their lives. Their old house was gone, the whole village had been turned into dust, but Aina didn’t pay much mind to that.

Because in front of the mother-daughter duo was an endless path of happiness.

Delicious food, a luxurious house, warm beds, fun days, tranquil nights, wonderful objects and traveling to all kind of places. All of this, provided by a kind and invincible protector who would teach them all kind of amazing things.

So, yes. Aina Ranaborak could confidently say that she was a happy child now. Playing gleefully all day and going to sleep with a full belly on a warm bed accompanied by her mother in absolute safety.

Aina jumped, feeling the Qi coursing through her Meridians and strengthening her limbs, making them more flexible and resistant, making her stronger and faster.

This trampoline, as her teacher had called the device, was extremely fun. Using her arms and feet, Aina bounced off the fabric and soared through the air until gravity made her fall again, but with the slightest use of strength, she was leaping again.

Faster, more dynamic. Leaping while trying to use less strength each time but moving faster and as far as possible.

Aina’s self-imposed challenge in the middle of her game pushed her to improve her manipulation of Qi and learn how to move her body more efficiently.

Her inherited Art of Cultivation stirred in excitement as her Qi revolved around her body. Sometimes, Aina got the impression that the Wonderful Symbol inside her mind had a bit of a personality of its own. It seemed… eager to lend assistance to Aina, and vibrated with energy when she read from it, in a way she could only call emotional.

So Aina ran, with her lightning giving her wings to ride the wind and pierce the air. The world around her turned into a blur as she accelerated suddenly, but a moment later her mind caught up and now the world was moving slower. The air was pushing against her, because it moved at a snail’s pace when Aina was riding a galloping horse made of lightning and power.

One should not run against the wind, for that was a waste of energy. Instead, one should read it and ride it, moving in synchrony with the rhythm of the world. That’s what her art had told Aina.

But that’s also the limit of mortals, the Rune within her mind had shown her, and such boundaries can be bypassed with skill and power. And this Aina knew to be true, it was simply that she was not yet on the necessary level to bypass these limitations.

Still, as her Master said, if she simply accepted her limits, she would not surpass them. So Aina pushed forwards, finding the path of least resistance, that invisible way through the air that could only be felt with her enhanced senses, and ran even faster.

A sweep with the hand, an extended leg, a short step. Leap, spin, run. Change direction, side-step to the right, incline head forward, raise one arm towards the back, spin again, jump.

Little details, apparently meaningless and perhaps nonsensical for an outside watcher, but with each motion Aina progressed forward at an ever higher speed.

She didn’t know how long she had spent on the trampoline, but she exhausted her reserves of Qi and even the prepared lightning ball. Her muscles were starting to hurt a bit due to the exercise.

Aina decided that it was time for a break, and so she started to plan how to end her dance. She stopped jumping and accelerated one last time, using the last bits of lightning within her to gain impulse, ran one whole lap on the structure that circumvented the house and with one final shout of effort she jumped high into the air.

Beyond the limit of the trampoline, towards the house, or more exactly, the siting figures on the bench.

Her mother and her Master were sitting together. Hmm, perhaps she shouldn’t have jumped to them like this. Adults usually didn’t like to be interrupted when they were in private or talking among them, every kid in the village knew that.

Still, they were outside, so Aina was perhaps not interrupting anything too private. There was probably no problem.


Aina had noticed the way her mother’s eyes sparkled a bit when she looked at her teacher, because she was an attentive child. Aina had seen similar gazes on some people in the village, both young and old, so she was able to identify it quickly.

That kind of thing happened when people liked someone, but Aina didn’t comment about it, because that was adult’s matters and so she shouldn’t concern herself with that. Though in her personal opinion, Aina would be happy about it.

To more pressing and immediate matters, she was falling fast.

She was heading to the ground without the slightest pretense of security, with arms and legs spread behind her, so she was falling head-first. But she didn’t have even a speck of fear, because she had no doubts that she would be safe.

Because he was right there.

Sure enough, the fall slowed down until Aina was being carried by soft gusts of wind, it was like being hugged and supported by invisible arms.

“You shouldn’t make such dangerous jumps, Aina.”

Her teacher raised his head to look at Aina with a raised eyebrow and softly admonished her. The playful cat smile in her face didn’t diminish. She was confident about him catching her safely.


Aina crooned in a melodious whisper. The smile in her face not reduced in the slightest. She landed on her feet and strode directly to the bench and dropped right on her mother’s bosom next to him.

She was a bit sweaty after all the running and jumping, even slightly out of breath. Her mother hugged her tight and warmly caressing Aina’s hair. Truly, her mom’s embrace was the most comfortable thing in the world.

“Enjoyed the trampoline, sweetie?”

“It was very fun!”

Aina replied cheerfully. Whoever had invented that device must have been a genius who sure loved fun. Her mother chuckled and hugged Aina again.

“Are you hungry? I prepared something from one of the cooking books.”

“A new recipe?”

Her mother nodded confidently. That was a good sign that heralded a delicious meal. It was still too early for dinner, but Aina was feeling hungrier with each passing moment.

It must have been shown on her face, because her mother stood up laughing and announced she would get the food ready, to the joyful celebration of Aina and her Master, they both raised the arms to the air. Her mother gave them both a funny look before laughingly shaking her head and walking into the house.

Aina let herself fall backward and landed on the soft earth. It was still a bit muddy from the rain earlier that morning.

“You’ll get dirty if you lie there, you know?”

Her teacher crouched next to her and commented with a teasing smile as he rested his chin on the palm of his left hand.

Aina turned to look at him and send a mental message to him.

I’ll just take a bath later.

She had found that it was very easy to communicate with him this way, all she had to do was to make a strong thought, organize it into a sentence and mentally send it to him. The action was similar to imagining herself pushing a little ball towards him and took no more effort than blowing up a candle.

One second later, she got his response.

Cleaning afterward is no excuse for getting dirty. By the way, why the mental note?

Aina dramatically covered her forehead with the back of her hand. Like the princess in a picture book that she had read a couple of days before.

Alas, I am too tired to speak, and also too cute.

Her mental message got a laugh out of her Master. Aina found herself slowly floating up, carried by a cushion of air. She glanced at her teacher and he signaled to the house with a head movement.

“Come on, little tired princess. Let’s get you inside so you can rest.”

She thought of telling him that she could rest even here, but the thought of getting a good bath and resting inside the comfort of the house stopped her from arguing.

"You forgot the 'cute' in my title, Master."

"Ah, my deepest apologies, Your Cuteness. I shall use an elemental candy as a tribute to obtain your royal pardon."

Her teacher theatrically presented a Lightning Candy for her with a flourish. Which she obviously took, as was her royal prerogative, but decided to save the candy for later.

Aina was carried into the house like this in perfect comfort without needing to move a muscle. She was put on the sofa of the living room as her teacher served her some juice from a jar that had not been there the previous second.

Because he could do magic, which was amazing.

Not the little fireballs and icicles that Mages like those Adventurers she had met in the forest used. No, her Master’s magic was something beyond that. It was like the world moved according to his wishes, he could conjure anything out of thin air.

And that was only a fraction of what he could do. Because Aina had glimpsed inside the Wonderful Symbol on her mind, she had seen bits of what was possible to do with Cultivation and the techniques he had passed on to her.

Mountains split, seas divided, walking in the sky and plucking the stars from the night sky. Lightning capable of turning a forest into cinders and techniques that blurred the line between a warrior’s strike and a Mage’s spell.

And that was merely what she had managed to glimpse. There was so much more inside, and Aina was going to learn it all. Because that was the Legacy entrusted to her by her Master. Because that was the power that changed her life.

She looked forward to being capable of all that, very much so. To do that she had to train hard and study. But breaks were also important, so now she got some rest.

Her teacher lightly patted her head and walked away. Aina thought he was going to join her mother on the kitchen, but he walked up the stairs to the upper floors.

So Aina was left to laze in the couch drinking the sweet juice.

A couple of minutes passed, and Aina already felt refreshed. There was something in the air inside the Traveler’s Cabin, she knew. It was more… charged. And breathing here was easier and somehow healthier than breathing the air outside. She replenished a bit of her lost Qi simply by sitting on the couch breathing and drinking the glass of juice.

Or perhaps it was the juice that was magical. She would ask later.

Her current home was a place of wonders. From the flowing water that came from tubes called “faucets” when one turned the handle and left through holes that led to pipes that led to apparently nowhere, to the multiple arrays sets in the rooms to regulate illumination, temperature, and humidity, to the fantastic devices found all around the house and that Master had given her permission to use as much as she wished.

During this past week, Aina had learned lots of things, about her world, about other worlds, and she had even discovered things about herself that she had previously ignored.

Aina stood up from the couch, walked to a shelf in the living room and touched one of the objects there. It was a little crystal statuette of a woman wearing a long dress sitting on a rock next to a fountain. Her teacher had said the object was made of a type of quartz, it was semitransparent and whitish, but when the light touched it the woman’s hair and dress showed multiple beautiful colors.

More importantly, this object was not mere decoration. Aina touched it and a bit of her Qi entered the statuette, making a projection of symbols emerge in front of Aina; numbers and letters forming a long list of things. Since Aina didn’t know the vast majority of the things in that list, she decided it didn’t make much difference and touched a symbol she had come to know as “shuffle”.

Sound emerged softly in the room. Music, caused by the statuette but coming from all the walls around her or perhaps the very air. Aina didn’t know and didn’t really care. She simply enjoyed it, she had come to know that she loved listening to music.

And this object was a nearly endless supply of songs.

Drums and string instruments started playing in a measured rhythm while a soft female voice was heard humming in the background. The vocals continued as the instruments gained strength and the tempo arose. Most of the instruments went silent as the melody reached a climax, and with only the beat of the drums marking the tempo, a woman’s voice began to sing.

“Come on, hop on, let’s take a ride. Come and meet the travelers who came to town…”

Other instruments joined in. Piano, guitar, bass, percussion instruments, violins, and more. A whole orchestra started to play, joining their melody to the composition as a choir started to accompany the melodious female voice. The grandeur of the orchestra’s performance enlivened the house and Aina felt vibrant as she listened to the marvelous song.

“They have a tale from the past to tell. From the Great Dark between the stars…”

Aina spun around and danced. There was no choreography to her moves, no planned sequence to her steps, simply the pure and free-spirited enjoyment of the song. Letting the lyrics and melody enter her ears and letting her body move as it pleased.

While listening to the song, Aina eyed the many books on the shelves, there were tomes of all kind of subjects, full of illustrations and information about things from beyond her world. It was amazing. Books were boats to navigate an endless sea of knowledge, windows for her mind to visit numerous worlds while her body stayed it one place. And for that, she had come to love books.

Reaching up, Aina picked up one book she hadn’t read yet. It was a dark blue book with silver stars on the cover. She walked back to the couch and sat with the book on her lap. The pages of the book were like thin sheets made from crystal but they were flexible. Light shone from it as Aina moved the pages.

Magic and wonder, those were the things that had defined Aina’s blissful week and possibly would define the rest of her life. Which, if she interpreted correctly the information in the Wonderful Symbol within her mind, would be eternal life.

And wasn’t that just amazing?

Power and immortality on the same level of legends, tales and journeys like the fabled Heroes, riches and glory surpassing those of the Kings and Queens. These and more awaited beyond the gate that her Master had opened for Aina and her mother.

Aina knew that she would never be able to repay this kind of favor, although her teacher simply smiled warmly whenever she brought up the subject, saying that she didn’t need to worry about such thing. After this one week of wonder and bliss, she had come to love her teacher.

Not in a romantic way, though Aina wasn’t even sure what that feeling was supposed to be like. She loved him in a way similar to the way she loved her mother. It surprised her a bit, that she had come to think of him as family after such a short time. But how could she not? He had saved them, protected them, given them luxuries and guidance without asking anything back. Navin treated both Aina and her mother always with care and respect. When someone showed so much love and good intentions, it was hard to not reciprocate.

He was someone she could rely on, someone to protect them, who cared for her and who would teach her lots of stuff and attentively listen whenever she talked. He was like what she imagined a father would be like.

Aina didn’t remember much of her father, only vague memories of being embraced in strong and warm arms. She had grown up with only her mother to rely on and while she did not doubt the assurances by her mom that her father had loved them both wholeheartedly it was hard to say that she loved a person if she didn’t have memories of him.

The man called Matthew Ranaborak was a warm memory, but it was ten years in the past, the majority of Aina’s life had passed without him.

As the pages were turned, projections floated in the air to show the content of the book. Aina reached a random page and stopped as images started to form in the air in front of her. As the projections started to take shape, words flowed from the book and arranged themselves under the images, then slowly moved. A clear voice that was neither male nor female resounded, reading out loud the text.

“In the vast expanse of the Cosmos, there exist all kinds of realms where living creatures can live and prosper. These worlds have different shapes and are organized in a myriad of ways: spherical planets, layered planes of existence, flat discs carried by mystical creatures, and it has been theorized that entire realms can exist within the bodies of some entities of great might. There are worlds that orbit around stars and wandering worlds that travel across the universe without being fixed to one star, some may even have stars dancing around them. There are regions that had interconnected worlds, whereas others are near-endless desolation around a single pale dot of life.”

Aina listened the voice as the projections showed her a dark space, shining stars and orbiting planets, huge creatures like turtles carrying mountains and lakes on their backs, whales that swam in the astral void carrying with them entire worlds, gigantic birds called Rocs with wings so large and wide that they could cover an entire sea, and Dragons that held in their claws shining pearls that held worlds within. Those creatures she had only come to know recently because she had seen them on a book that her teacher called an Encyclopedia, full of beautiful photographs and illustrations of many animals and monsters along with information about them. She knew that some of them were in her world, others she wasn’t so sure, and there were some that were definitely from other worlds.

“It’s all so weird!”

Weird, but oh so extraordinarily beautiful and wonderful. Aina was fascinated by this, she loved to learn about the world that existed beyond her knowledge and her teacher always had fantastic tales to tell. They were so amazing and fabulous that they could only be a dream, yet he assured her that they were all true and that one day she would see it for herself. Not only the full extension of her world, but the myriad of worlds that were beyond.

She turned to the next page and the projections changed accordingly. The voice continued reading.

“Most of the worlds are a natural occurrence, birthed by Providence and the will of the Cosmos, but some are artificial creations of the Gods and other Powerhouses. The Divine Art of World Creation is considered one of the most exquisite expressions of Divinity, and despite being referenced as a singular art, there are no two equal methods for World Creation, as each is envisioned as the crystallization of the Powerhouse’s comprehension of the Cosmos. Upon its creation, the artificial realm will be controlled by the Powerhouse that created it, although such authority can be passed on for another to rule it. This must not be confused with political influence as true authority over a realm goes beyond such superficial types of governing. It is also not something acquired by simply possessing martial strength. True dominion over a world means to be capable of setting and altering the laws that rule it on the most basic level.”

The projections showed a closer perspective of the worlds, displaying the mountains and valleys where nature thrived, the rivers and seas filled with creatures, and also the civilized areas, full with constructions made by intelligent races. The people lived together and organized their societies. Leaders arose. Some by right of conquest, using their strength to rule over the others; some elected by the people, chosen to guide them due to having the talent for it or simply the trust of the rest. Then there were the true rulers, who were capable of deciding where the rivers would flow, how high the mountains would rise and how the deep the seas would reach; they were the ones who dictated the lay of the land and by their design the realm was given shape.

Aina found that the author was talking about a lot of stuff, and while it sounded like something incredible and important, she wasn’t really understanding much of it. Maybe she should ask her Master to explain about it later, surely he could make a better explanation. Still, it was interesting, and the projections were changing again. Aina turned to the next page and new rows of words emerged.

“However, the authority of the original creator of the realms is paramount in most cases. This is because, on its very core, an artificial world is intrinsically related to its creator and thus follows its maker’s commands first and foremost. Powerhouses, Deities, and Regents of the Laws of the Cosmos each pour their own comprehension when they create something, therefore, when they create a world, such world will be a manifestation of their own understanding of the Universe. It is a reached consensus that a proper and functional artificially-created world is almost a direct manifestation of its creator’s own Path.”

The images changed, this time showing a vast expanse of black empty space. When the words emerged again, they were different, and the voice that sounded was different too. In fact, it seemed to be chorused by many voices at once.

“Next, four examples of the creation of worlds are presented; these were provided either by said creators personally or by an authorized representative. While these are not scenes of the actual creation nor do these examples contain detailed information of the methods utilized in the process, they are summarized versions of the events with a piece of the Intent used in them; and as such, they are invaluable sources of information. These humble authors express their heartfelt admiration and gratitude to those Honored Exalted Beings for collaborating in the making of this tome of collected wisdom.”

So it was a personal note added by the book authors as gratitude for providing collaboration. It seemed many people had worked together to write this book. Aina wondered if she should move to the next page to make the projections move again.

Then something changed.

The projection extended outwards until it embraced Aina completely and she found herself standing inside the vast and boundless space with the book still in her hands.

For a second it was all quiet and still, then it started to move, an Aina watched views more magnificent than anything she had seen before. Her eyes could not truly observe everything that was happening and there were no words to narrate an explanation for her, but the information of what was unfolding in front of her was transferred directly into her mind as she was touched by the Intent left behind in the book.

First emerged a figure with a confident stride.

A woman with long and curly dark-blue hair like the waves of the sea, with smooth and flawless dark skin. Her eyes were depthless amethyst vortexes; her smile was alluring, ivory teeth shining like soft moonlight surrounded by full lips. Her naked arms and back displayed few and small but gorgeous tattoos in the shape of resplendent symbols of amber, silver, cerulean, emerald, and heliotrope colors. She was dressed in a sarong woven from the night itself, adorned with shining and multicolored stars that danced and soared within the boundaries of the dress with each of her movements. The end of her dress flowed like the waves of a dark ocean, it was slit on both sides to let her long legs move freely while displaying strong thighs, it closed tight on her ample hips, then rose over her slim belly until it separated into two strips to cover her firm breasts before joining again behind her neck.

She danced and sang; clapping, spinning and laughing as her music conjured dark and cool waves around her. She joined her hands and breathed into them. A soft light emerged and the woman delicately, lovingly put it into the waters. Darkness rolled and flowed, but it was not terrifying or malicious, quite the opposite, the waves birthed life and embraced the light. The darkness covered it, not to drown and destroy, but to nurture and protect.
From its embrace, an island of beautiful white sand and verdant scenery was formed and many lives prospered on it.

Then it was gone and the empty space reappeared.

A second figure emerged, walking calmly, at a leisure pace. A long-haired man dressed in triple-layered robes of white, grey, and black with a long necklace of 108 prayer beads divided into four groups of twenty-seven beads, all black but with a slightly different color tone than the other three groups of beads. Lotus flowers bloomed with each of his steps and the world around him filled with life and multiple bright colors. His skin was like sculpted bronze and even wrapped in wide clothes it was evident that he had an athletic build. His eyes like warm caramel; boundless kindness and ageless wisdom were expressed in his gaze, as if he contemplated all existence and extended his love to every part of it.

His expression was serene as he sat in the middle of the darkness. He closed his eyes and a giant golden lotus blossomed under him. His face gave the impression of being deep in meditation while at the same time comfortably enjoying a sweet dream, his lips were quirked slightly upwards in a subtle smile. He joined his hands in prayer, yet he prayed not to the darkness below nor to the gods in heaven, but to the heart of people themselves. He chanted in a low voice that echoed in the void, and light emerged and engraved itself on the space as long rows of words. Growing and extending, overlaying over and over until they filled the space around him and formed a world. From his wisdom, a Pure Land formed, free of suffering and sickness, filled with bliss and enjoyment, where one could bask in the greatness of nature and spend their existence in joyful contemplation of the Cosmos to further improve oneself. He extended bridges in every direction so that anyone could have the chance to reach it as long as they came with a good disposition and genuinely tried to tread that path. For he believed that within each being was a piece of the Transcendental Truth of the Cosmos and so he would try to help them all to realize it. Listening to his words, learning from his wisdom and practicing his teachings, others joined him in that land, smaller figures wreathed in golden light planting seeds and helping them sprout to make the land grow more.
A paradise built by the hands of people to the benefaction of all people.

It shone brightly, and then the emptiness returned.

A third figure emerged, but it didn’t arrive, it simply was there already as if it had been there from the beginning and only now was noticed.

It was a woman, sitting on a chair of marble, weaving a myriad of things. Her exact appearance was shrouded in obscurity due to the cloth covering her. Her fingers danced at unspeakable speed, moving her hands in multiple directions as if giving directions to something only she could see. Different threads of various sizes, thickness, and lengths, moved around her, forming great tapestries that extended in every direction. It was as if she was coordinating a hundred different looms all moving according to her will. From her weaves emerged thousands of shapes, clouds and fire, mountains and rivers, lakes and forests, lightning and sand, snow and shadows, all kinds of objects from nature came out of her weaved works, and started to interweave.
One vast world, alive and moving within the grand tapestry that she had woven with her own soul.

Moving like blown by the wind and then vanishing like mist, the tapestry was gone and the dark space returned, heralding the entrance of the last example.

Then came a different figure. His built was powerful, his steps made the very fabric of space around him shake as his vibrant energy permeated the area. He was like a million mountains contained into the frame of a single human. His body was dense and heavy, but nimble and graceful. His every action was blazing with endless vigor. He clashed his fists together, forming a blast so powerful that erased any other influence from around him, claiming undisputable dominion of the area.

He grew gigantic in stature and titanic in might. His body was lustrous hard metal; within him, multiple mechanisms moved in perfect synchrony. He spread his arms wide, and opened himself to the void around him, revealing his internal mechanism and releasing it outside. A great gear assembly came out of him, the multiple humungous gears dividing to form thousands of smaller ones, cables extended and connected, plates and tubes, nails and screws, all kinds of tools and materials in different shapes. Then they combined, forming multiple new tools and machines, towers emerged, platforms were risen, strong walls and sturdy long paths interconnecting multiple places. The core of the mechanic titan shone with power, charging every mechanism that had formed with its own energy. They activated and carried out their functions, and the new shape of the initially humanoid figure became orderly. With the shining core at its center, he had transformed himself on a wide city of multiple layers, many floors and different locations each with its own purpose. The last pieces that hadn’t taken proper shape yet and had been floating around the construction gathered in miniatures of people and then the core pulsed one last time, imbuing the figures with life, they were no longer metallic figurines, but breathing people of flesh and bone. The shining core lost its splendor and was covered in the center of the city, protected by the people it had breathed life into.
A Grand Metropolis, large as a whole world, constructed from the body of a God and given life by the power of his very soul, a bit of him living on each of them.

For a moment, the darkness returned, and then the four worlds appeared, this time together.

Four figures, four creators, four completely different paths that gave origin to four unique worlds.

They floated in the air in front of Aina, and she stared at them in undisguised fascination for a long time. They were so different, each unique in method and purpose. But they were all majestic in their own way.

The names of the four beings came to her, as soft as a whisper and fleeting thought, as certain as her own name.

Varima of the Primeval Night.

Mahesh the Enlightened.

Iphansi the Endless Weaver.

Mekhos of Myriad Constructs.

Aina was flabbergasted. She was so enchanted by the incredible sights that she had forgotten to turn the page. She stayed there, standing in stunned silence, watching the figures and the worlds that they had created. Her heart was beating fast and hard in her chest, her breathing was agitated.

Slowly the four images of the worlds vanished and their creators emerged again, no longer shining in glory and majesty, but looking like normal people. From the distance, each gave Aina a different salute in a unique style.

A playful wink and a vibrant waving hand from Varima.
A short bow with hands joined from Mahesh.
An ethereal and almost imperceptible inclination of the head from Iphansi
A vigorous fist on his own chest and firm, fast bow from Mekhos.

They saluted her, looking straight at Aina, as if they were living people greeting her, recognizing who she was.

Then they were gone.

Aina found herself in the living room once again, sitting on the couch with the book in her hands.

She looked around, making sure she was definitely in the living room. Her mother was coming from the kitchen carrying a tray full of something that looked like fried dumplings; a new song was playing in the room as the crystal statuette continued operating. Satisfied with her verification, Aina put the book to one side.

Now, what should she do with this burning agitation inside her and the mind-blowing amazement after witnessing four Gods creating worlds in front of her? Aina was full of questions and she only knew one person who could answer them.

So she inhaled very deeply and, with as much calm as her young mind could muster after having met four Gods, shouted for her Master at the top of her lungs.


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