Trails of Ascension

by Caoimhin

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

At the top of countless universes that constitute the Great Cosmos, stands the Divine Realm also known as the "Peak of all worlds" where the Gods reigned supreme and all ascension stopped.

But the Path is endless, and upon the discovery that there were actually higher realms in the path of ascension, a revolutionary army of ascenders and warriors of many dimensions rose up to overthrow the reign of the so-called Gods.

The resulting Cataclysm shattered the Heavens and the death of the majority of powerhouses threw the Cosmos into chaos, but it also granted freedom to all.

Upon the destruction of the chains that oppressed them and now that the seal upon the countless worlds has been broken, how will the new ascenders face these challenges and how will their paths intercross each other?

This is the story of how new powers rise into existence, heroes and overlords ascend to the higher realms and the new order of the eras is formed, now that the regents of the laws and elements of the multiverse are gone, new paths are created and a future of infinite possibilities opens!

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3rd Anniversary
Word Count (12)
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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue: Cataclysm ago
Chapter 1: Aftermaths ago
Chapter 2: Life circumstances ago
Chapter 3: Electric Girl ago
Chapter 4: Leaving Home ago
Chapter 5: Breathe in the world ago
Chapter 6: Basics ago
Chapter 7: The Black Spire ago
Chapter 8: Buri City ago
Chapter 9: Forming the Core ago
Chapter 10: Sahbadian Nights ago
Chapter 11: Confrontation ago
Chapter 12: Clarification ago
Chapter 13: Quality Time ago
Chapter 14: Hunting in the Forest ago
Chapter 15: Report ago
Chapter 16: The Attack Begins ago
Chapter 17: City Defense ago
Chapter 18: The Goblin of Fire ago
Chapter 19: Stages ago
Chapter 20: A Feast in Lauhr City ago
Chapter 21: Swords Dancing ago
Chapter 22: Dancing and Scheming ago
Chapter 23: Melancholy ago
Interlude: Arcano ago
Chapter 24: The Truth of the Dance ago
Chapter 25: Responsibility ago
Chapter 26: Chance Encounter ago
Chapter 27: An Extended Hand ago
Interlude: Espada ago
Chapter 28: A Dream of Peace ago
Chapter 29: Species and Races ago
Chapter 30: Crawling ago
Chapter 31: Influence ago
Chapter 32: From The Grave ago
Chapter 33: Soothing ago
Chapter 34: Rain ago
Chapter 35: Questioning ago
Chapter 36: Practice ago
Interlude: Hogar ago
Chapter 37: Morning ago
Chapter 38: Verdict ago
Chapter 39: Ordinance ago
Chapter 40: Contingency ago
Chapter 41: The First Miracle ago
Chapter 42: Restoration ago
Chapter 43: Hunters and Hunted ago
Chapter 44: Trampoline ago
Chapter 45: Makers ago
Chapter 46: Populus Ex Machina ago
Chapter 47: Decision ago
Chapter 48: Letters ago
Interlude: Féth Fíada ago
Interlude: Familia ago
Chapter 49: Currency ago
Chapter 50: Ceremony ago

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This is a really good novel, I’m surprised no one else has given this an advanced review yet. I’m honestly not the best at this thing but I feel this novel deserve it. It has an interesting plot that’s actually unique, somthing hard to find these days here. The characters are fleshed out, there’s actual world building, and the novels potential is endless. I really hope others start to read it as well, and eventually someone lets gives it an actual review, as it really deserves it. Keep up the great work, and I’m looking forward to new chapters.


 This type of professional writing is very rare in RR. After cutting a few parts, if you publish this as a book it would be very successfu.


PS just don't drop the novel like many others on this site.


Holly Schnitzel! That was good. 

Ok first story and style, both very original, whilst using some of the classical tropes from xanxia/wuxia genres very skill fully.

I love the world building. I think one the best things about this story is it’s consistency and presentation of it’s internal logic. Both in characters and world building.

The only complaint I can really have at all with the characters is that they are written with a bit too much “feel good” air about them to be realistic. It does make them very satisfying to read about tho, and this is really the only thing I could possibly think of as a negative in any way or form.

Grammar! Emm... yes emm.. there is that stuff in there, I don’t remember any tho, it’s all a bit of a blurre.

I assume it was all correct and so on. But I’m afraid I really couldn’t tell you anything about it. I started when I found this story that looked vaguely interesting, and suddenly found myself at the end, with what felt like a very jarring stop, when the next button stoped working. 

Thank you for a very good story, and what looks like a very good story to be.



One of the Best on RoyalRoad

This story actually has a thorough background. You would not believe how many stories just kinda skim over the MC's history and move on. Also, the plotline is very thought out and clear-cut, but still leaves plenty of room for changes and plot twists. The main character blends in very well with the side characters, who are all incredibly well thought out and seem "real" in a sense, unlike some novels with side character who are there just to be fillers. If I were to write something in the future, I would definitely reference this. 


This has an OP MC who is not OP simply for the sake of being OP. If you like novels where teaching and passing on knowledge is a part, then this novel will show that nicely. No blatant syntax errors that popped out -- grammar didn't inhibit my reading of the story. The author actually spends the time to delve into the POVs of side characters -- even if they'll only be salient for one or two chapters. The main characters feel alive -- though there's only been some character development in the 24 chapters I read. However, I anticipate that they'll be far more fleshed out in the future. I liked what I read and I wanna read more. 


A fantastic work of art. Initally I viewed this as a simple novel good for some laughs and then moving on. However, I quickly found myself in love with the world and its characters.