The New World, Mecca, Off the Coast of Fort Hensink, UNS Vengeance

"So... there was nothing wrong with the ship's systems?" Commander Ford asked Captain Nimo. "Everything checks out?"

Captain Nimo nodded, "Yes, Sir... even after they did another round of tests and checks..."

"I am thinking it might have something to do with that God Girl down in Arcane," Captain Nimo said with a frown. "Might be her magic causing some problems with the ship..."

"If something can't be explained by science and technology..." Commander Ford mumbled to himself. "Just blame magic!"

He shook his head as he glanced out of the armoured window ports of the bridge and saw a cargo lighter coming in to dock with the Vengeance. "Oh? It seems like our guests have come!"

Captain Nimo joined Commander Ford at the windows and he said, "Yes, the Doctor and a few specialists are onboard that lighter."

"Then I guess it's about time for us to depart," Commander Ford said as he headed towards the exit hatch. "Once the crew returns from their shore leave, we can make sail."

"Yes, Sir!" Captain Nimo replied. "I have them expedite the loading of stores too."

"Good," Commander Ford waved away the Marine's salute at the hatch. "I will be down at the cargo bay to welcome the doctor's arrival."


Dr. Sharon carefully climbed over the side of the lighter and walked up the gangway that led into the side of the carrier hull's cargo bay. A smiling Magister Thorn together with Professor Hamlet stood there waiting for her and he greeted her warmly like as she was his granddaughter coming for a visit. "Welcome welcome! Doctor!"

"It's nice to see you, Magister!" Dr. Sharon smiled at the excited Magister before turning to the more composed Professor. "And you too, Professor Hamlet."

Professor Hamlet gave a gentlemanly bow and Dr. Sharon had the impression that he would sweep his hat off if he had one. "The pleasure is mine, Madam Doctor."

A couple of naval seamen took over Dr. Sharon's luggage and she rubbed her cold wind swept hands together to warm them and was about to speak when an excited Japanese accent voice cut in. "Where is she?"

Ex Spaceman Hideo Koichi, now the Head of Ordnance Research, appeared next to Dr. Sharon in a fluster and asked Magister Thorn in an overly excited manner. He looked excitedly around but was unable to spot anyone that fitted the description of the God Girl and he turned his attention to the Magister and the Professor.

"This is Hideo Koichi, Head of the Ordnance Research Department," Dr. Sharon inwardly shook her head at his enthusiasm as she introduced him to Professor Hamlet. "This is Professor Hamlet, hailing from the Old World. He is from the Iron Kingdoms. He specialized in the study of ancient civilizations."

"Konnichiwa!" Koichi reached his hand out which Professor Hamlet shook, as he had learned the customs of the United Nations people, but he couldn't understand the strange greeting made by the short eared newcomer whose facial features contrasted greatly with the Doctor.

"She isn't here?" The rest of the crew that came along asked as they joined up with the group. "Aww..."

"Ahem..." Magister Thorn coughed to cover up the laughter threatening to spill out. He quickly reassured the newcomers who started behaving like forlorn puppies, "Don't worry, she is at one of the guest cabins. Later she will join us for dinner, then you all can meet her during that time!"

"YESH!" The newcomer crew let out a chorus of excitement as they heard the news. Even Dr. Sharon broke into a grin and she quickly shooed the rest off to go report to their new superiors onboard the UNS Vengeance.

"Looks like everyone is in a good mood!" A voice cut through the conversation and everyone turned to look before they all snapped to attention while the civilians watched on.

"Good Afternoon, Sir!" The new arrivals quickly saluted Commander Ford who had appeared. Ford returned their salutes and gestured for them to be at ease.

"Doctor," Commander Ford smiled and gave a nod of greeting to Dr. Sharon who smiled and replied back. "Commander."

"Welcome onboard the UNS Vengeance," Commander Ford said as he gestured with one hand around the cavernous hold. "Hope your journey over wasn't bad."

"Urgh..." Dr. Sharon sighed as she replied. "It would be good if we have a faster way of air travel... Sometimes I really feel homesick... Guess I got too pampered with technology..."

"We will get there," Commander Ford replied with a helpless smile. "Sooner or later..."


"Dragon One, you are cleared for an approach to Deck Alpha," The comms crackled in Stamford's helmet. "Keep your tail straight and your speed low."

"Roger that, Victor Control," Stamford replied as he watched over Blue Thunder's landing approach to the massive tri hull carrier that was looming up rapidly before him like an island in the middle of the ocean. "Blue! The carrier might be big... but don't overshoot or undershoot it! Or we be swimming with the fishes!"

"And I heard there are some nasty fishes around here!" Dek helpfully yelled a comment over cheerfully.

"Ooooh! Can we go fishing?" Blue Thunder asked hopefully. "It will be nice to do some bbq!"

"You wish!" Stamford shook his head. "You only know how to eat and eat! Better watch your landing! Saphia is following behind you and she has no experience!"

"Oh!" Blue Thunder took a quick glance behind to see Saphia following his tail with Barkley and Luth riding on her. He turned his attention back to his landing approach, his long wings flapping powerfully against the wind, and soon his massive bulk came hovering over the long rectangular flat top. He beat his wings harder as the ocean wind threatened to blow him off course and under the eyes of the flight deck crew, he dropped down heavily on the deck. "Success!"

The flight deck crew cheered and clapped as Blue Thunder proudly flaunted himself, Saphia came swooping down to the deck before she did a sharp flare of her wings and landed gracefully on the deck. Blue Thunder's jaw opened and closed wordlessly as the flight deck crew cheered even louder at her graceful landing, making Stamford and Dek snigger at Blue Thunder's crushed pride.

"I- She- How did she land so well?" Blue Thunder was aghast. "She seemed so natural!"

"You seemed to have forgotten that Saphia comes from a place where airships are common..." Stamford grinned. "She of course would know how to land on a ship... And I would assume landing on a ship is way easier than landing on an airship!"

"Oh!" Blue Thunder's depressed mood disappeared as he hammered a fist into his palm. "You are right! Hahaha!"

"Dumb dragon..." Dek laughed at the side as he unhitched himself off the dragon harness. "Come on! The deck crew is calling us to that elevator!"

"Okie! Let's go! I want to see a Goddess!" Blue Thunder replied cheerfully, as he realised that he did not lose out to Saphia. "Hey Saphia, come on! Follow me!"

The two dragons with their crews headed to an elevator at the side of the flight deck under the directions of a flight deck member and soon they entered the belly of the carrier.


Plee was bored. She was alone inside a cabin, seated on a soft bed with a couple of books filled with pictures and words. The old wizard wasn't around to company her nor was the goblin called Racky who always made her giggle.

As she grew tired of looking at the things called books, she swung her tiny feet at the edge of the bed in boredom. As she sat there feeling bored, her tummy growled and she rubbed her flat belly. She hopped off the bed and looked around the room, especially at the table but found nothing edible. The interesting box that made anything placed inside turning cold was empty, except for a few bottles of plain water. Even her favourite bubbly sweet drinks were all gone!

For the first time since awakening in this place, she felt a sense of dread as there was nothing left for her to eat or drink! She spotted the unwrapped wrappers and torn packs filling a small bin and realised that she must have finished everything that was offered to her from the followers of the strange faith that pulled and anchored her into this world which she had no idea of.

"NO!" She called out in horror as she rubbed her growling tummy. "I need more offerings!"

"Must find offerings!" She declared after barely a moment of thought and headed to the door which they gave it a funny name, 'hatch'. She turned the circular handles and swung the door open, and found two fearsome looking beings wearing some kind of thick padding that was covered with many many pouches looking down at her.

"Need offerings!" She exclaimed as she held out her palm towards the two beings who had confused expressions on their faces. She had learnt how to read facial expressions recently and she frowned, wondering why were they confused when she demanded offerings. "OFFERINGS!"

One of the beings which she assumed were some kind of guardians, scratched under his helmet before he dug into his pocket and took out a small thin blue square piece and dropped it onto her stretched out hand.

She eyed the thin blue coloured square piece in her hand in with narrowed eyes before she took a bite, much to the shock of both the guards. They both stopped her one step too late as her teeth broke the plastic credit chit and she spat out the fragments with distaste. "Yucks! What offering is this?"

"It's not food!" The Marines half laughed half helplessly explained. "Here, if you want something to eat... have this instead!"

The Marine guard dug out a dark green packet and he made sure to rip the paper off the fruit bar before handing it over to the scowling girl. Plee took a suspicious sniff of the offered item and smelling the sweetness before she took a hesitant bite. "Hmmm!"

"This offering is good!" She spoke between mouthfuls and in a few bites, she demolished the entire bar before she stretched her hand out again. "More offerings?"

In the end, the two Marine guards could only helplessly give up every edible they have on them, from dog biscuits to sweets as she seemed to be able to know if they were still hiding some food on themselves. Finally, she was certain that they had run out of 'offerings' did she let them off.

She decided to go find that place where there seemed to be unlimited food and offerings but the two guards quickly stopped her. "Erm... Goddess Plee... You can't run around the ship without permission..."

"But I want offerings!" Plee rubbed her belly which was no longer flat. "Need offerings!"

"Why don't you wait for a while inside?" The other guard suggested as they understood what her meaning of offerings was. "Soon, it will be dinner and Magister Thorn will be here to bring you to eat."

"Hmm..." She pouted unhappily before agreeing since both of them were quite nice to her having given her offerings. "Okie... I wait..."

Both Marines watched her disappear back into the cabin and only after the hatch closed did they both let out a deep breathe of relief. "She just ate all my snacks!"

"Yea..." The other Marine gave a shrug. "Didn't know Gods like to eat... Man... I hate those dog biscuits but she chowed them down like they were some kind of delicacy!"

"Hey... you think that if we bring her more food as offerings..." The Marine who gave her a single credit chit asked. "Do you think she will grant us some kind of divine blessing?"

"Really?" The other Marine gave his partner a look suggesting that he's an idiot. "You really think that would happen?"

"Ah... One can try, right? After all... Its offerings to a Goddess..."

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