"Wait! These readings! Its..." Magister Thorn took the boxy device from his assistant mage tech and took a look at the readings. They stared at the boxy devices in their hands which they waved over the glowing sphere of light trails and gasped in shock. "It's divine power!"

Commander Ford and Captain Nimo both stared at Magister Thorn as he yelled out in surprise. "What? That is some God in there?"

"This readings can't be wrong!" Magister Thorn cried excitedly. He waved the bulky rectangular Mu reader that Dr. Sharon had devised out over the light sphere for another reading. "Yes! It's divine power! The readings are totally different from magic!"

"Shit!" Commander Ford cursed as he turned to Major James, the CO of the Marines on board the Vengeance. "Deploy flamers and heavy weapons!"

Major James's eye twitched when he heard the given order but he quickly acknowledged before speaking into his comms. Captain Nimo had a worried look on his face he stared at the light sphere, "How the hell did a God come onboard?"

Commander Ford shook his head as he could not provide an answer and even Magister Thorn seemed at lost. In the end, Captain Nimo ordered the hangar deck to be sealed off and a heavy guard to be placed to watch the light sphere at all times.

"Can we move this off the ship?" Captain Nimo asked Magister Thorn. "I don't feel it is safe to leave it on board my ship... Especially in one of my hangars!"

"I need some time to look into this," Magister Thorn replied with a hint of excitement in his voice. "We never have any records of Divine Beings being born or appearing like this..."

"Let the Magister do his work," Commander Ford finally said. "We still have a battle going on over at Hensink. And the faster we reach Fort Hensink, the more options we have to deal with this..."

"Yes, Sir," Captain Nimo nodded in agreement. "We better return to the bridge. I shall leave this matter in your hands, Magister!"

Magister Thorn gave an absentminded nod as he wandered around the light sphere, trying to probe its secrets. At the same time, heavily armed Marines came stomping their way into the hangar. Soon, metal shield barricades were deployed around the brightly glowing office with machine guns, rocket launchers and flamethrower equipped marines nervously watching over the anomaly.


Skies over Hensink

Flight Lieutenant Foy was focused on his gun sight, totally oblivious to the happenings caused by the little girl he helpfully brought to the hangar. The crosshairs on his gun sight intersected the large unwieldy dark crimson coloured airship that was trying to turn and present its broadside to his fast approaching squadron of Vipers.

Seeing the ungainly airship so helpfully turning itself to present a larger target for him, Lieutenant Foy broke into a savage grin as he flicked his master arm to active for his ship killer rockets. Using his own experience and feel, he held off his fire until his gut feeling told him it was the right time to launch his munitions.

All around his nimble fighter, puffs of smoke and sprays of near invisible metal tore through the skies as the Protectorate crew onboard the targeted airship sought to shoot down the heretical flyers. Foy thumbed down hard on his flight stick, and he could feel the airframe shudder slightly and lightened up as the four 127 mm rockets screamed off its launch rails with a mighty torch of flames and smoke.

Foy immediately flipped his Viper over into a looping dive to evade the anti air fire in his path. Once he was out of the deadly cloud of metal, he looked around to see dozens of white grey contrails stretching out towards the airship which he was certain that the Protectorate Captain was regretting his action to present its flank.

Balls of flames erupted at the end of the contrails all along the rainbow shimmer covering the airship like an eggshell. The rainbow shimmer only managed to hold on for a few seconds when the second volley of rockets slammed into the magic shield before it collapsed. Foy grinned widened as he turned his fighter around and came up from beneath the airship where he could vaguely see piping and cannon barrels jutting out in all directions.

He fired off his remaining ship killer rockets together with his faithful wingman and chased after his rockets with 20 mm cannon fire that blew metal off the bottom of the airship. Seconds later, his rockets slammed into the mangled armour and further wrecked the airship.

As he pulled away from the burning airship, he saw the skies were filled with smoke and burning airships. What remained of the Protectorate air fleet had turned tail and was running, leaving behind those badly crippled airships which sought to delay the attackers to buy time for the rest to escape.

"Superior firepower is the way!" Foy grinned as he formed up with his squadron. He could not imagine if they do not have weapons like these, the Protectorate would have long conquered the New World. Without firepower, no one would be able to stop these invaders from beyond the clouds!


UNS Vengeance, Carrier Hull A, Hangar Deck 2A

The strands of faith swirled round Its body, making It feel at ease. As each strand of faith was absorbed, It could vaguely hear the strange words spoken before the strand of faith was refined into divine power that increased It strength bit by bit.

Despite not understanding the spoken words, It could sense the emotions, trust and belief in each strand of faith. It welcomed the strange feelings without any hesitation into Its embrace and acknowledged the faith put fore by these beings that offered their prayers.

Slowly the spinning strands of faith were all absorbed and It opened Its eyes feeling satisfied, only to notice that It appeared to be surrounded by the beings inside this strange dungeon like place. It looked around, trying to recall where the opening that led out to the outside was and ignored the sudden flurry of noise and activity.

It finally found the platform that led outside and as It walked forward, It suddenly noticed that the beings around It appeared to be yelling at It. Feeling confused, It looked around to find beings wearing some kind of coverings that covered their heads and body and pointing short spears at It.

Feeling alarmed, It wondered if Its disguise had failed and these beings wanted to attack It. Just as It was pondering to run or fight, a commotion occurred and a strange very short and ugly looking green grey being appeared. It recognized that small being as some kind of priest from the day before which the being was holding some kind of ritual in the small temple chamber.

The small being shrugged off the hands of the taller beings around it and it said something before giving a bow. To Its surprise, a strand of faith appeared and flew straight before It and the strand of faith circled around Its body. The beings around It seeing the strand of light appeared to be shocked as they started speaking in their language.

For the short creature, it appeared to be very excited as it hopped around and started waving its short limbs wildly and spat out more strange words which created more tiny strands of faith that flew over. It finally realized that this small being must be a priest of It's divine Order!


Seaman Racky the Goblin of Flight Operations, Ordnance Department and part time Head Priest Number Two of da Faith of Superior Firepower! was overwhelmed with exultation as he hopped around squeaking in joy. "The Firepower God... Erm... God Girl has arrived!"


"ALL HAIL SUPERIOR FIREPOWER!" He yelped in glee and was even further excited when a very tiny mote of light appeared before the Firepower God Girl wearing his oversized vestments and a beret. "HOLY SHITS!"

He quickly went down on one knee and bowed with reverence, "Me, Racky the Nambar Two Priest of da Faith of Superior Firepower! greets your most explosive Holiness!"

Nearby, some of the Marines who were members of the Faith, too dropped down on one knee to welcome their God after seeing their Head Priest doing so. "ALL HAIL FIREPOWER!"

The other crew and Marines stared at each other dumbstruck while the white haired Magister was also visibility excited as he swept a large black boxy device over and over the girl who was termed to be a God by the followers of the Faith of Superior Firepower!

The God Girl wearing the oversized coat looked around with a confused expression but she happily reached out to grasp the strands of light that appeared before her, drawing them into her embrace. She walked forward and stopped before Racky whose head was bowed down and she reached out to pet his bald head.

Suddenly, Racky felt the temperature heating up but in a comfortable way. He looked up with surprise and puzzlement to see the darkly tanned God Girl had her eyes closed while her warm hand remained on his head. "Erm... wacha doing, your most explosive holiness?"

"Aw... ty un... stan yo... words!" The God Girl suddenly spoke in a halting sentence as she opened her large red irises eyes. "Aw yo mos ex poo see ho le less?"

"Your coming shall bless us all with more firepower!" Racky felt a surge of devotion and happiness flowing out of himself as he heard her first words to him before his face winced up. "Wait, ya reading ma mind?"

"Aw no... yo... words..." The God Girl struggled to speak the unfamiliar tongue. "Many... words.. no un stand..."

"Erm... Your most explosive holiness..." Racky had an embarrassed expression on his face as he scratched his head shyly. "Aw think ya shall read from others better... Racky's mind not too good with many words!"

The God Girl frowned and looked up, her eyes picking out a large Oerkin Marine who stood out among the others due to his size. "Him?"

"Oh noes! That's worse!" Racky quickly said. "Worse to pick Oerkin's brains... an even more worse... A dumb Marine Oerkin!"

"Erm... Pick... The Magister!" Racky advised as he ignored the unhappy growls from the Marine Oerkin. "The Magister smartest! Magic, science! All good!"

Magister Thorn blinked his eyes rapidly as he heard what the goblin said and he let out a cough, "Racky... you sure this is the God of your Faith?"

"Magister Sir! You saw we pray and God Girl get power!" Racky proudly puffed up his chest. "We get our own God now! More firepower more luck!"

"God Girl no evil!" Racky added. "God Girl come help us kick butt! Make enemies fear our superior firepower! Bim bang boom!"

The strange girl giggled as she mimicked the Racky's words, "Bim bam boom!"

Magister Thorn stroked his long beard as he eyed the strange girl who was giggling away with the goblin and made up his mind. He took off his long pointy hat which Dr. Sharon likes to called it a wizard hat and went down on one knee before the girl whose height only reached his chin. "Ohh... I'm getting old!"

"Magister!" Marine Colonel James stepped forward to stop him. "We do not know what she is and what is she capable of! How can you allow her to do something so dangerous like reading your mind!"

"Well... You are right..." Magister Thorn sighed as he was actually quite excited to experience having his mind read by a supposed Divine being! "So..."

Colonel James looked warily at the girl with innocent eyes and frowned. "Let's move her someplace more secured before anyone does any mind reading tricks!"

"Yes, yes!" Magister Thorn stood up again before he asked the Divine being. "You wanted to read minds to understand our language?"

The girl nodded as she stood her with a calm expression. Magister Thorn nodded too before asking, "Are you a God?"

The girl tilted her head to the side as if pondering on the question before she gave an uncertain nod.

"What is your name?" Magister Thorn asked next.

"Pe... Plee?"

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