Blue Thunder circled around the growling black dragon who was curled in a defensive stance in the middle of the courtyard of the inn. Stamford and the rest had returned with a large wagon which carried the black dragon and now with its restraints off, it stared at Blue Thunder and her surroundings cautiously.

A magical slave collar ensured the black dragon does not misbehave or threaten its new owners was worn around the base of its long serpentine neck. A crystal controller sat inside Stamford's pocket ensured that he could send shocks of pain cruising through the slave collar should the black dragon attempts any mischief.

Everyone including the patrons of the Inn had came out and were admiring the black dragon from the sides, kept back by guards employed by Lady Mona. Even Stamford admitted that seeing the black dragon from a distance did not do it justice as from close up, it looked even more majestic. If Blue Thunder was like a muscle car, the black dragon would be a sleek racing car.

"No one will try anything funny tonight," Trism said as he stood next to Stamford. "But once you leave the city walls, its open season..."

"Damn..." Stamford let out a sigh. "What do we know about who will target us?"

"Over the black?" Trism gave a grin. "Well, plenty of people want it just for its rarity... For instead the Third Prince of Foral which lost the auction to us..."

"What? A royal?" Stamford snapped his eyes on Trism who gave a shrug. "So how the hell will we be able to get out of Foral if one of their princes is after us?"

"Just fight your way through," Trism's expression turned serious and he slipped a note into Stamford's breast pocket. "Do not perform any stops of your original itinerary. Head straight for the borders of Mecca. You will have an escort waiting for you here."

"Coordinates for the rendezvous point is there," Trism added. "As for the prince, I can distract him for one day, the most two days before he takes action."

Stamford took out his map and checked the coordinates while making some mental calculation in his head. "It will be a three day journey if we head in a direct path... four if we add in other factors..."

"The Third Prince has a couple of squads of dragons, mostly medium weights," Trism said in a low voice. "He also has a legion of his own personnel army and guards consisting of around two thousand."

"Shit," Stamford rubbed his face. "Why did we ever meet you here..."

"Well... it IS because we met that I can put this plan in action," Trism grinned and patted him on his shoulder in a brotherly gesture. "If not, I would not have Lady Mona fork out a million crowns to get our hands on this."

"You sure it is from beyond the End Zone?" Stamford shook his head in defeat. "Could it be just some... random mutated local breed here?"

"You have to trust my intel on this," Trism replied in a confident tone. "This dragon is definitely from the Group Bravo."

"If you say so..." Stamford gave a nod before he turned back to eye the black dragon facing off with Blue Thunder.

"So now, your new orders are to get to the rendezvous point with your new charge safe and sound!"


Saphia was finally free in a way as the heavy chains and restraints were removed, only leaving behind an uncomfortable collar. She had experienced the pain of the magical collar when it was first placed on her and she knew that if she disobeyed, she would surely experience the pain again!

Once again, she found herself been transported and now, for the first time after so many years, she met another of her kind face to face, apart from the rest back in the Dragon's Peak. She stared at this giant brute of a dragon with blue scales speckled with red who rudely eyed her back.

"You impudent beast!" She couldn't help but hiss out at its rudeness. "I am Princess Saphia of the Dragon Domain! A Dragon Lord!"


"Oh?" Blue Thunder reared back in surprise as the black dragon hissed in a language that was kinda familiar. He scratched his head in a humanoid like manner as he tried to make sense of the language before he hammered his claws against his palm as he realized it resembled the draconian language that Rastraz once spoke and had taught him some.

"Ahhh, did she just call me... a handsome... beast?"


Saphia narrowed her eyes in wariness as the big brute before her started prancing around like an idiot. She looked around her surroundings and saw she was surrounded by many of the people inside this dirty looking yard covered by buildings and stables. The only way in and out was through an alley or flying up into the skies.

She compared her size to the brute and knew that if she tried to fight her way out, she would not be a fight against it, especially with her magic being suppressed by the collar. She clawed at the collar only to feel a jolt of shock zapping her and she quickly stopped as she did not want to experience any pain.

Ever since she could remember, she did not experience any form of pain in her life. She was always sheltered and kept inside the warm volcanic chambers of Dragon's Peak and read tomes or listened to take spoken by chroniclers. She only heard of the life outside the Dragon's Peak and for the first time in her life, she was finally about to step on an adventure of a lifetime after endless begging and pestering to the Matriarch until she gave in.

But as life has it, the adventure to the New World turned out to be more of a tragedy and in a short brief period of time, she experienced many things that she only had heard or read before. Despite the fear in her heart, she always remembered that she was a dragon, an ancient race that was closest to the Gods!

Despite her situation now, seeing one of her kind, even if its bloodline was not pure made her relax slightly. She leaned forward and asked in as soft as possible, "Can... Can you help me? Can you free me and let me find my people? I want to go home!"


Blue Thunder cocked his head to the side as the black dragon leaned forward and whispered to him. He blinked his eyes as he tried to translate as much of its words as possible and scratched his head again before he jerked back in confusion. "Kiss you? You want me to kiss you and give you a home and... make babies!?"

"What the hell is going on?" Stamford stormed over as he saw Blue Thunder and the black dragon appeared to be having some kind of conversation. "You can understand her words?"

"Erm... I think so?" Blue Thunder mumbled in a low voice. "She is not making sense to me..."

"What language is she speaking?" Stamford demanded as he stood before the black dragon and tilting his head up to look at it.

"Well... I think she is speaking some kind of draconic tongue..." Blue Thunder said as he adopted a pose that he thought made him look wise. "Rastraz taught me before..."

"So what has she been saying?" Stamford whipped around and glared at Blue Thunder.

"Eh..." Blue Thunder turned embarrassed. "I think she says I am handsome and wants me to... erm... kiss her and make a family..."

"Fuck!" Stamford cursed as he gave a look of disbelief while the rest of the crew and even Trism and Lady Mona giggled and laughed at the side. "Are you fucking serious?"

"Well... I... am... not sure... I think?" Blue Thunder mumbled as he looked bashfully to the side. "Her accent and I am not fluent with draconic..."

"You think, I thought, who confirm? Do not assume, you fat lizard!" Stamford scolded as he shook his head helplessly at Blue Thunder's antics. "Or you will make an ass out of you and me!"

"You better not do anything stupid!" Stamford warned. "Your job now is to keep an eye on her! Do not let her escape nor come to any harm! She is our VIP and we are to send her across the border and to Fort Hensink in one piece! You clear?"

"Sir, yes, sir!" Blue Thunder snapped in attention before he slumped down again and sighed softly. "Well... I am handsome..."

"Alright," Trism clapped his hands and grinned. "It's late and I will take my leave with Lady Mona. It has been a long night and you guys should get some rest and prepare for your journey tomorrow."

"Lady Mona's guards will help keep an eye for you tonight," Trism continued. "But still, keep your guns ready for anything. I will see you tomorrow morning."

With that, Trism led Lady Mona away and they left the yard while the crowd also started to disperse away. Stamford looked around and saw at least a dozen guards in a livery bearing the Inn's symbol around the yard before he felt some reassurance.

"Come on," Stamford gesture his team and both dragons towards their stall. "Quick mission brief!"

Once everyone including the two dragons was crowded into one stall did Stamford started speaking. "New updates to our current mission."

"Our job now is to get our new friend here across the borders and to Fort Hensink," Stamford spoke to the group. He cast a glance at the black dragon who seemed clueless but obedient so far and continued. "She should be part of Group Bravo which we are heading to speak with."

"Ooo..." Blue Thunder eyed the black dragon next to him and said, "So... shes the enemy? Did she lose her memory? Like in the shows and novel? Will she be like those heroines who later get torn between her new friends and her homeland?"

"Oh shut it!" Stamford shook his head while the rest snickered. "Believe me... I will have a word with Rastraz about your behaviour if you keep this shit up!"

"Yes, boss!" Blue Thunder froze when he heard the threat. "I promise to behave!"

"Alright back to business," Stamford took out the note and handed to their navigator. "Coordinates that we will be heading to."

"We will not be making any more stops, only for rest and recovery," Stamford said. "From now on, we will be on Condition Red!"

"There is a very high chance that we will be targeted because of her!" Stamford gestured to the black dragon. "Someone with... large pockets and even a personnel army will be highly likely engage us to capture her."

"Also others might attempt to rob us," Stamford added. "You all saw how much she is worth, so be on alert at all times."

"No bed tonight, boys," Stamford ordered. "Rotating guard detail for tonight, from now onwards, we are on high alert!"

"Shit," Dek cursed. "And here I thought we are having a holiday!"

"This holiday just went into the dumps!" Stamford growled. "Check your firearms and break out the heavies. I want Blue harnessed up and ready to go at a moment's notice!"

"Urghh... Do I have to sleep in that harness?" Blue Thunder moaned. "It is so uncomfortable!"

"Stop your whining!" Stamford ignored Blue Thunder's complaint. "And keep an eye on your new girlfriend!"

Blue Thunder sighed and he tried to speak to the black dragon with what he could remember of the draconic tongue with some exaggerated gestures. "You sleep here tonight, next to me. Yes? Do you understand?"

The black dragon cocked her head to the side before she snuggled down into a ball at the corner of the stall while keeping her eyes at him. Blue Thunder let out a sigh of relief before he stood outside the stall and allowed his crew to prep his harness on him.

Once the harness was secured albeit a little too tight around his joints, the crew broke out the machine guns and started mounting them on his back and loading with live ammunition. After that, he curled up before the entrance of the stall to act as a barrier while having to sleep flat on his belly to prevent damaging the weapons on his back.

"Is she staring at me because I am so handsome? This is making me feel so awkward..."

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