Emperor Aslan Bluewood was feeling a sense of wonderment as he saw the massive 'island' like ship seemingly made entirely out of metal or at least grey painted wood. But wood did not have the sharpness nor the hard edges the massive island ship had as details appeared the closer the dragon he was riding on got.

Like the rest of his court, the nobles all had their heads stuck out of the pavilion that was mounted on the backs of the heavy weight dragons. The flight of nine heavy weight and their escorts of dozens of medium weight dragons were proposed by many of the nobles who wanted to awe the UN who had brazenly extended an invitation to the Emperor for a state on board their ship.

Many of the Imperial Court refused to believe the words and reports of the couriers who had first hand experience of the size of the UN ship, thinking them as fallen under the enemy's ruse and spells. Hence when the invitation came, even before the young Emperor could consider anything, the majority of the nobles were clamouring to take up the invitation as they felt it challenged their honour and pride of the Empire.

In the end, half the Imperial Court departed towards the location of the United Nations ship while the other half including the Chancellor remained behind to oversee the Empire. The entire party spread across seven heavy weight dragons and they boarded the blue pavilions decorated with gems, silver and gold.

An equally massive escort of medium weight dragons carrying the best knights of the Empire followed along and the flapping of leathery wings drew the entire Imperial Capital eyes into the skies at their departure.

After travelling for hours, a couple of the United Nations flying crosses joined them and escorted them towards their ship. The strange flying crosses flew close enough for the Emperor and his Court to observe the details of the strange machine. It had two long flat surfaces stacked on the top and bottom of a ham shaped body and a noisy spinning windmill like device at its tail.

Its body had a mottled dull grey blue colors and light grey white on its belly. A circular crest was painted on its side and its flat rectangular tail fins had large bold runes painted on them which none of the Imperials could understand its meaning.

The size of the flying cross was almost as large as a medium weight dragon and a person could be seen covered inside some kind of clear crystal bubble at the head of the flying cross. Emperor Aslan could even vaguely see the person waving at them and he resisted the urge to wave back.

Finally, they spotted their destination, and the twin escort of the flying crosses noisily broke away from the formation. There had been talk and fear of a sneak attack by the UN, but Emperor Aslan dismissed their fears and worries, instead, he looked forward to seeing the giant ship from the UN. Despite the treatment he once endured from the UN when he was taken prisoner, which was considered pretty comfortable compared to what he had experienced ever since he was taken as a slave, he held no ill will towards the United Nations.

Now seeing the looming 'island' ship growing larger and larger in his sights, Emperor Aslan realised that the descriptions and reports did no justice to its immense size! He had once served as a slave mage on board a merchant ship and if he compared the two, one was like a tiny insect, while the other was like a dragon!

As they approached the ship the size of a tiny island, Emperor Aslan noted the symmetrical look of the ship, and it was unlike any ocean going ships he had ever seen. First, it appeared to be made up of three portions, the centre portion had a tower that appeared like boxes stacked on top of each other and had two raised forecastle with many bowsprits or jibbooms pointing out. On the side of the centre portion, was two completely flat rectangular open decks that he suspected was used to allowed dragons and flying crosses to land on.

He wondered if the United Nations island ship ran on steam as word of a new ship design that could sail without the wind has long made its way to the Empire from merchants and traders. He did notice there were some masts on the central portion but they looked too thin nor had any spars to carry sails.

Several figures in white and yellow jackets were waving green flags on one side of the huge flat and open deck and the courier dragons leading the formation had experience landing on the United Nations waved the rest of the dragons to follow their lead and they came down with their wings flared on a running landing.

More yellow jackets appeared and started to direct the landed dragons to the side and quickly the huge open deck was filled up with dragons. Those that could not land was waved on to the other open deck and one by one the last of the tired dragons finally landed.

Still despite the chaos, the Imperials managed to arrange themselves in a grand formation on the deck, and with much fanfare from several trumpeters, an Imperial herald announced the presence of the 7th Emperor of Bluewood, Protector of the People and a whole list of other inherited titles.

Emperor Aslan had during that time changed into a more formal state wear while his escorts formed up in formation with the help of his servants inside his own private pavilion on the back of the dragon. When the Imperial herald finished his announcement, his head eunuch parted the golden spider silk coverings aside to allow the young Emperor made his entrance.

Before him stood two grand rows of Knights in heavy armour, they each held a great sword with its tip down on the deck and between them was a carpet in rich blue rolled out for him to walk while the heavy weight dragons too had formed up in a row behind the knights. Several maidens stood on the side and started to scatter flower petals into the air as his head eunuch held his left hand and led him down the carpeted steps on the side of the dragon and towards the waiting United Nations party.


"ATTEN - SHUN!" Master Sergeant Pike roared out as the young Emperor dressed in blue and gold appeared from the covered howdah on the dragon. "PREE - SENT... ARMS!"

The Marines honour guard dressed in whites snapped to attention and raised their rifles in salute smartly. Mills in his stiff whites drew his ceremonial sword out with a flourish and raised it to his lips before lowering it down to his side and keeping the sword at an angle pointed to the deck.

He viewed the gaudy entrance of the Emperor with flowers and dragons and knights and felt that those historical and fantasy dramas did not justice to the real thing. He resisted his urge to smirk at the group of pretentious nobles gathered at the side that was trying very hard to not gape at everything.

Wanna impress us with just some tin cans and fat oversized lizards? Dream on! Thought Mills as he waited for the command to order arms. He knew there soon will be a good show to watch!


Commander Ford and Captain Nimo both saluted at the Emperor and when the young Emperor stood before them, they both dropped their salutes and greeted him. "Welcome on board, Emperor Aslan, to the United Nations super carrier, Vengeance."

Ford observed the confident strides of the young Emperor but couldn't help but noticed the young boy inside the Emperor robes were itching to turn his head to take in the wonders of the super carrier. The frightened boy that was once interrogated by Lieutenant Tavor had matured into a handsome young man.

"Greetings, Lord Ford and Lord Nimo," The young Emperor replied as he stood ramrod straight before the two UN officials with an old eunuch holding his hand. "It... has been a long time."

"Indeed, it has been." Ford chuckled to himself and swept his hand around, allowing the young Emperor to follow his gesture as he showed off the Vengeance. "Come, let us give you a tour of the ship. Or does your Majesty wishes to refresh himself first and do the tour later?"

The young Emperor's eyes visibly glowed with excitement and awe as he followed Ford's hand gestures, looking around his surroundings while the group of Imperial Court nobles leaned closer to try to catch their conversation.

"Lord Ford, this Emperor is not tired," Emperor Aslan quickly replied. "This Emperor would like to view your ship!"

Ford chuckled again and he gave a nod to Captain Nimo who led the Emperor and his entourage away towards the hatch that led into Battleship Central with him following beside the Emperor. Along the tour, the young Emperor had plenty of questions, as he and his court were shown parts of the ship.

Captain Nimo sought to answer as much as possible without giving away any sensitive materials, and finally, they ended up in the massive cavern like hangars of Flight Deck B. Rows of fighters were tucked in their own alcoves while goblin and elf mechanics stood in attention as the royal party walked past.

Emperor Aslan and his Court had long known of the Goblins and Oerkins were employed by the United Nations. But still, most of his Court sneered at the short goblins in work overalls and thought of them as pests and scum. They mumbled disapprovingly in low voices among themselves but suddenly a particularly loud voice came from one of the nobles.

"Tsk, and I thought how great the United Nations was... I guess I was wrong... if the so called United Nations meant being united with Goblin scums and Oerkin barbarians!" A mocking voice said out loud. "They must like sleeping with Goblins and Oerkins! That must what 'united' meant! Hahaha!"

Commander Ford frowned as he paused in his steps and turned around to see who had spoken so brazenly. His eyes tracked onto a beefy Imperial with a goatee that had a smirk on his face. "What did you just say?"

At this time, the entire tour had halted and appeared to be split into two factions, one side was the Emperor and some of his more loyal followers and the United Nation officers, and on the other was a group of Imperial nobles.

"Lord Dietrich!" The Emperor's head eunuch hissed in warning at the discourtesy shown to their hosts. "Watch your words!"

"Who are you? You old ball less creature to tell me what to do!" Lord Dietrich growled as he stared daggers at the angry old eunuch.

"What did you just say?" Commander Ford stepped directly before the Imperial noble and asked again in a soft manner while staring into his eyes. While Ford had a slim build, he was taller than the Imperial who had to look up back at him.

"I- I," For a moment, the Imperial was pushed by the deadly glare given off by the tall hooman and he stammered. Embarrassed by his show of weakness, Lord Dietrich's embarrassment turned to anger as he glared back in challenge. "I'm just saying that Goblins and Oerkins are vermin, they are a blight to this world!"

As his words echoed down the quiet hangar which work had stopped as all the crew was focused on them, a growl of anger rose from the throats of many of the crew. Many of the crew had formed friendships and even respect among the Goblins and Oerkins and hearing someone, especially an Imperial speak such disrespect of their comrades made them angry.

Even the young Emperor was displeased with the way, Lord Dietrich's manners were. He pointed at Lord Dietrich and snapped, "You shall shut your mouth or I find someone to do so!"

Ford's frown deepened as he stared down on the Imperial whose face was turning red with anger. He raised a hand up into a fist and the angry noises from the hangar crew died down. "Is that so?"

"Well, then, let me show you the ability and power of the so called... pests and blights to this world!"

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