East Coast of the New World, UN 3rd CorRon

The setting sun cast a purplish orange glow over the three ships with knife like bows that sliced through the waves smoothly. Further back, two supply transports another three more similar ships of the 4th CorRon followed behind in a single file.

The Captain of the leading ship of the 3rd CorRon, UNS Adventurer was staring out of the windows of the bridge. The colours thrown on the sea by the setting sun was a beautiful sight if one has the mind to appreciate which the Captain did not.

The two squadrons station within the docks of Port Sanctuary were suddenly rousted into combat alert just several hours ago. Urgent orders were dispatched to the ships' captains and he was placed in command both squadrons by merit of seniority as they all held the same rank.

Orders were to make their way along the coast towards the east coast and after crossing the waters of the Isles, he was to break open the sealed orders. Now holding the envelope of sealed orders in one hand and looking at the map, he let out a nervous breath and torn open the envelope.

His eyes darted left and right as he read the orders carefully twice before he leaned over the map inside the chart room, using his finger to trace their route. He checked his watch and started calculating a course with the map. Once he was satisfied, he left the chart room and reentered the bridge and announced to the bridge crew the new course heading. "Comms!"

"Send word to the rest of the squadrons!" He said. "Give them our new course and heading! All ships to go dark! No running lights to be used!"

"Aye aye!" The comms operator replied and he started relaying orders to the rest of the ships.

"Pilot! Notify me once we crossed into the Old Foral Kingdom's waters!" He ordered next as he retreated back into his own cabin.

He sat down in the small cabin and unfolded the orders again, his hands shaking slightly with excitement as he read it again. "About damn time for some payback!"


United Nations, Port Hope

The pitch of the Mariner's engines died down as the pilot powered down the throttle after bringing the flying boat to a perfect stop against the seaplane docks. Crews on the docks started securing the flying boat before the side hatch opened and a tall, pale looking hooman step out followed by several soldiers.

The men paused in their work and gaped in surprise before a senior NCO roared out, "Attention on deck!"

The surprised crew snapped to attention and saluted, as the tall hooman saluted back before he headed with a limp in his steps to the shore. The crew only recovered when the new arrivals had left their hearing and they started whispering amongst themselves.

"Back to work, you crabs!" The NCO growled. "You never saw the Big Boss before?"


Blake wore a long dark grey military trench coat despite the warm season, left the docks and the engines and headlights of a row of waiting vehicles came to life. Several prominent people, both civilians and military greeted Blake as he approached them.

After the quick greeting and salutes were done, Blake ignored everyone and entered one of the vehicles and told the driver to head to a hotel, leaving the local government officials feeling awkward. Blake's aides started to appease the confused officials when the cars drove off.

"So the link is truly gone?" Blake asked the cat girl seated beside him in the car.

The cat girl's ears were flattened down and with her head lowered, she gave a couple of sad nods. Seeing the confirmation, Blake let out a sigh and leaned back on the car's posh leather seat, and turned his attention outside of the windows.

Rows of warehouses and large sheds passed by as they drove through the Port before the convoy of vehicles left the Port. Soon lights from the city came into view, buildings both residential and commercial rosed up from the sides of the streets, all lit up brightly under the night skies.

The vehicles soon came to a stop at the bright entrance of an upscale looking hotel. Smiling doormen approached the vehicle to open the doors of the vehicle but were stopped by several black coated soldiers. The doormen seeing the bold red 'MP' on the white armbands of the soldiers stepped back in worry as the brutal reputation of the military police was well known.

An MP opened the door for Blake and he exited, only giving his surroundings a quick cold glance before he walked into the hotel's entrance. Two rows of black coated MPs blocked off the entrance and kept the hotel guests and other people away.

The hotel manager saw the commotion and he hurried out to the entrance, thinking it might be the usual high ranking Army officer that usually gets drunk and make a scene. But to his fright, the tall and slim looking officer that stepped into the hotel foyer was not who he expected.

The officer wore a long dark grey coat and a peak cap that did not cover the sunken eyes and the pale gaunt cheeks of the hooman. His cold dark eyes seemed devoid of life as he coldly observed his surroundings. Behind him stood four black coated soldiers and a forlorn looking beast girl that barely reached the officer's shoulders.

The hotel manager gave a bow and greeted Blake with a smile despite sweat forming on his forehead. "Esteemed Sir! How can we be of service?"

"Just get me your best suite..." Blake replied in a hoarse voice that sent chills down the manager's spine. "And does this hotel has a conference room?"

"Yes... yes!" The manager gave another bow while wondering who was this, as he did not recognize his looks and his uniform. He knew the Army officers usually wore a khaki green buttoned blouse, while the Navy wore light grey and the Airforce wore blue. The guards behind him, he recognized their black military police uniform. "This hotel has two large halls, great for balls and parties! Each can hold well over two hundred people!"

"Esteemed Sir, if you could just wait for a moment while my staff ready the suite for you..." The manager quickly said. "Or would you like some refreshments at the bar?"

"No, I will wait here," Blake replied and he sat down on one of the posh looking sofas. "Kaga, handle the booking with the hotel."

Kaga nodded and followed the manager away to handle the paperwork while Blake picked up a copy of the daily newspaper provided by the hotel. The news reported were mostly minor stuff, making him feel as if things had been too peaceful.

As he was reading halfway through the newspaper, there was a commotion outside at the lobby. His guards tensed up immediately, their submachine guns up and ready. Blake frowned as gestured them to lower their weapons before he turned his attention to the commotion.

A group of laughing officers in Army uniform surrounded a couple of soldiers and a worried looking woman. One of the soldiers laid sprawled on the floor with blood on his face with the girl fussing over him worriedly.

Blake frowned at the scene and he stood up with his guards at his heel. He exited the hotel and stood at the shadows and watched the event unfolding out before him silently, together with a growing crowd.


"Cork!" The girl tried to rub the blood off his nose as gentle as she could. Tears appeared at the corner of her eyes as she looked up at the group of soldiers. "He's one of your own! How can you punch him?"

"He's just a lowly sergeant!" One of the drunken officers spat. "Come over here, girl! We can show you a good time! Hahaha!"

The rest laughed and Cork's buddy balled up his fist angrily. He rushed forward and wanted to punch the cocky face of the officer before him but Cork suddenly yelled out. "Krew! Stop!"

Krew paused in mid stride, and glared at the officers taunting them. "Oh, so you want to attack an officer of superior rank? Hahaha!"

"Don't do it!" Cork hissed as he pushed himself up. "It's not worth it to get court martial!"

Krew made a growl and helped Cork to his feet. Cork rubbed his nose and snort out a glob of bloody mucus. "Let's go!"

"Wait a minute... Sergeant!" An officer bearing the three bars of a full Captain stopped them. "You two can scram... but the girl stays!"

Cork turned and looked at the frightened girl clenching his uniform who shook her head at the words. She looked around twenty and had a head of raven black hair that reached her shoulders and wore a long white dress.

He and Krew were on their way back to the base after dinner when there was a scream and this girl came barreling into them. Following behind her were three officers which they recognized from the 3rd Rifle Regiment on the base.

Seeing the pleading look in her eyes, Cork and Krew stepped forward to help her, only to get punched by one of the officers. Cork gave a sigh, "Sirs, you are drunk and in uniform... This isn't good for the image of the Army..."

"So what?" One of the red faced officers snapped. "You are just a lowly three stripe! You dare get in our way?"

"You better hand the girl over!" Another officer said. "She supposed to accompany us to drink! How dare she slap the Captain?"

"Know your position!" The officer laughed. "Or..."

"Or what?" A cold voice suddenly spoke up from the side. Cork and Krew and the officers all turned around and saw a tall figure in a military trench coat and peak cap standing behind a small crowd of onlookers. "Tell me... or what?"

His cold and commanding tone made the officers paused for a moment but after seeing no ranks tabs on his uniform, they felt relieved and fueled by alcohol, the captain within the group puffed up his chest and growled, "I am Captain Jonil of the 3rd Rifles! You! Report your rank and affiliation!"

The newcomer's eyes glinted as he stepped into the street lights and stood before the 3rd Rifle's Captain. "Remove your uniform now..."

"What?" The officers laughed as they heard his words. "Who do you think you are?"

"I say it again..." The tall stranger said again in a chilling tone. "Remove your uniforms! You are all not fit to wear them!"

"Haha!" The officers continued laughing, "Or what? You report us to the military police? Hahaha!"

"No..." The stranger's eyes hardened and Cork felt a killing aura rise from the stranger. Without another word, the stranger reached into his coat and drew out a pistol and fired at the face of the laughing captain.

The sharp crack of the gunshot shocked everyone in the streets. A collective gasp came from the watching crowd before it turned to screams of horror and fright. The body of the captain flopped face forward as his legs gave out and a small puddle of blood that looked very dark slowly pooled out.

The girl gave a squeak of fright at the sudden murder and Cork pushed the girl behind him, shield her from the body. The other two officers froze and blinked stupidly at the stranger holding the smoking gun. "STRIP!"

Jolted awake by the gunshot and the sudden death of their companion, they hastily unbuttoned their uniform, fearful of triggering the madman who just murdered someone. The stranger tilted his head to the side and spoke in a cold voice as he reholstered his weapon. "Take them away!"

"Yes Sir!" Four black clad soldiers suddenly appeared and they cuffed the two confused officers while another group of soldiers started to disperse the curious crowd.

"Take them and execute them for abuse of power and conduct unbecoming of an officer!"

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