United Nations, Haven, Fortress Singapore, Bridge

It was all quiet and tense in the Command Bridge. The lights were switched to operational red levels and everyone was glued to their stations. Senior officers stood at the tactical plot table, looking up at the main screen intently.

Blake stood in the middle of the table, his eyes were up, looking at the main screen too. He folded his arms over his chest and the red lights made him look sinister. The imagery on-screen was showing a top down view of a small city.

Snatches of conversation between the mission controller and the pilot could be heard in the background. "Eagle Eye, holding station. Keeping at Angels two."

"Thunderchief, roger. Zoom your cam directly over the main hall, over."

"Eagle Eye, standby... There... is that the target compound? Over."

"Good Lock Eagle Eye. Hold it steady. Intel wants some lights and sound, over."

"Eagle Eye copy, please remember to call us for all your spying needs, over."

Blake sighed, wondering if all pilots were the same cocky bastards no matter which planet or race they come from. He returned his attention to the screen, seeing targeting squares super imposing over moving objects.

"Eagle Eye, no sign of target. Over."

"Thunderchief, keep watching."

"There!" One of the officers suddenly called out and pointed excitedly on the screen. "He's at the top left corner! The guy that just entered the inner courtyard!"

Hearing his words, the controller immediately spoke into her mike. "Thunderchief to Eagle Eye, shift cam to highlighted area and zoom in. Over."

"Eagle Eye, roger. Standby."

The image on the screen panned towards the indicated suspect pinged by the controller before it zoomed in and refocused. "Eagle Eye, how's the image?"

"Thunderchief. Looking good. Stay on target."

Blake turned and caught the eye of Intel Officer Tavor who gave a confirmation nod. Blake gave out a deep breath and turned towards the mission controller and asked. "How many people are around that area?"

"Two or three," The mission controller replied. "No children spotted either."

"Do it," Blake sighed after a moment of hesitation. "Keep it clean."

"Aye, aye, Sir!" The mission controller replied and turned back to her station. "Thunderchief to Eagle Eye, you are cleared for launch. Weapons green. How copy?"

"Eagle Eye confirms weapons green. Confirm valid target? Over."

The mission controller turned and looked at Blake for confirmation before he replied. "Thunderchief. Target is in the compound. You are cleared to engage. Over."

"Eagle Eye, roger. Rifle!"


Circling high over the city was a 2nd generation 2 seater combat aircraft, the F/A - 2A 'Viper'. It's outward appearance looked similar to the old F/A - 1 Cobra but its body was larger and sleeker in design.

"Eagle Eye, roger. Rifle!" The co pilot managing the ground attack systems squeezed the trigger and the entire aircraft shuddered slightly as the jury rigged AIM 32H - Space Sparrow under the Viper's belly ignited and the clamps released the multi role missile into the air.

The missile streaked off in an arc towards the ground as its brain chip guided it towards the lased target set by the co pilot. Seconds later, just as it reached a height of two meters from ground level, its brain chip sent out a signal which detonated the missile.

It's 15 kilograms of Composite 9 Blast Frag warhead detonated, sending out a lethal blast of 1,150 tungsten ball bearings followed by a wave of super heated energy and shockwave which reduced everything within a 50 meters radius.


"- Hit!"

On the screen, a flash covered the compound and flames and smoke erupted out, leaving behind a mass of debris. The low quality materials and construction methods were unable to withstand the power of the missile.

"Shut it down," Blake sighed. "Tell Eagle Eye good work."

"Yes, Sir!" The mission controller nodded. "Eagle Eye, Eagle Eye, this is Thunderchief. Good hit, Hotel Charlie says good job. Keep on station for observation. Out."

The group of officers mumbled amongst themselves over the mission while Blake sat down on his chair. The lights slowly recover back to non operational levels and Tavor handed over a report for Blake to sign. "Hopefully, all loose ends are tied up."

Tavor gave a shrug, "Can't confirm till my man inside Dead Frontier checks it out."

"Either that airstrike killed him," Blake flipped open the dossier and signed on it. "Or somehow he survived, it will be a good warning that we can find him and reach him no matter where he runs or hides."

"I hope so, Sir," Tavor took the dossier where a photo of an Asian male in fleet uniform filled up a large part of the document. He countered signed below, next to the Captain's signature before closing the file. "Sir, if there is nothing, I will take my leave now."

"Dismiss," Blake waved Tavor's salute away. He leaned back looking at the main screen which had zoomed out showing the smoking ruins and a crowd gathering around. He wondered if sacrificing innocents to call in an airstrike to kill one traitor was worth it. "Fuck... My soul is damn already..."

As he was deep in thoughts, his comms on his chair suddenly beeped. Wondering what was it he hit the answer key, "Captain Blake."

"Cap!" Commander Ford's tense voice came through. "Sir... we might have a problem..."


Straits of the Isles, En route to Star Island, UNS Goblin, Bridge

Ford paced around the small bridge, his expression bleak. The bridge crew kept quiet, afraid to attract his anger. The call earlier with the Captain was bad. It was the first time they heard the Captain yell at the Commander.

"Faster!" Ford suddenly paused and snapped at the helm.

"Co- Commander..." The helm replied nervously. "W- We are already at top speed..."

"Damnit!" Ford cursed and he slumped down on the chair. "Argh..."

"Sir, at our fastest speed we still need five hours to reach..." Helm said. "Only the aircraft can reach there faster..."

Ford stood up and nodded, "I will be in my quarters. Inform me if there are any changes!"

"Yes, Sir!" As Ford left the bridge, the crew sighed with relief.


Skies over Star Island

Striker One was surprised as he saw the ships were actually lifting off! He and the other pilots have learned how a plane could fly and other forms of science behind flight. Yet these ships as large as a corvette was actually taking off without any means of propulsion!

"What kind of magic power is needed to do that!" He hissed just as the radio crackled with similar words from his wingman.

"Sanctuary! Sanctuary! This is Striker One! Unknown ships are flying! Repeat, they are lifting off into the air!" He quickly reported back.

"What? Striker One please confirm!" The confused tone of the operator on the other side of the radio answered back. "What do you by flying?"

"Striker One, they are flying like planes! The bloody ships are some kind of flying ships!" Strike One called out. "They are leaving the island! Orders?"

"Sanctuary, tail the flying ships and wait for the rest of Striker Flight to link up with you! Over." The radio replied after a moment of silence.

"Striker One, roger!" The pilot replied before switching channels. "Two! On me! We are following those bastards!"


Protectorate ship, The Innocence, Prison Cell

Sherene gripped the bars of the cell and tried to spot Dijon in the cell opposite her. "Dijon! Are you alright?"

She called again but gotten no answer before she stuck her face between the bars and called out to Takao in the cell next to her. "Takao? Are you there?"

"L- Lady S- Sherene..." A small voice came from the cell. "I... I... I don't k- know!"

"Strong stay! Takao!" Sherene reached out to the other cell. "Here! Can you see my hand?"

"Y- yes!" Takao's frightened voice said and Sherene felt Takao holding on to her fingers.

"I'm here! Don't be afraid!" Sherene said. "And Dijon! If you can hear me! Don't give up! They will find us!"


20 km of Star Island, UNS Goblin, Bridge

"Anything from the Striker Flight?" Ford asked.

"Nothing, Sir..." The XO replied. "Striker Flight returned to top off their fuel but when they went back to continue the chase, they reached the end zone."

"The end zone?" Ford frowned as he traced the route of the unknown ships drawn on the map. "If they continue on in this direction... Does this means they came from the other side of the end zone?"

The end zone was the boundary covering the seas and skies around the New World. It was said that the ancestors of the elves came from the other side. The seas were unpredictable and filled with monsters while the skies were constantly covered in thick clouds that blot out the sun.

They haven't had the resources nor time to explore into the end zone as there were plenty of things requiring their attention. Ford tapped his finger at the line drawn on the map and asked. "Ignore them for now. Tell Striker to return."

"How goes the search for the Fury?" Ford added.

"Nothing on the radar, Sir," The XO of the Goblin replied.

"Sir!" The bridge crew manning the communications called out. "Striker Five and Six returning for refuel is reporting movement on the island! Might be someone from the Fury!"

"Tell them to get lower to take a closer look!" Ford ordered as he leaned over the communications station.

"It's the crew from Fury!" The radio operator's excited reply did not make Ford's mood any better as the news only confirmed his suspicions that the Fury might have sunk.

"Please... the Princess better be safe!"


Slightly half an hour later, the fleet of corvettes dropped anchors just off the coast of the island. They could see a small crowd of people waving frantically from the beach and several powerboats were speeding over the waves towards the beach.

As the first of the powerboats slid to a stop in the wet sand, Ford hopped off the side of the boat and glanced around, trying to spot Sherene among the crowd of overjoyed sailors. "Princess? PRINCESS?"

"Sir!" A half naked burly sailor pushed his way through the crowd of sailors. "I am the first mate of the Fury!"

"What happened? Where is Dijon and the Princess?" Ford asked.

"We were attacked!" The first mate replied. "They sunk our ship but most of us managed to survive."

"Those bastards even killed those who swam ashore like they were sealfins!" The first mate's voice cracked with anger. "We can't find the Fleet Master or your princess! But... we heard they were captured..."

"What?" Ford's mouth dropped in shock. "Oh... fuck... How am I gonna break this news to the Cap..."

"Commander!" A cry came out from behind the sailors and a small girl with fluffy ears squeezed her way through. She rushed over and hugged Ford and sobbed loudly. "They caught Sister Sherene!"

Ford patted the crying beast girl on her head before he pulled her arms away from his waist. He crouched down and asked. "Tell me in detail what happened?"

"Sob! They... suddenly... came from the... skies! Sob!" Kaga rubbed her eyes. "They suddenly attacked us! Sob! Lord Dijon... told us to hide in the trees... while he held them back... Sob!"

"But... they killed them all! Sob!" Kaga started crying again. "Sob sob! After that... we hid in the trees... but... Sob sob! They found us still... Sister... Sherene pushed me into... a small... gap between... the rocks... and told me to stay quiet... Waa ahhh... ahh..."

"Alright, don't cry anymore..." Ford winced as he comforted the crying girl, his uniform getting wet with tears and snot. "What happened next?"

"They took them! Both Sister Sherene and Takao!" Kaga cried louder. "While... I hid and watched... Waaaa... it's like the same thing that happened to Beast City happening all over again! Waaaa!"

Ford comforted the girl as much as he could while his brain went into overdrive. "Fuck..."

He gestured to his aide, "Call High Command... tell them..."

"Angel has fallen..."

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