Tyrier rushed up to the edge of the cordon made by the Marines as they surrounded the feathery ball wrapped in flames. He frowned as he looked upon the scene, it was like as if Special Weapons were doing a barbeque instead of killing the creature.

"I don't think the flamers are working!" Hitsu pointed out as he watched the fiery scene. Searing heat flowed out in waves that kept everyone far back except for the team of Special Weapons Marines who donned protective gear.

"No shit..." Tyrier turned left and right as he tried to spot the Major. "It's a bloody champion of the Sun God... The flamers won't hold it down for long! Now where the hell is the Major?"

He finally spotted the beret wearing Major and he quickly ran over. "Sir! The flamers isn't working!"

"No shit!" Major Joseph replied in the same manner. "And all our guns are almost out of ammo..."

"Where's the damn railgun when you needed one..." Tyrier grumbled.

"Hell no!" Major Joseph widened his eyes as he stared at the special forces leader. "I don't want another danger close railgun shot over my position again!"


United Nations, City of Haven, Fortress Singapore, Command Bridge

"Sir, UAV on its final four hours before RTB," The operation said from her station. "We will lose all live feed over the AO."

Blake nodded as he kept his attention on the display. He pointed to the screen which was showing a large burning blob surrounded by figures. "The flamers don't seemed to be affecting it much?"

Intelligence Officer Lieuntant Tavor frowned as he considered their limited options. "We need to change tactics, Sir."

"What options do we have?" Blake turned around and asked.

"Fire the railgun, Sir," Lt Tavor replied.

"But there is no direct line of sight to the target?" Blake said. "No... Do you want to punch a hole through the mountain again?"

"Yes, Sir." Lt Tavor replied. "Fire a couple of bunker buster penetrator, followed by a sabot shot to the target."

Blake tapped his fingers on the side of the tactical plot table as he turned his head to look at the display showing the live feed. "Guns."

"Sir!" The weapons operator manning the weapons station of the UNS Singapore replied. The weapons station of the UNS Singapore barely had been used for over a year, making manning the weapons station a dull duty.

"What's the status of Number One Gun?" Blake asked.

The weapons operator manning the station quickly pulled up the railgun's diagnostic and readiness status. Despite not been used for over a year, the weapon techs had constantly conducted drills and maintenance. The railgun was even further structurally reinforced after they fully converted the City Class ship into a land fortress.

"All status green, Sir!" The weapons operator replied after a short moment as his eyes scan through the readouts. "Three minutes to power up to full strength!"

Blake nodded and resume his finger tapping on the tabletop before he said to the operator. "Calculate for me a probable fire solution to the target."

Lt Tavor smiled and slid a datapad over to Blake, "It's already done."

Blake rosed an eyebrow at the smiling Intel Officer and shook his head in defeat, "How come I got the feeling that you already predicted this?"

Lt Tavor's smile widened, "It's part of the job, Sir."

Blake rolled his eyes upwards, "I feel more like you wanna fire the rail gun more."

"That too," Tavor smiled. "It reassures our allies and scares the crap out of our enemies, what better a psychological weapon than the railgun?"

"One shot from the main gun, declares our power to the world," said Tavor. "And a second shot reinforces our power to the mass. The third shot shall make the world fear us."

Blake shook his head at Tavor's musings as he looked over the datapad, "Estimated one minute forty seconds flight time of the projectile at Mach 18?"

Tavor tapped on the tactical plot table and expanded the map on the screen, before drawing a virtual line across the map from their current position to the target's location. He tapped on a spot on the map and said. "The first projectile to tunnel a hole through here, the second shot goes through the tunnel in the rock."

"Unlike our first firing," Tavor pointed out. "We have to bore deeper through the mountain due to its size. We need to at least two shots to punch through."

"Sir!" The communications operator called, "The MEF is calling in to say they are running out ammunition and options, they are requesting further instructions!"

Blake sighed and gave an eye to Tavor before he turned to the comms operator. "Tell... tell the MEF to hold off the creature for... twenty minutes before they are to pull back to at least three hundred meters from it. Tell them to evacuate as many people as possible in that time. We are sending a rail gun round their way."

"Y- yes Sir!"

Blake turned to Tavor who kept his smile on his face. "Happy? How many cities and lives we need to destroy to stop this damn war?"

"Sir, being happy or not is irrelevant," Lt Tavor replied but he still kept a smile on his face. "It's for our survival, either them or us."

"Damn it," Blake sighed. "Commander Ford would be happy with this..."

"Commander Ford is currently out at the Goblin Seas conduction anti goblin shipping operations," Tavor remained Blake.

"Damn it!" Blake said again. "Comms! Warn the city, we are firing the main guns in... fifteen minutes' time!"

"Weapons!" Blake snapped.


"Power up Number One and run the Lieutanunt's firing solution!" Blake ordered.

"Aye, aye, Sir!"


City of Silverton

Major Joseph cursed as he heard the new order coming in. "Fark!"

He quickly checked his wristwatch and cursed again before he turned to the radio operator, "Tell all units to start evacuating from the city now! They have fifteen minutes to get the hell out of the city! And they are to help evacuate any civilians out too!"

"If anyone doesn't wanna leave the city, ignore them!" Major Joseph said harshly. "Tyrier! You are providing cover for the Special Weapons team! Try to keep that damn creature balled up as long as possible! We are pulling back!"

"Why, Sir?" Tyrier frowned. "Are they...?"

"You got it right the first time!" Major Joseph grumbled. "High Command is gonna drop a rail gun round directly on the damn creature! So, while we are pulling out, you get to babysit Special Weapons!"

"Shit!" Tyrier exclaimed. "How long?"

"You got exactly..." Joseph looked at his watch again. "Eighteen minutes and twenty two seconds before it lands!"

"Fark!" Tyrier cursed and turned to his men. "Follow me!"

"Tell Special Weapons to hold that thing down as long as they can!" Joseph reminded the departing Claymore One team as he yelled after them.

"Fark..." Joseph turned and looked at his command staff who looked nervous. "Well, what are you all still doing? Pack it up! And evacuate everyone now!"


United Nations, City of Haven

It was a beautiful afternoon in the city. The skies were clear and blue, and the people on their way to their business were suddenly surprised by a wailing siren. People filled out of stores and businesses as they stared up to the skies as a city wide broadcast was announced. "Attention citizens, attention citizens! The main gun will be firing! All citizens are to take shelter and keep calm! Repeat the main gun will be firing in fifteen! All citizens are to take shelter and keep calm!"

The residents of Haven were prepared as they had performed evacuation drills before. They quickly stopped everything they were doing and headed towards the nearest shelter. The Police also helped with the evacuation as they guided people to safety.

Some stubborn people still remained in their places and hunkered down underneath their tables or beds as they prayed and covered their ears while waiting for the rail guns to fire.


United Nations, City of Haven, Fortress Singapore, Gun Deck

Klaxons wailed as yellow warning lights spun wildly along the gun deck. Hydraulics hissed as massive shields were raised up to create a barrier against the shockwave of the weapon. The armored turret came alive as heat dispensing shields popped open and the turret rotated on its axis and its dual barrels raised towards the target. The rectangular barrels appeared to quiver in anticipation and eagerness as power flooded the conductive rails.

The air before the barrels appeared to still as if the railgun was holding its breath. A massive boom suddenly erupted out from the first barrel, as a super penetrator round screamed out. The passage of the rail round sliced through the air, leaving a split second of vacuum as it traveled to speeds of Mach 18 in seconds.

The shockwave barriers rattled wildly as the super boom of the 155 mm round disappeared into the center of the mountain with a dull thud and smoke and debris spat out from the wound. As the smoke and dirt were about to settle down, a second booming roar came from Number One Gun and slammed into the rock smoke which scattered the smoke away before another cloud of rock dust burst out from both sides of the mountain as it was drilled through.

A third roar followed next and the passage of the rail round scattered all the smoke away as it threaded its way through the tunnel made by the two bunker buster super penetrators.


City of Silverton

"RUN!" The Marines banged wildly on the doors of houses and stores as they ran down the streets. "GET OUT OF THE CITY NOW! BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!"

The Marines continued down the city towards the gates, yelling at the bewildered Imperial soldiers who were fighting them earlier and now warning them to run. A majority of the city residents followed the Marines in fear and confusion as they ran towards the exits of the city, spooked by the sudden battle and loud explosions.

Others remained behind as they prayed to the Gods as they witness the manifestation of what appeared to be a Divine being. The Marines ignored them as they only helped those that were willing to be helped.

Soon a steady stream of people was running out of the city in panic and confusion.


Tyrier quickly checked his watch as he kept one eye to the roasting creature and the skies. The flamers were rotating to keep the creature covered in flames as they conserved their flamer fuel.

"Alright! PACK IT UP!" Tyrier yelled to the Special Weapons Sergeant. "We got less than eight minutes to get out of the goddamn city!"

The Special Weapons Sergeant nodded and he spoke into his comms. The men quickly set their tanks down and taped the flamer triggers down as they set wedged the flamer nozzles down, keeping the flames spraying over the shimmering feather creature as they prepared to retreat.

"RUN!" The Sergeant yelled once everyone had finished their setup. He started running with the rest. "GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE."


Varacen remained in stasis as he felt the heat that covered him was transforming him. He had curved up into a ball, turning into a sort of feathered cocoon as his body started changing as he absorbed the heat, turning into energy for his metamorphosis into another being.

The flame spells that the Barbarians cast upon him was unexpectedly a good harvest for him. The super heated flames appear to mold his body

He felt the power rising in his body, his bones thickening, muscles growing stronger as his body underwent massive changes. He could feel the heat around him slowly growing weaker and weaker as his body broke out from its feathery cocoon. He hovered out and stood over the raging flames around him.

He floated with his beautiful colored feathered arms slightly stretched outwards as he took in the burnt smell of his surroundings. He flexed his muscles, showing off his perfectly chiseled body that radiated with a golden sheen under the glow of the flames.

"HAHAHA! I AM REBORN!" He yelled to the heavens. "I AM FINALLY A GOD-!?!???!"

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