Qiem stood on the roof of a store that overlooked the city's main square where various Guild was headquartered. He smiled as he watched the pitiful few combined guards of the guilds attempted to fend off wave after wave of crazed townspeople while dozens of other believers stood awaiting his command behind him.

"Our Mistress has granted us our desires!" Qiem spoke with a fervent at the followers. "She gave us a chance to be rich and powerful!"

"So lets us not waste it!" Qiem pointed to the Guilds before them. "Those Guilds are filled to the brim with gold and silver! And it shall be ours for the taking!"


Qiem gave a smile, savoring the feeling of power as he watched his followers gather in magic power in their hands, his hair tingling in the presence of magic in the air. He remembered how the Guilds has taken everything away from him, house, wealth, and even his family.

His eyes turned red as hatred flared in his heart. Oh, they will pay, and he will regain everything he lost! He raised his hand up, signaling his followers to be ready.

Bolts of lightning, fireballs and magic missiles shot out as Qiem chopped his hand down and an impressive display of deadly fireworks slammed into the Headquarters of the Adventurers' Guild.

The three storied building that looked like a miniature square castle shooked from the sudden onslaught of spells. It's magical ward protecting the building managed to hold against the attacking spells and the adventurers hiding inside the building poured out to the roof and returned spellfire and arrows to Qiem's followers.

The exchange of magic seemed to rile up the surrounding crazed people. They charged towards the Adventurers' Guild, howling and screaming, ignoring Qiem's followers as they surged towards the Guild, slamming bare fists against the stone and wood facade. "JOIN USSSSSS!"

The adventurers' actions grew more fantic as the sudden swarm of crazed threatened to destroy the makeshift barricades. The spells and arrows that targeted Qiem and his followers lessened as the adventurers targeted the crazed people threatening to destroy the barricades.

The other Guilds seeing the attacks hesitated on whether to help the Adventurers' Guild, leading Qiem to laugh at their selfish actions. "This is how typical of the Guilds! Only caring for your own selfish gains!"

"But fret not!" Qiem's voice was drowned out from the spells and screams of the crazed yet he still shout out. "The Trader Guilds, Magician Guilds and even the Mercenary Guilds shall follow the Adventurers' Guild's fate soon!"

With a collective triumphant scream, the crowd of crazed cried out, "THE MISTRESS REWARDSSSS!" as the barricaded door caved in and the crowd surged into the structure, slamming against a thin line of shields.

Blood spilled and flowed out from the doors of the Adventurers' Guild. The crazed people threw themselves against cold steel, abandoning themselves in their anger, desires, and their deepest and darkest thoughts.

The pretty receptionists cowling behind the desks were dragged out, clothes ripped and raped over and over again by the crazed crowd while others vent their bloodlust on the already cold mutilated bodies of the adventurers.

The higher ranked adventurers managed to hold out longer, retreating up the stairs before they were forced onto the roof, defending the only way up. Qiem smiled and with a gesture of his hands, the crazed crowd seemed to pull back from the stairs, leaving the survivors with some hope in their hearts.

Soon sounds of things breaking could be heard and smoke soon billowed out from the second storey of the Guild building. The crazed crowded retreated out from the building and threw torches into the Guild as they left and they stood in silence watching the building burn.

The survivors on the roof screamed in panic as they tried to find a way to escape, but with the flames licking the only way down the roof, they could not do anything. Qiem giggled as he saw the roof slowly collapsed under the weight of the survivors as the roof supports weaken from the flames, dropped the screaming adventurers into the flames.

Those that died early and quickly were the lucky ones as the stone structure turned into a massive oven. The trapped adventurers with fire resistance or water magic were slowly baked and cooked inside. Those that managed to find their way out were mercilessly shoved back screaming into the burning building till no one came out anymore.

The other guilds watched in horror as the crazed crowd turned their heads collectively and smiled as one at the Merchant Guilds. Qiem pointed to the next Guild and whispered, "Kill them!"


Flames from the burning city lit up the night as crowds of crazed townspeople roamed the streets, engaged in acts of depravity and destruction. The smell of ash and cooked meat was thick in the streets causing the Imperial soldiers trying to reclaim the city choke and tear.

Some of the soldiers even went crazy as their willpower was overwhelmed by the constantly cries and screams of the crazed. They laughed as they slaughtered their once comrades causing the Imperials' morale to fall greatly.

Unable to withstand the horrors pillaging the army, the Imperial commander ordered no more advances into the city and could only wait for reinforcements to come from other places.


Rothschild Estate

"-ection 3 and 4 will fast rope down here," Lieutenant Svar briefed his men. "You will support the local Imperial garrison in holding the Citadel and ensure the safety of Lady Titanna while awaiting for the armored convoy to arrive."

"LT!" One of the Marines asked. "Why can't we airlift her out?"

"Intel has found out there are some elements of cultists in the city that possessed high level magics," Svar replied. "And with that crazy storm floating over the city, the helos could not fly at a safe height. So the helos have to go in low which makes it an easy target, therefore we can't extract her Ladyship out by air."

"We will go in with a fast insertion," Svar continued. "Once the helos are over the city, all the crazies will know you are there!"

"So, its a safer option to move the HVTs out with an armored convoy instead by air," Svar said. "The helos will provide close in air support for the convoy out."

"Questions?" Svar asked his platoon.

"Sir?" Another Marine raised a hand. "Erm... are those crazies... civilians?"

"Yes!" Svar said.

"Can we kill civilians?" The Marine asked.

"In this case..." Svar replied. "Yes! We will be in hostile territory and those crazies will kill you without a thought! Make sure to protect yourselves and your buddies!"

"Another heavy reminder!" Svar barked at his platoon. "I want no one to remove their helmets unnecessarily!"

"Your helmets have ward runes engraved on them!" Svar reminded his men. "It will give you some protection against magic that affects your mind! SO DO NOT REMOVE THEM UNLESS THERE IS A VERY GOOD REASON TO! CLEAR?"

"YES SIR!" The men chorus.

"Good! If I see anyone removing their helmets with a good reason, I will make you have no head to ever put a helmet on!" Svar growled, showing off his sharp orcish teeth.

"Draw double the ammunition and water!" Svar ordered. "We are going to need them!"

Mills stood next to the Magic Resistant Ambush Protection vehicle and eyed the Orc Lieutenant briefing his men in the distance. "Damn, never thought to see a smart Orc."

"Oerkin always smart!" Lance Corporal Slow gave a toothy grin from the open top gunner protection turret. "Oerkin outsmart dumb people all time!"

"Yeah right..." Mills rolled his eyes. "I still remember someone who couldn't even count to three!"

Slow laughed, "Recruits are dumb worms, yes? Me no longer recruit! Me smart Marine now!"

"Haha!" Mills laughed and banged against the armored hatch. "Yea, yea! Get ready to move out!"

"Sergeant Mills!" The Orc Lieutenant walked over and gestured for Mills.

"Yes, Sir?" Mills put on a polite expression on his face as he came up to the towering Orc Officer.

"Are your men ready?" Svar asked in a serious tone.

"Yes, sir!" Mills gestured to the four armored vehicles and two trucks were idling on the dirt road where the Rothschild's House guards ogled at them from all angles. "Two em raps, two jeeps, and two trucks with Claymore One and my Raiders all good to go."

"Good," Svar nodded. "See you later then! Don't be late!"

"Yes, Sir!" Mills replied as he watched the Orc walked towards the helos that were spooling up their twin rotors. "Good luck!"

"Alright, boys! Mount up!" Mills turned to his men and ordered. "Move out!"

Both his men and Claymore One mounted into the vehicles with him and Tyrier each taking a jeep. Twenty two men including the drivers were escorting the six vehicle convoy while a platoon of thirty Marines took to the skies on two of the helos.

The CH - 1 Griffins took off and followed over the land convoy, where two of the jeeps led the way while the two up armored trucks took the middle while an MRAP took the last spot. Along the sides of the convoy, rode two columns of Rothschild's Household Guards on land dragons, their clawed feet racing madly to keep in pace with the already slowed speed of the convoy.

The Rothschild's Estate was located within Nobles' District within the main city walls, where a vast carefully maintained forested area separated the Noble District from the rest of the city. Soon, the outer gates of the city appeared which they have to cross before reaching the inner city gates before reaching the Citadel.

Over the city, the ominous clouds continued to unnaturally loom over the city, like an executioner ax while plumes of thick black smoke hovered over the horizons. Fires that still burned cast an orange glow against the dark clouds, making the men feel like they were heading into an inferno.

"Shepherd Six Two, this is Six Four," Flight Lieutenant Peter called out. "Keep low, stay at two hundred. Those magic clouds will make your day bad if you hit them!"

"Roger that, Six Four, keeping within two hundred. Out!"

Peter glanced over the city and he could see masses of people looking up at him and seemingly following his shadow as his helo flew overhead. "Damn... this is like so kind of zombie movie!" He said to his co pilot who stared worried over the side at the city.

"Two minutes!" Peter called out as he looked at the hand drawn map, using the city's landmarks and memorized photographs to find his way to the Citadel. He could see the distinctive features of the Citadel coming up rapidly on his windscreen.

He ignored the pings of arrows hitting the underbelly of his Flying Banana as he came to a hover over the small park next to the Citadel and kept his rear facing away from the walls. He smiled at the fearful and surprised expressions of the archers on the walls and even gave a cheerful wave at them which he did not know if they could even see him.

"GIT OFF MY GOD MACHINE, YE DUMB MAR EENSS!" Greg shrieked as he slammed the rear hatch open and kicked the coils of thick rope off the opened hatch. "GOO GOO GOO!!!"

The first Marine gripped the rope and jumped off, his feet coiling around the rope to control his descent while he flicked off a gloved middle finger at Greg who pouted for not having the last say.

It barely took twenty seconds to have all the Marines fast rope off and Greg squeaked into the intercoms, "No more dumb Mar eens onboard, Boss!"

Peter smiled at Greg's comment and eased his throttle up, bringing his Flying Banana out of the zone and allowing Shepherd Six Two to take over his spot. The other helo came in the same way and disgorged its cargo of Marines.

"Shepherd Six Four, Command. Operation Gothic Savior has commerced!"

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