Liz followed closely behind the Claymore Two soldier as they checked each room. The seven Claymore Two soldiers split into two teams, with Liz searching the ground floor with one team while the other team headed upstairs stealthily to secure the premises.

They found the entrance to the basement in one of the study rooms but did not enter it till they ensured the entire building was cleared. Surprisingly, they found no one else living in the townhouse, only a bedroom that looked recently slept in and none of the family members that was said to be living here was found in any of the rooms.

The whole team by then had gathered at the opened entrance and they cautiously climbed down the wooden stairs that creaked with each step. As they went deeper, a sweet scent drifted up and the smell got thicker as they passed by the torches.

"Cover your noses!" Sergeant Aztes quickly ordered. "Try not to breath in that... stuff!"

The men quickly wrapped scarves or used their uniforms to cover their noses while Liz used her voluptuous robes to cover her nose. As they descended deeper, they could hear a rhythmic slapping sound, followed by grunts and moans.

The sounds got louder and louder and they emerged from the stairs into a grand vista with the pillars surrounding an altar in the middle. Two naked figures appeared to be bend over each other and were making out in the middle of the torch lit vista, their cries, and moans echoing loudly.

"Wha-?" Liz blurted out as she witnessed the scene, her face blushing as she saw the intimate acts.

"FREEZE!" Sergeant Aztes yelled out as he gestured his men to spread out and cover the area. "Stop what you are doing and put your hands in the air now!"

The chubby male ignored his words and kept grunting with effort, each thrust of his hips shaking his rolls of fat. The female, which they recognized as Evelyn appeared to be tied down and moaning away in ecstasy with her eyes closed.

"Stop what you are doing now!" SGT Aztes called out again and being ignored once more, he drew his service revolver and fired a shot into the ceiling.

The sharp report of the revolver seemed to break the spell as the two instantly froze in their actions and stared at Aztes like he was a ghost. "Wh- Who are you!?"

"Hundred and First," Sgt Aztes replied and pointed at the naked male to move away to the side. "Stand there and show me those hands!"

Suddenly a peat of laughter came from Evelyn who was face down on the altar. Her laughter seemed to give the naked male some kind of courage and he gave a smile of wonder before he kneeled down and whispered with reverence. "My Queen!"

The myrtle and vines started to wriggle and Eveyln was no longer bounded by the plants. She straightened up and stretched her body, before the myrtle vines coiled around her naked body, creating some sort of form fitting leafy dress that left none to the imagination.

"Ahhh... this body is not too bad," She caressed her own body, running her hands over her curves seductively.

The men all force as they stared at her actions, their weapons lowered slightly as their eyes followed the path of her hands trailing all over her body.

"Welcome my Queen to this realm!" The cultist kneeled and bowed down, kissing her toes fervently. "My Queen!"

"MAGIC MISSILE!" Suddenly a cry came out from behind one of the pillars followed by a bolt energy that flew towards Evelyn. The cultist kneeling before her suddenly leaped up and blocked the spell with his body.

Evelyn kicked the smiling corpse away from her feet and sighed. "It's hard to get good followers, you know?"

"Who or what are you!?" Liz cried out as she brandished her staff before her, readying her spells to be cast.

"Me?" Evelyn looked down on her body before she spun around on the spot. "I'm Evelyn! Don't you recognized me?"

"NO!" Liz was very close to panicking as sweat rolled down her spine and soaked her robes. She sneaked a glance at the rest of the Claymore Two team members but they appeared to be caught in some kind of glamor and were unable to shake the effects off. "You look like her and sound like her... But you are NOT HER!"

"I see..." Evelyn giggled and she even clapped, "Well, I must say you are correct!"

"The soul of this vessel is weak," The Entity possessing Evelyn said. "She desired so hard for the one she loved to return. So I granted her, her desire in exchange for her body."

"Now, she is forever living in a place filled with happy memories," The entity smiled. "Forever in bliss! Isn't that wonderful?"

"What did you do?" Liz was filled with horror. "Return her soul back now!"

"Oh, her soul is already damaged way beyond healing," The not Evelyn waved her hand dismissively. "Besides, she can make love with her Dante all day and night long, giving in to their love and desires."

"Enough!" Liz gritted her teeth hard, "Stop defiling her soul!"

"Oh? You didn't know?" The Entity laughed at Liz's expression. "They were making love almost every night when you were all together and poor, Elizabeth, always in the dark about their relationship. Tsk tsk..."

"Say, do you desire Dante too?" The Entity suddenly asked while clapping hands together. "I can give you Dante too if you so desire for him too! Hehe!"

"No! Stop!" Liz took a step back as a wave of mental images slammed into her mind, making her see Dante's charming smile, that handsome face, that white pearly teeth and lips that was about to kiss her. "NOoooo!"

The Entity controlling Evelyn smiled sweetly as she watched Liz stumbling backward from her psychic attack and she bent down and fished out a vial of dark red liquid from the remains of her clothes. "Now, this, is really useful!"

She strolled forward towards the nearest of the Claymore Two soldier who beamed at her approach, his rifle falling on its sling from his slacked hands. She reached out with both hands and cupped the soldiers face and just as she was about to kiss him, a loud metal clank was heard right next to them.

She looked down in surprise at the dark tube rolling to a stop right at her feet and for a moment her teasing expression changed to a frown. "What is th-!?"

The tube suddenly popped with an eardrum bursting crack and a flash of light so bright that her eyes were instantly blinded and tearing. She screamed in shock and pain, rearing back in stunned confusion. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!"

Liz spat out a mouthful of blood as she had bit her tongue to force herself out of the entrapment spell. She took the oppunity when that not Evelyn thing was distracted with one of the soldiers to grab the flash bang from the pouch of Corpereal Pokka and from observations, she roughly knew how to use it.

Put finger into the ring, twist the ring and pull it out. Throw the whole flash bang at the not Evelyn thing and take cover. Liz used the body of Cpl Pokka as cover as she covered both her ears and closed her eyes tightly.

Even then, the sharp thunder clap made her ears ring, but it did not disable her unlike the not Evelyn. The spell struck soldiers all cried out in pain and shock as the effects of the flash bang slammed into them.

Liz raised her staff and scream chanted her spells, "MAGIC MISSILE!"

Bolts of pure magical energy eurpted out from the tip of her staff and they shot off at the direction she pointed her staff at which was where the not Evelyn was clutching her face and screaming.

The bolts of energy slammed into Evelyn and detonated, flipping her backwards and burning off the leaves and vines. Evelyn landed on to the carpet of myrtle leaves with a thud and remained unmoving on the spot.

Liz rapped her staff against the helmeted head of Cpl Pokka kneeling on the ground with each hissed word, "Wake... up! Aren't... you... supposed... to... watch... over... me?"

"Alright! Alright! Stop that!" Cpl Pokka growled as he shook his head to clear the ringing in his ears and blinked his eyes rapidly to clear the stubborn white spot in his vision. "What the hell are you hitting me for!"

Liz gave one finally rap with her staff before she was satisfied, "Your fault for getting charmed by her!"

"What?" Cpl Pokka stumbled up to his feet and looked around in confusion, barely about to see clearly. "What happened?"

"Men!" Liz rubbed her sore tongue and cast a quick recovery spell. "Something took over the soul of Evelyn..."

"I don't know what but..." Liz gestured sadly to the body laying on the patch of greenery. "I think I killed her..."

Cpl Pokka picked up his weapon and gripped it tightly before he gestured Liz towards the rest of the Claymore Two troops. "Go check on them, see if they are alright!"

He approached the body of Evelyn cautiously and saw a couple of burnt marks on her otherwise perfect body. He prodded her still body with his rifle barrel and cursed as he saw her fingers twitched. "She's still alive!"

"Shoot or arrest?" Cpl Pokka yelled as he backed off from the body. "Sarge?"

"Shoot that bitch!" Sergeant Aztes hissed as he being looked over by a startled Liz. "Take her out! NOW!"

Cpl Pokka whipped his rifle up upon hearing the order and fired his semi automatic M2 'Mageripper' carbine, his finger rapidly stroking the trigger and the rifle butt kicking his shoulder with each stroke.

Smoking rifle casings spewed out and tinked against the cold rock floor as Pokka shot up the body on the patch of leaves. "Reloading!"

By this time, most of the troops had recovered their wits and senses, carefully surrounded the body at a safe distance. One of the soldiers asked as he eyed the scene and asked, "What the hell happened?"

"You guys got hit by some kind of charm spell," Liz explained as she peered at Evelyn's body. "And I think Eve-, Evelyn... has been taken over by something here..."

"Damn cults!" Another of the soldiers cursed and spat. "We need to burn down all the bloody cults!"

"I hear you, brother!" Cpl Pokka nodded as he picked up the vial of dragon's blood from the ground and sealed it into a clear bag. "So... think she is truly dead, wonder what she wants to do with this thing?"

"Most likely to revive her boyfriend, bitch's crazy! Anyway, cut her head off, then salt and burn her body," Sgt Aztes said. "Standard operating procedure."

"Right... SOP for dealing with any godly or ungodly shit..." Cpl Pokka drew out his sword bayonet and began his nasty work while Liz turned away, unable to bear witness to the demise of her once friend and party member.

As Pokka hacked the head off, the head suddenly screamed, surprising him and making him stumbled back while the others jumped up in wariness.

"Silly mortals!" The grotesque head of Evelyn giggled. "I am immortal! Killing this flesh puppet is just a minor inconvenience to me! I have thousands of followers that are willing to give their bodies to me!"

Sgt Aztes stopped his men who were about to douse the head with salt and alcohol. He leaned forward and sneered, "Well, as long as it inconvenienced you, it makes me happy!"

"Do it!" Sgt Aztes gestured his men and stepped back while the face of Evelyn contorted uglily with rage. "Enjoy the BBQ!"

"YOU!" The head could only growl and scream as the Claymore Two men dumped packs of salt over the body and head before flasks of alcohol were emptied and matches were thrown on the body, igniting the mess.


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