UNS Singapore, Conference Room, Operation Freedom Minus 25 days

"Orwell's Point has roughly 30,000 people in the city on average, but during winter and early spring, the number drops to half," Lieutenant Tavor said. "As merchants and slavers rarely do business due to the rivers and roads being closed due to winter."

"And at least 5,000 of those people in the city now are slaves, the reminder mostly guards, soldiers, and service providers," Tavor tapped on the overhead image of the city.

"2nd Battalion has to capture all the major points of the city, which will effectively allow them to control the residents of the city," Tavor detailed his plan.

"Control the food stores in the Warehouse, prevent information from being leaked out by taking the Merchant's Hall and Adventurer's Guild," Tavor listed out the important locations. "Take out the Stronghold which the elite of the Empire troops reside in and capture the Local Governor in his mansion."

"Hold the docks and the gates to prevent anyone from leaving or escaping," Tavor continued, "And hold each intersection of the streets to control movement."

"Once the city is in full control," Tavor's map changed colors, which divided the city into several sections. "Marines are to do a house to house search of any Imperials still hiding. With the streets cordoned off, the search parties will flush out any remanents of Imperial forces."

The map sectors slowly turned green one by one to indicate the area being cleared. "Once we have totally secured the whole city, the second part of the mission comes in."

"The Marines will dig in, and lure any trade or slave ships in," Tavor said. "And they will be impounded and the goods seized. Any other merchants coming in via the land route will also have their goods searched and confiscated if deemed valuable to our war effort."

"In the meantime, the city defenses will be upgraded and slaves will be given the option to leave or join us." Tavor looked up from his notes to the gathered upper brass. "Once the city is secured, the FB - 1 Mariners will come in to resupply the troops with ammunition."

"Once we have fortified the city," Tavor smiled coldly. "Short of a tactical nuke, nothing can dig the entrenched Marines out!"

"It's high time to stop being nice!"


Orwell's Point, Operation Freedom Plus 3 hours

Sergeant Mills nodded to his team as they stacked up against the building walls with a stout wooden door between them. They were clearing the Western Sector of the city, when suddenly a volley of crossbow bolts was fired at them, resulting in two men getting injured.

Luckily the reinforced steel ballistic plates protected the vital points of the men and the bolts barely dented their armor. The two men that got injured were hit at the arm and leg and were dragged off under the cover of a building while they screamed for a medic.

The attacked platoon reacted swiftly and fired at the suspected building windows, the heavy bullets shattering the wooden windows and lime plaster. Mills quickly ordered some men to follow him and they advanced to the door of the building under the cover fire.

"BREACH IT!" Mills yelled at one of his men who rapidly fired his shotgun at the top and bottom hinges, shattering the iron and wood.

"GO!" He slapped the Orc next to him. "GO GO GO!"

Private Slow charged forward and with his full body weight behind the size 16 boots, he sent the wooden door flying off its broken hinges. He stomped in, taking three steps and kneeled down while sweeping his MG-1 to the left of the room while Mills entered right behind him and swept his weapon to the right.

The room was typical of a local dwelling, with a fireplace and dining table and chairs while a doorway led to the kitchens. A staircase sat on the right, leading up to the second story.


Mills gestured towards to kitchen while he aimed his weapon at the stairs just as several footsteps stormed from the upper story and a pair of booted feet appeared at the stairs. An Imperial soldier dressed in half mail with a crossbow dangling at his side and holding a sword charged down the stairs only to have Mills popped a couple of shots into the Imperial's body, sending him toppling down the steps.

He stepped over the dead body and snapped his weapon up to the 2nd floor, covering the stairs. He heard the creaking of wood on the 2nd floor and he yelled in Common, "Drop your weapons and come down with your hands up! Surrender now!"

"DAMN YOU TO THE THIRTEEN HELLS!" Came back the reply and Mills looked at the Orc which he recognized as Slow and he gave a shrug.

"Well, I tried!" He gestured to the ceiling of the building to Slow who grinned. "Fire there!"

Slow shouldered his MG-1 and fired off a short burst at the spot where they heard the creak. The high powered 8.6 mm rounds easily punched through the plaster and wood, tearing fist sized holes in the ceiling.

Blood suddenly flowed down from the holes and Mills nodded and they advanced up the stairs carefully. Reaching the top, they saw a dead soldier pitched on the landing with a shattered crossbow on the side.

Mills gestured to Slow to cover his back while he checked one of the two rooms here. He ghosted in through the door and found an empty bedroom. Checking the next room, they found another dead Imperial soldier who most likely got killed by the return fire from the platoon on the streets.

"Clear!" He yelled before he went and yelled out from the window to the platoon on the streets. "ALL CLEAR!"

Mills turned to Slow who was checking the body of the dead Imperial. "Hey Slow, good thing you remember your three steps!"


Captain Joesph walked into the great hall of the stronghold and grimaced. Bits of mortar and stone littered the carpentry of the hall and half dried bloodstains laid here and there.

He picked up an overturned chair and placed it properly next to a long wooden table on the side. He looked at the litter of goblets and plates and gestured to his staff. "Clear the tables and bring in the equipment. We set up shop here."

"Yes, Sir!" His staff quickly cleared up the hall and moved in all the equipment, turning the hall into a command center in just half an hour.

"What is the latest from HQ?" Joseph asked his radio operator as he looked at the tactical map of the city that spread out on the table with markers of friendly units' positions.

"Sir, they have acknowledged our sit rep," The operator replied. "Thunderchief is sending the Mariners in with ammunition supplies. ETA 5 hours."

Joseph nodded. "Tell Gryphon to check the warehouses, I want an inventory of what is in there."

"Yes, Sir!" The operator started to play with the dials on his radio and passed the command on.

"Next, I want all units to move any supplies, weapons, armors of the enemy to the courtyard outside," Joseph said next. "Keep a tally of what we got."

"Continue to keep the city in lockdown," Joseph continued. "Once we sort out the sheep from the wolves than we move on to dealing with the Governor and Merchants."


By the time the sun reached the mid of the day, all the defenders of Orwell's Point had either surrendered or killed. The slaves were easily recognized by the collars they wore were kept under guard at the Slave Pens while the Marines double ensured there were no hidden threats lurking behind.

Weapons were confiscated and several huge piles of swords and spears were dumped at the Stronghold's courtyard. Teams of surrendered Imperial soldiers worked to clear the grisly remains of their former comrades. The bodies were dumped outside at an open pit to be burnt.

Joseph sat on a captured carriage and entered a pair of splendid looking gates that led to an impressive looking mansion. The lawn and gardens looked explicitly neat and tidy. And despite it was early spring, the plants in the garden looked green and flowers were blooming.

How much did this governer spend to have enchanted his garden to withstand winter? Thought Joseph as he stepped out of the carriage. Falcon Company's Lieutenant came up and saluted to Joseph.

"Sir, they are kept inside the main building," The Lieutenant reported as he led Joseph towards the Mansion doors. "We have secured the whole Mansion. All the servants, maids, and slaves are kept under watch at the servant's wing."

"The Governor and the Merchant's family we kept them separated in the other wing of the mansion." The Lieutenant said.

Joseph nodded and wondered how much money and slaves were used to build this mansion as he admired his surroundings.

"We found several storehouses at the back filled with tons of food and other supplies, not to mention also the Governor's treasury which is quite impressive," The Lieutenant continued his report. "We also found a couple of hidden tunnels, most likely for the family or the Governor to escape. We have sealed off the tunnels to prevent their use."

Walking through the double doors guarded by Marines, the LT brought Joseph to a day room were dozens of men in clothed in various sleepwear glared at him as they entered.

"What is the meaning of this!" A portly male in long pajamas yelled. "We are all respected men here!

The Marines guarding them snickered as they eyed the enraged half dressed merchant. They quickly snapped to attention when they saw Joseph entering. "Atten- shun!"

"At ease," Joseph waved the salutes away before turning to the group of men gathered before the fireplace.

"Do you know who are you offending by keeping us here?" The portly merchant stormed up to Joseph. "Release us at once! Or face th- MMMMM!!!?!"

Joseph's revolver clicked as he cocked the hammer back and jammed the muzzle of his sidearm into the babbling mouth of the merchant whose expression turned white.

"One more word out of you stinking mouth," Joseph gave a cold smile. "And I blow that mouth of yours away! Clear?"

"MMMMMMM!!!!" The merchant tried to back off, cold sweat forming all over his face while nodding his head in panic and pain.

"Good if you understand, better if you don't!" Joseph removed his revolver from the frightened merchant and picked up a cloth off the table and wiped the saliva off his gun.

"Now, you all listen carefully, no one is to talk till I give you permission," Joseph tossed the tablecloth back on the table. "This city is now under the control of the United Nations. Meaning, all your possessions is now the property of the UN!"

The group of people turned and looked at each other in confusion and shock. Joseph noticed one man seated on one of the chairs gave a sneer. "You," Joseph gestured to the sitting man. "You must be the Governor, yes?"

The Governor adjusted his sleeping gown like it was some court dress and stood up. "Yes, I am."

"So what is so funny?" Joseph sat down on one of the chairs and kicked his booted feet up on one of the ottomans.

The Governor frowned slightly as he saw the dirty boots of this brutish soldier on his furniture. He cleared his throat and smiled, "You seriously do not know who you are offending?"

"Of course, I know!" Joseph laughed. "Aren't you all from the Empire of Bluewood?"

"If you know, then stop this foolish!" The Governor jerked his head up proudly. "Surrender before the Emperor brings his wrath down on you!"

"Hahahaha," Joseph laughed and looked at the LT next to him while gesturing to the Governor. "You funny guy!"

"I kill you last!"

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